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    1. Summoning a Chinese Sea Dragon to Swallow a Sea God

      by , 12-27-2018 at 06:27 PM
      Morning of December 27, 2018. Thursday.

      Dream #: 19,001-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min. Readability score (optimized): 70.

      At night, I am hovering over an unknown region of the ocean, walking on water at times. A miniaturized dam and its spillway are between two rocky outcrops. In proportion with my erroneous size perception, it only seems about six feet in length and about a foot in width. Despite the presence of the ocean, there is a vague awareness of indoor-outdoor ambiguity. An unknown male is with me.

      A sea god, possibly Thaumas, flies down to land atop the dam in a squatting position, on the right of the middle on our side. He appears as an informally dressed slim blond man with a mustache. He pulls a diagonal lever with his teeth, resulting in the water on the opposite side of the dam lowering and vanishing, leaving an expansive floor at the level the ocean’s surface had been. This floor has a break perpendicular to the middle of the dam, implying two sliding doors of enormous size, now closed.

      His act annoys me. I affirm the return of the water, saying that no one else will ever be able to change it. The ocean water flows back to where it had been, presumably as deep as previously.

      I confidently affirm a sea serpent will rise from the ocean depths to swallow this intrusive male. A Chinese sea dragon, with a head the size of a bus, emerges.

      Although rising close to the other male and me, it is not a threat to us. It swallows the sea god and swims away.

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    2. A Shallow Stream’s Dam

      by , 11-19-2017 at 05:19 PM
      Morning of November 19, 2017. Sunday.

      I am wading through a shallow stream along its course (seemingly north by way of liminal perception of my real physical body in bed). I eventually notice two unknown people, a male and a female, on the bank to my right. The water is only up to my knees. The experience is vivid and peaceful. There is the idea that the unknown male is going to make a dam. At least he suggests building one, though I am the one to make it.

      He says that he will use about ten to fifteen trees to make the dam but the female is seemingly annoyed by this. The concern is related to a loss of trees in the dense forest on either side of the stream. I consider her concern, but there does seem to be plenty of trees around.

      I create the dam by mentally tapping each tree (without viable lucidity, only by way of typical liminal dream control where I do not know I am dreaming but still control the dynamics of the dream state), which for a time, only seems about as big as a pencil as it falls across the stream.

      After this, I notice the water lowering to where it is only about as high as my toes, though this is seen on both sides of the log dam, which puzzles me. How could water lower on both sides of a dam? I mentally step over the dam and continue to follow the stream’s course to a small pond.

      This is a shallow reservoir,” says the male.

      I notice a very large footprint that is about the length of a car. It is facing back towards the stream. This singular footprint is what had apparently caused the pond to form (which of course is unlikely, though my dream self does not rationalize). I first consider that it is a footprint of a tyrannosaurus. Looking more closely, I report to the others that it was made by a giant duck. There is no sense of danger as I perceive most of the imagery in my dream as beautiful.

      Return flight waking symbolism (in this case, the presumed giant footprint of a duck combined with the water lowering waking autosymbolism) has been a main component of my dreams since early childhood.

      Because of my slightly restless sleep, there was one other dream featuring a dam on this day, but with different dynamics and a more dominant preconscious.

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    3. Stopping Dam Construction

      by , 11-19-2017 at 12:27 PM
      Morning November 19, 2017. Sunday.

      In the first part of my dream, I walk out into a beautiful scene of sunlight and family in an area near a lake and forest. There is a focus on love and well-being. Over time, a situation comes into focus, though it is based on a fictional location of our home.

      As usual, my non-lucid dream self aka personified subconscious is completely clueless as to where I really live. Instead, my dream’s home is a cottage in a field that does not resemble our present home at all. The field is bordered by a forest beyond the backyard.

      I become annoyed at learning of a project that relates to a dam being built, which I feel will be too close to our home. It looks like they already started.

      In one scene, I find myself talking to someone in a park ranger outfit. He is this dream’s personified preconscious, Leo Wyatt (Brian Krause) as he appeared on “Charmed” (which I have not seen for years). He is sitting across the table from me in my fictional house. He tells me that the people building the dam are doing it illegally and are Greenpeace activists. He seems cheerful and jokes about their inability to do things correctly and thereby, they do more harm than good. He seems to be giving me permission to act in whatever way I choose to stop their activities from interfering with the state of my house.

      I go outside and cuss at an unfamiliar male and tip part of the supposed dam over onto the ground. It is not really a dam yet, just an object shaped like a rectangular prism, slightly reminiscent of a washing machine or oven (though of too ambiguous an appearance to discern as either). I notice several unfamiliar people in the area, both male and female, all in their twenties. One unknown male is carrying several faux wooden rifles that have only the basic shape of a rifle. I am wondering what the point is of having such an object as it neither looks like a real weapon or could be used as one, even though it seems it will be their way of “fighting”. Eventually, it looks like the flowing of the water or the dam structure will not reach where our home is and I wake.

      Dreams have clear core meanings relating to the nature of being unconscious and achieving consciousness, though based on the level of unconsciousness and the particular time within the sleeping period. This dream is virtually the opposite in implication (if one were to pretend to “interpret” it rather than grasping its actual meaning) as another dream of this same sleeping period.

