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    1. Raccoon Referee

      by , 05-05-2017 at 06:06 PM
      Morning of May 5, 2017. Friday.

      I am in an unfamiliar forest setting and I feel good about the imagery and location. Over time, two deer are ready to engage in a fight. There is a raccoon that is apparently some sort of referee that stands on the sidelines like a person (that is, upright on his hind legs). He seems like a real raccoon otherwise. He is standing between what looks like two wooden “walls”, possibly of natural design.

      The deer headbutt each other and soon become like a sideways tornado, with hardly any discernible imagery other than swirls of color. An oversized raccoon tail appears in the swirling imagery, which could be an additional raccoon that had been closer to the deer and got caught up in their ruckus.

      The deer fight within their whirlwind until there is no sign that they are still there. The raccoon referee stands without moving, looking at the spot they had vanished from, apparently having disintegrated each other. There is the usual feeling of waking symbolism, a bit more accelerated than usual, and a slight sense of amusement and clarity. The deer vanishing is a waking prompt caused by my sudden lucidity, where dream features are more easily quickly rendered or dissolved, though I did not deliberately create this effect with my conscious mind (as it was automatic).

    2. The Power of the Masters

      by , 08-07-2015 at 06:03 PM
      Morning of August 7, 2015. Friday.

      This was an atypical extraordinary dream that was quite long and exhausting. I can only relate some scenes as much of it was abstract.

      In one part of my dream, my wife Zsuzsanna (though at a much younger age before we met) seemed to be oddly played by the role of a white female; actress Mary Beth McDonough. After a time, she is more like a composite. As most people have learned over time from my extensive online journal, it is ludicrous that anyone other than the dreamer could associate or “interpret” anything in his or her dream. The idea is so preposterous (not to mention disturbing) that I could fill an entire book with how wrong this concept is. In fact, this tiny little facet of just one dream proves that.

      No one but me could possibly relate why this dream facet manifested. It is because of one minor association between my wife and Mary Beth McDonough that only I could know, that being the deer symbol. This is because both my wife and her had photographs taken of feeding and petting a deer around the same age, and that is obviously the first thing that comes to mind for me.

      No one but me could decode the next scene, either. Over time, I am concerned about this character’s safety. Her “parents” (though they seem completely unfamiliar) talk to me about her future and for a time, it almost seems as if I am the father. The male is dressed as in the painting “My Father Was Big As A Tree” from 1955 and does not remove his hat.

      Something happens to where her fake father seems to be causing her trouble or preventing her spiritual growth by preaching some form of skewed Christianity. She sits on the couch with her arms folded much of the time. I begin to develop a special discernment that I cannot call lucidity, because I am not lucid. I tell the male that it is impossible for him to alter the destiny of a master since the patterns exist in the world itself. I become angry.

      In this way as if noticing me as who I am for the first time (related to any faux back story), he seems to see me in a different light as I feel, for whatever reason, that I need to protect the actress (who is looking more like my wife-to-be). I feel an exhausting level of energy and blow out towards him as he shouts “Manny! Manny!” to his wife, and he transforms into a butterfly under my will as he escapes through the front open doorway of the unfamiliar residence. I expect him to not make it across the front yard.

      “That girl was ta…” (thunder). Police cars take my schoolmate away. I want to live in the sky, away from humanity and those who so effortlessly prey on the innocent without remorse..and all the while playing the victim. I saw the signs and no one ever listened. No one ever does.

      From here, I reach down and feel my left leg and notice it has transformed into a deer’s leg and I can clearly feel the foot. It seems very intriguing and vivid and I brush over the fur on my left leg. My wife is herself again and I am once again thankful that no other path would ever have given me life.

      I then see myself in a painting where I am separated from humanity by a gulf that will always be reflected in “Alien Child” (as the original artist apparently saw himself). The painting “Alien Child” burns and so does “Hostile Butterflies”.

      Only I know…

    3. Deer Contest

      by , 04-12-2015 at 09:14 PM
      Morning of April 12, 2015. Sunday.

      This is a very atypical dream, and unlike most of my dreams, it is difficult to trace any reasonable associations or present-life relative context of any kind. Although it is impersonal and I do not seem a direct part of it, it is still somewhat stressful. For some reason, a younger unknown couple (male and female, not known if they are married) is in a basement or at least an area under the floor of some sort of small store. The room they are in is not big enough to stand in, probably only about three feet from floor to ceiling, thus the task must be completed while lying down.

      An older unknown male brings a deer carcass into the store, although it is mostly the outer part. He puts it down into the “basement” and the woman is told that the skin must be ready by a certain time, probably about three hours, or they will both be killed (apparently shot with his rifle). Over time, with difficulty, the female finishes without any help from the male. There is a bit of conversation and drama though I do not recall all of it. I am present, but not physically uncomfortable in the small room, probably disembodied in my perspective, in some sort of abstract or ethereal form.

