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    1. Disrupting and Speaking with the Lion of Coalescence

      by , 07-01-2016 at 10:37 AM
      Morning of July 1, 2016. Friday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now (relative to age and appearance for the most part) are seemingly living back on Stadcor Street in Brisbane. However, our house is eventually implied to be haunted. There are also a number of other people, including a young black male, who are either staying with us or just looking things over as visitors. It seems we may have just moved in within the last few days.

      A few different times, termites crawl out from near the top of the walls. There seems to be some sort of demonic or ghostly presence in the “attic” (though there really was not an actual attic as such in real life). The black male spends time looking at the ceiling and I notice some unusual patterns. For example, parts of the ceiling have spiderweb-like cracks in about three different areas as well as real spiderweb a short distance from the ceiling light. At one point, there is a small cylindrical hole where sand or dust rains down from for a short time.

      The room shared by our two oldest children when they were younger now seems to possibly serve as a different room, though there is an unfamiliar and unknown young dark-haired female in another room whose room it may be (or may soon be) and I am seemingly checking the room regarding its safety. Instead of a wooden ceiling of planks, it is white tiles and actually seems like my bedroom in Cubitis in some ways (though the ceiling is lower). However, it also seems like some sort of unusual but very subtle composite even though the Cubitis house layout is different from the Stadcor Street house layout, though two bedrooms and the living room (lounge room) are in similar locations with respect to each other's directional orientation.

      I reach up through the pushed-aside ceiling tile and find an old paperback children’s book with a yellow cover and a sketchy drawing on a white panel with a black border. I am unsure of the title. I think it may be a story from “365 Bedtime Stories” (owned for years in my childhood) and may refer to “What a Jolly Street” (which I have not thought of in many years). I brush and sweep dust and spiderweb from it with a very realistic focus and sense of awareness and touch. It depicts a cheerful running boy (implied to be running away from the foreground, though at an angle from his right) with a blanket over his shoulders (obvious dream sign though it does not trigger anything - though the cover being yellow is a dawning consciousness and sunrise symbol). I give it to the unknown girl who may be implied to be my (fictional) daughter though as other families may also be living in the house, I remain unsure. I am also aware of my real youngest son at one point during this scenario. I am able to find a few more similar books and find it fascinating and enriching, though almost like a typical faux lucidity where I expect something (without knowing I am dreaming) and manifest it with no effort. (The thought alone creates it.)

      Back in the kitchen, there is movement in the ceiling over time, which is not tiled but of some sort of white fiberboard. Whatever is up there is very heavy and seems to make the ceiling slightly lower wherever it goes. Everyone seems concerned as we clearly hear it within the ceiling, “following me” wherever I walk, which is quite interesting - as if it can sense me somehow - even though I try to walk very quietly. This goes on for several minutes. At one point, there is the idea that it may be a giant rat although its “real” form may be a demon or ghost. I am annoyed more than frightened in any way and talk about “how to get rid of the demonic presence”. After a time, it speaks in a deep patronizing voice. This causes me to have had enough since this being also brings out termites a few times (as if by supernatural control), though they do go back into the walls. I shout as loud as I can for the being to leave and I do not stop. I am not afraid; I am annoyed. Eventually, it seems quieter.

      I casually walk into our large lounge room. On the opposite side of the room and to the right (near the front windows) is a large lion sitting in a natural position on one of two large couches (which form a corner against two walls that join) and is “playfully” nudging one of six or seven toddlers who are somehow all sitting atop the back of the couch. The lion is opening his mouth around one in particular as if to indicate he is about to swallow her. There does not seem to be an immediate threat because the lion does not actually bite any of them. However, I have had enough of this strange “haunting” and even strongly feel that sacrificing myself to save the toddlers is the right thing to do. I get the lion’s attention to distract him from hurting any of the toddlers and he jumps down from the couch and approaches me. I assertively demand “Who are you?” after boldly gazing at his face for a time, because, even though I am not lucid in any way, I get the strong impression that I should do this.

      The lion eventually starts talking in a rough human male voice as I look stoically into his eyes, but, almost without me noticing the change, the lion is now a dark-haired and heavily mustached European male (perhaps in his early forties) standing before me in a medieval swordsman outfit, though there are also the essences of court jester and pilgrim in his overall appearance and I seem to make out vague pale green and brownish horizontal stripes across his jerkin. His hair is about shoulder length though his small hood seems up. He talks about being the former resident of our house. He seems angry about its fate. Oddly, his main concern is about a party that is apparently to be held in the kitchen. I am not so keen on a party myself. I try to reassure him so as to stop all the ghostly commotion and eventually wake - with an understanding that a few of the other people will not have a party that may wreck the house and annoy the ghost.

