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    Hazel's Boiler Room

    1. Time Dilation

      by , 01-20-2011 at 09:52 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Really long lucid last night. I know that I only had 45 minutes left to sleep, yet the dream felt like it was around 2 or 3 hours. Time dilation was obviously involved.

      1- I Attempt to Visit the Antechamber of Insanity
      ((There is a lot that happened prior to this point, in which I am non-lucid, but I can't recall what it is. Something about packing to go on some sort of vacation. I make a point of packing my laptop in case the hotel offers free internet. Somewhere along the line, I become lucid. I think of my goals, and decide to visit the Antechamber of Insanity. I wonder how to get there.... A portal might be useful, but there's no guarantee I can even make one, and I have limited time. Instead, I stand on a chair and climb through the ceiling (I've learned my lesson about flying headfirst into solid objects), willing myself to end up in the AoI.

      When I pull myself through, I feel that I am on a wooden floor. However, it is too dark to see anything. "Does this mean my mind is filled with empty darkness?" I ask myself, half-jokingly. I think I sense Madison nearby, which is a good indication that I'm in the right place, but it doesn't count if I can't see. Madison tells me something, but I can't hear her.

      Suddenly, I'm on a shelf above my future step-mother's kitchen, looking down on her and my dad while they're cooking. I feel like a ninja.

      Jilda looks up and spots me, nearly dropping the pot she's holding and letting out a startled shriek. Without a word, I drop down and go outside.

      As I'm walking, I pass by a dog that is in a cage, yelling at me. (Not barking, yelling.) Wanting to test out my dream control, I point to the dog and tell it to turn into a human. It changes from a quadruped to a biped, but retains all of it's dog-like features. Interesting. I tell the dog it's stupid for not being able to transform, and show it how easily I can turn into a wolf. I begin to run, forgetting about the dog and taking joy in being a wolf, when the dog (who is now completely human) jumps on me and starts attacking me.

      I instantly turn back into a human as the dog boy painfully rips my stomach open. I feel blood begin to pour out of me. Angered, I pin the boy to the ground and start tearing at his throat and stomach. Although he is bleeding profusely, he's laughing as if this is just a play fight.

      I stand up and examine my wound. It has already healed completely, but my stomach is still red with blood. I wipe it off...

      ...and have a false awakening. I am in the back of a truck with my dad and brother. We seem to be going on that same vacation from earlier in the dream. However, I begin to notice that some things are a bit... off. First I see some things that I KNOW were in my dream, then I see islands floating in the sky. It seems normal, but a part of me says that it's not.

      I begin to read the signs as we pass, to see if they change or say strange things. A sign that should say "speed limit" instead reads "cookie monster." Okay, that's definitely not normal. I examine some billboards, and find that I'm having trouble reading them. That's strike two against reality; time to RC.

      I become lucid with a nose pinch RC and exit the truck. I go off exploring, but most of that is lost in memory.

      Non-lucid again. My brother is watching a video on YouTube. "What are you watching?" I ask.

      "This really cool thing with Justin Bieber in it!" he exclaims and shows me.

      "Justin Bieber?" I burst into laughter. "Why are you watching THAT?"

      "'Cause he's a really awesome singer! Uhh... just don't tell anyone I told you that."

      My mom walks up and I become lucid again. I am trying to prove to her that this is a dream, but even though I stick my finger through my palm she doesn't believe me. Stupid DC...

      Later, yet ANOTHER false awakening. My brother is still going on about that Bieber kid. "I thought that was a dream," I mutter to myself, confused. I am contemplating telling my friends about his strange behavior, or saving it for when I need dirt on him.
    2. A Lady In White: The Return of the Queen?

      by , 01-16-2011 at 03:15 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Well, I slept better last night. (Understatement. I slept like a freaking rock, which is weird for me. I didn't even wake up to my WBTB alarm.) Still didn't have great recall, but the quality of the dream makes up for it.

      1- Cell Phone (fragment)
      I get a text message from my friend saying that her parents finally gave her a cell phone, so I can text her now and not have to worry about my phobia of calling people. ((Part of a much longer and much more interesting dream that I can only get flashes of.))

      2- Unplanned Vacation
      ((My family is having some issues, I believe it involves the mafia, but I can't remember that part.)) My nonexistent sister is driving off without permission to go to Edistoe Island. I rashly jump in the car and demand to go with her. At the very least, I should be able to keep her out of trouble. It isn't long, however, before I realize the implications of this little endeavor. Not only will my mother be absolutely furious with me, but my sister is obviously somewhat crazy and I don't want to get dragged down with her.

      "Pull over and let me out," I demand.

      "What? No. You wanted to come with me."

      "Look, I can't do this. I have a good life here, and I don't want to screw it up. Just let me out, I can walk home from here."

      She sighs and pulls the car over. "What a goody-two-shoes. Mom's still going to be mad at you, y'know."

      I grin impishly. "Not if I tell her you kidnapped me." With that, I get out of the car and run off.

