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    1. Witch Ghost

      by , 02-10-1974 at 08:10 AM
      Morning of February 10, 1974. Sunday. (Could have started to develop the night prior - before midnight, on February 9.)

      My original dream journal title of this entry was “Ghosts”. I had somewhat carelessly drawn some of the imagery (the witch, the shirtless man, and the cloaked figure) and took it to school, but no one was interested.

      In this very vivid and lucid dream, I had “stepped into my dream” simply by “getting off the couch I had been napping on” (although knowingly remaining asleep) and was heading south through our hallway. There was a very heightened awareness of energy and expectation - my target was the back door of our house that I often went through in lucid dreams, although in real life it was rarely used (much like the carport door from my bedroom). A short, rather small female (perhaps younger than I) walked out of my father’s old room from my right. She was wearing what looked like a cross between a full fancy wedding outfit and a classic Halloween witch costume, but it appeared all in white with a slightly bluish tint in the shadowy areas, including the glowing skin (similar to photographic negatives or tulpa templates where any light seems to come from inside the source if reflected onto it in the normal positive image). I am somewhat afraid, but not fully nervous; it is my dream after all, so I approach her. I notice that she has no eyes to speak of. Mostly, it is only wrinkles where her eyes should be, which go in rows down her cheeks, even though she seems fairly young. It actually looks a little like two vertical rows of gills down from where her eyes should be (much like the underside of a manta ray) - almost down to her mouth. I feel amazing tingling sensations as if sparks are hitting me from her presence alone. The power from her seems to make me fly backwards back down the hallway as sparks move about. She does not make any sound, but there is sort of an awareness of buzzing and a feeling of electricity everywhere. Some words come to mind like “her face was adumbrated” as if part of a story when I had first seen her more closely.

      A little later, two other figures appear in the living room, Lyle Waggoner (the actor) and seemingly a man from the 13th century not wearing a shirt and carrying chains (although this is ambiguous, as Lyle seems to be that character at one point - seemingly the vampiric man from “Castle of Blood”). This part is more of a normal dream awareness not remotely as vivid as the hallway part. Lyle has an axe and it eventually ends up on the south end of the couch, but there is no blood or danger at that point, only the suggestion of such. I seemed to wake up (false awakening) into a vivid state of awareness and noticed that there was a pair of scissors at the end of the couch and thought it was interesting how my dream had changed scissors into an axe. However, I was still in the dream state. When I did wake up, there were not any scissors at all, even though I seemed to have some sort of false memory that there was throughout the night. For some reason, it seemed to be closely related to the Barbara Steele movie “Castle of Blood” (Danza Macabra) from 1964 (of which I was a big fan of since very young) but looks more like her character (in dress and presence, anyway) from “The Pit and the Pendulum”, but it did not really share much other than a loose idea about ghosts reliving their last day, which seemed to imply that I was supposedly a ghost in my dream as well, also odd that Lyle (known mostly only as a comedic actor at the time with Carol Burnett) appeared here as such.

      There is also another part of my dream that seems to be possibly a different dream or “reset”. It involves another supposed ghost (but Grim-Reaper-like) that is like a green-cloaked figure (no face visible) sitting on the couch. It is non-threatening but I sense the word “abhorrence” in my mind.

      This dream has a very similar subtle “summoning” essence as my “Silver Manta” dream (in that I was aware on one vague level that I was deliberately bringing forth the being). The silvery glowing ghostly witch of course represents the moon as a circadian rhythm event, extraordinarily vivid here and with an odd intense level of lucidity. The main difference between the two dreams is that I do not “defeat” this being to instigate waking, which instead leads to a sense of healing, intense energy, and augmented “moon induction” in continuity. Eventually, this dream becomes offset into other patterns and is quite long because of its nature. The witch ghost and the silver manta are the same unconscious archetype which is evidenced by the fact that the witch ghost also has manta ray gills down each side of her face rather than normal eyes though she also represents the essence of my wife-to-be on one level.

      My wife Zsuzsanna was born on a Friday the 13th and as such, people have made sarcastic comments about her being a witch (especially because of all the unusual events associated with both of us growing up), and that she is smaller than average as with the figure in my dream, but it is probably not directly related, although interestingly, I did come to Australia on February 9th (1994). At the time of the dream, I think there may have been some sort of association with the name Wendy, which was the name of the first “girlfriend” I had when around age six, and not just because of the Wendy comic books I enjoyed (and she had curly dark hair).

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