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    Hazel's Boiler Room

    1. Gladiator, Redneck Style

      by , 01-26-2011 at 12:53 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      Finally, after 4 days, some recall worth mentioning. I hope this means my dryspell is cured.

      1- Gladiator, Redneck Style
      I am standing in a line in the middle of a field with my mother and some other people, facing a crazed farmer who is talking about the Arena Games that we are about to fight in. The girl beside me mentions "respawning at one-third power." Oh good, I think to myself sarcastically, That way we can suffer painful deaths all afternoon.

      The farmer introduces this enormous truck/tractor hybrid whose headlights resemble big angry eyes. The hood pops open and it's "tongue," a powerful bulldozer arm, tastes the air hungrily. "Meet Bulldozer, the tractor god!" the farmer thunders. Bulldozer picks the man up with his tongue and sits him in the control seat. "Here's a little demonstration on speed, for those of you who are thinking about running off." He drives around us in circles; it's clear that you won't be able to outrun the thing. Suddenly the games are starting, and zombies crawl up through the ground to double our problems.

      Bulldozer kills my mother almost immediately. Fear pulses through my veins as I face the monstrous vehicle, but I ignore it and leap over the hood, kicking the farmer in the head. He laughs at me, saying I watch too many zombie movies, then embeds a knife into my forehead. It doesn't hurt that badly, so I continue to kick him, trying to break his neck. The knife falls from my head to the ground behind us.

      Just as I'm about to deal the finishing blow, one of the farmhands (or possibly one of the other challengers) picks up the fallen knife and stabs me in the side, digging the blade across my stomach. The pain is agonizing; blood pours from my mouth as I die.

      ((Despite the pain and everything, this was a really fun dream!))
    2. Dreamviews, and An Epic Quest

      by , 01-17-2011 at 04:40 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Took 100mg of B6 before I went to bed last night, then another 100mg during WBTB. I also decided to do my self-hypnosis technique, but that didn't work out very well when my cat kept stepping on me every five minutes.

      1- Dreamviews of the Future
      ((Note: this was a very abstract dream and most of it is really difficult to put into words.))
      Dreamviews is a physical place; I am exploring all of their new "features." I walk past a long line of people carrying musical instruments, whom I discover are all trying out for the new Dreamviews Marching Band.

      Next, I am looking at some dream journals. Each journal is it's respective member's private home, or inner sanctuary. I visit at mine first and am somewhat disturbed to find a long and very explicit dream written out for all the world to see. Why would I post that in such detail?

      I think of where I want to go next. I have been talking to Alice (from Resident Evil), and we have grown to be pretty close friends. So I decide to see what her journal is like. I should have known; entrance to her journal is painful and treacherous, as it is guarded by an imposing mound of thorns. Her "inner sanctuary" is more like an internal Hell, imprisoning her within her own dark thoughts. Poor Alice... I want to comfort her, but she resides in the very core of this prison. The dream ends as I am working my way towards her.

      2- Saved by the Goddess
      My getaway will be simple. Ditch these clothes, change into the ones left over by those imbeciles, and escape through the window. I have thought of everything; except, however, drawing the shades. One of the Emperor's cronies has spied me from the open window and has called for backup. My means of escape has quickly become my downfall.

      I leap out the window anyway, and break into a run. There is still a chance I can get away, though now it will be far more difficult.

      I make it as far as the road, a dry stretch of unpaved dirt, before I am surrounded. The Emperor and his men have me covered on three sides; the Dark Forest, brimming with werewolves and other man-eating atrocities, stands imposingly to my remaining side. They do not expect me to risk such a fate.

      An Elven girl a few years my elder, one who I used to call Sister, grabs my arm and secures a handcuff around one wrist. "Come quietly, Princess. There is no way out." Before she can cuff my other wrist, I kick her roughly away, dodge around the Emperor's men, and take off into the forest. They dare not follow, but they don't need to. Almost immediately I am faced with a Hunter; a soul-sucking once human that reeks of fear and decay. One of the Emperor's favorite pets. He actually sent the Hunters after me? I don't know whether to be hurt or flattered.

