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    1. Coelophysis, Pandas, and Fire

      by , 11-09-2019 at 11:20 AM
      Morning of November 9, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,318-01. Reading time: 45 sec.

      Bushfires are coming closer to our home, though my dream self does not attain the correct recall of where we live in reality. The location at times resembles a 3rd Street area of La Crosse (rather than anywhere in Australia). I walk through an unfamiliar alley where there are cylindrical metal garbage cans instead of the modern plastic wheelie bins.

      There are areas where I see only gray ash and smoke. For some reason, dump trucks are carrying big loads of ashes from different locations. (I see this instead of any firefighting.) I am not in danger at any point, but Coelophysis appear at times, running in random directions. The fire is so extensive that it is burning areas never seen by humans. It is from where these dinosaurs are coming (nonsensical dream “logic,” though it is similar to other dreams where deeper in a forest meant longer ago in history).

      A panda climbs out of the reach of one small fire. Lassie and his owner (a young boy) are looking around for people to help. A fishing boat is sitting in the mud, as the water had lowered.

    2. Cloned Vampire Son?

      by , 05-11-2013 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of May 11, 2013. Saturday.

      This was an odd but very vivid dream (semi-lucid, becoming fully lucid). It may have resulted from a new type of meditation with affirmations I have been trying for the first time (which always brings unexpected new dreams that are sometimes far from actual intent in meditation the first time around). It goes along the lines of mentally saying “One point one, I am dreaming…”, “this (situation, feeling, or imagery) is in my dream”, “Two point one, I am dreaming…”, and so on, up to “One hundred point one…I am dreaming…” assuming I get that far before entering my dream state. I use “point one” because if I decide to continue with “programs” in this same way, I will have to continue with “point two” and so on, so as not to confuse different desired dream elements and sequences at a later date.

      In my dream, I am in a typical combined building of two bigger places we lived several years ago; the house at Barolin Street in this town, and Stadcor Street in Brisbane. I get out of bed, thinking I am in my dream, and I am, but I soon decide it is too “real” to be a dream, even though it is a fictional composite building I am in. I sometimes wonder how other people can dream of real and undistorted locations, when Zsuzsanna and I often dream of composite locations (two or more) as even when we know the place, there are usually additional rooms or elements from other locations (past, present, and future). Over the past twenty years it often has also been two or more countries (or cities or states) in the same place. This seems normal to me, as dreams are often a “unification” event.

      I soon become aware that our youngest son has somehow been duplicated as some sort of random half-formed tulpa, getting energies from an unknown source, perhaps my residual layered hypnagogic constructs set up earlier. He is apparently a vampire. (However, his teeth mostly come out more like that of a rattlesnake than a typical movie vampire). I hold onto him so he does not get away and cause trouble or fool other people, as he is wearing the same clothes as our real son and is becoming less transparent as I hold him. The rest of my family comes in (including our real youngest son) and my wife is amazed, though somewhat wary.

      We have to get rid of him and it does not matter how, as he is only an imaginary form and is even annoying to the real version of our son. Eventually, though I am not sure how, he turns into ash (sunlight or fresh air coming in?) which blows away before any threatening drama unfolds. (However, there is no actual fear at any point in my dream. In fact, there is an overall essence of beauty and peace).

      In real life this same morning, Zsuzsanna had told me (after I mentioned my dream) that she was presently reading a book from the library, that I did not know about, in which a vampire has the name of our son as in my dream, which is Oliver, an unlikely name for a vampire (in my opinion).

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    3. Phoenix Abigail

      by , 09-13-1976 at 04:36 PM
      Morning of September 13, 1976. Monday.

      I go out to the backyard in my dream and to the area we have regular bonfires and find that my bearded bantam Belgian (a breed of chicken) has gotten loose. I pick her up and she is very tiny. However, I understand that she is a “Hungarian quail” (my father for some inexplicable reason had began calling it Hungarian instead of Belgian with no cue form me) named Gabrielle (instead of Abigail). This was one of thousands of precognitive facets related to my future marriage and life; my wife being from a Hungarian Romani tribe and whose middle name is Gabrielle. My dream was on my wife’s birthday so this is even more validation.

      This idea is likely at least partly related to the (archetypical if one cannot accept the reality of precognition) “wife as phoenix” theme (recurring and related to my other life-long dreams). The hint is that I found her in the ashes of the bonfire area and she somewhat resembles some images of the mythical phoenix which I had seen in reality. Abigail also had black “ashy” feathers on her back in real life. This was the day I returned to high school (tenth grade) after my operation, but I did not go to any classes or seek information (and just sat around in the open lunch area).