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    1. Incredible Wealth, Gold Toolbox, and Partial Stone Maps

      by , 12-27-2019 at 07:42 AM
      Morning of December 27, 2019. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,366-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      As a consequence of the typical synaptic gating of sleep that results in loss of wakefulness and memory, my dream self loses current waking-life identity, my most active but fictitiously altered recall (preconscious mediation) stemming from around 1985. I seem to be about twenty-five years old instead of fifty-nine. I remember the King Street mansion, but nothing yet outside of that factor, not even parents, relatives, or current family, and nothing pertinent about my life over the past thirty years.

      I am in an unfamiliar mansion owned by a wealthy family. I sense their house is about two blocks west of the King Street mansion. There are the man and his wife, their dark-haired young daughter, and a male servant living here. I marvel at the setting with its beautiful curtains and antique furniture.

      I will be living with this family as a result of my adoption even though my dream renders me as a young adult.

      Several well-known sleep-wake mediation factors occur. I am sitting on the rich man’s canopy bed in the late morning (with no one else around until moments later), and notice a small shiny gold toolbox on a table to the left of the bed. It is unlocked. As well as other valuable possessions, including a diary, there are several smooth white stones with parts of pictorial maps (in color) printed on their surfaces.

      The man (this dream’s main preconscious personification) walks in but does not seem angry about my invasion of his privacy. He sits on the bed and mentions how rare the stones are.

      His daughter (this dream’s vestibular system avatar) comes in and sits on the bed. The woman comes into the room but remains standing. The girl’s black cat jumps on the bed, and the woman refers to him as “Skywalker.”

      Sleep-wake mediation factors:

      Bed: Instinctual (though a frequent liminality forerunner as here) awareness of being asleep.

      Toolbox: Opening the toolbox (similar to using a door to either wake or vivify and sustain a dream) signifies synaptic gating and achieving consciousness. My dreaming experience significantly vivifies at this point. The mapping stones represent finding the way back to wakefulness as the part of the mind that organizes information initiates.

      Gold: This color only dominates a dream as a precursor to achieving wakefulness.

      Cat: Liminality forerunner (a summoning factor by habit since childhood). Cats always “land on their feet” (successfully mediate the anticipated “drop” into wakefulness).

      The girl: Somatosensory and proprioception personifications (and the resolving of physical ambiguity as my dream self’s body is fictitious in form and orientation) are typically female (as an instinctually summoned avatar). An important factor is the girl’s cat named “Skywalker.” It stems from liminal drop anticipation and the imaginary proprioception of the dream state and is flight-related.

      The woman, who is the only one standing in the last scene, is an incentive for me to wake and get up, as I begin to see her as Zsuzsanna as my (upper preconscious) reticular activating system’s waking alert factor initiates.

    2. Witch Cat

      by , 02-14-1979 at 06:00 AM
      Morning of February 14, 1969. Friday.

      It is Christmas in my dream, but not in real life (it is actually the morning of Valentine’s Day). The date is actually February 14, 1969, the morning after the airing of the “Mrs. Stephens, Where Are You?” episode of “Bewitched” (“Serena turns Darrin’s mother into a cat.”) The cat is black and not very large, though an adult female.

      Our large (fictional) “real” Christmas tree is in the middle area of the north wall of the Cubitis house living room (where it had never been set up in reality even by 1978, of the three locations being northeast corner, southwest corner, and west wall between my door and the front door). I apparently had received the cat for Christmas (I believe from my mother – although I am not one hundred percent sure; it may also have come from Brenda W, a female classmate, or just mysteriously found its way to my home for some unknown motive - my in-dream back story seems ambiguous).

      When I come home from school one afternoon (and as I am just about to walk through the front doorway), the cat’s head seems to float and move up just in front of my face (from where she is in the doorway) in an eerie startling event, but more as if it is some sort of invasive telepathy. There are also scenes where the cat seems to “multiply itself” in unusual, sparse kaleidoscopic vision (but a bit too random to be truly kaleidoscopic). In each facet of the image, the cat seems to be expressing a different human emotion, even with descriptive impressions (for example, “this is Serena when she is annoyed” or “this is Serena when she is puzzled”, being nearly identical to another dream’s event though featuring my mother and only using our surname with “Mrs”).