      Rather than have my soul taken, I quickly dart back to the edge of the forest where the trees are less dense. Hunters, along with all the other forms of Demon-spawn, would burn in this light. However, it also means that I am once more vulnerable to the soldiers...

      To my amazement, a voice in by head booms, "Stay behind me!" Suddenly a large brown creature is running in front of me, which I recognize instantly as one of the envoys of the gods. I follow him without hesitation as he guides me through the treacherous forest. The sound of the soldiers' bewilderment from the forest's edge makes me smirk.

      One out of the forest, I am met with one of my comrades at the outskirts of an old town. It is nighttime now, and avoiding the Demon-spawn will be more difficult. The envoy wishes me luck and is gone.

      As soon as he disappears, we are attacked by a small shadow creature. A church is nearby, emitting light from it's stained glass windows. I throw the creature into the light, but it merely cackles. "That won't work on meeee!" it screeches. "I am not a mere shade! HE gave birth to me from his very flesh!" The creature flies directly at my face. I hold it back as my companion opens a vortex in the ground, which makes quick work of the enemy.

      "We need to get inside," I instruct. But as soon as we enter the church, we are met by something potentially more dangerous than shadow creatures: crazed religious fanatics.

      "Witches!" the ladies cry. "Burn them! Kill the witches!"

      "Wait!" I protest. "We just want shelter here, same as you."

      The ladies continue with their cries of death and burning until the oldest of them calls them to silence. She looks at my friend and I knowingly and points to the wall. "What does it say?" she asks me.

      A single, three letter word is etched into the wall. Her. I repeat the word with some amusement. This church was once a temple to the Goddess. How ironic.

      The lady details a story in which Merinia, an earth Goddess, was kidnapped and taken prisoner by the Demon King. Her power could easily have defeated the demons, if only she'd had her staff. The sacred object, however, had been stolen from her and lost somewhere in the world.

      I stare at the lady in shock as she hands me a beautiful, intricately carved staff. "Is this...?" She nods.

      "Save her," she tells me.

      I exit the temple/church. Demon-spawn emerge from the ground almost instantly, but the incredibly power of Merinia's staff kills them all with a single blow. I am in awe.

      Time passes. I have rescued the Goddess (though, it's more like She rescued me), and am now celebrating with my friends.

      ((Note: I don't think the name in the dream was given as Merinia. I know it started with an M, but I couldn't find an actual earth based goddess with a similar name, and since I couldn't remember it I had to make one up.))
    3. Independence vs. Companionship

      by , 01-05-2011 at 09:51 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)

      1- Getaway Car
      I am living in a mansion with my haughty mother who expects me to be perfect for the party we are throwing. However, I have learned that some unknown villain wishes me harm, so I spend the entire party sneaking around and spying on people. My pursuer is no one at the party, as I find out. He is a very powerful magic user. If it weren't for the help of Alice (from Resident Evil), I would never have made it out alive.

      I become separated from my rescuer and must now go solo. ((I end up going on this super long quest that I unfortunately only remember bits and pieces of.))

      *lapse in time*

      My point of view flashes to a man walking around in a greenhouse. He is examining some plants that have been psychicly altered and is contemplating eating them. Suddenly the man's face is torn off, by a friend who had been possessed by the evil magician after me.

      I flash back to myself. I have made a pit stop at my Aunt's house for supplies. For some reason I get in my car from the passenger's side, and am crawling through to the driver's side. Suddenly my Aunt hijacks the car and starts laughing like an evil maniac. I panic for an instant, believing that she has been possessed. Then she laughs normally and asks, "How could you possibly think I was evil? I'm hurt."

      "I don't have time for this!" I mutter, taking the driver's seat and shutting the door. "Goodbye." Suddenly, the evil magician walks up with a little boy. He hands the child a gun and tells him to point it at me and pull the trigger. Before I can get the car started, I have a bullet through my arm. It hurts, but not as bad as I would have expected. The boy tries to shoot me again, but the trigger jams. He looks down the barrel of the gun and experimentally pulls the trigger. His brains blow out the back of his head.

