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    1. Commanding a Trailer to the Enchanted Forest

      by , 06-09-2020 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of June 9, 2020. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,531-02. Reading time (optimized) 3 min.

      My dream begins with indoor-outdoor ambiguity. Although I am in an unidentifiable rural park in Wisconsin before dawn, I am first near a wall that holds the essence of a room when my dream self becomes aware. I am listening to a vinyl LP with my thoughts being that I can change the wording of the spoken audio, which seems to be a business missive. It is as if I am editing and clarifying the implied text with my mind even though it is on a 33 1/3rd rpm record. At one point, I see the individual words on small movable virtual cutouts that I can rearrange on the record’s surface.

      I go to a small teardrop camper caravan a short distance away. (It is similar to the image, but its door faces the trailer hitch, and there are two sliding windows on each side.) I want to lie down inside it to rest, but I have to move several clusters of full beer cans that are on plastic yokes. (I have hardly ever drunk beer in my lifetime.) I eventually clear an area through the middle where my body fits, my head at the back. I open a sliding window a short distance, pulling it to the left, above my left, and appreciate the coolness of the fresh air flowing through the screen.

      Eventually, the little caravan starts moving. It is daylight now. Looking through the doorway, I see my brother-in-law Bob and my sister Marilyn in the front seat of a car that is pulling the trailer. (They are both deceased, but my dream self does not remember that.) Marilyn looks at Bob (who is driving), telling him that he forgot to unhitch the trailer, and she acknowledges me by looking back. Even so, he continues to drive to the Loomis Street house. I vividly feel the movement, especially as the car goes up a ramp to an overpass. When he drives near three semi-trailer trucks (on the right) that are emitting black smoke, I unhitch the trailer with bodily movement and mentally “drive” it down a different street, now while sitting up in its center. I consider this is legal, as there is a license plate at the back. Even though the caravan only has one pair of wheels, I successfully “drive” it to the Enchanted Forest (a fictitious recurring location in my dreams since childhood, though always different).

      I follow a boy down a hallway that opens into one section of the forest that is now part of a resort. There is an enclosed area with small monkeys and an eohippus (miniature prehistoric horse) here and there. One eohippus is lying on its left side (as I am in reality). I wonder if it is alive. The monkeys are only about eight inches tall. I pet a few of them.

      I instinctually vivify and sustain my dream by walking on the fence of the enclosure (a dream enhancement routine since childhood), increasing vestibular-cerebral perceptual integration. I look down to my left at a car with its doors open, wondering if the people think I am intruding upon their privacy. After I practice balancing for a few minutes, I jump back down into the animal enclosure.

      I discuss the Enchanted Forest with Locke, Sawyer, and Jack from the “Lost” television series. I describe a false memory regarding Jack driving me through an area of the region, which took a couple of days, being that it was of a different dimension that the rest of the resort. I tell them that one section is infinite.

      I call them over to look at a beautiful lake after going into “another world” through a door. We gaze at the extraordinary beauty. Several tourists are around, also appreciating the sight. I see a few small fish below the surface of the water and try to perceive more. The vividness and detail are unfathomable.

      After several minutes of appreciation, my dream begins to transition again to an instinctual awareness of my body being horizontal in bed, as well as a need to initiate waking (for me to get up and use the bathroom). As a result, I try to open a couple of bathroom doors, but Locke yells about needing to elude someone. It is Rowena King from “Emergence.” We all rapidly crawl on our bellies as does she, though she remains about ten feet behind us. We all crawl quickly on white sand underneath the underside of an unfinished building’s floor as I wake.

    2. Electronic Insects and another World

      by , 12-29-2018 at 06:29 PM
      Morning of December 29, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,003-02. Reading time: 2 min 20 sec.

