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    1. The Dragonfly and the Robin

      by , 10-03-2018 at 06:51 AM
      Morning of October 3, 2018. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 18,916-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 71.

      My dream self is non-lucidly in my den in the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane, where we have not lived for years (since our two oldest were young children). There is clutter of which I am sorting. I pick up several winter sweaters from atop other items on the floor and hang them on a hook on the door. A few are like ones I have had in real life, including a gray one. I also pick up pieces of technology, such as a sound card.

      The west wall has a narrow gap under it. I notice that a big dragonfly is headfirst about halfway under it. It seems to be dead. I decide to show it to my youngest son. (My dream self has no recall that he never lived at this address.) When I turn around, the bedroom where Zsuzsanna and our youngest son is is the same room I had just been in, though my dream self does not notice this error. The head of the bed is against the west wall. Zsuzsanna is sitting up in bed. Our youngest son is standing on the opposite side of the room.

      I feel intense vibrations in my fingers as the dragonfly is alive and moving its wings. I go to the back door, incorrectly rendered as facing east into the yard rather than south onto the porch, and let it go. It still has trouble flying, so stays near the door.

      Looking out the window of the back door after closing the door, I see an American robin (juvenile based on its coloring) hopping out to the center of the backyard. It seems that the bird probably ate the dragonfly, though I did not see this occur. I awake around this time.

      Use of a door or doorway serves as one of two potentials, either triggering the waking process (as here) or triggering lucidity and vivification. A door is a transition from one mode of consciousness to another, in real time.

      Birds have been a common point of focus in the last moments of my dreams since early childhood. It is an emerging consciousness factor as an association with the dream self’s fictitious body (not viably understanding where one’s real physical body is, associating the essence of sleeping and dreaming with flight). The dragonfly was a potential for lucidity but did not serve as such. This type of focus, which has occurred in many dreams, is from subliminal awareness of my hands when my dream self’s attention focuses on picking up or moving something.

      No preconscious avatar is present. That is most often because of the presence of a dream state indicator, in this case, the bedroom and bed, a feature of at least one dream per sleep cycle since earliest memory and which serves as a precursory liminal awareness of being asleep, thus the preconscious is often not needed in RAS mediation of this type. (That depends on my dream self’s mode and progress of transition from the dream state.)

    2. Grimm Neelix

      by , 07-28-2018 at 01:28 PM
      Night of July 27, 2018. Friday.

      Dream #: 18,848-06. Reading time: 1 min 16 sec.

      My dream starts with becoming aware I am watching a series of “Grimm” episodes. I am not focused on specific content, mostly indoor character interactions.

      The episode I am watching is meant to feature the Eisbiber (“ice beaver”) played by Danny Bruno (as Bud). Over time, it is Neelix, played by Ethan Phillips, from “Star Trek: Voyager.” Neelix acts like the Eisbiber character. He moves, nods, and shakes like an Eisbiber, but his appearance never changes.

      The images become a “real” studio setting with the actors (rather than the characters they play). They are filming in the actor David Giuntoli’s house. Over time, there is no one else around. It seems late at night. I consider I may not know how to get out. I stumble around in the dark in what may be a kitchen (though it is like our kitchen in real life).

      Soon, it is light enough to see. David walks out from a room in a white bathrobe. I start to explain to him how I was a tourist who somehow ended up in his house.

      He nods, saying (without emotion), “Uh-huh. It’s time to go home now.” He turns to go back into his bedroom. I notice two big spotlights on the floor as I find my way to a doorway. They seem broken.

      The last part is typical RAS modulation, with a celebrity as the modulatory avatar (in a role as a detective, one of the more common forms). It is a typical subliminal “return to bed” directive that occurs at least once in every sleep cycle.

      The rest is a reactive representation of the waking process. It includes an association with beavers (as in building a dam, which causes water to lower, with water otherwise being the reactive representation of sleep dynamics). Bud transforms into Neelix as the vestibular system simulacrum. (He travels in space.) The broken spotlights represent my dream’s ending.

