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    Hazel's Boiler Room

    1. More Blood and Gore

      by , 08-13-2010 at 10:54 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Magical Prodigy
      I am the daughter of Melinda Gordon from Ghost Whisperer. We are attending some sort of party where a crazy ghost/demon lady is killing off the guests. Whoever goes upstairs suffers her horrible wrath: they are thrown from the banister to a bloody death. My mother cannot stop her; I seem to be the only hope. For some reason I am immune to the demon's power, and I leap at her, clawing at her face. She seems horrified.

      "What are you!?" she shrieks as I tear slices out of her skin.

      In a bloodied frenzy, I ignore her question. "Die, b*tch!," I scream at her, "And this time stay in Hell where you belong!"

      After she is dead, all the guests clap for me. I am more than slightly embarrassed...

      On the way home, Melinda and I jokingly talk about the creepy naked ghost that used to follow her around. Our conversation is cut short, however, when we spy her mother and several strange ladies stealing herbs from our garden. Ugh, that's the third time this month!

      My grandmother's friends run off when they see us approach, but before Melinda has a chance to say anything, the woman is drug off into the field behind our house by some unseen force. We give chase.

      It doesn't take long for us to find her, but we quickly realize that she is now the demon lady from earlier in disguise. This time she is not so easily subdued.

      Our battle carries over into some sort of warehouse, where my mother spots a bomb in the corner of the room. "Set up that bomb," she tells me, "and I'll hold of the demons."

      "No way! YOU set the bomb, and I"LL hold them off." She begrudgingly agrees.

      When I turn around, the demon and her cronies are all armed with chainsaws. Holy crap! For a split second, I fear that I may be in over my head, but bloodlust quickly takes control. I wrench a chainsaw out of the hands of the nearest woman and saw her in half. Blood splatters everywhere. Unphased, the demon lady comes at me. She proves to be more of a challenge, but once I disarm her (literally) she is as easy to kill as ever. She is in several pieces by the time I'm done with her.

      After I slaughter the rest of the white-robed women, I get a little carried away and accidentally almost slice my brother Alex in half. (The same Alex from two of my other dreams. Poor guy...) I have also injured my pet shark somewhere along the line.

      *time lapse*

      I am now Phoebe from Charmed, trying to call for Leo. Why isn't he showing up!? I end up having to track him down myself... some White Lighter he is. "What is it?" he asked, seeming annoyed.

      "I think we need to look this demon lady up in the Book of Shadows. I've already killed her twice, and she keeps coming back."

      He gives me a you're-so-stupid look and walks off. What the hell is his problem today?

      "Wait!" I yell, chasing after him. "Can you at leas heal my shark?" I hold out Pete, my pet shark, who is still bleeding profusely.

      Leo rolls his eyes and waves his hand over the shark. "There, he's healed." He hurries off.

      *time lapse*

      I am now Melinda's daughter again, approaching the demon's greenhouse. She is accusing my other brother, Peter, of using telekinesis to ruin her roses. He looks terrified, and is obviously not the culprit. I wonder if I did that unintentionally? Concentrating, I try to lift a garden hoe with my mind. It flies up and hits my mother in the face. Oops!

      I then use telekinesis on myself and sit in the rafters. (Rafters, in a greenhouse?) Alex, who is now a bloodied, severed foot, joins me. "Dude, maybe you should get Leo to heal you. It's sort of creepy with you just being a foot."

      "No way," the foot says to me. "I like it like this!"
    2. Bad Karma

      by , 07-22-2010 at 06:11 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      I finally had a fun dream!

      1- Bad Karma

      My family and I are witches. I seem to be an odd combination between Phoebe from Charmed, Hermione, and myself. And I'm in a world of trouble. The previous night, I had snuck into a graveyard and eaten the heart of a demon who was imprisoned there. This act would give me unimaginable power, but only if I am able to vanquish the demon on the following night.

      All day long, I'm a nervous wreck. My father is the first to notice my strange behavior, but I refuse to tell him what's wrong. That evening, my mom is driving us all to the movies. My dad tells her how odd I've been acting, and she asks if there's anything I need to tell her. "Nope, nothing." She definitely doesn't need to know what I've been up to.

