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    1. Hanging from the Sky

      by , 09-23-2018 at 06:49 AM
      Morning of September 23, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 61.

      In this dream, I am non-lucidly practicing and controlling vestibular system correlation and other factors in the same manner as when I was around age eight. I direct the waves of tangibility upwards, from feet to head to uplifted hands, and create storm conditions for wind, though of which are not problematic.

      I seem to be a young boy in my dream. The setting is the front of a variation of the Cubitis house, close to the outer area of the carport. Jim (older half-brother on my mother’s side, deceased) is present, appearing as he was in the early 1970s. He has a large book of information about a secret society he belongs to, and I read a paragraph about mountain-climber and explorer requirements. (Despite my conscious self identity not being extant, this seems influenced by watching “Exploring With Josh” videos before sleep.)

      It seems to be morning, though there are many gray clouds overhead. I tie two bed sheets together, tearing parts into strips, and throw the “rope” into the air. Jim tries it, but the other end curves and the makeshift rope falls back down. I hold on to one end of the “rope,” and I rise into the sky, about ten feet from the ground, the bed sheet “rope” remaining mostly vertical. (This was influenced by watching “Tau” from 2018 two days ago when Julia made a cloth rope to manipulate devices outside of where she and the other two were, though the dynamic was horizontal rather than vertical as in this dream. It also implies that my non-lucid dream self seeks the thinking skills that only my conscious mind has, which is validated by the dream segment after this one.)

      Eventually, I find a newspaper and roll a two-page spread into a cone. It becomes unrealistically long, and this “rope” pulls me higher into the sky than the bed sheet did. The scene repeats, but I add more two-page newspaper spreads. Jim seems puzzled as to how I am doing this. My parents (both deceased) come out during the last minutes.

      I hang on to the newspaper “rope” and enjoy the intense feeling of movement and flight even though I remain in vertical position. The wind blows me about north and south above the front yard. The other end remains airborne and stable in its height even though it does not connect to anything.

      My dream has a clearly defined history going back to early childhood. Replacing the bed sheet “rope” with newspaper is a technique to focus higher thinking skills which are not typically present in the dream state, the bed sheet rendering from the subliminal awareness of being asleep. Other than printed text, I also subliminally, liminally, and lucidly, focus on technology in some dreams. However, a dream such as “Cell Phone Flight” from 2015 is somewhat uncomfortable (though there was less to hold on to). Vivid vertical flight is unusual, as it contrasts with the physical body being horizontal in bed and sometimes triggers a somersault awareness.

    2. Bed, Sheets, Blankets, and Pillows (Dream Journal Reference)

      by , 02-01-2018 at 02:51 PM
      Afternoon of February 1, 2018. Thursday.

      It begins like this. A person gets undressed for bed. Perhaps he or she sits or lies in bed for a time, while undressed, before going to sleep. Perhaps they watch television or talk on the telephone while undressed in bed in their preparation to go to sleep. They might think about recent social encounters as they sit or lie in bed, while preparing for sleep, while undressed. Later, they might have a dream of being undressed, perhaps in public, and then after waking, wonder “what it could mean”. Still, it is neither my place nor purpose to make light of society’s unfathomable buffoonery and shortsightedness in my public dream journal.

      This entry focuses mainly on first-level dream state indicators. In this case, beds, bed sheets, and pillows are the focus as a reference entry to link (viable dream journal websites only, as on other sites it will just remain as a singular post).

      Because dream state indicators of this nature occur in over twenty percent of my dreams, which I consider as quite natural and obvious, I have created this no-brainer reference entry for people who might otherwise puzzle over what this or that means in my dream journal. Still, there are specific threads of meaning depending on when and how a dream state indicator is rendered, especially if it is separate from other elements. (For example, although I often fly with a bed sheet as a “cloak” or “cape”, a bed as a flight symbol is uncommon.)

      A bed could easily serve as either induction symbolism or waking transition symbolism. I do not consider it as pure autosymbolism since I relate autosymbolism as non-literal factors within the dream state (even though liminal space symbolism is analogically literal to real-life liminal space settings). For example, a bed in a parking lot (as I have actually dreamt a few times) would be a dream state indicator rendered into liminal space autosymbolism, even though this is a form of composite redundancy, where both factors, bed and parking lot, are indicative of being between dreaming and waking.

      When I was very young, I used to see dream state indicators as a minimal form of RAS mediation (even serving to subliminally ground me to my real environment) to remind my dream self that my physical body is unconscious. In a way, that is still true, though I tend to see it more as a biological factor that carries over into the dream state, as impressions of one’s real environment often carry over into the dream state, especially the tactile nature of pillows and bed sheets. Even so, it could also just be a residual subliminal memory of having fallen asleep (assuming a deeper state of unconsciousness where environmental factors are not as influential).

      I have often used a bed sheet or blanket to cover my body (when otherwise nude) in both lucid and non-lucid flying dreams (and certainly not because of modesty, as who cares about modesty in the dream state, but because of the realism of certain environmental factors in dreams, such as twigs and roof features). This validates that my dream self is aware of the status of my physical body, at least to a degree. Of course, in lucid dreams I do this on purpose, though in non-lucid dreams, it is a carryover factor, unrelated to waking life since the carryover is by habit of dream state awareness, not waking life focus. (One would assume this as obvious, but as I have learned, especially since 2013, empty-headedness, especially when it comes to understanding the dream state, is a dominant factor in many people.)

      Pillows are in contrast to bed sheets as a dream state indicator in some dreams due to their association with vivid hypnagogia in childhood dreams. I saw pillows, mainly only those of one pale color, as a sort of hypnagogic “television” (even before I ever watched much television in reality.) By shifting my dream self’s gaze from pillow imagery to my dream’s much larger environment, I could vivify my dream and in contrast, by pulling the dream content in my dream’s larger environment “back” into my dream’s pillow, an implied threat becoming smaller and two-dimensional, restricted to the surface of my pillowcase, it became far less of an implied threat. This may be why I have rarely ever had significant nightmares other than singular examples when biologically premonitory.

