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    1. Pet Brontosaurus and Fake Mad Magazine?

      by , 05-17-2018 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of May 17, 2018. Thursday.

      My non-lucid dream self becomes aware of being in a new variation of the southwest bedroom of the Cubitis house (where I have not been since 1978) rather than our own present bedroom. As is most often the case, it is perceived as part of our present home. I am aware of being married and having a family as in real life (even though my family has never been to America). They mostly appear as they do now in reality. My youngest son is the one I am most aware of in this case.

      Near the center of the room is a living brontosaurus. It is small; only about three feet long. Our kitten from real life is near it. I eventually notice that the brontosaurus has short fur (which I vividly feel as I pet it), which puzzles me somewhat. I start to consider that it may grow too big to keep as a pet and I wonder what will happen to it or what we will do. This also puzzles me but I think about how it may be genetically engineered and so may not get as big as it would otherwise. I pet it for several minutes as it lies on its left side on the floor.

      Something scares it, possibly the kitten, and it gets up and runs to the north side of the room. It hides under a bookshelf (one of the tall cheap plastic ones that have a space underneath, though in reality, there would not be enough space for a small animal). I reach for it but cannot quite get to it at first. I do eventually, and pull it out to calm it.

      Later, I notice it is bigger, about the size of a young person. It looks very different and is walking around on its back legs and is wearing clothes. There are a few unknown people in the room, mostly around twelve years old. The brontosaurus looks just like a person at times. I consider how he is able to pull his head down so that his neck is no longer than that of a normal person. He talks at times. A girl calls him a “funny looking person” and the brontosaurus says, “I’m not a person”.

      My youngest son has about five Mad Magazines, which I had not seen before. They may be recent issues. “Are these from the library?” I ask. Apparently, they are ours. I sit on the middle of the couch on the south side of the room. My son is to my right. My memory of our brontosaurus pet and its transformation is no longer present. I look at the cover of one issue and it is a painting of Alfred E. Newman’s head. Looking more closely, I see that the painted image has a very strange texture, like woven wicker. The paper itself seems to also hold this pattern. I decide that this means it may be counterfeit. “This looks like it might be a fake,” I say.

      I look through the issue and see that from about halfway through the pages, the texture of the page seems normal. I notice a four-panel black-and-white Don Martin gag, featuring a man and woman walking around in a city, though I do not read it. I look at several other pages without really attempting to read anything. I decide that the unusual nature of the cover and first pages may mean that it was only a misprint.

      This dreaming and waking process is more specific to the last dream of a sleep cycle and it even begins in a thread that already establishes the subliminal awareness of being asleep (bedroom setting). The final scene renders very common autosymbolism that establishes an association with thinking skills correlation, a required precursor for actual reading. This is because the subconscious self cannot perform viably due to its dynamic nature and illusory nature of the dream state. (Writing or print in non-lucid dreams often changes when reading it again and it is often random gibberish. Temporality and discernment cannot be sustained in an illusory state of unconsciousness). This is used in the waking process quite often, several times a week for over fifty years in my case, though it is not as common as autosymbolism for vestibular system correlation.

      Note how the brontosaurus, as an animal and illusory pet, hid under the bookshelf, which contained books. After this scene, coming out from under the bookshelf, it became more like a “person”, as human consciousness is required to read with viable discernment in waking life. This is the autosymbolic nature of the waking process that correlates to the last part of my dream, that is, being less of an illusion by way of initiating waking consciousness for reading and thinking skills, which the subconscious (analogous to a “primitive brontosaurus”) does not have. The analogy is duplicated by first perceiving the magazine as “fake”, which it is, as it exists only in the dream. Thus, it cannot be fully read and discerned (and it is even a composite of sorts, as it has the texture of our wicker bookshelf from real life), though from here, thinking skills correlation kicks in and I slowly wake. My son is on my right, the usual waking autosymbolism orientation, as I sleep on my left side (and left-side orientation would naturally imply the return to deeper sleep).

    2. Of Brontosaurus Balloons and White Lightning

      by , 03-07-1997 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of March 7, 1997. Friday.

      In my dream, I am apparently part of a science-fiction scenario, though it is not directly evidenced as being a movie in progress. Much of it seems impersonal and inconsequential to me despite the fanciful nature of the events. It is occurring in afternoon. The situation seemingly relates to invisible aliens coming to Earth to invade and conquer. However, the alien activity seems more like magic or perhaps even the work of one entity, though it is possibly just advanced technology that is being utilized. I feel vaguely puzzled about this situation, though I do not feel threatened at any time.

