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    1. Dollhouse Retrieval and Return with Golden Airplane Charm

      by , 02-03-2018 at 11:51 AM
      Morning of October 20, 2016. Thursday.

      My dream begins with a backstory involving a task which is apparently for a reality show. There is a feeling of comfort and happiness and of being in the right place at the right time.

      The challenge involves retrieving a two-storey dollhouse from the middle of a shallow pond. The knee-deep water is very cool and refreshing. The dollhouse is in a deeper area, mostly encircled by rocks that are just under the surface. Reaching down to lift it from the bottom, my right hand brushes a rock and I get an intense electrical shock that jolts my whole body and I even feel residual buzzing for a short time. My perception vivifies after this. I realize that only the dollhouse can be touched with the hands or a shock will result, which seems to be the nature of the challenge. I grab it by the roof and an upper window with both hands and get a vague impression that it is actually a miniature boathouse made of flimsy wood. I lift it up and tip it and watch and hear all the water flow out, as if it had been full of water even though much of it had been above the surface. I carry it back to shore with a great sense of enjoyment.

      There is a later scene in a less vivid dream event where two unknown males are trying to win the hand of a tribal princess. (I am unsure of the culture as even though it seems early Native American, it also seems to be in the future where there have been celestial changes, possibly threatening, though this is not a dominant idea.) There is something about shooting an arrow between two bows that overlap front to front giving the impression of a Venn diagram truncated at each side, the central area symbolically relating to the traits of the princess that both men desire, which has obvious sexual undertones.

      In the last segment, which is more vivid, an unknown male in a business suit is boarding a passenger jet near the outer boundary of a forest. (My view of him is from behind the left side of the aircraft.) He is carrying a large golden airplane charm which he had apparently won. He seems happy as he is walking up the mobile stairs.

      About 12% of my dreams (about 12 out of 100) render water as autosymbolism that represents entry into the dream state.

      About 23% of my dreams (about 23 out of 100) render vestibular system ambiguity as a flight symbol. In this case, vestibular system symbolism (autosymbolism that signifies being unconscious and emerging from the dream state) has three layers; the passenger jet, the golden airplane charm, and the mobile stairs. Gold symbolizes the emergent consciousness as analogous to increasing daylight.

      Text last optimized Saturday, 3 February 2018.

    2. Deer Contest

      by , 04-12-2015 at 09:14 PM
      Morning of April 12, 2015. Sunday.

      This is a very atypical dream, and unlike most of my dreams, it is difficult to trace any reasonable associations or present-life relative context of any kind. Although it is impersonal and I do not seem a direct part of it, it is still somewhat stressful. For some reason, a younger unknown couple (male and female, not known if they are married) is in a basement or at least an area under the floor of some sort of small store. The room they are in is not big enough to stand in, probably only about three feet from floor to ceiling, thus the task must be completed while lying down.

      An older unknown male brings a deer carcass into the store, although it is mostly the outer part. He puts it down into the “basement” and the woman is told that the skin must be ready by a certain time, probably about three hours, or they will both be killed (apparently shot with his rifle). Over time, with difficulty, the female finishes without any help from the male. There is a bit of conversation and drama though I do not recall all of it. I am present, but not physically uncomfortable in the small room, probably disembodied in my perspective, in some sort of abstract or ethereal form.

      From here, the man releases them, seeming in a cheerful mood, and is then seen in a drastic scene-change in the Loomis Street backyard with the deerskin lying flat on the ground (though he is walking away from it, though may come back and get it later) and the couple remain uninjured. I get the sense that this was some sort of mean trick, as he had never planned to kill them.

      The only thing I can even vaguely link to this is recently seeing a random tattoo show (I do not watch much television) where a female tattoo artist had to complete her jaguar tattoo, I think, but did not finish it (though was still not the one chosen to leave by the judges). It may be related to being forced to make warmer clothes for the coming winter to avoid becoming too cold (since it is seemingly taking place in Wisconsin), though that is only a guess. Other than that, it remains an impersonal atypical sequence.
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