      I drive off as fast as I can, ducking low as more shots come.

      My pov flashes to this spider lady. She is facing the evil magician, who appears to be working for her. "Tell me," she says in a seductive voice, "Do you find me attractive in this form, or am I grotesque to you?" The man stammers incoherently. "Be honest," she murmurs.

      Back to myself as I stop at a cafe of some sort. I walk inside, ending up at a wall painted with strange creatures and odd phrases. Near the bottom of the wall was the phrase "Paper due. Sad day." Beside it was a picture of a hotdog with a face, sticking its tongue out. After examining the wall with some amusement, I turn the corner into a secluded area where Alice is waiting for me. "I thought I might find you here," I say, sitting down at one of the booths. Apparently we had met here sometime in the past.

      "Of course," she answers. "I couldn't leave without you."

      One of the waitresses (the one who "usually" waits on us) is sitting nearby. I examine the bullet wound on my arm--- it isn't as bad as I would have expected. Must have just grazed me. "What happened to your arm?" Alice asks me, her eyes intense.

      "I was shot."

      The waitress obviously thinks I'm joking. "Did you cut yourself with those long fingernails?"

      "I was shot," I say again, this time more forcefully, "by a two year old. Who then proceeded to shoot himself in the head."

      Much to my disappointment, I awaken at this point.

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    4. A Normal Day in Dreamland

      by , 06-23-2010 at 02:35 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      We had a REALLY tough practice at Karate yesterday. So, as I expected, I was far too tired to write any of my dreams down whenever I woke up. (Surprisingly good recall for such conditions, though.) During one of my early sleep cycles, I kept waking myself up practicing my kicks. Seriously, I must have done this five or six times.

      1- Weirdness... As Usual
      My brother and I are taking a walk when we pass by a dog pen. We know for a fact that the owners of these dogs have moved, so we worry that they will die here. "I'm taking this one home with me," he says, petting a big gray dog that resembles a wolf.

      "We already have two dogs at the house, Mama will never let you keep him."

      "So? I'll just hide him in my room."

      That is a horrible idea, but at that point my eyes fall on the other dog; He is a small pit bull mix... and so adorable! He gives me those sad puppy dog eyes, as if to say "You're not going to leave me here all by myself, are you?" No, of course not. I take the dog home and hide him in my closet.

      About a day later, I am thinking to myself about how much trouble Steven is going to get into if he gets caught with that dog. Wait a minute... didn't I get a dog, too? GAH! I jump to my feet and run to my room, opening the closet door. My dog is sitting huddled up in the corner.

      "I've been trapped in here for a whole day!" He whines, shuddering.

      "I'm so sorry! You must really need to use the bathroom, don't you?"

      He nods, whimpering. I can't take him outside, because my parents are in the other room. I'll just have to get some kind of container... I find a long, rectangular food container and tell him to go in that. He raises his leg, and...

      "You're missing!" I say urgently, not wanting to have to clean up dog pee from my closet.

      "Oops..." he finally manages to go in the container, but it fills up so much that now he's up to his shoulders. He tells me it feels like a nice, hot bath. WTF?

      "Um... Now you need a real bath. Wait here." I get another one of the containers and fill it with warm, soapy water. I bring it back to my closet, glad to see that he hasn't caused any more trouble. "Okay, now get in and wash yourself off." As he is bathing, my grandmother walks in. ((Why is she here?)) She says I'm going to be in trouble for having a dog in the house.

      2- Beware the Spider Queen

      I am lying in bed, when I notice a HUGE spider on the wall above me. This thing is about the size of a cat, and it's giving me the look of death. Normally, I like spiders. I don't even mind when they crawl on me. But this is a different story. Freaked, I jump out of bed, eyes on the spider. It turns it's body, following my every move with it's eight beady eyes. It looks like it's about to pounce... I run from the room slamming the door behind me.