      At one point, hot air balloons that first seem normal transform into brontosaurus shapes and eventually come down to land on the ground, becoming more lifelike. (Curiously, I do not make the association with parade balloons even though this was a probable influence.) Some people seem amused, others alarmed. (There is no focus on what may have happened to the people in the hot air balloons.) Some people remain in the area. Others flee. I remain impassive.

      Another scene involves finding a business that may have been taken over and which is also corrupt. I burn some curtains by sending white lightning from my fingertips.

      Don Knotts, another actor (possibly Andy Griffith), and I ride together in a car. The trip is uneventful.

      There is also a scene where an unknown unfamiliar female has several guns in her house in preparation for the supposed increase of alien activity, which may change the nature of society. My dream fades with no dominant RAS mediation and a soft uneventful awakening.

      Looking at very familiar symbolism in this dream, it is recognized that the depth of my sleep changed a few times, which affected my level of lucidity. The hot air balloons are a combined link to real-time vestibular system dynamics and depth of breathing while sleeping. The balloons coming down to land on the ground signifies sustaining the dream state rather than the waking transition being more imminent. Despite natural vestibular system ambiguity while unconscious, my dream held my focus of imagination with living dinosaurs and aliens, factors not related to waking life.

      The main liminal space division (other than the basic implication of ground and sky) features in the scene where I direct lightning at the curtains. The curtains are implied to be over either a window or a door. The liminal space divider is that which keeps the dream self identity as uncoalesced with the conscious self identity (which is why opening a door, normally a dream’s implied exit point or otherwise a shift in the present level of unconsciousness, sometimes serves as apex lucidity induction for me). Additionally, lightning symbolizes neural energy. As my dream self has the ability to produce and direct lightning, I am attempting to bring additional threads of awareness into the dream state, but there is a biological factor that mediates my depth of sleep and level of awareness. My lucidity is only at about fifty percent in this scene where it otherwise remains much less.

      Still, the natural RAS mediation never fully dominates. In the final scene, the preconscious takes the role of an unfamiliar female who never uses her guns, which means I allow myself to enter the waking transition without a need for prompting.

      My understanding and acceptance of the natural stages of the sleep cycle (and the inevitability of waking) and the dream state in this case prevented a more violent scenario. However, there are many times when I challenge RAS (due to wanting to sleep longer or to hold full control over the dream state) which results in shooting all contents of the waking space (inconsequential of course, other than coloring my mood to seeing my final dream of the sleeping period as frustrating for a short time).

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    3. Dinosaucer (Another Flying Saucer)

      by , 11-01-1974 at 08:01 AM
      Morning of November 1, 1974. Friday.

      Note that this dream journal title came long before any other associated names which I have since learned of (though I have never seen anything related to the “Dinosaucer” series that apparently first aired in 1987 and do not know much about it at all).

      This dream ends a little like the flying saucer dream from my childhood, though a brontosaurus emerges in this one (somewhat snake-like) instead of the apocalyptic elephant. This dream is much shorter than the elephant version and is not as emotional upon ending (and does not directly imply the end of the world as in the elephant dream).

      After hearing about reports of a possible alien invasion in my dream (from my mother’s large pale green radio), I find myself near my school. The single flying saucer that eventually lands looks like the one from the original “The Day the Earth Stood Still” (from 1951). I do not recall much vivid detail other than the brontosaurus neck and head emerging from the door of the flying saucer. (I never see the body at any point.) There seems to be an eerie (though unrealistic) contrast between the dinosaur’s head and neck and the shadow it casts near the outer area of the spacecraft.

      It is possible that there is an association with a cereal prize/premium that was called “Noggin Nodders” (from Kellogg’s). I had several of every piece in the set in different colors. The one that seemingly influenced this dream in part was a snake head emerging/wobbling from a log.
    4. Run From the Brontosaurus

      by , 12-08-1971 at 02:52 PM
      Morning of December 18, 1971. Saturday. (Original date corrected and validated.)

      My childhood dream of being followed by a brontosaurus (apatosaurus) across a bridge until I decided to jump (and by which, after seemingly falling a fair distance, I then landed heavily on a window which then broke, cutting into my feet) was based on a hodgepodge of real-life experiences:

      1. The movie “Dinosaurus” (1960) which I first saw at my older sister’s (Marilyn) Rose Street apartment in La Crosse, Wisconsin in 1966 as well as reading the Dell comic book adaptation at the time.

