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    1. Dream #4

      by , 02-21-2011 at 12:44 PM
      My first LD in a while. Woo! Wasn't amazing tough :/

      This was when I was making my first WILD attempt. It really didnt work. I will be trying again tonight wish me luck! So yes the dream: I find myself in a supermarket with someone I think I know and I instantly know that everything in the supermarket is trying to kill us. Things are falling off shelves next to us, electricity coming out the walls. Basically like a cross between supermarket sweep and final destination. I escape through the back door into a car park and a large grass area. I smell fire so I try to get as fr away from the buildings as possible. There are trees in random places on the field so I run for one of them. There are some people from college running away too. I look back at the supermarket and I see that it's completely on fire and the fire is starting to spread through the car park and onto the field. I feel like if I let go of the tree I'll be pulled back into the fire but I somehow get away and make it to the fence. I start to help people over because I'm a generous person like that. The scene dissolves and I think I either wake up or have a false awakening. Anywhooo this is where I turn lucid. I'm in a room, bout 2 inches tall, on top of a map. I'm afraid that if I move I will move my real body and wake myslef up. This is all really fuzzy I just remember being able to get to normal size and doing some RCs. I think I was in some sort of apartment. I try to jump out a window and fly away but I have a false awakening, then a real awakening. I think I'm going to have to try baby steps from now on when it comes to dream control.

      Sorry if some of this seems a bit jumbled I have trouble ddescribing my dreams most of the time.