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    1. Long Rein, Short Rain, Candy Bar Wrapper, Golden Legs 2 of 2

      by , 05-15-2014 at 11:15 AM
      Morning of May 15, 2014. Thursday.

      Dream #: 17,314-04 decoding. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      This entry explains the dream content causation of “Long Rein, Short Rain, Candy Bar Wrapper, Golden Legs,” a long dreaming experience that includes the usual dreaming processes and liminal navigation caused by being in REM sleep.

      The horse is the simulacrum that anticipates achieving control over my physical body during the waking transition. The lead rein is too long because of the instinctual recognition that I cannot move my body as long as I am asleep. The unknown coachman is this dream’s kinaesthetic personification, a factor of my duality caused by dreaming and a model of the ambiguity of liminal space.

      An intersection models synaptic gating while dreaming as a result of being in REM sleep. The horse turns to the right, an expectation I will move to my right upon waking, as I sleep on my left side.

      (The woman with gold legs at the end of my dream is also to my right. She represents the same factor. Both are focused on the anticipation of leg movement that is only possible when awake, other than myoclonus.)

      The next scene validates I am dreaming, as it features a bed in a fictitious hotel room. There is an instinctual recognition of the imaginary somatosensory perceptions of dreaming that creates ripples on Zsuzsanna’s skin.

      A library correlates with cerebral activity and seeking to read. Somatosensory dynamics are still perceived, though the illusion features a candy bar wrapper someone takes from my shirt pocket. I think of enhancing my imaginary experience with the sensation of rain on my skin (also a form of virtual melatonin mediation). The candy bar wrapper reminds me my dream body’s skin is not real. I assume the card referred to is an identification card, so this is confirming my dream self is neither my waking-life identity nor can viably read in the imaginary library.

      Gold becomes predominant in my dreams when closer to the threshold of the final waking process and represents the daytime (as a circadian rhythm factor) and coming into awareness of daylight. Here, it has dual associations with the recognition my body is immobile as I sleep, and the wakefulness personification has golden legs. She is also communicating, first by payphone (requiring standing up), and by cell phone, and then by looking directly at my imaginary dream self.

      My entire dream stems from the seeking of the mind-body connection that is only viable when awake, from resolving sleep atonia (with minor anticipation of myoclonus) to preparing to walk. (I am lying on the ground in the final scene, after sitting up, becoming more aware of my body’s sleeping position. This factor is a common attribute of my dreaming history.)

      The selection of the simulacra as the kinaesthetic dynamics seem ultimately random. Even so, a horse is more likely to kick (myoclonus), though over time (my dream being longer than average), the woman with “daylight legs” appears after I look out from the end of an alley (in becoming more aware of physical immobility while sleeping).