      I become lucid shortly afterward. It's a low level of lucidity, though, because I still think I have to go home. Wanting to stay off the main road, I leap of the bridge and fly toward the ruins of an older bridge secluded in the woods. A large beam stretches out across the river. It is fairly wide, something that would take absolutely no skill to balance across, yet I quickly find that dream gravity can be a pain in the butt. As I start to walk across it, I become really heavy and am finding it hard to keep my balance. What is this, dream vertigo? Fortunately, I make it across without falling.

      On the other side, I am approached by two calico cats. One of them looks a lot like Sadie, but I examine her markings and see that she's not. I speak to them for a bit as they listen in silence.

      Then I lose what little lucidity I had. A lady dressed in a short white dress walks up to me; she looks a lot like the Queen, with her unnaturally pale complexion and her choice of clothing, even her silvery blond hair color. Her hair style is different, though. Whereas the Queen has long, flowing hair, this woman's hair is short and curly. I don't notice these similarities in the dream, due to my cat snoring IRL
      and waking me up. ((For all I know, she could have been the Queen. Changing one's hairstyle is not that difficult, particularly in a dream. I didn't really have much time to find out.))

      3- An Actress?
      As I am getting ready for school and trying not to miss the bus, students and teachers are meandering around the house. I don't find it odd, just annoying. They won't leave the room while I'm trying to get dressed. And damn, I forgot to print out my lab report.

      Distracted, I somehow put on a shirt on top of my jacket. My AP chem teacher walks in at that point and laughs at me. "Ugh, I give up."

      I put some sort of makeup on, and when I look in the mirror I realize that my whole face is blue. It actually makes me look really cool, but I can't go to school like this!

      After I fix that problem, my ears are suddenly painfully rejecting my earrings. They are bending around and making the metal stab me. Annoyed, I take the earrings out and throw them on the floor. "I just won't wear any today."

      A bit later, I am shocked to see that lady in my house! "Who is that?" I ask my mom. She tells me it's some actress. "But I had a dream about her! How is that possible?" I am being quite loud. The lady, who is standing beside a large man with a top hat and a cigar, turns around and smiles at me. I blush, but I can't look away.
      ((I wake up again shortly afterward. Hmm. I still can't say for sure it was her. In the majority of the dreams I've had of her, she's always either tried to kill me or nearly gotten me killed. With a few odd exceptions. It's not like her to just stare at me without saying anything and make me wake up. Which, by the way, is way more annoying than trying to kill me.))

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    3. In Which I Turn Confusion into Lucidity

      by , 01-13-2011 at 05:46 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Failed Planning
      I have gone to take the SAT, and for some strange reason Mitchell, my friend's ex-obsessionboyfriend, is with me. He is supposed to be taking the test, too, and my mother is going to pay the fee for him. However, his name does not seem to be on the list. "Can't you just print him off an answer document?" My mom asks the lady.

      "Did you even sign up for this, or were you just planning to take it on a whim?" I ask Mitchell in annoyance.

      "Sign up?"

      I try to explain to my mother that he didn't sign up and that no, they CAN'T just print off an answer document because the College Board deals with that and they would need all of his information. She refuses to listen to me and keeps arguing. I glare at Mitchell, who still does not appear to know what's going on.

      Later, he has somehow angered a mob of crazed tourists. I learn that there is some sort of zombie virus outbreak, and that he has tricked the tourists into giving them these tickets that are used to gain passage into a zombie free zone. I snatch the tickets away from him after I chase off the mob. "Why did you take all these in the first place?"

      "I needed them for autographs!" Oh my god, what an idiot, I think in disgust.

      "Autographs? What the hell are you talking about?" I notice that all of the tickets have the initials RL scrawled on the back of them.

      ((Also, it seemed like Samael was involved in the whole ordeal, but I can't remember how.))

      2- Street Punks
      I am riding the school bus, and for some reason my dad is sharing the seat with me and this other girl. She asks my dad why he's coming to school with me. I suddenly wonder the same. What in the world is he doing on the bus? Without learning the answer, we arrive at school and I wander down the hallway. What class am I supposed to go to...? Something is wrong with my memory. I end up at my AP United States History class. "Oh yeah, I have APUSH first period," I remind myself.

      But where is all my stuff? Is it in my locker? I go to my locker and find that someone else's stuff is there. "Did we have a locker change again?" I ask a nearby student.

      "Yeah, it's really annoying when they do that. Should have waited 'till the next semester."

      I remember that my alternate locker number is on my schedule... which is in my locker. Great. ((BTW, there is no such thing as a locker change or an alternate locker number. Yet another false memory.))

      I go to the office and find a bunch of band students playing jingle bells very unenthusiastically to a tall, official looking lady. They finish as I enter the room, and she claps happily. I hesitantly approach the lady. "Um, I don't know if you're the right person to ask for this... What is my new locker number?"

      "You're number 18," she says cheerily, without even looking at a list. "I placed you myself. See, we try to position everyone based on their abilities."

      "Okay... 18. Thanks." How does she know who I am? What abilities? I mull the question over and walk out the wrong door. I get it right on my second try. "Great," I say to myself, embarrassed, "I definitely have 'special' abilities, alright."