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    3. Invasive Toy Train

      by , 11-17-1982 at 05:17 PM
      Morning of November 17, 1982. Wednesday.

      In the last clearer segment of a non-lucid dream that otherwise relates to indiscernible activity in the living room and dining room (as I am in the northeast bedroom of the Loomis Street house in my dream and implied to have been sleeping), doorway waking symbolism seems to be part of the transition, at least by potential. However, this changes to physical hypnopompia. (The prior dream however, “Snow Bear”, did resolve with doorway waking symbolism, but apparently for different reasons.)

      An unseen toy train is perceived as bumping against the door to the room I am “sleeping” in, from the other side (living room). There is also an additional buzzing and clicking at times, presumably made by this toy train. (In reality however, there was no door to this room, only a set of curtains. My non-lucid dreams rarely render real-life environments with viable correctness and no two detailed environments are ever the same.) This door is “remembered” to open outward into the living room from the left (again, a false memory as there is no door in reality), though I never open it during my dream.

      I get the ridiculous illogical impression that the toy train “wants” to enter the room. I consider that toy railroad tracks might not need to be present, though I still eventually rise up from my bed to briefly check around the room, though I do not see any.

      I am eventually surprised and alarmed by the toy train moving towards my head on the left side of my bed. It creates the surreal impression of being alive and now as a large and possibly threatening undulating caterpillar (though unseen and under the bed sheet), though it may just be seeking comfort. Physical hypnopompia results in attempting to move my arm to block it, my arm being slightly numb from lying on it.

      When other forms of waking symbolism do not work, physical hypnopompia always does (and in the case of a numb arm, sometimes associated with a snake as the RAS waking prompt). In this case, the toy railroad tracks are apparently analogous to blood circulation, the closed door relating to blocked circulation (especially as both doorknob and arm are relevant to the left side). The prior dream related to answering the door (“Snow Bear”) is apparently a coincidence (especially as perceiving door knocking is a main alert factor of waking life, so naturally the reticular activating system would biologically implement it as such), as the implications are completely different (environmental noise as possible real knocking in contrast to blocked circulation while sleeping).

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    4. I vs. Mantis

      by , 08-13-1976 at 02:13 PM
      Morning of August 13, 1976. Friday.

      Dream #: 3,525-07. Reading time: 20 sec.

      I enter the Cubitis house’s southwest bedroom (where my school clothes are) in the late morning. I encounter a giant praying mantis that is about as tall as I am. It stands facing me (facing north) on the west side of the room. Curiously, I see it as an oddity, and I do not feel threatened by it. It does not attack me.

      My dream was probably at least partly influenced by the movie “The Deadly Mantis” (1957) though I had seen these insects in real life.

    5. Reading a Worm, “Loam” and “Vex”

      by , 06-19-1976 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 1976. Saturday.

      I am in the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house where my father is present. We are in the southeast area of the room, near the doorway. I am facing the south windows as he is sitting on a chair facing me. He has taken a very rare species of (assumed as fictional) phosphorescent earthworm and is holding it by one end, saying that it has the ability to communicate with people. After a few minutes, the worm curls to form actual vertical handwriting with its entire body, first spelling the word “loam”, then the word “vex”. This is all that it does before my dream fades. (I consider that it is a glow worm, as one of the many songs my father sang publicly was called “Glow Worm”, though that is not actually what it is.) I sense that the worm is annoyed by people trying to get messages from it, when it probably wants to sleep.

      The earthworm is a real-time dream state symbol. Attempting to read it as it is spelling words is the emergent consciousness factor, as thinking skills for sustained reading are only viable when conscious. As such, it seems that a part of me does not want to get up for the day yet. Additionally, trying to get feasible “messages” from the unconscious is sometimes futile, as it is just that…unconscious. (I suspect that this dream may have also been influenced by the “Sesame Street” short “Mary Sunshine”, though related to counting, with the lyric, “I head eleven worms yawning”.)

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