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    1. Buying Magazines in an Unfamiliar Store

      by , 06-12-2017 at 05:16 AM
      Morning of June 12, 2017. Monday.

      I am walking through an unknown city in a commercial area, where there are a number of small stores to my left as I walk. It seems to be late morning. I seem to be on my own at first. I have an interest in looking around in a store and turn to enter a store I think I recognize. When I walk in though, I see it is a clothing store.

      “Whoops, wrong store,” I say as I soon turn around to leave. Another (unfamiliar) man who had been walking behind me also enters the store and turns around to leave when I do. It is almost as if he had been having the same thought orientation as I had and was simply following me as if I was “leading”, apparently also looking for whatever I am (even though we had not spoken and I am not even sure where I am going).

      I continue to walk, but only a short distance and into another store that has a different type of entrance as the previous. There is a large long checkout counter on my right and an interior wall to my left so that it seems almost like walking through a narrow hall. I continue towards the back and see that it is a large bookstore.

      I see a magazine that I find interest in after first noticing what I take to be an Omni magazine. When I pick it up and look through it, I see that it is a science-fiction comic book (in color) about dinosaurs and a group of men. I decide that I will buy it. I look in my wallet and I am somewhat surprised to find at least two one-hundred-dollar bills, a few fifty-dollar bills, and more. I illogically reason that my mother (who died in real life in 2002) had placed the money in my wallet. I have no memory that she had died even though I assume I am my present age.

      I then see another magazine I want. I look through it and find it interesting. It also has at least one story relating to dinosaurs but is seemingly for older readers as well as being thicker. It is supposed to come with a CD, but I decide I will ask at the checkout if they have it. Our youngest son appears to my right as I decide to buy one more thing. I see a few groups of Casper comic books to my left. There are about four different covers (different issues) in the groups. I ask my son if he wants one and he says yes and points to one in another area to the right, but I already have one I find interesting and inform him that it is also larger. It is a fifty-two pages “giant” edition. He seems happy.

      I go to the checkout and there is an unfamiliar cashier who is a female of perhaps fifty. She has gray hair. I remember to ask about the CD. However, when I look at the magazine, which is wrapped in (transparent) plastic, I see the CD is already there. I tell her that I had thought it would be in a jewel case attached to the cover. She looks at me with wary concern and asks if I had put anything on the CD (such as a computer virus, I assume) and I sarcastically ask her how I could have done that, asking her if I used the cover as a computer. Then I consider that technology might very well allow one to use a magazine cover as a computer, which I talk to her about for a very short time, but nothing negative commences and I remain cheerful.

      As I pay, holding my wallet open and taking out a fifty-dollar bill, I notice an unknown female on my right cheerfully looking at the hundred-dollar bills in my open wallet as I hold it up near the counter. It almost seems as if she never saw one before and, slightly wary, I put my wallet away. It turns out however, that she had not been looking at my wallet or even at me; perhaps something on the counter.

      This dream is a very good example of why dreams are nothing like stories. I am looking through a magazine, planning to ask the cashier where the cover CD is. The magazine is somehow then commercially wrapped, implying it always had been (thus I could not have been looking through it even though I was). I then tell the cashier that I thought it would be in a jewel case, which makes no sense as I said this spontaneously and had really not considered it in this manner. Then the cashier asks if I had “put something” on the CD. Obviously, being wrapped, I could not have, and even if I had, I am buying it, so whatever I might have put on it would only be in my possession and with no problem or concern for others.

      Additionally, my mother died in 2002, yet my son, born in 2007, is with me at his present age. My mother only ever lived in America and would not have had Australian money of such an amount to give me, thus making the setting itself ambiguous by location. Omni magazine stopped publication (in print) in Winter 1995. The Casper comic book, though new, was like one from around 1971. The threads of the fictional dream self always seem completely different each time and from many different timelines and temporary false memories.

    2. Meandering; Six-Pack of Bottles, Driving Through Store

      by , 05-10-2017 at 11:10 AM
      Morning of May 10, 2017. Wednesday.

      This dream is meandering - with only a couple scenes that stand out that much. In one scene, my brother Earl (deceased in real life) is in a car in a parking lot (in an unknown area) with my sisters Carol and Marilyn (also both deceased in real life). It has a feeling of the 1960s even though I am possibly about my present age. There is some sort of situation with a six-pack of bottles, which may be apple wine (though this is not certain - the bottles are of a dark green tint). It seems that Earl had just bought them though is also going to be reselling them (or at least a few of them).

      I take the middle bottle out from the left from the carton in the back seat while I remain standing outside the right side of the car. It is only half full. I consider how odd it is for a store to be selling something that seems to have missing contents. I put it back. After opening another one, I take a small drink from the middle bottle on the right.

      For some reason, I take the six-pack of bottles to my car, which is also in the parking lot. My “car” is actually more like an oversized golf cart. I put the six-pack in the back seat.

      At one point, I am in my “car”. A very annoying young Filipino girl is present and wants me to drive her to a shopping mall on the other side of town. She gets in, but I am not certain that I will be driving that far. I consider that I will probably just let her out when I get to where I am supposedly going.

      I drive along, inside a large clothing store. I drive over some clothes that had been strewn across the floor. A young cashier comes to pick them up. She does not react to me having driven over them and it does not seem to matter that much. As I drive to the front door, my dream starts to fade.

      Driving over clothes is a type of dream sign; a carryover awareness that I had gone to sleep and am not wearing clothes in bed. The bottles are likely symbolism relating to circadian rhythms due to the one being half full, additionally being linked to the “time in a bottle” association. It also relates to the “water getting lower over time” waking symbolism which I have experienced continuously for over fifty years.