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    1. Tulpa Triumphant

      by , 02-11-2014 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of February 11, 2014. Tuesday.

      I believe February 11th is somewhat of a significant date (for me to some extent) because of the 2 - 11 pattern (as part of the huge 2, 6, 9, 11, 22, 69, 96, etc. links).

      This is a fairly short semi-lucid dream that is more like an in-dream “vision”. I am watching, over time, a giant diamond rotating in no particular location. Each facet of the diamond is like a mirror, each “reflecting” (from an unknown location) a different female face.

      There are very strong feelings of love and well-being as the “mirrors” of this giant diamond “slowly explode” outward as a somewhat random pattern. At the center of all this is my wife. She is smiling at me. I strongly feel that she is the “only true female that exists in this world” (or “universe”/“dimension” wherever) and is the origin of all others since earliest memory (even imaginary aspects of female characters in past dreams as well as all other females throughout history). This makes perfect sense to me since she was (in my opinion) the first female I “sensed” at a deeper level on her day of birth from across the wide ocean (while near the Port Charlotte region).

      I suppose there is also a very vague connection to the very similar imagery (of the rotating diamond-like facets) of the “Superman” movie (1978) concerning “The Phantom Zone”, which is a negative implication - but not really relevant to my dream. Realistically, though, I do now see the Superman logo as “diamond-shaped” even though it is not geometrically diamond-shaped - it is actually very much like the diamond on a wedding ring in symbolism. Also, my wife’s anglicized first name begins with “S” and “S” is a Yin Yang representation (especially when paired with two smaller offset “c"s, though).

      This dream had a lot of "perfect” energy and beauty.
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      lucid , memorable
    2. The Big Diamond

      by , 08-03-1974 at 08:35 AM
      Morning of August 3, 1974. Saturday.

      I am the only character in my dream at one point other than a younger Michael Learned (who I sometimes absentmindedly yet predictably in real life referred to as Michelle Learned), the actress who played Olivia Walton on “The Waltons” television series. Here, she is somewhat like a composite character of her Olivia role (in overall looks and presence) and my German middle school business teacher in manner and vocal style. However, regarding Olivia, her persona seems a bit more modern. She is talking to me about the huge diamond in an area seemingly east of where we are, which appears to be another part of Arcadia. However, at one point, the diamond seems to be lower down in a featureless valley, yet also appears to possibly be a parking lot (where it has either “landed” or somehow emerged from). At first, the giant diamond (seemingly half in the ground in terms of overall appearance or only the top part of a diamond) seems to be an alien spaceship, but in seemingly a nonthreatening way (though I never see any aliens at any point). However, it also seems to be a man-made structure later on, such as a complex glass pyramid for an unknown purpose, though perhaps is a plant nursery. Micheal Learned seems to be cheerful as she speaks with me and “explaining” things, even somewhat motherly, but I do not recall any of what was said. The directional orientation may be important here, because the sun also rises in the east. The area occupied by the diamond seems close to where Arcadia’s hospital would be (in 1974) but the overall area is distorted and quite different than in reality (especially in regard to elevation and the wider otherwise featureless area).