      At that point I "wake up" in my car, pouring sweat. Ugh it's so hot in here... I look around and note that I'm in the student parking lot. Weird... I don't think we even have school today. Was I sleep driving? I'd better call my mom and let her know where....

      My thoughts trail off as I RC and become lucid. All worries assuaged, I observe my surroundings. It is sunny, and though the parking lot is empty, there are people walking everywhere. I happily get out of the car and decide to go on a walk. No telling what might develop along the way.

      It isn't long before I come upon a gang of boys who are playing with a yoyo. The youngest (who is about 10) accidentally slams it on the ground and breaks it. "Oh no," he moans. "If Carlos finds out about this, he'll kill all of us." I notice what is in my hand at the same time they do. One of those rubber yoyo's with the flashing lights inside of it. Well, then...

      I break into a run, and they all jump on motorcycles and come after me. I'm fast, but they're faster. I make it to a bridge several miles from my house before they catch up with me. Well, I gave them a chance. They chose not to take it.

      With an evil grin, I leap into the air just before the bikes would have run me over. They skid to a halt and glare up at me, unfazed by my unnatural performance. I am suddenly hurdling through the air directly at the largest gang member. My foot slams into his chest with enough force to knock him off the bridge to his death. NOW they look appropriately frightened. I make short work of the others. Now only the youngest is left. I do not intend to kill him at first, but then he holds one of his dead comrades in front of him as a shield. This angers me. "Stupid street punk!" I yell as I beat the life out of him.

      3- Playing with Energy
      I am listening in to the Elders' meeting without their knowledge.

      "What? The youngest son of the Uria clan has run off?"

      "He is a disgrace to his family."

      "What of the eldest?"

      "Her position in this matter is unknown. When asked about it, she merely said, 'These things happen.'"

      I roll my eyes and place the headphones back on the table. Stupid old bags. Is it really so difficult to understand why my brother ran off?

      My uncle walks in the room, and I look as innocent and meek as possible as he goes into his usual speech of upholding the family values, blah blah blah, and I'd better not end up like my "wretch of a brother."

      At this point, I RC and become lucid, exiting the role of this Uria character.

      I go to the back door and walk outside, thinking about the Queen (yet again) and wondering if I should try to contact her. I am still contemplating this when I look up and notice Sadie sitting nearby with two other cats. One of them seems to be massaging the other's shoulders. At first they look similar to cats I'd previously owned, but then they change slightly and I no longer recognize them.

      The one who had been getting the massage runs over to me and bites my hand affectionately. I pet her and ask her what her name is. No answer. "Come on, you can tell me." She still doesn't answer. I look at her black and white companion. "Hey, cat. I know that's not your name, so speak and tell me what it is." No answer. "Sadie?" Sadie turns up her tail and ignores me. "Hmph. Fine, be that way." I ask the cat that I'm petting one more time what her name is, and I hear my stepdad's voice behind me say "Betty."


      "Yeah, that's her name."

      He and my brother walk up and start horseplaying. I notice that whenever my brother goes to throw a punch, I can see his energy fly from his hand and hit Chris before the physical impact. "That's interesting," I say. Chris takes some of Steven's energy in his hand and forms it into a ball, then throws it at me. "Ow!" That really hurt. He throws another one, but this time I catch it and examine it closely. I let my own energy flow into it; the ball goes from being clear to swirling with black and purple energy. "Interesting," I say again. I throw the ball at Chris. At first it sticks to my hand and absorbs back into me, but I make a new ball of my own and throw it. I have terrible aim; it lands several feet away and creates a mini explosion.

      I notice it's getting dark out, which is a good indication that the dream is getting unstable.
      I wake up before I can do anything about it.

      4- Canoeing
      I am watching from above as PJ and a few other people are canoeing in a beautiful wide river surrounded by an evergreen forest. The dream tells me that this is in Detroit, Michigan or maybe Delaware, I can't remember which. I know it started with a D.
    4. To Be Taken

      by , 01-10-2011 at 08:36 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- To Be Taken
      I am a young girl of about 7, walking through my front yard at night with a boy about my age. He begins screaming, and I look up in the sky to see a HUGE flying saucer. It beams him up and nearly gets me as well, but I scream at the top of my lungs and somehow avoid capture. My true mind, on a higher consciousness than the mind of my "character," knows the plot of the dream and what is going to happen.

      In accordance with the plot, my dream father rushes out of the house to see what is wrong with me. For some reason, we drive a ways down the road and stop at a party some dangerous men are throwing. My father gets into a fight with a spiky haired teenager and ends up punching him in the face. We jump in the truck (this time I'M driving, even though I'm still seven) and speed off as the boy's delinquent friends begin chasing us.

      Our truck is a lot slower than their hot rod, but I'm a better driver. As they pass me, I perform an amazing U-turn and buy us some time. Somehow the truck becomes a motorcycle. I fall in line behind a procession of other bikes, over which a police woman is keeping watch. I know that those crazy thugs after us will still be speeding, and the cop will arrest them for sure.

      The scene changes. I am now the father, looking for my daughter. Hearing a bloodcurdling scream from the bathroom, I burst the door down and am horrified to find my daughter transformed into a wax figure, mouth frozen open in terror. I touch her, and some of the wax melts onto my hands. I become fascinated by it's smooth texture.