      "She's lying!" my brother pipes up from the back seat. "She's activated my lie detector! Only... it says that she's just used a rehearsed apology."

      When we get out of the car, I take my wand out of my mom's purse without anyone noticing and slip it into my back pocket. (There had been something earlier in the dream about how we were all grounded from our wands for misuse of our magic.)

      *lapse in time*

      We are now back from the movies; the sun has set. I am not surprised to see the demon waiting for me as I enter my room. It is tall, with the body of a human, the face of an ogre, and the wings of a dragon. It's skin is literally on fire, burning with bright orange flames. All useful spells suddenly flee from my mind as the creature begins its attack. "Alohamora!" I screech, before remembering that that's an unlocking spell.

      None of my family members will help me. My brother is sleeping and does not wish to be disturbed. My parents have found out why the demon is after me, and say that it's my punishment to fight it alone. But none of my spells are working! In the end, I set a trap and crush the demon to death under a ton of heavy items.
    3. A Normal Day in Dreamland

      by , 06-23-2010 at 02:35 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      We had a REALLY tough practice at Karate yesterday. So, as I expected, I was far too tired to write any of my dreams down whenever I woke up. (Surprisingly good recall for such conditions, though.) During one of my early sleep cycles, I kept waking myself up practicing my kicks. Seriously, I must have done this five or six times.

      1- Weirdness... As Usual
      My brother and I are taking a walk when we pass by a dog pen. We know for a fact that the owners of these dogs have moved, so we worry that they will die here. "I'm taking this one home with me," he says, petting a big gray dog that resembles a wolf.

      "We already have two dogs at the house, Mama will never let you keep him."

      "So? I'll just hide him in my room."

      That is a horrible idea, but at that point my eyes fall on the other dog; He is a small pit bull mix... and so adorable! He gives me those sad puppy dog eyes, as if to say "You're not going to leave me here all by myself, are you?" No, of course not. I take the dog home and hide him in my closet.

      About a day later, I am thinking to myself about how much trouble Steven is going to get into if he gets caught with that dog. Wait a minute... didn't I get a dog, too? GAH! I jump to my feet and run to my room, opening the closet door. My dog is sitting huddled up in the corner.

      "I've been trapped in here for a whole day!" He whines, shuddering.

      "I'm so sorry! You must really need to use the bathroom, don't you?"

      He nods, whimpering. I can't take him outside, because my parents are in the other room. I'll just have to get some kind of container... I find a long, rectangular food container and tell him to go in that. He raises his leg, and...

      "You're missing!" I say urgently, not wanting to have to clean up dog pee from my closet.

      "Oops..." he finally manages to go in the container, but it fills up so much that now he's up to his shoulders. He tells me it feels like a nice, hot bath. WTF?

      "Um... Now you need a real bath. Wait here." I get another one of the containers and fill it with warm, soapy water. I bring it back to my closet, glad to see that he hasn't caused any more trouble. "Okay, now get in and wash yourself off." As he is bathing, my grandmother walks in. ((Why is she here?)) She says I'm going to be in trouble for having a dog in the house.

      2- Beware the Spider Queen

      I am lying in bed, when I notice a HUGE spider on the wall above me. This thing is about the size of a cat, and it's giving me the look of death. Normally, I like spiders. I don't even mind when they crawl on me. But this is a different story. Freaked, I jump out of bed, eyes on the spider. It turns it's body, following my every move with it's eight beady eyes. It looks like it's about to pounce... I run from the room slamming the door behind me.

      My grandma is here again. I learn that she is with an ancient demon slaying society, and that she is here to pass the legacy on to me. She tells me that the spider can only be killed if it's web is destroyed. Otherwise it will just keep coming back to life.

      *time lapse* I think we've killed the spider by this point, but my memory isn't very clear. My grandmother gives me a weapon that resembles a giant metal boomerang. It instantly reminds me of Sango's Hiraikotsu.

      3- School Days
      I run from the house as the bus nearly leaves us. Once inside, I go to the back where Shelby is sitting. It's the first time I've seen her since the... incident. We talk about it; she tells me all the harsh things that her mother said about me.

      4- Forgotten Dreams
      I am in a video store with my aunt. There are some phones on display, and I see that I have typed some dreams up on one of them. Woah, I don't remember these at all! When did I write this?