      I enter an atypical dream scenario in a subliminal mode, but with more of a cohesive storyline than usual. It is a science-fiction theme. It is primarily a result of parallel autosymbolism. It consolidates two autosymbolic dynamics of the emerging consciousness, electricity and flying insects, both indicative of consciousness reinitiation and the neuronal energy thereof as well as blue field entoptic phenomenon by way of (the memory of) supraliminal integration.

      There are scenes relating to the development of robotic flying insects. I do not perceive them as a threat. I watch them fly in the blue sky. They move in spirals and circular patterns, attempting to create a portal.

      Others have conversations about the development of these tiny machines, with the main factor relating to generating enough energy to create a portal to enter another world. The scientists involved seem to think that it will never happen.

      Enough of an emerging consciousness thread becomes present to vivify my awareness and place me in a warehouse as a result (a kind of concurrent “waiting room” for the conscious self in REM sleep), which is typically the last setting when it occurs in a long dream, though in this case, an offset dream results, distorting the original theme somewhat.

      While in the warehouse, my imaginary physicality is also more pronounced along with my attention. My subception correlates with the factor of transitional vestibular system correlation (one of the “crucial three” that occurs at least once in a dream of each sleep cycle). In this case, it seemingly stems from “Superman” from 1978; the scene where Superman flies upwards and crashes through the ceiling, though my dream self has no viable memory of such an association while in the dream state.

      I am still in subliminal mode, yet I begin to consider ceiling (upward directed) RAS mediation (as a result of sleeping more on my back than on my left side in this case). (Dream control and inherent awareness of autosymbolic processes are unrelated to lucidity or “becoming lucid,” contrary to popular misconception and misinformation.) As a result, my dream responds by creating a mason jar full of the robotic insects. Although an unknown companion is holding it, I subliminally create the next scene. (The transitional vestibular system simulacrum remains passive in this event.)

      The jar rises into the air. It crashes into the ceiling and somehow creates a hole that the robotic insects fly up through, and into the sky. Glass shards fall downward, but they do not pose a threat. At this point, my dream jumps into a different form.

      The tiny robots are now able to create a portal into another world (which is merely my dream self becoming more aware of my real environment in this case). From here, I passively watch a few events.

      I am now on another planet with “aliens” that seem like ordinary human beings. The “insects” are now (or now controlling) robots that are about half the size of a person and somewhat like a two-tiered pair of cubes incapable of flight. One is watching an unfamiliar man that seems like a Nazi from World War II, and it seems puzzled. These “aliens” plan on using the robots sent to them to conquer other worlds. I try to make the “alien” sound “alien,” but it sounds like an ordinary language from Earth, though the words sound like gibberish to me, as language skills in dreams are not viable enough to create something of this nature. I wake at this point.

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    3. Making a Bed Frame (as a house foundation) in Another World

      by , 10-20-2018 at 12:32 PM
      Morning of October 20, 2018. Saturday.

      Dream #: 18,933-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 58.

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the backyard of the Cubitis home with Zsuzsanna. We are sorting a big pile of laundry in the area near the southeast windows.

      Over time, I realize we are in a different world, without considering how preposterous that is (subliminal awareness of the dream state). Eventually, we walk a short distance east, now being in the Stadcor Street house’s kitchen.

      An unfamiliar dark-haired man of about thirty years old, implied to be a denizen of this “other world,” looks on as I try to copy a structure for serving a useful purpose for the length of our stay. From what I know so far, the denizens make large metal frames, though I am not yet sure of why. Mine turns out to be a wooden bed frame, though my dream self does not viably make the association (with either beds or sleep). I had mentally created it without lucidity. I study it for a considerable time, puzzling over how the wood is not perfectly straight from different viewpoints, yet I do not feel concern or a sense of incompetence.

      “I am good at building houses,” I say with confidence, as I place the wooden bed frame in about the center of the Stadcor Street “kitchen” (still perceived as being outside in a rural area). My dream self does not consider that this wooden bed frame could not serve as a foundation for a house.