      Beds in unusual locations are as so, because a dream state indicator is typically unrelated to the rest of a dream’s content other than in the redundant example given above; bed in parking lot; though a bed in a lake is induction symbolism (as water is autosymbolism for entry into the dream state, and as a result, even a glass of water splashed in the face can vivify a dream).

      There are times when dream state indicators of this kind are prescient, for example, in foreshadowing an illness. This includes cloaked figures (though not always) as a bed sheet or blanket association. There were two recent dreams about two of our sons, both related to them being in bed and somewhat tired, and both prior to a serious (though short-term) illness. One of these dreams included a cloaked figure of our youngest son’s height. However, such dreams also have a specific mood, which I hope to learn to hone in on to a more viable extent. Additionally, actually being tired in a dream (not necessarily being in bed) is an entirely different concept than just being in bed or seeing a bed incidentally, and usually indicates actual physical tiredness (at least for me).

      side notes
    3. Strange Ritual on Loomis Street

      by , 07-06-2016 at 12:37 PM
      Morning of July 6, 2016. Wednesday.

      I am back in the Loomis Street house as it was in the late 1980s. However, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna (who has never been to America) though we may be implied to be younger. Curiously, this is yet another new variation in layout of the Loomis Street house. The house itself and the room layout is the same - yet the furniture between the living room and dining room (mainly the two armchairs) are turned around and facing west into the dining room instead of east into the room where the television would otherwise be. This distortion does not trigger any consideration or contemplation of the overall setting.

      Zsuzsanna and I are being intimate on the floor in the living room. There is an unknown male of about thirty or more seated in the armchair at the south end of the room division. He soon becomes annoyed by our sensual antics on the floor though also seems to be directing anger against himself, calling himself by an unusual insult (seemingly related to how he is seen by government) though I cannot remember the term. I think it is something associated with being a box or container for the extraneous thoughts of the elite. He seems very frustrated at his role of being an erudite adviser, it seems, that is, possibly being the most intelligent person in the region yet being appreciated the least.

      I feel that Zsuzsanna and I are imposing upon him (and there are others in the area though I do not directly see them) and I soon pull a sheet up around Zsuzsanna’s bare back and bottom as we then sit in informal cross-legged positions for the most part after we get up from rolling around on the floor. As I face him from a diagonal orientation, Zsuzsanna is closer in the same diagonal line with her back to him) I do not pick up on the fact that it is possibly the other male who should not be present. Still, it seems probable that Zsuzsanna and I should go back to the small bedroom at the front of the house. (What is rather curious, is that none of the actual people, including my sister and her husband and two of my brothers and even my mother who had lived in the house come to mind at all during my dream.)

      Instead, the dynamics of the scenario change. He drops or puts worksheets onto the floor right next to the bed sheet that covers most of Zsuzsanna’s lower body. I start to consider what grade they are for and I am ready to say something on their merit and grade level as I look at the top A4 sheet closely. The task seems to relate to some form of algebra or calculus. For a short time, I am puzzled over their nature. I had been ready to say they were fourth grade level but almost consider they are related to an adult business form. On the sheet there is mainly only one table with only about three or four visible unsolved equations (in rows in the middle spaces of the table) that are possibly part of a series for a function (with two or more variables implied, possibly x and y coordinates). There is also a small state standards graphic (American) on the upper left (though I cannot discern it clearly).

      Soon, a mysterious unknown dark-haired female appears fairly close to us. She seems to be Persian so is likely another version of Zsuzsanna but I do not consider this in my dream. She starts chanting and moving rhythmically in a formal cross-legged meditation position. She is shaking rattles (one in each hand). I find this quite unusual and am not sure if I am comfortable with this unknown ritual, which seems to oddly relate to the mathematics worksheets.

      Now I am starting to wonder. Would a sheet of paper be considered a secondary (indirect) dream sign? After all, there is the obvious play on “sheet” (and of course ghosts in sheets are an obvious play on the dreamer being in the dream state). As dreams are mainly concurrent metaphors for the sleeping, dreaming, and waking transitions (which is obvious to anyone who has bothered to actually study them for any number of years), this seems a strong possibility. In fact, there is likely an obvious association from my youth from having written out so many dreams on sheets of notebook paper, which were often of various pastel colors - the color sometimes matching my actual bed sheets in Cubitis, which pleased me. This may not be one hundred percent, but after having a close look at other dreams with sheets of paper, there does seem to be a metaphorical dream sign connection. This honest breakthrough may mean a lot of augmented additions (no actual changes to content or original impressions or patterns; just additional notes) to my vast collection of dream work over the last fifty years. This of course would only be relevant when the “sheet” analogy is more direct. For example, just the appearance of a scrap of paper or paper in other forms is not necessarily a dream sign as such.

      In this case, a facet of the last scene would imply a desire to use critical thinking skills in the dream state even though that is not really feasible. For example, a “worksheet” with a need for mathematical skills is not directly compatible with a bed sheet.

      Even more evidence on this reasoning stems from the sensual mysterious ritual that seems related to the viability of the worksheets. That would make more sense in bed sheets being associated with a sensual act. Also note that the worksheets seem to become more adult upon looking at them more closely - also having relevance to an adult sensual act. Looks like I made yet another breakthrough on the concurrent symbols and metaphors of dreams - yet more important evidence they are primarily native to the dream state rather than having mundane “interpretations” (which I never thought they did anyway, even as a child). Worksheets are also educational just as learning and validating this viable connection and meaningful association was educational. How intriguing.