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    1. The Eyes of Lettuce are Upon You

      by , 05-18-2014 at 11:18 AM
      Night of May 18, 2014. Sunday.

      I seem to be in a large kitchen, though not bodily present, that is, I do not seem to possess my illusory dream self’s body. It may be the set of one of those nonsensical reality television cooking shows (none of which we have ever watched).

      I notice more and more heads of lettuce and cabbages on a large table (not a kitchen counter). There seem to be many varieties, of which are mostly green, some leaves having light stripes. I look more closely inside the leaves, mentally willing them to spread (by way of semi-lucidity), and under their leaves, I sometimes see a human eye. This seems to be perfectly natural. I also see a few white plates and large knives.

      Dreams are known to be autosymbolic of the sleeping, dreaming, and waking processes of RAS mediation. Therefore, I can easily determine that this is an incidental playful association with “heads” of lettuce as a secondary factor of subliminal incidental focus on REM sleep (REM meaning Rapid Eye Movement, though the singular lettuce eyes were not moving rapidly due to the lack of temporality in the dream state).

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    2. The Lens

      by , 03-10-1986 at 09:10 AM
      Morning of March 10, 1986. Monday.

      There is something found in a special small cardboard box covered with fabric, like the type some wristwatches are purchased in. It seems to have been hidden in an additional compartment inside. I seem to be a different character, seemingly a young version of Ray Milland, also having his voice when I speak, this being before or during his death in reality, though I had not seen any of his movies for some time. This seems important, as although my dream does not precisely reflect the plot of any movie he was in, it does have similarities and some of the same mood throughout to the movie “X: The Man with the X-ray Eyes” from 1963.

      The box contains a special lens. It allows the person who looks through it to “see forever” and has different ways of displaying and revealing the otherwise unseen, not always consistent.

      As the other character, I become addicted to this new way of viewing the world. Over time, my eye begins to bleed. I have similar opportunities as “X” (from the Ray Milland movie) in seeing through things, as well as having the telescopic perspective. At one point, I hear a seemingly ominous line from my character that goes, “when I look through the lens of evil, I can see myself looking back” and this seems to be the case. I look through the lens, and in the supposed far distance, is a scene of me sitting on a bed and looking back at me through the same lens, like some sort of distant mirror-like reflection. This seems to be some sort of extreme point, where the lens is now functioning in a different way.

      In reality of course, because the world is a sphere, seeing everything on the planet would not be possible and would be cut off at the horizon (more so, there would be no potential for a distant mirror-like reflection). The lens seems to bend light in a way where you can see all the way around the planet and back in either perspective. (There is also a point earlier where I see myself looking through the lens, but from the back. This was an influence from a scene of the same concept from the original “Land of the Lost” television series.) I can also see into distant space, infinitely.

      Eventually, my eyes become larger and bleed more, being very bloodshot, though one eye is much worse, implying some sort of side effect, as I use it more for the lens. Over time, I grow scales on my arms and legs and eventually gills on my neck. In my dream’s last scene, I become a mooneye fish and do one last vertical leap from the water’s surface. The fish’s eye is also bleeding, seen from a distance, followed by a dramatic zooming in as if from a movie.

      Ray Milland died on this tenth of March, after my dream. Additionally, my mother developed a severe eye infection where one eye looked extremely bloodshot (and she had never had such an infection before). Because I wrote this dream out as a short story after I woke, it later seemed very strange for my mother to read it when one of the lines read “the eye looked awful”, followed by other related details. I felt embarrassingly inconsiderate (though I had written it out prior to her condition). Additionally, I had caught a mooneye fish later, which is a type of fish I rarely ever caught.

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