      “You’re not making it out of metal?” asks the RAS simulacrum (the unfamiliar dark-haired man of about thirty years old), seeming somewhat puzzled, his expression and words causing me to consider if I need to make a metal one as a legal or social requirement. I slowly wake while thinking about what I need to add to our “house.”


      a common factor of communication with the RAS simulacrum is its effort to get me to realize I am dreaming - but it only intrusively dominates when there is not a viable threshold (enigmatic space) thread

      the bed frame that my dream self is going to use as a “house foundation” in my dream is wooden though our real bed frame is indeed metal

      dream factors

      two locations incorrectly and uniquely combined
      west area of Cubitis backyard > Stadcor Street kitchen (east)
      directional orientation correct

      indoor-outdoor ambiguity (simultaneously being indoors and outdoors)
      Stadcor Street kitchen is also outside in “another world” in a rural area
      Cubitis backyard is also an indoor area in the first scene

      subliminal appreciation of the dream state as being “another world”

      incorrect placement of Zsuzsanna in an American setting

      dream state indicator as laundry (as I do not wear clothes when I sleep), representing the subliminal recall of having discarded clothes before going to bed

      dream state indicator of literally “making the bed” (subliminal awareness of being asleep)

      RAS simulacrum does not typically dominate the waking process when I am in first-level dream state indicator space even if I am not lucid

    4. Golden Latch

      by , 08-17-2015 at 02:17 PM
      Morning of August 17, 2015. Monday.

      In my dream, I find myself going through some sort of structure, somewhat church-like and fairly large. I do not recognize it as a real setting or composite. For some reason, I focus on the nature of “ordinary” people and puzzle over the functions of their minds, almost as if I am stumped by their potential of understanding something as simple as a half-black and half-white wall. I am trying to work out if typical human beings would understand that half the wall was black and half of it was white, and thus each being fifty percent of the wall. Somehow, I seem to think that this basic, simple realization would not even be accessed by most people and the majority of people would never even begin to understand. I get the impression that hardly anyone would see the wall as half black and half white even though it is, not even in any complex pattern (such as perfectly proportional static), but again a solid half on the left and a solid half on the right. No one would see it as it was.

      I move through the environment and encounter a larger room that seems to be the realm of some sort of demonic entity, though not in any serious context. I have hardly ever dreamt of demons or devils in my life, and even when I have, it was always eventually comic-strip-like. (This does not mean I do not believe in the malevolent essences of certain types of people. Some people’s life purpose seems to be to solely cause trouble for others for whatever reason and to lie as much as possible about everyone else.)

      No human being on Earth could even begin to “explain” one iota of how I have lived for over fifty years as I have. Certainly a “demonic” form would have no clue, either. At any rate, this “demon” I see from his left as he faces perpendicularly from me towards some sort of implied portal. I barely make out a sketched pattern on the white marble floor (which I think has light blue skewed teardrop patterns) that may be some sort of wagon wheel design (I do not think it is a hexagram or anything of that nature).

      There is some sort of distorted plot that I can only basically describe. This more-human essence of what may be jealously and covetousness (and perhaps even static contempt - whereas a person might just as well be white noise in the scheme of things) does not really concern me that much. I had indulged in a long romantic interlude in real life prior to my dream after some “pretend to be human” playing around with my wife, and here this hopeless “demon” is - standing in a very large room, not even facing me, but looking at basically nothing and is actually what he has been apparently doing for centuries. How…boring. Demons, after all, are probably the most boring things in existence (no offense to Hot Stuff the Little Devil, whose dream-like adventures in Harvey comics I greatly enjoyed in my childhood).

      I am puzzled.

      The demon only halfheartedly acknowledges me. “You,” he raspingly says and does not even turn about. He does not seem very assertive and certainly is not threatening.

      I lift my right hand and see a glowing golden latch I am holding for an unknown reason. Oddly, it reminds me somewhat of the piece of the bottom door in my tall metal cupboard from my room in Cubitis (though the difference being it was matte metallic, not golden). I play with the latch for a short time, that is, I move the mechanism about and find it interesting.