      Suddenly I hear a noise, and I spot a short, Hispanic man spying on me from the shower. Infuriated, I grab him by the neck and slam him against the wall, demanding to know what he's up to.
    5. Royal Manipulation

      by , 01-08-2011 at 02:56 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Royal Manipulation
      I am the daughter of the White Queen and the Red King. My mother is preparing for some sort of event that we are hosting, and she's trying to help me pick out a dress. I hate dresses, I think to myself with annoyance, but I have to play the part of the "good little Princess." No one will ever suspect what I'm REALLY up to.

      After a lot of hassle, I manage to find a suitable dress for the event. My mother is wearing a dress so white that it practically hurts my eyes, and my father is wearing his usual red and black attire.

      There is a lapse in time; the event is over, and I am watching a live video feed from a hidden camera I have installed in my mother's private chambers. She is cheating on my father with another man. "Perfect," I mutter to myself, grinning evilly. I "accidentally" leave the video out for anyone to get ahold of.

      A bit later I find my mother walking down a hallway, and I quickly catch up to her. "Everyone knows what you've been doing," I say to her urgently. "If you don't come up with something quickly, you might have to abdicate the throne."

      "Don't worry," she assures me. "I've already set my plan into action."

      Her plan was a good one. She came up with a way to make my father look bad; bad enough to overshadow her infidelity. He is banished from the Kingdom and told never to return. I manage to locate him fairly quickly. "You've got to go into hiding," I tell him. "If they catch you back in the Kingdom, they'll kill you." I spend the rest of the dream leading him to the "perfect hiding place."

      ((Good grief. If this is what happened with Leroy and the Queen, it's no wonder they always try to kill me. ))
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    6. 10/22/10

      by , 01-03-2011 at 11:32 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Conspiracy
      I am walking around the karate place, which seems to have been expanded into a store. For some reason, headphones are blaring Within Temptation songs into my ears. I think it's rude to wear headphones in public, so I'm trying to figure out why I'm doing so. Suddenly a man taps me on the shoulders. I take the headphones off, but I still hear the music (I have it playing in real life.) I struggle to hear his question.

      "Can you show me where the flats are?" he asks. As if I work here... and what the heck are flats?

      I look to the front desk, where Anna (the receptionist/secretary) is standing. Pointing to her, I say, "Anna would know better than I would." He walks off.

      I see my Papa leading my brother into a long hallway with many doors. Curious, I secretly follow them. They stop in a room at the end of the hallway, but I can't get close enough to see without being noticed.

      When I leave the hallway, I am now in my house. I find a hole in the wall that allows me to see into the room where my brother is. He is in a room with a bunch of sickly old men, all of whom are sleeping in recliners. Weird...

      *lapse in memory, but I get knocked out somehow*

      "Waking up" in my bed, I am determined to find out what is going on. I had overheard Papa telling my brother something rather disturbing, but it hadn't made sense. Apparently I had been attacked... but I'm having problems recollecting the situation.

      I leave my room and ask my mom what's going on. She is evasive. My brother gives me a look and says, "I'll tell you later."

      My mom suddenly gets angry and says,"There is nothing secret in this house!"

      But there is. A winged bringer of death has been going around killing people, and I KNOW that it involves that secret hallway somehow.

      There is a cut scene of my dream father getting attacked by this thing. I fear he is dead, but when I reach him, he spits up water and sits up. Alive. We find out that the death-bringer is someone that we had trusted, who had clearly betrayed us.

      This man begins attacking us. Realizing I'm dreaming, I tell my dad to run. I can handle this.

      He is easy enough to fight, especially using my awesome karate moves. Maybe this will help me get better in real life... But he calls reinforcements: several zombies, a goat demon, and some other creatures. I run inside and use the screen door as both a shield and a weapon, ramming it into the zombies and then kicking them down the porch steps. After I beat the final zombie off the porch, the goat demon exclaims, "You killed her!"

      "Uh, she's a zombie."

      He breaks into the house, so I run out, taking my chances with the other creatures. I fight them for a few minutes, but then a strange man wearing a backpack says he's going to open his pack, revealing "the truth." One of my allies tells me to run, so I take the advice. I don't get very far, however, before I feel someone grab ahold of my back. "Let go!" I shout. Then I realize The Truth. No longer am I running; instead, I'm GROWING out of the strange man's back, and I suddenly have spider-like legs coming out of my body.

      I let out a bloodcurdling scream (even though I know I'm dreaming)
      and I end up having another false awakening.

      This time I'm in a hospital, and the strange backpack man is standing over me with a video camera. "How would you like to be in my new reality show?" he asks me playfully.

      I scowl at him. "I'd hate it. Almost as much as I hate you."

      "Now, now, I'm sure you don't mean that." I hear a threat in his words. If I don't do what he says, I'll be growing out of his back again... The thought is not pleasant.

      "Fine! What do you want me to do?"