      The setting of the kitchen may relate to slight hunger in sleep, though here, it may also imply the presence of the lion of coalescence as a lion represents swallowing the dreamer back into whole consciousness. The toddlers probably represent potential new (or offset) dream states, as this takes place on a couch (a dream sign as it is like a bed). When I was getting books from above the ceiling, I was attempting to reach and communicate with the critical thinking skills of my conscious mind, which are usually greatly lacking in dreams (as anything above the ceiling represents conscious activity as does a haunting - which is meant to stir the conscious self into waking or at least being more aware within the dream state). With the most subtle of conscious activity (though I am never lucid here) I even get a direct symbolic response that indicates I am sleeping and dreaming (the book cover of a boy running with a sheet over his shoulders). The challenge of “who are you” is quite extreme and rare for me in a non-lucid dream state (though is commonly practiced by other schools of thought in dream work), especially as I subliminally know the “who are you” is a form of my emerging consciousness. Overall, I found this dream fascinating and have placed it on my “favorites” list. It is one of my favorite non-lucid dreams in recent years.

      Again, it is curious how I challenge the Gatekeeper in liminal space, which, for whatever reason, some people identify as the “subconscious”, though this makes no sense as it is the dawning conscious self that is growing in activity in the dream state, not the “subconscious” (a term I no longer use or broadly accept anymore). A swordsman represents truth and clarity of conscious day to day awareness and in some cases implies a higher “destiny” regarding change (especially the angel with a blue flaming sword). A concern about the “party in the kitchen” possibly relates to eating healthier foods and losing a bit of extra weight yet may also metaphorically relate to a more profound coalescence in integrating more with the Source.

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    2. World of Briars

      by , 08-17-2015 at 03:53 PM
      Morning of August 17, 2015. Monday.

      This is my first stable dream of this time period on this date, a type which is always lucid - every first dream I have had since early childhood has been of this nature, every single night, with no attempt to make it so, and always in the first stage of light sleep paralysis which I enjoy - I do not attempt to control it in anyway during the first stage - I just flow with it and enjoy it even if the imagery should be grotesque beyond imagination. The imagery, I suppose, this time, is somewhat nightmarish (in regards to how others might see it), but not a nightmare at all to me. There is no emotion other than a sense of peace and acceptance. In this state, even being fully in-body, there is no way a lucid dream could integrate or interfere with my real-life state. I mostly just watch. I am not even regarded by the entity that is “making” this domain - even though I sense and know that he is not “of” me in any way.

      Some sort of larger-than-life human-like form, fairly pale, somewhat sickly looking (yet still seemingly stronger than any human form), holds an egg. It looks like a typical white chicken egg, though perhaps bigger. Over time, thorns (of about three different sizes) sprout from all areas of its surface, though leaving the egg’s surface fully intact otherwise. At times, the implications “reset”. The being stands as, slightly hunched over, at one point, the thorns growing from the egg seem to become endless briars in a large ominous but colorful landscape of mostly greens, oranges, yellows, and browns. Certainly this place is not for human beings, though I have certainly seen far worse realms. The thorny briars are in various patterns and sizes that sometimes cross over each other and form “gates” and purely organic trellises. Everything is made of briars, including possibly “nests” assuming there are creatures or human-like forms that live here. I realize this realm is probably a human world that relates to frustration or possibly a lack of focus. It is beautiful, but not a place I particularly would want to spend much time in.

      I do not challenge the being with the egg (which sits on the palm of his right hand), even though he seems puzzled that nothing emerges from the egg (upon each “reset”) but thorns. If he wants to keep creating infinite briars into his world from it, who am I to stop him. This is his world, not mine.
    3. Golden Latch

      by , 08-17-2015 at 02:17 PM
      Morning of August 17, 2015. Monday.

      In my dream, I find myself going through some sort of structure, somewhat church-like and fairly large. I do not recognize it as a real setting or composite. For some reason, I focus on the nature of “ordinary” people and puzzle over the functions of their minds, almost as if I am stumped by their potential of understanding something as simple as a half-black and half-white wall. I am trying to work out if typical human beings would understand that half the wall was black and half of it was white, and thus each being fifty percent of the wall. Somehow, I seem to think that this basic, simple realization would not even be accessed by most people and the majority of people would never even begin to understand. I get the impression that hardly anyone would see the wall as half black and half white even though it is, not even in any complex pattern (such as perfectly proportional static), but again a solid half on the left and a solid half on the right. No one would see it as it was.

      I move through the environment and encounter a larger room that seems to be the realm of some sort of demonic entity, though not in any serious context. I have hardly ever dreamt of demons or devils in my life, and even when I have, it was always eventually comic-strip-like. (This does not mean I do not believe in the malevolent essences of certain types of people. Some people’s life purpose seems to be to solely cause trouble for others for whatever reason and to lie as much as possible about everyone else.)