      Suddenly I look up at the screen that shows previews for various movies. It is showing a preview for a sequel to Coraline, called "Revenge of the Other Mother." Wow, I have to see that!

      5- Pattie and Wilhelm (fragment)
      ((Uh, I'm not really sure what this is, to be honest... It seems like it must have been epic in it's entirety, because I have several memories after this of telling other people about it and posting it in my DJ.)) Something about a ghost named Pattie mourning for her lost love, Wilhelm.

      6- Pokemon (fragment)

      Vague memory of Pokemon. Pikachu doesn't look like it's supposed to... Looks more like a Shroomish.
    4. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:57 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post

      1- Bloodthirsty WitchesI am part of a coven of witches. There are three of us: My mother, my younger sister, and myself. We are so connected that we use first person plural pronouns in place of first person singular. The dream begins with the three of us on the side of the road, where we hail a cab. the driver is a man in his middle ages, and his only other passenger is an elderly lady.

      I get the lady's atention, and my mother chops her head off with a double bladed axe. I then stab the driver in the neck with a pocketknife again and again, until he dies.

      Since the car is now out of control, the police stop us. I dart off into the forest at my mother's command, bloody knife still in hand. I am worried that my family has been captured, but I push all thoughts from my mind except for escaping from the police. I know that an Easter egg hunt is taking place in the forest somewhere nearby, and I think I can hide among the children. Instead, I run into a guy about my age who says he will help me.

      We go to my house, where I must retrieve something. Demons have invaded the place, however, so I tell my friend to wait for me outside. After a horrible struggle with the demons, I retrieve what I was searching for and make it out alive. But only just. I am wounded, and my friend has to carry me through the city. My powers allow us to fly over buildings and cover huge distances.

      In the lowlands, a swarm of yellow jackets get after us, but we make it to the ocean and hide under the water. It is here that we find my family. Only now, my mother wants to kill my friend. I cannot allow this to happen, because I have fallen in love with him. Thus, we run away yet again and go into hiding.


      1- House of Horror
      My parents are fighting, and I suddenly become lucid. I fly over the trees and go to a large city, where I meet a little cat girl who is showing me around. She takes me to an abandoned building where we find some creepy looking anime dolls. Suddenly, something starts banging on one of the doors, and I know that whatever it is means harm. I try to keep it from coming in, but I am not strong enough and it bursts into the room. It is a demon clown with a butcher knife. It chases me through the house, and in each room a new horror appears, each one resembling a horror movie villan. I am not scared, but I am doing my best to get away. I burst through the window and run home.

      Later, I learn that the little cat girl was a demon who had purposely put me in danger. I go back t that house in search of her, where I am yet again attacked by some sort of creepy creature. This time I stay to fight, and I kill it with a lawn chair, of all things.


      1- Prince of Darkness
      The village used to bea a peaceful, beautiful place, but then th ePrince of Darkness escaped fromt eh Land Under the Ground and took over. I am th eonly person remaining, forced to be a slave for the Dark Prince. He looks like an overgrown slug, and darkness is his aura.

      I sneak out of the village and find a large bird that looks like a tree. It tells me that its name is Multrite, and that it is my only hope. But it is dying, and it leaves a baby bird hidden somewhere in the forest.

      I go back to the village, and the Prince is waiting. He is furious that I left without permission, so he sends me out to the railway with the dogs as punishment. As we are walking, I ask Alpha (the doberman from UP) if he had ever heard of Multrite. He tells me that he hasn't.

      We go to the tunnel of the railway to speak to a consort of the Prince. This is the only perso n whom the Prince seems to respect. While the dogs confer with him, I decide to talk to The Tiger (my only friend in the village) about Multrite. I am certain he will have information.

      2- Assassin's Lament
      I am an assassin, and I have just killed a whole bunch of people. I walk to the edge of a cliff, wishing I could jump off rather than kill more people.

      3- Unholy Sanctity
      My mom takes us to a Church service which is being led by my cousin. It is taking place in an old Western town. Everyone cracks an egg into a cauldron full of boiling water, then drop a voodoo doll inside. They start laughing like maniacs. I am completely taken aback by this display, and I wonder what has come over all of them.

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