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    saleh salehi zadeh

    1. Chase in Tehran

      by , 06-30-2016 at 12:45 PM
      I was awake. then closed my eyes and then I imagined that I am near the gate of on the subways in tehran <4rah'e Veliasr> Then My imagination became true (WILD) and I went to dream in there. Then It was lucid. I entered to Subway station and then after a while I was in a train station with 2 beautiful girls. I took their hand and I walked. then I looked my back. There was a witch that was chasing us. I afraid and flied with 2 girls and near there I descend in a farm land. I imagined that this land be my mind and start to grow increase some Mind Development Material in it.
    2. Searching to find the bad guy.

      by , 07-16-2013 at 12:59 AM
      Someone in my dream was annoying me. I know he/she is someone in sport Stadium in Tehran. People in my dream thought he/she is a friend of mine that has psychological illness. But he/she wasn't. He/she just was a bad guy who I want to make revenge. So I decided to go there by metro (subway). When I went to subway I saw something very interesting. All the metro passengers were my friends. But we didn't talk together a word. It was interesting I mixed up although I have gone to stadium by metro many times... So I asked subway assistant. He was very kind to me. “If you want to take your friend to psychologist you should go hard to hard”, He said. I don’t know what his mean was. I don’t know what the meaning of “hard to hard” is! In this time I saw a friend of mine (name: Hemmat) in a room in subway eating watermelon…
      I remember a sentence in my dream that said: “foolish people are psychological ill that can’t be cure.
    3. Football, Fly, Mathematics, Accident

      by , 07-12-2013 at 10:43 PM
      I do this by WILD technique.
      At first of dream I was at one city at "Fars" state in Iran. called "Fasa". I was near a football stadium named "Zolghadr" Football stadium "ذولقدر". So I went to stadium. I was alone. I had a ball. So I started shoot practicing. It was so funny. After that I flied over city and I saw an interesting city. It was composition of "Fasa" and our capital Tehran. (Because I lived in this two city.)
      after that I felt dream was collapsing. I tried to solve some simple mathematical questions like 32*32. It was very useful. My dream became stable
      In a street I saw a car that crashed