      No human being on Earth could even begin to “explain” one iota of how I have lived for over fifty years as I have. Certainly a “demonic” form would have no clue, either. At any rate, this “demon” I see from his left as he faces perpendicularly from me towards some sort of implied portal. I barely make out a sketched pattern on the white marble floor (which I think has light blue skewed teardrop patterns) that may be some sort of wagon wheel design (I do not think it is a hexagram or anything of that nature).

      There is some sort of distorted plot that I can only basically describe. This more-human essence of what may be jealously and covetousness (and perhaps even static contempt - whereas a person might just as well be white noise in the scheme of things) does not really concern me that much. I had indulged in a long romantic interlude in real life prior to my dream after some “pretend to be human” playing around with my wife, and here this hopeless “demon” is - standing in a very large room, not even facing me, but looking at basically nothing and is actually what he has been apparently doing for centuries. How…boring. Demons, after all, are probably the most boring things in existence (no offense to Hot Stuff the Little Devil, whose dream-like adventures in Harvey comics I greatly enjoyed in my childhood).

      I am puzzled.

      The demon only halfheartedly acknowledges me. “You,” he raspingly says and does not even turn about. He does not seem very assertive and certainly is not threatening.

      I lift my right hand and see a glowing golden latch I am holding for an unknown reason. Oddly, it reminds me somewhat of the piece of the bottom door in my tall metal cupboard from my room in Cubitis (though the difference being it was matte metallic, not golden). I play with the latch for a short time, that is, I move the mechanism about and find it interesting.

      “Even if you take this from me, I will just create another one,” I say, which seems to be an “understanding” at the very core of my being. The “demon” seems only mildly annoyed. I deliberately cause the latch to vanish (even though I am not lucid) and cause an identical one to appear in my right hand almost immediately. (I am not sure where the other one went - possibly onto a door somewhere.) I see that the “demon” (who reminds me somewhat of a shabbily dressed homeless person at this point) also has a latch, but it is rusty and frozen (nonworking).

      The demon reminds me somewhat of those fake screw heads that have appeared on everything from cassette tape cases to radios and children’s toys. What is the point? One can only gawk in bafflement at the audacity of the inherent falseness where no screwdriver on Earth (even a fake one) would hope to “turn” the fake screw head, a hilarious example of mankind’s silliness. Some people are like that. That is, like the fake screw heads on an otherwise feasible cassette, where they look like an impressive screw head on the outside yet do not function at all.

      No drama. My thoughts coalesce into abstract forms.
    4. Car Demon

      by , 06-03-1973 at 11:05 AM
      Morning of June 3, 1973. Sunday.

      I am with an unknown attractive girl (about my age) in a car (in some dreams such as this, I was “already” in a car, but it was very rare for me to fit in a car when wanting to drive it or to get into it, or a taxi, etc. It sometimes even eventually turned into a shoe). We are trying to engage in romance, but the car is going in a circle and making us annoyed, as we really want to leave the old dusty (and mostly featureless) warehouse we are in and go elsewhere, primarily to a meadow or perhaps to the top of a hill. A very tall insect-like “human” (with reptile nuances) with spider-web-like eyes (and very small pupils and irises) is making the car go in a circle with some sort of mind control on his part as he waves his hand somewhat like a puppet-master (with the implied otherwise invisible “strands” that control the car). The “demon” reminds me much of a cartoon monster from a Marvel comic book - it seems of the same overall design. Part of this is also probably a play on “sex drive” when I heard it with negative connotations at a prior date.

      As it was fairly common for negative energies to stop romantic potential during some earlier dream trends, thus I soon began to see people who associated sexuality - especially relative to dream content - with anything “wrong” or “dirty” (other than a realistic natural caution in real life, of course, but anything is possible in dreams, including total sexual freedom) as completely wrong or simply ignorant - as those were the only types of characters that were non-involving as such or even completely ignorant of feminine anatomy (sometimes, though, in real life, they would tell jokes that proved they did not know anything about feminine anatomy - it was pretty strange being around such people - I could not laugh at an idiotic “wrong” joke that made no sense and so ironically was seen as less worldly even though I was more worldly at that age).

      I think it is very important to note here that it was a “dream demon” who was stopping us from our romantic scenario, not trying to instigate it or encourage us. Interesting, yes? And what do you think that implies? I think it relates to being wrongfully influenced mentally (about physical contact, especially in a personal dream) by mainstream mythology concerning religion. As the car is going in circles it may also relate to circular logic in false religious arguments.
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