      “Even if you take this from me, I will just create another one,” I say, which seems to be an “understanding” at the very core of my being. The “demon” seems only mildly annoyed. I deliberately cause the latch to vanish (even though I am not lucid) and cause an identical one to appear in my right hand almost immediately. (I am not sure where the other one went - possibly onto a door somewhere.) I see that the “demon” (who reminds me somewhat of a shabbily dressed homeless person at this point) also has a latch, but it is rusty and frozen (nonworking).

      The demon reminds me somewhat of those fake screw heads that have appeared on everything from cassette tape cases to radios and children’s toys. What is the point? One can only gawk in bafflement at the audacity of the inherent falseness where no screwdriver on Earth (even a fake one) would hope to “turn” the fake screw head, a hilarious example of mankind’s silliness. Some people are like that. That is, like the fake screw heads on an otherwise feasible cassette, where they look like an impressive screw head on the outside yet do not function at all.

      No drama. My thoughts coalesce into abstract forms.
    5. An Adventure on an Alternate Earth

      by , 09-01-2013 at 03:01 PM
      Morning of September 1, 2013. Sunday.

      This was recent (last night - seemingly night-long and into the morning), and, like a lot of my dreams, had so many scenes and details, it would likely fill at least twenty pages, so the best thing to do is describe some of the basics and the more “intimate” or more “dominant” scenes.

      I somehow end up on an alternate Earth. This alternate Earth is not of the “twin planet” or “shadow planet” variety of past dreams (always in orbit on the opposite side of the sun according to some theories), but in a different dimension of which everything keeps going into an infinite number of other dimensions with endless other “Earths” with the idea that all of space (in “this” universe) is connected to other universes in wave constructs and is represented in theory by a mirror held up to another mirror - which supposedly shows infinity, where each image is duplicated back on itself - yet each alternate Earth in its own part of the infinite wave rather than being only an otherwise identical reflection. Much is the same (language, countries, and mainstream business seems the same), except that the society is fairly different in some ways, such as being more tribal and hunter-oriented (at least in some regions) with older types of weapons, which actually is quite anachronistic considering the higher (more advanced than in real life) technology I see later in my dream, although I guess it is all normal to them in overall orientation. Still, the mentality at times seems rather “primitive” in terms of a more “shallow”/fearful view of strangers and I do not think there are automobiles or certain other inventions. Also, certain types of food, plants, and so on, are quite different.

      This almost seems like a very long “life review”, as many scenes relate to my early childhood and young adult years as well as more recent.

      The first parts are about my first arriving on the alternate Earth. A couple people help me by keeping me safe from otherwise friendly hunting groups who may be dangerously afraid of my presence and attack me or keep me prisoner. They actually seem almost like cavemen in furs and “primitive” jewelry but with hunting gear from the 1920s. A lady nearly eighty years old seems to give me the most information on my new “home” and where to go before preparing to meet the members of this alternate society. There is some sort of fungus they collect which is used as the “cheese” of this world and collected mostly from the ground near certain forests. At one point, it looks like popcorn lying about on the ground everywhere. Even so, the older lady rudely claims that cheese is just a myth (even though it is visible everywhere - although it is possible she means real cheese which the inhabitants of this world forgot how to make, so it eventually became only legend).

      A couple of smaller “monkeys”, but which are also supposedly adult humans (just from a different “tribe”), walk by me with spears (with no threat implied) - seeming just a little more human than monkey, but are only about three feet tall. They openly urinate in close proximity and I become annoyed. This reminded me of a real life period back in school where we had small monkeys in a large cage. They often came close to the students to dig into their shirt pockets.

