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    1. Falling into the Safety Net

      by , 10-01-2017 at 08:39 PM
      Morning of October 1, 2017. Sunday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now. We are seemingly at the local showgrounds at nighttime. (This is likely residual memory of the enjoyable time we had there in real life.)

      Zsuzsanna takes our youngest daughter with her up a ladder to some sort of minimal structure whereby a person then jumps off an I-beam from at least thirty feet up. I am soon seeing the view from overhead even though I had not yet climbed the ladder, yet I do not seem incorporeal as in similar events.

      I am somewhat wary of this as I do not want them injured. However, after they jump, a safety net comes into view and they cheerfully land on it and everything is okay.

      I then decide to try this for myself. However, I start to realize as I am climbing the metal ladder (with round rungs), that climbing a ladder is a metaphor for waking from the dream state (even though I am only partially lucid at this point). Before I get to the I-beam, I wake, feeling very amused that I “tricked myself”. (I was already apparently on the I-beam. I really did not have to reset my dream as such to experience this waking symbolism as I have otherwise enjoyed flying, falling, and rising in my dreams on a day to day basis for over fifty years.)

      Falling in a dream is usually biologically based on inner ear dynamics via RAS (partly caused by perceiving one’s fictional dream body as standing in the dream state while the physical body is actually horizontal in bed, as one obviously but naturally loses the perception of environmental solidity and stability while unconscious). However, someone or something else falling is typically an event projected by subliminal conscious will in an attempt to soften the waking transition.

      As long as there are people (who should really know better) pretending that a dream involving falling has an “interpretation” or meaning related to real life circumstances (when it is simply RAS-based biology in most cases, which is a circadian rhythms factor typically beyond conscious intent or will), superstition and ignorance will continue to corrupt any hope of understanding the dream state.

    2. Cohesive Guitar Playing and Darth, son of Gorgon

      by , 09-18-2016 at 08:42 AM
      Morning of September 18, 2016. Sunday.

      I seem to be outside at a fair in an unknown location (though it may be the Bundaberg Showgrounds) though there are not that many people. It seems to be late morning. I am playing an electric guitar in an unusual way, though it does not seem to be connected to an amplifier. I seem to be sitting on the ground and crouched down, though in actuality, in order to get the perspective I maintain here, I would have to be lying on my stomach. The guitar is lying on its back, its headstock pointing southward based on the Bundaberg Showgrounds orientation. I am mostly using an unrealistically large plectrum (pick) that is a little like a banjo pick but flatter. It seems to be broken near the middle but not completely. The crack or “crease” allows it to fold over my finger at times without it being that problematic. I use it differently at different points, including possibly upside-down or backwards.

      At one point, an unfamiliar female looks on. My music sounds very cohesive and interesting (though somewhat harp-like) and I am actually aware of each note in each series even though my focus and playing is based on distance between notes (such as thirds and fifths relative to the frets, which would be the case anyway if I were using a capo though which I am not) rather than a direct focus on the notes themselves. Still, the sounds seem to be very precise. (It is quite unusual to have such a clear awareness over what is being played relative to use of both hands simultaneously and with the sound seeming correct. I believe that this is the first time such clarity and precision has occurred in this way.) Nothing unexpected or unlikely happens; that is, the guitar itself seems to not be problematic in any way or have loose strings as is often the case in such dreams.

      I eventually stand up and walk to another area which is mostly undefined. This unfamiliar and unknown area seems to be inside in a large featureless room even though I had not gone through a doorway.

      Soon, a miniature Darth Vader who seems like a child in a costume is present. It first seems that the guitar may have been his but this soon seems to not be the case. Although I get the impression that he is a teenager of perhaps sixteen or seventeen his size and demeanor is more like that of a six-year-old and there is somewhat of a sketchy cartoon essence about him. Since he is dressed like Darth Vader I do not see his face at any point.

      Soon, I hear guitar playing that sounds like rapid heavy metal riffs. A very tall chubby male (about three times the height of little Darth Vader and perhaps a foot taller than me) with curly white hair comes in. He is playing the guitar as he is walking towards us but his right hand is moving very unrealistically as he is playing, almost like he is continuously and quickly doing karate chops, though with all the tips of his fingers aligned towards himself, palm up. It looks very odd and it would not be possible to play a guitar like this in reality. He is dressed in a weird costume (almost like a woman’s ball gown in some ways) and reminds me of Melvin Belli as he appeared as the Gorgon in “Star Trek” in the “And the Children Shall Lead” episode. (Although our youngest son was Darth Vader at a “Star Wars” event at the mall and has shown an interest in playing the guitar, there does not seem to be any relevant connections here at all curiously enough.)

      He starts complaining about the miniature Darth Vader (who is possibly his son though this is not certain). He claims that “Darth” had damaged the guitar by “bending its spine”. This does not really make any sense. The guitar’s “spine” is implied to be the entire length of the back of the guitar (including the neck). Even though I sense that the little Darth Vader is an obnoxious brat (who reminds me of a neighbor from when we lived in Brisbane), it also seems the Gorgon may not understand guitars all that well and as such, the guitar may not be damaged (even though I had thought it might have been me that caused the damage, though I do not actually see any damage).

      As Darth Vader and the Gorgon both relate to space flight on one level, I have included the relevant flight symbol tags. Still, sometimes I seriously wonder how my dreams come up with this weird stuff. Although the Gorgon appears as the last dream character, he does not seem to have any essence of the otherwise common preconscious personification, especially as my dream becomes much duller at this point rather than much clearer (which does not happen very often).