      He makes a fool out of me, telling me to do all sorts of stupid and random things, like making silly faces at the camera. I am furious, but I have no choice but to comply.
    7. I Love (Killing) the (un)Dead

      by , 08-06-2010 at 12:44 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      I love my dreams. ^^

      1- Venting (aka: Annoying Younger Brother)
      Steven has made me angry before, but never like this. And he actually has the nerve to attack me after what he did? I snap, kicking him in the groin repeatedly and then stomping on his face when he collapses to the floor. Blood everywhere, running out of his eyes, nose, mouth... Maybe I went a little overboard. ((Haha, and we were getting along so well yesterday. IRL he'd be able to beat me up.))

      2- I Love the Dead
      The dream starts with a game of Star Wars Battlefront. "We've gotta get a move on," I say to my brother, nudging the body of a recently killed Storm Trooper with my toe. "We've only killed three of their men so far, and there're eight hundred left! If we don't hurry, we're going to lose for sure!"

      But as soon as we walk outside--- plot change! Now we're fighting zombies instead of the Empire. I prefer to use my sword, but Steven insists that my gun is the best choice. Whatever, he'd know best when it comes to things like this. We shoot down a ton of zombies as we make our way to a large building at the end of the road. Some of the zombies are actually quite conversational... But any zombie is better off dead.

      Once inside the building, we are immediately surrounded by more mindless undead. Easy kills. It's the three "sane" ones we have to look out for. There's a young girl, fifteen at the most, and a couple of lovebirds. To my disgust, the girl vomits everywhere. "Nasty little thing," I mutter, putting a bullet through her head... At least, that's what I attempted to do. But the bullet turns to water as soon as it makes contact. What the...?

      "The scent of my puke acts as a shield against bullets," she giggles.

      "Oooh, can we get some of that shield?" her blond companion asks.

      "Of course!" she breathes all over the tall blond zombie and her lover.

      "That's just gross!" I say, drawing my sword and hacking at the teenage zombie. Damn, that shield is pretty tough. My sword, which should have beheaded the girl in a single blow, has embedded only about halfway through her neck.

      "Hehe, that tickles!"

      I end up only chopping one of her arms off before we're forced to run.

      *time lapse*

      Steven and I split up; I am now traveling with my friend Brigitte. We are having a conversation with a guy who would be gorgeous... if only he weren't a zombie. I end up fighting him, but it is only half-heartedly and mainly out of habit. About halfway through the fight we just sort of get tired of it and wander off.

      A little bit later, that same zombie comes and rescues us from a bit of trouble with that loony zombie girl from earlier. Brigitte has an obvious fondness for the guy, and they suddenly start kissing.

      Ugh, I don't know which is worse. Zombie puke, or kissing a zombie. Either way, I can't stop myself from singing some Alice Cooper:

      I love the dead
      Before they're cold
      Their blueing flesh
      For me to hold...

      The two get annoyed with me and break it up. Brigitte and I leave.

      We find a zombie "safe spot."

      "Zombies don't like rows and rows of trees," Brigitte tells me. "We should be safe here."

      But we're not, because one tree is missing. (One freaking tree!) In the place of where the tree is supposed to be is a small tv screen, which is allowing me to see what Brigitte's zombie and this dark haired zombie girl were discussing earlier. A rebellion?

      The two of them walk up just as I am watching this, but
      I don't remember anything after that.
    8. Lucid

      by , 08-03-2010 at 01:22 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Flying Practice
      I am lucid. The how and the why are right on the edge of my brain, but I can't remember them...

      I decide that I want to practice flying with different styles. I've never used the mind control style before, so I telekinetically lift myself off the ground and use only my mind to control the flight. I am actually rather surprised that this works. Next I try peter pan style, which is loads of fun! So much fun, in fact, that
      I lose focus and forget I'm dreaming.

      I find myself in a parallel universe that, on the surface, appears to be identical to our own. However, my family all have distinctive differences in their personality. There's a difference in mine, too. I am chaotic and crazy (or rather, a different kind of chaotic and crazy than I usually am). Almost childlike, but with no innocence.
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    9. Bad Karma

      by , 07-22-2010 at 06:11 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      I finally had a fun dream!

      1- Bad Karma

      My family and I are witches. I seem to be an odd combination between Phoebe from Charmed, Hermione, and myself. And I'm in a world of trouble. The previous night, I had snuck into a graveyard and eaten the heart of a demon who was imprisoned there. This act would give me unimaginable power, but only if I am able to vanquish the demon on the following night.

      All day long, I'm a nervous wreck. My father is the first to notice my strange behavior, but I refuse to tell him what's wrong. That evening, my mom is driving us all to the movies. My dad tells her how odd I've been acting, and she asks if there's anything I need to tell her. "Nope, nothing." She definitely doesn't need to know what I've been up to.

      "She's lying!" my brother pipes up from the back seat. "She's activated my lie detector! Only... it says that she's just used a rehearsed apology."

      When we get out of the car, I take my wand out of my mom's purse without anyone noticing and slip it into my back pocket. (There had been something earlier in the dream about how we were all grounded from our wands for misuse of our magic.)