      From here, the man releases them, seeming in a cheerful mood, and is then seen in a drastic scene-change in the Loomis Street backyard with the deerskin lying flat on the ground (though he is walking away from it, though may come back and get it later) and the couple remain uninjured. I get the sense that this was some sort of mean trick, as he had never planned to kill them.

      The only thing I can even vaguely link to this is recently seeing a random tattoo show (I do not watch much television) where a female tattoo artist had to complete her jaguar tattoo, I think, but did not finish it (though was still not the one chosen to leave by the judges). It may be related to being forced to make warmer clothes for the coming winter to avoid becoming too cold (since it is seemingly taking place in Wisconsin), though that is only a guess. Other than that, it remains an impersonal atypical sequence.
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    4. Deer Hunting With Bow and Arrow

      by , 11-28-2013 at 05:28 PM
      Morning of November 28, 2013. Thursday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am in the shed on Loomis Street, but it seems much bigger and aligned in a different direction (perpendicular to its actual location). Apparently, I had just successfully shot two large male deer with little effort with a bow and arrow. I vaguely remember the details as a supposed backstory, but it becomes clearer when my brother-in-law Bob and I are talking about brand names involved in two different methods of hunting as we are walking from the shed (apparently having dressed and stored the deer in his freezer). There seems to be a continuous mix-up of which company makes the best bows and arrows and which makes the best rifles. It is almost like a comedy routine in knowing which is which. There are also a couple sarcastic remarks about some of the hunters using BB guns. (In real life years ago, I had told a factory foreman as I was working on an assembly line, who had asked about what kind of rifle my brother-in-law used, that Bob got his biggest deer with a Daisy, which is mostly known for BB guns. He looked at me strangely. I guess he did not appreciate my deadpan humor.)

      Bob and I are going back out, mostly for me to only watch his attempts and perhaps to help as I walk behind him to his right. We walk the entire way. We have regular bows and arrows, not crossbows, and I sort of wonder about this for some time. (My brother Earl and his wife - in fact he met her there - worked at a place that made bows and arrows - Outers Laboratories, Inc.)

      We reach an area going uphill. We are walking up a long pathway that has seemingly been used for vehicles only rarely. To our left is a thicker, almost impenetrable forest, with sparse rock features. To the right is mostly an open plain with a row of larger trees along the pathway and only minor rock features. In the distance are large hills, perhaps mountains. I am not sure where we are, but there is a heightened feeling of clarity and joy, almost a sense of love and boundless freedom.

      Near each tree is a very large male deer facing the pathway, with their head and neck and front legs visible. I am wondering if my brother-in-law will be able to get them (though he is apparently allowed only two), but I soon feel confident about his success. Farther to the right, in the more open area, is a large mountain lion (cougar) that neither seems to be a threat nor even seems to notice us (and is only casually glancing at the many deer). I focus on how the deer may or may not move away upon approach, depending partly on the mountain lion’s activity and which direction he goes. I slowly wake as we are walking along, feeling very at ease and relaxed.

      This dream was at least partly influenced by a foundational scripting, “I unfold my map of my best future”. Still, it has been twenty years since I went anywhere with Bob. I take it to mean something positive, that is, possible abundance, potential success (at least in surviving in a decent way, more than many I know of), and only potential danger if willfully approaching something of that nature (the mountain lion).

      The deer could not escape across to the other side (the forest seemingly being too dense) and they did not want to go in the direction of the mountain lion, and they were there closest to us (available nourishment or power), and I had considered if they were somehow “stuck”. This part of my dream seemed partly prescient due to the fact that a poster on the main dream journal site told me of an event where a deer had become entangled (though she referred to it as synchronicity, which I have otherwise experienced continuously throughout my life since early childhood).

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    5. The Mansion (deer’s ghost)

      by , 06-10-1972 at 12:38 PM
      Morning of June 10, 1972. Saturday.

      I am following train tracks for some reason, but after I walk for several minutes into a more isolated area, the tracks come to an end. There are a lot of trees and bushes around. There are no other people in this dream. It seems to be an unknown location, as well.

      I come to an abandoned mansion. Looking around inside, I notice a young deer’s head as a trophy on the wall. I see the ghost of that deer, when looking through the doorway near the fireplace I am standing by; the deer ghost leaps over a few loose scattered boards in another room and leaves the area. Apparently, the mansion is haunted by the ghost of a deer, but there seems to be no real threat at all. I do not really feel bad in any way, but actually feel a sense of peace.

      I feel now that there may be some sort of play on the train tracks ending - linked to the idea of the animal tracks and animal “ending”.