      My grandma is here again. I learn that she is with an ancient demon slaying society, and that she is here to pass the legacy on to me. She tells me that the spider can only be killed if it's web is destroyed. Otherwise it will just keep coming back to life.

      *time lapse* I think we've killed the spider by this point, but my memory isn't very clear. My grandmother gives me a weapon that resembles a giant metal boomerang. It instantly reminds me of Sango's Hiraikotsu.

      3- School Days
      I run from the house as the bus nearly leaves us. Once inside, I go to the back where Shelby is sitting. It's the first time I've seen her since the... incident. We talk about it; she tells me all the harsh things that her mother said about me.

      4- Forgotten Dreams
      I am in a video store with my aunt. There are some phones on display, and I see that I have typed some dreams up on one of them. Woah, I don't remember these at all! When did I write this?

      Suddenly I look up at the screen that shows previews for various movies. It is showing a preview for a sequel to Coraline, called "Revenge of the Other Mother." Wow, I have to see that!

      5- Pattie and Wilhelm (fragment)
      ((Uh, I'm not really sure what this is, to be honest... It seems like it must have been epic in it's entirety, because I have several memories after this of telling other people about it and posting it in my DJ.)) Something about a ghost named Pattie mourning for her lost love, Wilhelm.

      6- Pokemon (fragment)

      Vague memory of Pokemon. Pikachu doesn't look like it's supposed to... Looks more like a Shroomish.
    5. My Anti-Social Dream Guide

      by , 06-17-2010 at 01:24 PM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Sometimes, my dream guide really irks me. But yay, lucidity!

      1- Scary Lucidity
      I am listening to a song on my mp3 player that was written by someone on MM. It's very creepy... Makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. Eventually I get tired and turn it off, intending to go to bed. As soon as I lay down, the song starts playing. Ugh, not THIS song again. Wait, didn't I take my earbuds out already? I sit up and RC. Lucid!

      Suddenly it is very dark in my room. I vaguely think about lights, but I cannot focus enough to make the darkness go away. An aura of fear, of pure terror, weighs down the air, making it somewhat difficult to breathe.

      Annoyed, I walk to the center of my room and stand perfectly still. I picture what I will do to any attacker, even Leroy (who I know is behind this), for coming to me in such darkness with the obvious intent to scare me. But it's just so freaking dark, I can't hold the dream together.

      ((Note: I know it was Leroy, because fear is his "energy signature." Why he has to be so anti-social, I don't know.))

      2- A Dream of Wakefulness
      I am in MM chat, telling everyone about the lucid dream I just had. Moonbeam tells me that the person who wrote that song is banned from MM, because he stole our "void game." I am appalled. How dare he!?

      Later, I am a guy wandering around a college campus. I hear a "Hey, you," behind me and turn around. A girl is standing in the doorway, looking at me. "The manager told me to look for a Junior, and you're the only Junior around here. Even though you look more like 17 than 20. If you want to join our ranks, go meet Nelson by the band house."
      ((This is pretty much an exact quote of what she said, as I woke up afterwards and wrote it down as quickly as possible.))

      3- Alice in Dreamland
      I am cleaning out my grandmother's house; apparently she's moving. We fight all sorts of strange things in there, my favorite being some type of primitive war machine. It is a cart, with a catapult attached to one side, a removable spiky club attached to the other side, and spikes in the front. Useful for both long ranged attacks and ramming into enemies.

      Later, I am no longer myself, but a girl named Alice. I am standing in a graveyard with friends, sanctifying the grave of our deceased friend, Whisper. I say a spell which animates the concrete Angel used as her gravemarker. It now has her spirit. She thanks me, and offers to help in times of need.

      I am following some weird storyline as I wander further into the graveyard, away from my friends. A narrator says I will get attacked by the thugs who are after me, and my friends won't be able to hear my cries for help. The rational part of me realizes that I could leave now before the thugs find me, but this Alice part of me isn't aware of my future predicament.

      I see my (Alice's) father walk around the side of the church.

