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    1. Dream #2

      by , 02-21-2011 at 12:15 PM
      This one was a few nights ago and I only just got around to putting it up today.

      Alrighty sooooo.... frst thing I can remember in this one is being in a street full of people and it felt like we were all waiting for something. There was someone standing next to me on top of a car looking into the distance down the road. She was saying something like "Oh my God... It's... it's...". At this moment a wall of water appears coming towards us and the person says "ITS A MONSSOOOOOOOOONN". (Yes I know this is the wrong word but this is what she said). Well the "monsoon" never actually ht us because I went into another part of my dream, completely different this time. I was on some sort of mountainside path with one of my real life friends talking about something when we heard sounds coming from a cave that was hidden from sight to our right. We went in and there was a girl crying near the far end of the cave, about 10 feet from the entrance. There were mines all over the floor like the ones in the worms games (little green things with red lights on top). By this time my friend had basically disappeared. I tried to run over to the girl to see what was wrong and ended up getting blown up by the mines (completely painlessly) and got teleported back to the mouth of the cave. Next I was on some kind of metal bridge that was abouth 3 feet wide with 2 other people. Well it wasnt really a bridge it was more like a giant triangle tube and the walls and floor werent solid it had gaps in it. Also it was suspended above a 18 lane superhighway. And one of the people in it with us was on a motorbike. We had got about halfway along when my mind decided this wa too boring and went into another dream. I can't remember where this next part fit in. I was on a really thin stone bridge that went over a river and just ended without getting to the other side. There was Dr Cox from Scrubs on the end in the lake, Dumbledore or Gandalf or someone on the other end and me in the middle. Pretty random seeing as I haven't seen Harry Potter or LOTR in give or take 6 years.But hey what can you do. So Dr Cox's part of the bridge falls off and plummets into the water. It all goes really fuzzy here but I remember turning around and there were looads of people cheering and clapping on some kind of raised platform. They were all being push from behind and some were falling off the platform and into the lake. Alright last dream here: I was in another cave but this one was alot bigger than the other one. There were around 50 other people in there, some I knew, some I didn't. The walls of the cave started melting as if they were made of chocolate or something and somene yells "MUDSLIDE" (Seriously why can't my DCs get their natural disasters right?) Mostn of us escape the cave on foot but I look back and see one of my old friends who I don't talk to much anymore still inside the cave. So, of course, I fly in and save him. Standard :L. Now on my pad here I've written down "gunfight". I can't remember this which is unfortunate because a gunfight would have been siiiiiick.