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    1. From Crocodiles to Maple Leaves

      by , 10-22-2018 at 09:06 AM
      Morning of October 22, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,935-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 61.

      In my dream, enigmatic space remains just on the threshold of viable liminal space as I maintain non-lucid dream control by subliminal habit. There is a backstory that Zsuzsanna owns the area of the La Crosse River that flows through Veterans’ Memorial Campground (Vets’ Park) in West Salem. (This is a thread of continuity of the sustained Naiad induction; typically water induction; that begins most sleep cycles.)

      Eventually, it is dark and difficult to discern detail. (There is also the common indoor-outdoor ambiguity, the sense of being inside a building and in an outside landscape at the same time.) It seems that the water has lowered and the river is no longer present. I look down at a very narrow but long strip of ground that the river once flowed over, now densely covered with tape-grass, although I also perceive that parts of the river may be under some of the tape-grass. Each side of the riverbed, about four feet down, has a diagonal slope to where it tapers to the narrow length of dense tape-grass below. Zsuzsanna is somewhat puzzled about where the water could be, and I get the idea that I need to pull up all the tape-grass. Perhaps then, the water will rise and flow.

      Zsuzsanna remains to my left throughout my dream (our real-life sleeping orientation). I notice a patch of ground that seems to become larger as I look at it. By way of non-lucid dream control, I create tiny crocodiles. First, there is only one, then several more in an even row continuing to the right (wakefulness orientation - as I sleep on my left side), though facing left (as I am in reality). They are not hatchlings but miniature adults of about three inches long. I am mildly amused.

      “Look at all the crocodiles,” I cheerfully say to Zsuzsanna. Although they are tiny crocodiles at this point, there is a lack of discernment in the semidarkness. They remain in position.

      A flashlight appears in my right hand (as I did not have one up until this moment), and I shine it down upon the “crocodiles.” I see that they are dry curled maple leaves, not giving the transformation much thought. I wake shortly after this.

      A flashlight in my dreams is a coalesced factor of emerging consciousness and precursory lucidity. Even though the little crocodiles were not a threat, I still non-lucidly decided to transform them into maple leaves, which represents the peaceful reunification of dream self into conscious self rather than the potentially aggressive coalescence of “being swallowed” by a crocodile.

      This dream is a virtual reversal of “Laser-Eyed Alligator” from 1979. The setting is the same, though the river was still present in that dream, though not as high as it should have been. No Naiad simulacrum (dream state inducer or reinducer) was present. The alligator had unrealistically large eyes (REM dream state indicator) seeking me out with its own “flashlight,” a beam that followed me as I tried to sustain the dream state.