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    My Robotic imagination

    This dream journal will contain alot of mecha, Gundams, zords and transformers. I have been lucid dreaming for 10 plus years and look forwards to reviving my journal. Look forwards to reading your journals. Pleasant dreams!

    1. Long dream about Jason, danger and randomness

      by , 06-16-2018 at 01:59 AM (My Robotic imagination)
      I start off in this dream outside. It was raining and I was trying to find shelter. I ran up on to an outside porch but it was too small so I looked around and found a bigger poucher that had a hard wood floor and ran up on it. After that I then spot some animals tiny little ferrets messing around in the road. I get them and ended up taking them off to somewhere and now I'm back at Burton Ave and I let them go there. They are running around and skittering about then thought "what if they hav a home or a nest at the old place. I better return them there before they decided

      I was at a school and I needed to find away back home. I walked around outside and found out that I was on the wrong side which was the back of the school and needed to get to the front so I cut through the school and this is what happened.

      I come up a hallway and as I do, I pass up a room witnessing a nearly horrid event. I was in a factory and there were about four or five men there there dressed in white clothes. The room was big, dark and strange with an open ceiling to the sky. There was a steel making machine there that had a door open, leading into a room full of hot, glowing metal. Someone went up there to close it but slipped and almost fell into the room, landing sideways with his head in the room. He quickly got up, slammed the door shut and collapsed from on the steps he was on. I heard yelling as they quickly ran up to him and caught him,before he hits hid head on the concrete and die anyhow. They righted him up and he walked with them off to go get help from the burns on his face and upper torso.

      I was now in the dream and I was peering into the room at the event as it unfolded and got out of there when they brought the man near me. I didn't want to see is injuries up close and avoided him. I turned around and went down a hallway that was fully lit like that of a school. In fact I had to find away to get back home because I had missed my ride since they only wait so long. It was Night time and knew it was beyond coming back. I went back into the school and to my horror saw Jason Voorhees walking up from the woods towards me. I ran into the hallway and avoided him just as he tried to grab me. I knew that it'd be impossible to escape if he caught hold of you. As I ran down the hall I saw that Jason was now on this motor chair thing and it was much faster then me. I ducked as he swung the machete at my head, nearly decapitating me. I started to go into the room where the other people was at earlier but was afraid that if I went there, Jason would kill them, so I avoided that place. Jason got off of the strange chair thing and I can see his masked face. I kicked him in the face, damaging his nose and saw that his clothes began to bulge and break as rotted skin seeped through it. Ew! I kicked him again and ran back out the way I just came, towards the double doors, leading outside. As I ran own the hall I spotted someone sitting on the floor up against the wall, slumped over. It was the burn victim. He had been injured by jason now and I was so hell bent on trying to get away from him that I didn't even realized that the men were actually here. He came to life when I got near him, thinking he was dead. I pulled him up by his arms and we both ran the rest of the way down the hall. Jason was a melted mess, dropping bits of maggots and dead flesh on the ground as he continued after us but collapsed right at the double doors where we ran through.

      No that Jason was gone. The man I was with sat down on the steps, in front of the doors Jason died at. As that was happening some school DCs show up one being a teacher in an orange shirt and some other student who had shourt brunette colored hair that stopped at her shoulders. She looked to be Indian and the teacher was talking to another unseen person saying. "These two." She pointed over at Me and the indian girl. "These two are always the ones to get left." Then a bus pulls up. After that I look over at the man and seen that he had become too weak to hold himself up and laying on his back behind him was what was left of Jason who is now a pile of innards that looked like intestines and brown blood. That man was laying it and I can see that the stuff. I ran up to him and can see he was still alive and was in pain from the innards. They were corrosive! I quickly picked the man up in may arms and ran on to the bus that I knew was there to take me home. As we rode on the bus the man became better and it was now daylight. I was looking out the back of the bus that had windows there and we had stopped at a red light. As we waited I saw a young boy out in the yard hitting at bees. He hit one at me and somehow I got stung and I yelled at him about it. The man on the bus says. "I know where he lives. I will get him. The bus takes off and we are on our way to somewhere.

      Now I'm in a completely different part of the dream. I'm watching Power rangers and there is a Megazord fight going on. A gold and red colored robot is fighting the Megazord from Pertarangers and for some reason in the drea he is known for the wolf Kiaser Megazord. He is winning and is throwing the robot into buildings since this city is abandoned. They get tossed nearly out of the arena. They get back up only to get uppercut and slammed into another building. I get a brief thought about a scene that I have seen recently where a megazord punches a monster down and he falls into an allyway inbetween two buildings the Megazord ans looking down upon him. The people inside to robot decides to surrender, throwing up there hands. But the Megazord didn't see it and gets ready to finish them. The three people inside the cockpit scream for them to stop. They heard them at the last possible second and spared them. The Megazord grabs them by the throat, looks at them for a short time then drops them, turning and walking away. I thought "Man this is the longest Megazord battle I have ever watched." The higher up bad guys didn't like what has happened and the shot a beam down to Earth, hitting the Robot the three people were in. It showed red and gold colored DNA and something got pulled out and replaced with an intrusive white triangular shape and a something bad has happened tune plays. The Pilots got ejected from their robot and and the robot is his own being. He says something in his own voice then goes and attacks to Megazord while it's back was turned. After some time I began to hear a rumbling sound and I realized that the rangers were now pissed and is about to form the ultrazord. I seen the bear ninjazord run in sight for a split second before darting behind another building. Knew the crane was coming out next and know how it like things that are graceful. So I started dancing around gracefully, wanting it to land on my hand but woke up.

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