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    1. Arena

      by , 08-06-1982 at 06:33 PM
      Night of August 6, 1982. Friday.

      This was one of those extremely common precognitive and remote viewing hybrids of a rather amusing and peculiar nature and the usual seemingly “pointless” regard that I have come to know so well since earliest memory - although another user on another dream journal site has clarified why this type of dreaming likely happens. Oddly, it is a similar process as to what eventually creates animals with amazing attributes regarding mimicry and camouflage. In other words, the dream state produces unusual mixed (and sometimes fantastically altered) composites of remote viewing, postcognition, and precognition until the consciousness is more defined via exercising the process of elimination (thereby leaving you more and more on your “correct” path by default).

      It is seemingly based on the science-fiction short story “Arena” (by Fredric Brown), though I actually never read it even though I had it in a collection at one time. I am wandering around in the dream into an area of French Island that I had never been, which is a cluster of trees and high grasses which eventually leads into a more open area where boathouses can be seen on the other side of the Black River channel.

      I hear an electronic (yet still discernible as male) voice that accuses me of “trespassing” and I recognize that it is not in my immediate surroundings. Off to the side, I notice what looks like a part of a “spaceship”. However, even though it looks a lot like a spaceship at first, it turns out to be some sort of set of bleachers for aliens from various planets to come to Earth and watch fights - some sort of gambling or “trade” arrangement.

      After a short time, I find myself surrounded by these weird orange “bleachers” on three sides, with a sparse audience of odd-looking characters or the “aliens” aforementioned. I am then confronted by a robotic octopus (though more like a squid) of sorts. It has long tentacles (more like segmented cables) that are somewhat like the hose of a vacuum cleaner but about half the size and shiny and metallic. It spreads them out horizontally and southerly in my direction. I am able to avoid its attempted attacks by deliberately falling backwards and moving to different areas of the “arena”.

      I am dressed differently as well, almost caveman-like (or in rags), partially covered in machine oil, and seem to be about ten years older. I seem to win somehow (or perhaps the robot malfunctions) but the dream becomes vague and meandering.

      A day later, in real life, I decide to visit the area implied by the dream for the first time. I manage to walk off into a weedy area near the main road and eventually find my way walking through a more open area. Most of the weeds are higher than my head, but there is a clearing where there is less grass. I eventually notice large orange objects (and another structure) sticking out from one weedy area which appear to be man-made. Obviously, the dream comes back to me and for some inexplicable reason, I feel completely terrified and out-of-place. I even get the rather vague impression it could be a “craft” of some kind (even though I do not believe in alien visitations in spaceships).

      However, it soon dawns on me, as I “bravely” investigate, that they are some sort of odd unfamiliar construction materials and utility items that I had not seen before (some of it being orange demolition stands/fencing, I think, but in odd uneven piles), and I had not heard anything about building being done in the area. There are about three or four piles of the materials, and farther on, stacks of odd-looking squarish lumber. There was also a broken piece that resembled the “tentacle” from the dream - possibly from an adjustable lamp, as there was a bit of other junk in one area (though it was not meant to be a dump). I still feel extremely strange for a short time (things of this nature had happened before, but this area actually seemed “off” to me for a short time). Realizing that I may be trespassing, I decide to keep going in a direction and area I had also never been in before and end up having to go back the way I came (due to the river disallowing farther travel and too many hazards). This was, in afterthought, a rather hilarious, though slightly unnerving experience.

      This was a memorable experience, which shows that remote viewing in-dream sometimes alters an environment you have not been in - in a similar way that words you are not sure of the meaning of are given completely different meanings in-dream (the best example being my “Jacuzzi” dream).
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