      There is one scene where the cat has made the toy train go around the Christmas tree (the tracks being in a perfect circle around the tree) that I had apparently gotten recently for my birthday or Christmas. (I never had a complete toy train set in real life, but my adult brother did have a model railroad setup after my dream, but it was setup at his house, not mine.) I am somewhat concerned about the “powers” of this cat, but it is not a nightmare. The cat also makes a small toy red alien figure (one of three) walk around, but walking mostly sideways, mostly on the frame of the sofa that had been left open.

      Supposedly, the cat is killed when the couch section (in real life, the couch that converted into a bed, by the front lifting up and then the back dropping down, was along the southwest corner of the living room near the entrance to the door of my bedroom) falls onto it when it had been left open in preparation of making it into a bed or when I had accidentally left it open when taking something from the storage area (which I believe was divided into two compartments). However, the cat disappears from my dream after this even though there is an awareness it is still alive or existing somewhere (perhaps in another dimension beyond the living room wall or as a “ghost” – although there is a slight awareness of the idea of nine lives being literally for a cat).

      Amusingly, shortly after my dream, I absentmindedly set up the ending of my dream by leaving the sofa section up for a short time. It soon fell, and curiously enough, crushed part of a plastic toy (a cereal prize) which was the small red Martian (or other supposed alien) figure I believe came from Quisp Cereal and described previously (relating to “coming to life” in my dream). I kept it (but had three others that remained in perfect condition) even though the eye area had been flattened. I had absentmindedly left it on the edge of the frame at the time when the section fell. I would not call this precognition though, as I absentmindedly caused the event.

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    3. Money Cat Minion Saves Me from Falling from Roof

      by , 12-23-1976 at 06:23 PM
      Night of December 23, 1966. Friday. (Last clarified on Tuesday, 12 September 2017.)

      This is a dream from age six, three days after my sixth birthday, and dreamt around midnight of the 23rd of December while I was living in my parents’ second-floor 901 Rose Street apartment in La Crosse, across the hall from Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side). It was one of my most vivid dreams from this time period. My dream is directly related to the subliminally anticipated hypnopompic jerk (which is biological and unrelated to waking life factors) based on my dream self’s potential fall from the edge of the first floor’s roof, but which does not occur and results in a soft awakening, thanks to the preconscious factor.

      I dreamt that one of the “Money Cat” minions (an eerie shadowy form of an animated cat dancing on his two hind legs in a main musical scene in an almost human-like manner) from the movie “Gay Purr-ee” (1962) saved me from falling from the roof of the Rose Street building. (There was an extended area from the back door at the end of the hall on the second floor that was unsafe to walk on and was somewhat slanted and which led to a rickety staircase down to the back of the building and minimal parking area. It was a two-storey building; the top floor being apartments and the first storey inclusive of a tavern where my father sometimes performed music). I had found myself in a very vivid dream state, though not fully lucid, and had been exploring the roof seemingly late at night. The precarious staircase that was there in real life did not seem to be there in my dream, which seems to be why I almost fell in an attempt to locate the first step. The Money Cat minion effortlessly pulls me up by one “hand” (or paw) as I fall over the edge and hang in the darkness several feet above the ground for a short time. (A line from the “Money Cat” song is “in the palm of our paw”. The Money Cat minion is also referred to as a “Shadow Cat” in movie references.)

      With this early childhood dream, I already began to develop a clear understanding of what dreams (at least some dream types) actually were in a world where superstitious forms of “interpretation” still dominate the clueless masses in 2017. My Reticular Activating System is behind this preconscious factor, utilizing something I considered eerie (though not in a threatening sense) and wonderful, just prior to sleep. A beautiful integration of The Shadow, an emergent consciousness dynamic (the opposite of what many people believe) coalesces with the preconscious. Its purpose is to soften the natural falling sensation of coming out of the dream state (which otherwise has no relevance to real life). It is that simple. Fully understanding this is likely what caused me to have far less nightmares than other people. (I typically only have disturbing dreams with actual health issues, such as viral incursions.)

      “Gay Purr-ee” had a profound influence on me (in a similar way as “The Bermuda Depths” did years later) and there were a lot of unusual (even unexplainable) personal connections throughout my later years. A few of my early childhood dreams would begin in a similar manner as the opening credits of this movie, mainly in the later 1960s when my family relocated to Florida. I would “be” Jaune-Tom (but as a boy in a human-oriented scenario with the same basic plot). Most other animated movies had little effect on me in this sense. I watched “Gay Purr-ee” on television in Marilyn’s apartment for the first time in my life at 8:00 pm on December 23, 1966.

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