      *lapse in time*

      We are now back from the movies; the sun has set. I am not surprised to see the demon waiting for me as I enter my room. It is tall, with the body of a human, the face of an ogre, and the wings of a dragon. It's skin is literally on fire, burning with bright orange flames. All useful spells suddenly flee from my mind as the creature begins its attack. "Alohamora!" I screech, before remembering that that's an unlocking spell.

      None of my family members will help me. My brother is sleeping and does not wish to be disturbed. My parents have found out why the demon is after me, and say that it's my punishment to fight it alone. But none of my spells are working! In the end, I set a trap and crush the demon to death under a ton of heavy items.
    10. Last Night with the Amethyst Stone

      by , 07-09-2010 at 02:51 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      I feel like I had some interesting dreams yesterday, but they were forgotten as soon as I woke up. Three lucids last night, though.

      1- Forgetful
      I randomly become lucid, but I take a huge leap into the air just to make sure. Yeah, there's no way I'd be able to jump ten feet in real life. So... what am I supposed to do? I ponder over my goals, but for the life of me I can't remember them.

      Suddenly I have a huge kite in my hand. Cool, this should be fun to fly with. Holding the kite against my back, I take a running leap and soar through the air. Suddenly, I "remember" one of my goals. I'm supposed to use this kite to fly over to visit the man who lives next door.
      ((Why can I never recognize false memories while I'm dreaming? Especially when they're rather absurd like that.)) I wake up shortly afterward.

      2- Snapped
      I am at some weird event... There are a lot of people around who I don't know. I'm supposed to be socializing, but it's really awkward trying to make conversation.

      Suddenly, my phone rings. It's my mom. I answer it, grateful to have an excuse to walk away from everyone. I notice that my phone seems to be showing everything that my mom is doing. "That's weird," I tell her, "I know my phone doesn't have video on it. How are you doing that?" Suddenly, I see my next door neighbor Dee Dee come onto the screen. She brutally kills both my mom and my dad. I get sucked into the scene, hungry for revenge.

      Dee Dee doesn't realize I'm here. I stealthily sneak up behind her and knock her to the ground. Pinning her down with one foot, I use the other to slowly and painfully snap her neck. The bone juts out from the skin, and a little trickle of blood runs down from the wound. I am both disturbed and fascinated at the same time.

      I randomly become lucid and go inside. I decide that it would be best if I just entered a different dream. So I lie down on the floor and close my eyes...

      I immediately exit the dream and enter SP. I decide I will count this as a WILD, for lack of a better name. I wait for my body to regain feeling... and wait.... and wait... and wait. Okay, it seems like I've been paralyzed for WAY longer than usual. I'm gonna have to force it. After a bit of struggling, I finally manage to...

      3- Freefall

      ...pry myself out of my body. I do an RC just to make sure, but I know I'm dreaming. Unfortunately, the previous dream must have still been on my mind. I realize that I am once again at the scene of the murder. And guess who's not dead?

      I decide not to fight this time. I take off on all fours into the woods, bounding at high speed. This is much easier than running on two legs... I briefly consider morphing into a wolf, but I get distracted. Hm, it seems like I'm getting really tired. But I'm dreaming, there's no need for me to stop. My body says otherwise. I am simply too tired to run anymore. I begin to speculate. Maybe it's my energy body getting tired, then.

      Somewhere along the line, I forget I'm dreaming. I am no longer myself, either. I seem to be a man in my late 30's, being chased by the evil kid from Sharkboy and Lavagirl. Idk what his name is IRL, but in the dream it's Clyde.

      I have already killed Clyde multiple times, but he always finds a way to come back. He says he learned the ability to regenerate from the Planet of the Starfish.

      I am in a futuristic city, looking at this weird robot dancing in the middle of the street. Her whole body is made of metal, but her head is that of a human. "Wow, that looks like a real head," I tell the girl I'm traveling with. She begins to tell me what model the robot is, and explains how hi-tech it is. She uses a lot of strange words, though, and I don't have a clue what she means.

      Suddenly, the robot starts trying to kill me. Turns out that it's Clyde in another one of his disguises.

      In my effort to escape Clyde, I end up on the side of a bridge, lucid again. I'm really high up... seems like it would be fun to jump off.

      It's not. I'm halfway to the ground before my vision catches up with my body, and when it does I have that terrible falling sensation in the pit of my stomach. This can be enjoyable in small doses, but I am just SO HIGH that the fall seems endless. Finally it jolts me into a false awakening.
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    11. Adrenaline High

      by , 06-28-2010 at 04:57 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      I didn't post yesterday due to some really terrible recall, but today the problems seems to be fixed!

      1- Bravery
      Dark forces are gathering; they will strike tonight. For unknown reasons, I seem to be their main target. Oh well. I won't be going down without a fight. My only two allies on this hellish night are my dad and my brother. I don't bother telling them that this is a suicide mission, they'll figure it out soon enough.