      Rational me: *gasp* My father has something to do with those thugs!

      Alice: Hm, I wonder where he's going?

      As I sneak closer, I spot the thugs loading some things into a car. Too late to hide: the short fat one has spotted me! I run, and he give chase. How can he run so fast!? I see my friends over the hill, leaving the cemetery. As predicted, they cannot hear me calling to them.

      Suddenly another of the thugs is standing in my path. This one, however, I know to be friendly. "Alice!" he cries out as I collide into him. He catches me and holds me with my back against his chest.

      "Being... chased..." I pant. Shorty walks up to us.

      "Neil! Good, you got 'er! Let's take 'er to the boss!"

      Neil doesn't move; I can tell he's debating with himself about what to do. Set me free, or follow orders? Right now, I don't really care which one he decides. I know that he'll save me eventually, if not now. Besides, I'm feeling very comfortable in his arms... "Neil, what are you waiting for?" Shorty growls impatiently.

      Neil suddenly lets me go and puts himself between me and the other thug. "Go! Run!" I don't want to leave him, but I must follow the storyline.

      "Thank you," I say, taking off down the sidewalk. I think I am going to get away, but at the intersection I am intercepted by another thug, who looks like Fabio. Damn it! Neil got in trouble for nothing!
      ((At this point, my mom's phone goes off, waking me. No fair... I was going to end up having a romance with Neil...))
    6. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:04 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post
      Back, after a VERY extended absence. Hopefully I'll be coming here more often. (And WOW, the place has changed!)


      1- Blood, Gore, and the Dinosaur
      The dream begins at a church, where I am attending the funeral of someone I don't know with my family. One of the ladies is supposed to sing a solo in honor of the deceased, but the people in charge of the music accidentally play a really joyful, upbeat song which makes everybody laugh and ruins the melancholy mood.

      I find a lot of money in the pew, which leads me to believe I may be dreaming. Although my nose-pinch reality check fails, I still have my suspicions...

      Later, I go to the bathroom and start coughing up blood. It's not coming from my lungs, though; it's more like a reverse nose bleed. I'm beginning to fear that I'll drown, because there's just SO MUCH of it. (And let me tell you, it looked, felt, and tasted completely real.) Alarmed, I leave the bathroom to tell my parents... only to discover that I'm completely naked. "Okay, I HAVE to be dreaming," I say to myself and do another RC.
      This time it works, and I am officially lucid.

      I immediately remember that I MUST speak with Leroy, so I try to summon him. Instead, I am greeted by a Lady who is dressed in White. She tells me that she's wounded, and that I need to kill the creature that's chasing her while she heals herself. I try to explain that I don't have the time, that I'm looking for someone important. Apparently I don't have an option. The creature chooses that moment to burst into the room and start attacking us. Weaponless, I am barely able to defend myself as the Lady bolts from the room, telling me to let her know when it was dead.

      This is not an easy beast to slay. Our battle carries over outside, where the Lady is watching. She is "encouraging" me to kill it, asserting that she hasn't much time to waste. Finally, I grow spikes from my shoes and stomp on the creature again and again, grinding my heal and mutilating it beyond repair. It's still making noises, though, which worries me.

      "Is it really dead?" I ask the Lady anxiously.

      "It doesn't matter, we have to keep going."

      "You don't understand. I can't help you anymore, I have to look for Leroy."

      "Leroy..." she murmurs vaguely, "I think I know him."

      I ask if she can help me find him, but she insists that she has to overcome everything that's after her in order to become immortal. Just then, we encounter one of these "things" and are forced to fight again. This time she's a bit more help, although now I have no real memory of the incident.

      Afterwards, I am now armed with a butcher knife (the square-ish kind) as we take shelter in a rotting tree house. The walls are set up to only be high enough to prevent you from falling out, so there's about four feet of space between the walls and the roof. I am about to ask her what we have to fight next, when I see a HUGE T-Rex charging straight towards us.