      The flow of water relates directly to the dynamics of sleep (based biologically on the glymphatic system) and the particular timing of the sleep cycle and how relaxed one is, including how relaxed their physical body is while sleeping - evidenced by the fact that most recorded sleeping aids utilize the sounds of water, from oceans to rivers to waterfalls. A dam relates to slightly restless sleep, but it is mainly about water lowering waking symbolism (extremely common, at least once per sleeping period for me for over fifty years).

      So why did I cheerfully create a dam in “A Shallow Stream’s Dam”, also of today’s date, while “knocking over” another dam in this dream? In both dreams, the preconscious was atypically cheerful, though in that dream, there was an attempt at reinduction (that is, to sustain and deepen my dream state), though my act of creating the dam curiously caused the water to lower on both sides of it (rather than increase the essence of water on one side, to deepen my sleep) and eventually led me into the link to return flight waking symbolism (the giant duck’s footprint that had created a pond linked to the stream). In this dream, the water lowering waking symbolism is of the same implication, yet occurs by preventing the dam being completed near my (fictional) house and there is no discernible stream to begin with, just pieces of the dam lying about in the clearing. Although this might be considered an aggressive act, my subliminal realization of this waking symbolism is what caused the rifles held by the other dream character to not be “real”, as a “real” rifle would be a more dominant rendering of RAS (reticular activating system, the biological function that mediates sleeping and waking and level of awareness), but because I had already subliminally stopped reinduction in this dream (that is, not lengthened my dream or deepened or sustained my level of unconsciousness), no “real” weapon was needed to truncate or alter the dream state as a wake-up alert. In simple summary the other dream reveals, “I would like to sleep longer” while this later dream (in the same sleeping period) reveals, “I do not need to sleep any longer and am ready to get up for the day”. The fake wooden rifles also represent the softer awakening, that is, without a hypnopompic kick or other spontaneous muscular waking trigger.

    4. Chopping up the Preconscious

      by , 11-12-2016 at 05:12 PM
      Morning of November 12, 2016. Saturday.

      I find myself in what seems to be our old apartment on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield, yet which also has the feeling of the northeast bedroom of the Loomis Street house (yet another new composite I have never experienced before). The Loomis Street living room is mixed into the Gellibrand Street hall. However, even though it looks more like the Gellibrand Street apartment I feel younger and as if it is mainly the small Loomis Street bedroom.

      At one point, I hear an unknown male talking outside my door. Eventually, it seems he is mocking me, yet somehow without being directly sarcastic in his vocal tone. I am annoyed and go out to the front yard but do not yet see him. I notice that instead of the front steps there is a round boulder to have to walk up onto, which is difficult. The unknown male is now standing at the open hall entrance. He reminds me vaguely of Don K (who I had not seen since around 1982) and seems about twenty-five years old. He makes a couple comments about my difficulty in walking up and over the bolder and I feel a bit annoyed as my legs do not seem to work correctly.

      He mocks me with a few more comments, a couple relating to phrases my mother used to use (such as “my old bones” and “this nutty old world”). I agree with a couple comments he makes relating to my apparently lame legs.

      Still, I become more annoyed by his presence. He makes comments about details in my dream journals that I had written way back when I was only eight or nine years old (the original phrasing and writing style). I am surprised he knows all this. I get the impression he had somehow been reading my dream journals way back to 1966. I wonder if he stole any of them or any of the pages.

      Eventually, I punch him out. He ends up lying on his side in an unknown area, as the setting now transforms into an unfamiliar location. When he moves, I decide to chop him up so that he cannot be an annoyance anymore. Another male appears (likely the emergent consciousness personification as it seems more passive and “closer” than a personified basic conscious self identity) and we seem to be working in a mission together. There is an advanced computer that speaks as I am trying to work out where to send the body parts.

      I give the computer vocal instructions and it answers me in a loud clear voice. I give it various longitude and latitude directions though at first, what I say is distorted and meaningless. The computer keeps correcting what I say so I can repeat certain details.

      “Thirty-six degrees latitude north,” I eventually say. “One hundred fifteen degrees latitude west…”

      “You mean longitude,” says the computer loudly. I agree with all the corrections the computer makes, but I have no idea where I am sending the body parts as it feels I am just saying random values. I get the impression that a team will come in, take them away, and place them wherever.

      “The Deuce-Berry Hoover Dam,” announces the computer. I am somewhat surprised and am not certain it is a good idea to put the remains there (as I consider the remains sitting atop the wall near a spillway, right out in the open), but I do not say anything. The other male looks on passively as I visualize the espionage team getting ready.

      A dam is a potential waking prompt as water symbolizes sleep and a dam stops water from flowing; deuce is sometimes a term for the preconscious (secondary to a more defined emergent consciousness in the final scene of a dream), berry being a play on “bury” and “Hoover” also being associated with vacuum cleaners (both a mortality symbol and dreaming conduit and waking transition symbol that has been recurring more over the last ten years); the talking computer is the personified whole conscious self (not that common a feature as here) due to only the whole conscious self having viable thinking skills.