      2. The redundantly titled movie “The Giant Behemoth” (1959) which I first saw in the late 60s in Florida.

      3. An accident that I had as a toddler that nearly severed my left hand, caused by my fall upon a broken larger glass mug (including one larger triangular piece) from a higher distance that broke just prior to my fall upon it. I still have the large scar, which, amusingly enough, looks much like a reversed map of Florida (that winds around my wrist), where it happened.

      4. A real life location - the playground at my elementary school in Florida, which was quite realistic in orientation and overall appearance (unlike in many cases with other dreams).

      5. A real life location - the El Jobean bridge in Port Charlotte, Florida, but which looked much longer and more like a suspension bridge in my dream (probably with superimposed details from one of the many monster movies I saw when younger).

      6. My home in Cubitis, my dream starting near the front of the rabbit shed in the backyard.

      There is a brontosaurus (apatosaurus) near the front of our rabbit shed near the doorway very early in the morning (as it is still dark out). It was apparently somehow frozen and dug up during some work my father was doing to make a larger rabbit farm. Just as in the “Dinosaurus” movie, the brontosaur comes to life with a lightning strike and a somewhat quirky stop motion animation feel (which many of my childhood dreams had).

      However, instead of the brontosaur being tame and even friendly as in the more comedic “Dinosaurus” movie, it then assumes a presence of actually being more like the creature from “The Giant Behemoth” and, sensing potential danger (but at the same time having a vague awareness that in actuality I am instigating the chase for potential excitement as in almost all such dreams), I decide to take precaution and simply run as fast and as far south from my home as I can. Getting to the El Jobean bridge in Port Charlotte (which has somewhat of a superimposed location awareness as something I saw relating to a London bridge in a movie I think, as again, the El Jobean bridge does not have the features of a suspension bridge in the middle section other than in my dream), I decide to cross, as there are no cars anywhere (yet I also get some sort of fleeting impressions of almost toy-like cars of various colors such as green, blue, and red, from the 1940s being around somewhere). I get this feeling that such a large creature would not be able to cross the bridge and even if he/she did, the bridge would probably collapse (and perhaps I would then be safe on the other side). The dinosaur is of a darker blackish green color with sort of an oily appearance, not quite scaly. (The “brontosaur” in the “The Giant Behemoth” movie is actually more tyrannosaurus-like relating to head and such, but in my dream, it is still a bit more like the one from “Dinosaurus”.)

      I get about halfway to two-thirds of the way across the bridge when I see the brontosaur still following me - oriented somewhat more to the west than where I am. I am somewhat concerned that the bridge may collapse “too soon” (before I get all the way across), so in assuming some sort of “dream logic” I start to climb over the east side of the bridge (the side that would also be oriented towards the direction of my home) and jump, hoping the bridge, if or when it falls, will not fall on or near me.

      After I fall, I land heavily, feet flat and somehow standing (but knees bending slightly from the force), going through one of the panes of a large wooden four-paned window. The feeling and event is probably also borrowed (as well as from the toddler experience of the fall and the deep wrist cut) from real life events where I used to jump from the monkey bars at school as well as foundation pillars (a little less than roof level) of the shed my father was building and usually landing feet flat and standing (trying this later on, when a teenager, I felt a tremendous pain in my groin as well as hurting both my legs, so that was the last time I did that - so perhaps this dream was also a warning which I did not heed).

      I then briefly feel intense cold pain in my feet (similar to the feeling in my wrist I vaguely remember from the accident as a toddler). A sort of numbness is there but it does not really bother me that much. The “crash” of the window breaking was fairly loud to me but somewhat staccato (due to it lying on the ground I suppose). I look around and wonder why I landed in the western side of the playground of my school (seemingly on a weekend) and not the ocean. In fact, I am nowhere near the ocean and feel a bit puzzled. The dinosaur threat has seemingly completely vanished as well.

      However, I need to take care of the matters at hand so I then sit down on the ground and begin to pull the large, flat, triangular pieces of glass from the bottom of my feet (the glass sections covering nearly the entire area of both my feet). There is hardly any blood, curiously enough. It seems to be in the morning, perhaps around seven o'clock. The brontosaur was struck by lightning and came to life around nine at night, yet the bridge chase seemed to occur around late afternoon or early evening just prior to sunset, so this dream had unusual time distortions.

      There seemed to be a sequel years later. (See link.)

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