      "You've got to be joking! How the hell do you expect me to fight a dinosaur!?" I obviously have no other choice, however. As the T-Rex (who, according to my "comrade," is named Leo) growls loudly and says something in a deep, angry voice about how us "cave people" took over the world. Resigning myself to the fact that I'd have to fight to live, I quickly rush the dino and slash at him with my knife. His tough hide prevents any damage from being done. Leo slashes my arm open, and I am forced to back up against the opposite wall.

      I begin kicking the walls out to secure an escape route if the situation called for it, though I don't plan on retreating. I cannot describe how intense this situation is at the time; it lasts for quite a while, and I am cursing up a storm as I attempt to fight this gargantuan lizard. My companion temporarily dies at one point, leaving me to fend for myself. (Not that she was much help in the first place.)

      Somewhere along the line, the dinosaur is replaced by a crazy lady who, of course, is bent on killing me. For the moment, however, she is forcing me to dance with her as she describes in vivid detail how she's going to kill me. (We're in a kitchen, though I don't remember how we got there.) As we dance close to the counter, I attempt to grab a knife behind her back... but miss and get a fork instead. On my second try, I succeed in acquiring the knife, but she notices and throws me backwards. Fed up, I charge toward her and stab her repeatedly (and somewhat psychotically) in the stomach until she dies.

      Her blood is really warm, almost hot, and my hands are slick with it. The Lady in White comes back as I am attempting to clean up the crimson mess. "Good job," she tells me. After I get all the blood off my hands, I brandish my knife and manage to transform it into a razor sharp sword. I slash through the air a few times to test it, then turn to the Lady.

      "Are we done yet?" I ask her.

      "Not quite. First we have to make it through the Zombie Apocalypse."

      "WHAT!? How long is THAT going to take?"

      "Only about three hours."

      "Three hours! I just fought a dinosaur! Can't I rest first?" That question is answered by the sound of approaching zombies. Cursing, I quickly follow the Lady into a creepy looking abandoned building, but
      the dream ends before I can fight anything else.


      1- Gary (fragment)
      Somehow a naked picture of Gary from Pokemon has found it's way onto my laptop, and no matter what I do I cannot get rid of it. I am commenting to someone that it's not even a good picture of him. ((Weird, considering that not only has it been ages since I've seen Pokemon, but I never liked Gary in the first place.))

      2- The Evil Virus of Doom
      I am in Chemistry class with a bunch of raucous, misbehaving students. Our teacher has left the room for some reason. Several of my classmates run out into the hallway, because it is rumored that one of the students in another classroom is suffering from a horrible skin condition (or some similar ailment) and they want to check it out.

      When the teacher returns, all of the students have made it back except for one. The teacher yells at him furiously, nearly bringing him to tears.

      Later, a deadly computer virus is going around, and I am desperately trying to keep my laptop away from all of the infected computers. The virus is after people as well. One of my friends lays down across a bed in some hotel, and a little mechanical voodoo doll walks out from the headboard and stabs her in the head with a needle, infecting her. Alarmed, I pick up my laptop and keep away from the walls as I hurriedly exit the room to get help.

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    7. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 03:03 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post

      1- Fangoria
      Vampires have taken over Barnes and Noble, and as a slayer it is my duty to dispose of them. Their hoarde is located in a secret underground room, which is guarded by enslaved humans and a group of vampires known as Moon Guards. Most of the humans in the store are unawar of all this, and if any of them wander too close then the Moon Guards will capture them.

      My Master distracts the Moon Guards, and the humans allow me to enter. I head straight to the armory to upgrade my weapons. While I am looking at swords and battle axes, the leader of the vampires, Victor, arrives with his daughter. We have a long talk, but despite an almost friendship we cannot come to a compromise.

      The battle cominces. Victor attacks first, and I start chopping at him with a razor sharp hachet. It embeds deep into his neck, coming free of my grip. I switch my sword to my right hand, slicing through a bookshelf to show its power. While Victor recovers, his daughter stabs a dagger into my arm. Ignoring the pain, I attack her with daggers of my own, then impale her through the heart with my sword. She falls to the floor, blood pouring from her mouth.