      I cross a truncated bridge nearly to the end, by hanging with my hands (even fingertips) - yet somehow moving along without falling. This is across from another similar (but newer?) structure. My wife is there (although likely the alternate Earth’s “version”) watching from near the bay. I finally get too tired to go on much farther, which does not matter as I have reached the end of the structure anyway. I land on a concrete platform - which is much closer than first thought so that I seemingly only fall about a foot - that serves as some sort of pylon. An elephant walks around on it and for a short time I am concerned I will be stepped on. This goes back to my early childhood in real life where my parents took me to see a trainer with an elephant in the parking lot of a store a few times (photos were taken) but which I was afraid at first and yelling for my parents to close the windows of the car. Also, I only recently caught the play on elephant’s trunk and the word “truncated”, as the elephant was on the last section of the bridge-like structure.

      There also seems to be a slight connection to the Echo and the Bunnymen song “Silver”, relating to lines such as “My planet sweet on a silver salver”, “You’re living proof at my fingertips”, “Food for survival thought, mapped out the place where I planned to stay, all the way, well behaved, just in case it slips away…” and I am vaguely aware of its “distant” music at times.

      We (again, my “alternate” wife?) and I meet a president-like character. It is revealed that he needs someone who can speak Russian, so I take the role after my wife advises him. He first needs to know the word for “goodbye” for some reason, which is “dasvidaniya”. I also tell him several other words and phrases which he repeats, such as “thank you” (spasibo, but said as “spasiba” as with many spellings ending in “o”), “horosho”, etc. Eventually, he already seems fluent in Russian and turns around to say “Chto (shto) vy znaete o Rossi” (“What do you know about Russia?”) and I suddenly “get” that I am Henry Spencer from “Eraserhead” so I answer by saying “Oh, I don’t know much of anything” which he responds with “Chto delat?” (“What is to be done?”)

      The stocky president-like character and I are having another conversation later on. I ask if he is familiar with Russia and if Russia is bigger (making motions with my hands moving out to indicate being of a larger size). Oddly, this seems after the previous scene of the potential of becoming an interpreter (Russian) for this character or is just asynchronous as many dreams are, relative to some sort of “rotational practice” before a later “version” of the same dream (anyway, relating to the alternate Earth of which is thus far very much like “my” Earth historically). At any rate, I ask him about past conflicts and everything is going normally in historical discussion. However, when I mention “Europe”, he looks at me oddly and decides that I am making a clever joke when I talk about the war. He says that that is why he likes me, because I am amusing and have a good sense of humor. I have no idea what he means. I determine that either Europe does not exist on this alternate Earth, that “Europe” means something else in this alternate form of English, I am somehow actually in Western Europe without having known it to this point, or that particular conflicts never occurred (with a strong emphasis on this last idea relative to the smile he has, seeming to indicate Western Europe is the main force of diplomatic relations through all of history in this alternate world).

      A later scene involves this alternate Earth being in trouble because of my presence and causing alterations in electromagnetic fields and gravity itself. I see all these changes on a large monitor, along with smaller monitors, similar to a train station - setup via satellite feed. The bottom of the Earth is warping and becoming black at times - there are silver grid lines related to latitude and longitude which also darken and twist even though they are otherwise “imaginary lines”. The alternate Earth, in its twisting, actually seems fluid at times as it almost seems to twist and warp downwards in implied spiral patterns - or maybe it is only the monitor’s satellite feed distortion showing this effect. As I stand there, I can feel the Earth stop and start again. Darkness falls, but then it is daylight again. People are concerned, but we do not seem to be in immediate danger even though the bottom of the planet looks completely destroyed - but it just “warps back” with no significant casualties yet.