      I hear helicopters overhead as I walk out the back door. That blasted goblin is already at it... the sun isn't even down yet. "I doubt I'll be getting ANY sleep tonight," I mutter to my dad as we crouch down under the deck, out of sight of the helicopters. I realize that a fight is imminent; I can only hope that I fight as well as I do in my dreams. Because this is real, and I won't be coming back if I should fail. ((Ummmm..... ))

      I have armed myself with an axe somewhere along the line, and as I'm waiting I mutter to myself, "My axe is my buddy/ I never leave without him/ Me and my axe/ Will turn your neck to a bloody fountain." The words make me feel stronger, less afraid of what is to come. ((Note: I've never listened to ICP in my life. I just happen to know those few words. Thanks, Z. ))

      I hear rustling in the trees. It must be the goblin or one of his cronies. "I'm going to go check it out," I whisper to my dad, sneaking off toward the noise. As I reach the trees, a feral dog leaps from the shadows, hitting me with such force that my axe goes flying. By some miracle, I manage to keep my balance. But now I'm weaponless. "Hurry UP!" I yell at my dad and my brother as the dog tears at my bare arms. I can't let it get near my face...

      My backup arrives, but they aren't much help. My dad is stabbing at the dog with a letter opener, but no damage is being done. I realized that it is possessed with dark energy, and its skin is impenetrable. I realize what must be done.

      My dad drops the letter opener, and I quickly snatch it up and brutally stab the dog's eyes out. If anything, at least now it won't be able to see us. But to my satisfaction, I see that I have done much more than blind the once-dog. The skin around where its eyes used to be peels back, revealing the inside of it's hollowed out head. I must have released the energy possessing it, now it is a mere shell with no life force.

      Thinking that I am finished, I take a step back... Only to spot an identical dog crouching in the foliage. Before it has a chance to attack, I lunge at it with the letter opener, sending two quick and powerful jabs with the letter opener into each of it's eyes. It now shares the same fate as its partner.

      Now I'm angry. Those dogs didn't deserve such cruelty. How dare he use innocents for his own evil desires? I will make him pay dearly.

      I remember now that there is an object in my possession that neither the goblin nor his cronies can touch. I think about fusing this with water. If I put such a combination in a squirt gun, they couldn't come within 5 feet of me without having their skin boiled off. It would be perfect!
      ((Unfortunately, I wake up.))

      2- Post Apocalyptic
      The world has ended, and somehow it is all my fault. I am wanted throughout the world for my crimes; everywhere I go, I am chased down by both the police and by regular people hoping to get rewarded with my capture. I finally find a nice couple who will shelter me, and discover that my brother is also staying with them. Something seems a bit... off, though. Despite their kindness, I don't trust the couple at all.

      Even though they tell me otherwise, I believe that my parents are still alive. I go off one day to find them. This, as one would expect, didn't end well. I don't remember exactly what happened, but it involves the "nice" couple trying to kill me and my brother. I do eventually find my parents alive and well, at least.

      3- Vice President (fragment)
      My mother has accepted a job to become vice president... of Europe. ((Note: I believe this fragment has some connection with why that goblin was after me, but I can't remember.))

      4- Accent (fragment)
      A man says Samael's name in an incredibly sexy accent.

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    12. 6/26/10

      by , 06-26-2010 at 03:52 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      1- "Da" Language
      I have made a chart of some weird dream language called the "Da Language." I post it on MM, and The Cusp replies that it sounds like a dream version of Japanese. He thinks the two languages could be related. ((What's with all these dreams I have about The Cusp?)) We also get into a conversation about "swarms." We both seem to have noticed that large swarms of insects often appear in dreams, stinging the dreamer without mercy.

      2- Ignoring Lucidity
      I am taking a walk through the woods with my dad. I tell him that we have to live in the woods for a week so that we can go on our Shamanic Vision Quest. He is not really on board with the idea...

      Later, I am being chased by a wannabe Freddy Krueger. I am flying in the air above him, taunting and laughing. For some stupid reason, I'm trying to suppress the fact that I know I'm dreaming. The idea that this is a dream is tickling the corner of my mind, but I refuse to acknowledge it.

      3- Patience Medici
      I am fighting with my fake brother over a magazine. The magazine contains an article about Patience Medici, and I tell him that I HAVE to read it because its the only non-Russian explanation I can find. My fake mother tells me to stop fighting and to go get another magazine. I wake myself up saying, "But I had it first!"
    13. Some Fun

      by , 06-25-2010 at 01:10 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Yay! I got a stripe on my belt! Anyway, for my dreams:

      1- In Which Hazel Does Not Act Her Age
      My brother comes into my room with this old (fake) sword that he used to have. He begins knocking things off my shelf and just being a pest in general. When he doesn't stop like I tell him to, I throw a temper tantrum like a five year old. O.o After it is over, I wonder why I am acting like this... Oh, it must be a dream. I reverse time and handle the situation more maturely.

      2- A Family Outing
      I go out to a really strange restaurant with my family. I don't trust these people, something isn't right... As predicted, the owners are up to no good. They are locking people in cages out back. Well, they certainly aren't going to get ME. The only problem is, they have some kind of strange machine that makes them not feel pain. "We'll take care of it," my parents assure me as they allow themselves to be locked up in the cage. "You act as the decoy."

      No problem. I take off, and the crazies are quick to give chase. Hm, if I could just run a bit faster... But no, they're still catching up to me. Time to fight. I fight like an expert, but it doesn't matter. They can't feel pain and I can. Just as I am beginning to think I will lose, the one standing in front of me suddenly crumples to the ground, crying out. "Ah, shit, they broke the machine!"

