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    1. Sing Dirty Nina

      by , 08-12-2011 at 02:27 AM
      I enter a lucid dream and I'm flying through darkness. I am determined to have an enjoyable experience so as I fly around I begin trying verbal commands like, "sun come up" or "daylight now". But none of them work, so I starting singing. I make up a cute little song and add in phrases involving sunrises and with feeling I sing, "let the sun come up". I'm basically just using verbal phrases in song form. My subconscious likes it. Perhaps he is grateful for my creative attempt, and the fact that I am asking, instead of forcing. Forcing never works with the sub.

      Now I'm flying in bright daylight over an icy ocean of arctic blue glacial waters. I change the song and start singing about warm Caribbean waters, and suddenly the glacier breaks apart and the sea froths and foams and dark debris flies everywhere. This was a scene from some horrible flood. But it was only a changeover. After a few seconds pass, the water is turquoise like the Caribbean and there are beaches formed from the glacial ice. It is so beautiful and amazing just flying through this scene and watching these transitions occur as I sing. My subconscious seems ready to give me anything I ask for. I sing for a beautiful lagoon, and immediately I watch as the sandstone is carved from a cliffside, the debris shooting straight into the air and into nonexistence. The water surges up and over the cliff, and when it recedes there is a beautiful lagoon with waterfalls flowing into it. Plants, trees, and flowers spring up around it. I just float in the air, and watch this amazing site, ready to plunge into the warm waters. But my alarm wakes me up. Snooze.

      I re-enter a lucid dream, but it's different. I'm in some sort of mall, but this mall has the most beautiful interior decorating I've ever seen. Each store has displays set up that are so intricately beautiful. They use color and light to make the customer's eye dance around the store. I had barely a moment to state in awe at this scene, when...again alarm goes off...snooze.

      I wanted so badly to get back to that store in the mall to take a mental picture of the gorgeous display, but instead I'm in a different place. Or a different time. It's a mall...but there's only western stuff...and it looks like the old west. I'm dressed up as a cowboy, my hair is hidden and tucked up under my hat. The people tending the store in this mall don't look too pleased to see me so I say, "I'll see you boys later," then I make a bull sound, and go charging off toward a wooden wall, head first. Apparently I don't make a very good bull, because I just hit the wall hard and fall to the ground.

      My head is aching but I'm alright, I'm more bothered that my boots got all dusty, so I wipe 'em off a bit. Two large men walk over to me, I see they're carrying rifles. The light is behind them so their faces are in shadow but I can see one has long greasy hair and the other is bald. "Howdy," I say, "I'm Dirty Nina." and I take off my hat and let my hair fall down. "You boys are mighty good looking," I say, trying to hide the sarcasm. The bald man walks closer and leans toward me. I can see that he has bandages over his eyes and he's looking really angry..."Well that's just fine little missy, but we got a debt to settle." He smiles, and I see a nasty toothless grin. The dust begins to settle and I need a plan, I see the spurs on my boots glinting out of the corner of my eye...but just then...my alarm goes off. And I have to get up or I'll be late for work.

      Very frustrating, this dream was going to be mighty awesome.
    2. Aquatica

      by , 11-23-2010 at 04:49 PM
      I was at a friends house, which was somewhere in the country, sort of in the middle of nowhere...though the area wasn't deserted. They lived in a rural suburb of some sort...but the houses were built on cliffs and were old and crumbling. As we drove up to the house, we had to wind our way around a cliff face and I looking up and saw all these magnificent old houses in various styles of architecture: gothic, rococo, art nouveau...and it looked as though they would fall apart at any minute. As though they had been battered by years of sand and wind raking against the cliff faces. I remember putting my hands up over my head to avoid getting hit with anything that might fall.

      Once we reached the top however the land changed very much and became more flat, like the countryside. I remember being inside this friends house when everything just started flooding. The water was pouring in...it was clear, bright water...and I went outside and saw rivers of this gorgeous water flowing over all the land. We lost our footing and got swept up in the current. The water was flowing like a river over the roads, and it was several feet deep, as though some invisible barriers were keeping the water in the road.

      Once I hit the current I realized I was dreaming...and swam like a dolphin moving quickly with the water, through the streets...as they curved downwards, and went under bridges and railroad crossings. There were lots of other people in the water too, and they were sort of floating along like it was a lazy river.

      Then I noticed something dark in the water...it was coming after me. But what was it? It could swim faster than I could. I kept watching it, just thinking to myself that I could fly away if I had to. Then I remember that I have had trouble flying out of water with strong currents, and that I would sometimes get pulled back into the water. So before the dark thing got closer, I willed myself to float up and out of the water. It worked, though my feet were still skimming the surface and the dark had come out of the water now, it looked like a man. I turned my head toward the sky and flew away...waking up shortly after.

      I enjoyed the dream so much that I decided not to move a muscle upon waking, and used the dream re-entry technique (or as I call it, instinct, which is what most "techniques" on this site basically are). I immediately entered a new dream...or wait...was it the same dream. I was back at the friends house, but the flood water was gone. What remained however was an enormous swimming pool, full of crystal clear water. The landscape looked like the american south west, I guess, not having been there. But it was sort of a rocky desert.

      My sister was relaxing in the pool. Suddenly it was as though we were on vacation. She turned around and gasped...and I did the same...as we looked at one end of the swimming pool we saw that the waters flowed down a very steep slope and into, what appeared to be...a cenote...way down below. A cenote is an underground cave or sinkhole full of water (we went snorkeling in these before in mexico) The sun was shining on the water and rocks down below and suddenly the waters of the caribbean were beckoning me forth and I dove down into the cenote.

      I think I woke up shortly after. I again tried to reenter the dream, and I believe it worked, but I don't think I was lucid, or I forget what happened. After that I had a few nonlucids.

      I wish I could remember more. But I do remember how incredibly happy I felt swimming around all night...I love water.