      A supposed “solution” is to send me away as soon as possible back to my own dimension/universe via a rocket or some such (actually - an alien spacecraft that had landed or crashed years prior to my arrival). However, I am fully aware that the plan is not feasible but follow the president-like figure anyway (who reminds me more and more of Hoyt Axton as he looked in the last days of his life). We go to a far more futuristic building, with a series of automatic doors (reminding me a bit of the opening of the “Get Smart” TV series, but more realistic and silver-oriented, with “smoother technology”). We come to the end of a hall where an alien had been kept for many years. The alien prisoner is like a cross between human and squid, about five feet tall. I wave at him and for the first time in captivity, he seems to relax and waves back with his “fingers” which are small tentacles. He says “Fahkwa”, “Farkwa” or “Farqua” - which seems to indicate his name, his present health status, or perhaps where he is from. This is the one time before in the alternate Earth’s history that a “visitor from elsewhere” other than me was present. However, the creature is not from “my” universe. The other people are glad that I have established communication with him even though he had been kept prisoner all that time. Maybe now, they will work to get him home as well.

      Eventually, I understand that the way to save this alternate universe (and stabilize it) is to simply wake up - and so I do.

      This dream, as well as seemingly being a very long “life review” type (yet with no precise theme or meaning), also seemed to be a large and near-perfect integrated combination of a number of movies, including: “The Stranger” (1973 TV pilot), “The Philadelphia Experiment” (1984), “Prince of Darkness” (1987), “The Lake” (1998 TV), “The Astronaut’s Wife” (1999), “Another Earth” (2011), and “Area 51” (2013).

      It also brings to mind (on a much lower scale) “Melancholia”, although far more like “When Worlds Collide” (1951) than the twin planet/twin dimension themes.

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    6. “Walls Have Eyes”

      by , 09-10-2007 at 03:10 PM
      Morning of September 10, 2007. Monday.

      There is a building that is somehow on the edge of another dimension or mind (or someone else’s “mental universe”). We are renting the place and live here as a family, but it seems a bit too small at times, and also, it is as if we may be moving soon. Someone I do not know, possibly the owner of the property, hands me a special drill that will go through the really tough wall on one side (which seems to be to the north) so that I can look directly into this other dimension or mind (apparently in case someone is planning to do something wrong to my family or me). The drill looks like some sort of odd combination of the handles of a bicycle, an egg beater, and a modern electric drill.

      However, both the drill bits (there are two, which form a sort of binocular-like set-up) and the wall seem to be made of some sort of odd, but tough material that is similar to plastic, but yet not plastic. The resulting holes are perfect for a pair of human eyes to then look through.

      There is this idea that I would then be looking out from this dimension (or “my world”) into another dimension or alternate world as a character in someone else’s dream (but would have no control of that character, just supposedly somehow seeing from their eyes from my own perspective and “world”, the view of the other world adjusting with no movement required on my part). This seemed quite vivid. Even so, I do not observe much. I mostly view what seems to be ordinary human beings walking about in the distance. There is not the slightest feeling of being a voyeur at any point, probably because another level of my awareness somehow knows I am dreaming.

    7. Riding in a Van through Gemland

      by , 06-13-2006 at 12:13 PM
      Morning of June 13, 2006. Tuesday.

      I am riding in a van. An unknown younger male is driving on the left side (thus possibly implying more of an association with America). I am in back with my wife Zsuzsanna and a few others, mostly unknown. There is a very strange landscape in the region. It is almost like being on another planet or moving over a landscape filled with giant gemstones and jewels. In the distance are huge structures made of some sort of crystal, jutting from the otherwise seemingly barren ground at odd angles. I do not see anything organic; no plants or trees or grass.

      The driver seems to be having difficulty in maneuvering over the bumps and uneven landscape, though no mishaps occur. The region is beautiful but I have no idea where we are. It does not seem like it is occurring on Earth but possibly another dimension. I am not sure if we ended up here accidentally but it almost seems like it. However, it also almost seems like a representation of area in New York where 9-11 occurred. That idea is only in the back of my mind, though. (It may be associated with the “lands” or supposed other worlds or pocket universes in Harvey comic books that a main character found themselves in.) It does seem that it will be possible to live or stay overnight inside one of the diamond-like “buildings” if that is what is planned by whatever group leader is in charge of the seeming tour. The nearest “building”, made of irregular diamonds, is still a considerable distance ahead.