      I grin in triumph as my parents and my brother arrive on the scene. "Took you long enough!"
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    14. Rude Awakening

      by , 06-24-2010 at 09:53 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      1- Bite of an Orc
      My parents have gone undergound, to the orcs' lair. I am waiting outside. At the sounds of a battle, I suddenly become lucid and run through the forest towards my house. "I don't want to fight orcs again," I mutter to myself. ((Um... I've never fought orcs before. Ever.)) "Besides... isn't there something I have to do?"

      By the time I make it to my house, I am no longer lucid. My parents come a bit later. They tell me that they won, but that the orcs bit them and now they're infected. I see that they now have green and red orc skin. "Don't worry," I say, "You'll only be HALF orc. I got bit by one a while ago, and I'm still half werewolf."

      2- Tattoo
      I get a really ornate tattoo all over my face. The next morning, I cannot figure out what possessed me to do something so stupid. Everyone's going to think I've gone off the deep end... I look in the mirror and am delighted to find that it is just a temporary tattoo.

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    15. A Normal Day in Dreamland

      by , 06-23-2010 at 02:35 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      We had a REALLY tough practice at Karate yesterday. So, as I expected, I was far too tired to write any of my dreams down whenever I woke up. (Surprisingly good recall for such conditions, though.) During one of my early sleep cycles, I kept waking myself up practicing my kicks. Seriously, I must have done this five or six times.

      1- Weirdness... As Usual
      My brother and I are taking a walk when we pass by a dog pen. We know for a fact that the owners of these dogs have moved, so we worry that they will die here. "I'm taking this one home with me," he says, petting a big gray dog that resembles a wolf.

      "We already have two dogs at the house, Mama will never let you keep him."

      "So? I'll just hide him in my room."

      That is a horrible idea, but at that point my eyes fall on the other dog; He is a small pit bull mix... and so adorable! He gives me those sad puppy dog eyes, as if to say "You're not going to leave me here all by myself, are you?" No, of course not. I take the dog home and hide him in my closet.

      About a day later, I am thinking to myself about how much trouble Steven is going to get into if he gets caught with that dog. Wait a minute... didn't I get a dog, too? GAH! I jump to my feet and run to my room, opening the closet door. My dog is sitting huddled up in the corner.

      "I've been trapped in here for a whole day!" He whines, shuddering.

      "I'm so sorry! You must really need to use the bathroom, don't you?"

      He nods, whimpering. I can't take him outside, because my parents are in the other room. I'll just have to get some kind of container... I find a long, rectangular food container and tell him to go in that. He raises his leg, and...

      "You're missing!" I say urgently, not wanting to have to clean up dog pee from my closet.

      "Oops..." he finally manages to go in the container, but it fills up so much that now he's up to his shoulders. He tells me it feels like a nice, hot bath. WTF?

      "Um... Now you need a real bath. Wait here." I get another one of the containers and fill it with warm, soapy water. I bring it back to my closet, glad to see that he hasn't caused any more trouble. "Okay, now get in and wash yourself off." As he is bathing, my grandmother walks in. ((Why is she here?)) She says I'm going to be in trouble for having a dog in the house.

      2- Beware the Spider Queen

      I am lying in bed, when I notice a HUGE spider on the wall above me. This thing is about the size of a cat, and it's giving me the look of death. Normally, I like spiders. I don't even mind when they crawl on me. But this is a different story. Freaked, I jump out of bed, eyes on the spider. It turns it's body, following my every move with it's eight beady eyes. It looks like it's about to pounce... I run from the room slamming the door behind me.

      My grandma is here again. I learn that she is with an ancient demon slaying society, and that she is here to pass the legacy on to me. She tells me that the spider can only be killed if it's web is destroyed. Otherwise it will just keep coming back to life.

      *time lapse* I think we've killed the spider by this point, but my memory isn't very clear. My grandmother gives me a weapon that resembles a giant metal boomerang. It instantly reminds me of Sango's Hiraikotsu.

      3- School Days
      I run from the house as the bus nearly leaves us. Once inside, I go to the back where Shelby is sitting. It's the first time I've seen her since the... incident. We talk about it; she tells me all the harsh things that her mother said about me.

      4- Forgotten Dreams
      I am in a video store with my aunt. There are some phones on display, and I see that I have typed some dreams up on one of them. Woah, I don't remember these at all! When did I write this?

      Suddenly I look up at the screen that shows previews for various movies. It is showing a preview for a sequel to Coraline, called "Revenge of the Other Mother." Wow, I have to see that!

      5- Pattie and Wilhelm (fragment)
      ((Uh, I'm not really sure what this is, to be honest... It seems like it must have been epic in it's entirety, because I have several memories after this of telling other people about it and posting it in my DJ.)) Something about a ghost named Pattie mourning for her lost love, Wilhelm.

      6- Pokemon (fragment)

      Vague memory of Pokemon. Pikachu doesn't look like it's supposed to... Looks more like a Shroomish.
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