      Victor lets out a howl of misery and lunges at me, but I throw up my sword just in time. He has now suffered the same fate as his daughter. I begin to cry, grieved that it came to this. I hadn't wanted to kill them, but they gave me no choice.

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    8. Once Upon a Midnight Dreary (DV version)

      by , 06-09-2010 at 02:57 AM (Hazel's Boiler Room)
      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel View Post

      1- Bloodthirsty WitchesI am part of a coven of witches. There are three of us: My mother, my younger sister, and myself. We are so connected that we use first person plural pronouns in place of first person singular. The dream begins with the three of us on the side of the road, where we hail a cab. the driver is a man in his middle ages, and his only other passenger is an elderly lady.

      I get the lady's atention, and my mother chops her head off with a double bladed axe. I then stab the driver in the neck with a pocketknife again and again, until he dies.

      Since the car is now out of control, the police stop us. I dart off into the forest at my mother's command, bloody knife still in hand. I am worried that my family has been captured, but I push all thoughts from my mind except for escaping from the police. I know that an Easter egg hunt is taking place in the forest somewhere nearby, and I think I can hide among the children. Instead, I run into a guy about my age who says he will help me.

      We go to my house, where I must retrieve something. Demons have invaded the place, however, so I tell my friend to wait for me outside. After a horrible struggle with the demons, I retrieve what I was searching for and make it out alive. But only just. I am wounded, and my friend has to carry me through the city. My powers allow us to fly over buildings and cover huge distances.

      In the lowlands, a swarm of yellow jackets get after us, but we make it to the ocean and hide under the water. It is here that we find my family. Only now, my mother wants to kill my friend. I cannot allow this to happen, because I have fallen in love with him. Thus, we run away yet again and go into hiding.


      1- House of Horror
      My parents are fighting, and I suddenly become lucid. I fly over the trees and go to a large city, where I meet a little cat girl who is showing me around. She takes me to an abandoned building where we find some creepy looking anime dolls. Suddenly, something starts banging on one of the doors, and I know that whatever it is means harm. I try to keep it from coming in, but I am not strong enough and it bursts into the room. It is a demon clown with a butcher knife. It chases me through the house, and in each room a new horror appears, each one resembling a horror movie villan. I am not scared, but I am doing my best to get away. I burst through the window and run home.

      Later, I learn that the little cat girl was a demon who had purposely put me in danger. I go back t that house in search of her, where I am yet again attacked by some sort of creepy creature. This time I stay to fight, and I kill it with a lawn chair, of all things.


      1- Prince of Darkness
      The village used to bea a peaceful, beautiful place, but then th ePrince of Darkness escaped fromt eh Land Under the Ground and took over. I am th eonly person remaining, forced to be a slave for the Dark Prince. He looks like an overgrown slug, and darkness is his aura.

      I sneak out of the village and find a large bird that looks like a tree. It tells me that its name is Multrite, and that it is my only hope. But it is dying, and it leaves a baby bird hidden somewhere in the forest.

      I go back to the village, and the Prince is waiting. He is furious that I left without permission, so he sends me out to the railway with the dogs as punishment. As we are walking, I ask Alpha (the doberman from UP) if he had ever heard of Multrite. He tells me that he hasn't.

      We go to the tunnel of the railway to speak to a consort of the Prince. This is the only perso n whom the Prince seems to respect. While the dogs confer with him, I decide to talk to The Tiger (my only friend in the village) about Multrite. I am certain he will have information.

      2- Assassin's Lament
      I am an assassin, and I have just killed a whole bunch of people. I walk to the edge of a cliff, wishing I could jump off rather than kill more people.

      3- Unholy Sanctity
      My mom takes us to a Church service which is being led by my cousin. It is taking place in an old Western town. Everyone cracks an egg into a cauldron full of boiling water, then drop a voodoo doll inside. They start laughing like maniacs. I am completely taken aback by this display, and I wonder what has come over all of them.

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