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    8. Tunnel of Roses

      by , 08-17-1975 at 02:17 PM
      Morning of August 17, 1975. Sunday.

      In my dream, I am in the middle school building (DMS), probably implied to be in eighth grade, though I will be going to ninth grade in a different building on August 25, 1975. There is a vague lucidity, enough to use my dream to focus within in expectation of something new, curious, or interesting, in this case, finding a secret passageway as I have often utilized in both liminal dream control and lucidity.

      I insert some coins into a seldom-used commercial vending machine (against the north wall in the hall, probably somewhere near the middle of the building) to get a soft drink. However, there is a different response, which I had seemingly been at least partly expecting - based on, I believe, a recent student rumor. You had to put the right combinations of coins in and press the correct product-select buttons to activate and allow entry into a secret area or apparently another world.

      The soda vending machine slides over (in the manner of a sliding door) to reveal a secret passageway behind the wall. I soon find myself climbing horizontally on a giant rose plant that winds horizontally through a long large metallic tunnel. This becomes sort of frustrating and boring over time, but I do not seem to be in that much danger (probably because of the usual liminal dream state awareness). Near the end of my dream, I look far down and see the lost city (from “Land of the Lost”, the original television series) but I only see Enik standing around, though he does not notice me. I do not see much potential in exploring a city of Sleestaks at this point and I am unsure how to get down to the area anyway. It is now as if I am looking at the area from a very high cliff.

      Vestibular system correlation (what the majority of my dreams have at one point or another since earliest memory) kicked in fairly quickly, though without fully waking me or even more dominant waking autosymbolism, though there were vague partial awakenings while I was climbing the horizontally-oriented vine, horizontal of course, because of my liminal awareness of how my body was oriented in sleep.

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      dream fragment
    9. "Terra Cotta"

      by , 11-30-1974 at 03:09 PM
      Morning of November 30, 1974. Sunday.

      I am wandering around in an unfamiliar area yet somehow am also aware it is part of my school. I find a large utility room, seemingly underground, which has a portal into another dimension in a west wall. This portal starts out as a very large, long square tunnel or metallic hall, somewhat like part of a huge ventilation system - yet large enough for a person to stand fully upright within. All of the sides; floor, ceiling, and walls; are like thin aluminum but not as pliant as would be the case in reality. Still, I make a sort of hollow clomping sound (with nuances somewhat like flexing roofing tin) as I walk through the silvery hall towards an unknown destination. At one point I notice a very large pipe with green sludge flowing out.

      After seemingly a fair amount of time turning down various identical passageways, I end up in another world, apparently an alien planet. The race of human-like beings are about seven feet tall on average and have striped purple and white skin in a zebra-like pattern. Their features remind me vaguely of a more detailed and “realistic” Doctor Seuss character (such as a hairless Grinch) as previous in-dream aliens have sometimes appeared, but still with that sense of cartoon-like unlikelihood in conscious afterthought.

      The dominant focus is of a giant beige-brown cobra (about six feet high when in striking position) that is known as “Terra Cotta”. It is originally kept in a cage of sorts by the “Zebra Men” but gets out shortly after I enter their world. It follows me back into my world (yet does not pose any direct threat at any time). Several friends and I plan to trap it back in its own world again, the main one being Charles D on his bicycle in one scene. There is some discussion of using it as a money-making endeavor with a carnival or some such, and also something about writing a book, but this does not clarify or continue.

      For some reason, “Terra Cotta” seems a very familiar titular form in-dream at one point, apparently via a false memory, of being the name of a well-known war movie; I think about Pearl Harbor. In real life, after my dream, I mentioned it to my best friend Toby T on the school bus and he apparently had a similar association.

      A partial influence of this dream may very loosely be based on the terra cotta warriors (also written as terracotta and terra-cotta) which I had not really known much about at this time. There is a terra cotta “monk with cobra” in Mianyang, China.