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    1. The “Patches” Odyssey, Part Two

      by , 11-02-2018 at 05:02 PM
      Morning of May 24, 1970. Sunday.

      Dream #: 1,252-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 73.

      In Part One of “The ‘Patches’ Odyssey,” I described the beginning of my dream, of which was like watching the opening credits of the animated musical “Gay Purr-ee” (1962). “Opening credits” had been a part of many other dream state beginnings in my childhood, but this was clearer and brighter than usual. There were several different versions of the “Patches” dreams (later ones by intent), though with the same main segments.

      After the alligators had flipped our canoe, they drag Brenda to the opposite side of the river from where Toby and I had been in the cypress trees. In addition to the “alligator king” character being influenced by “Turok Son of Stone,” the scenario itself was from an influence of the cover of the January 1968 issue.

      Toby and I are later on the opposite bank of the river. We discover that Brenda is on her back, presumably having drowned, draped over a tree stump, with water dripping from her shoes (which are dark blue with silver buckles). I am kneeling before the dramatic scene on one knee. There is no blood or gore. Eventually, three bats fly around and seem to mourn the scene. I am also aware that they are fairies which may be able to heal her at a later date. (This stems from earlier dream segments about three fairies changing into different forms, including bats, birds, butterflies, and moths.) They sing the Dickey Lee song “Patches” with different lyrics, which oddly distort to “down by the sea” (instead of “down by the river,” even though the setting is near the river and not the ocean). Her resurrection is a result of otherworldly magic.

      In another dream segment, Brenda is missing. She had been kidnapped by a man who sells Holy Bibles from a small market stall. I follow the three entities (that are now butterflies that become moths as evening approaches). I discover that Brenda has been tied up and gagged and kept behind the market stall on the lowest shelf facing the inside. The unfamiliar man (who presents a mean visage) is selling small King James Bibles with both black and white simulated leather covers. I untie and rescue her when he is elsewhere. Red silk bookmarks of the type sewn into the Holy Bibles were sewn together and had been used to tie her up. (There may be an association with snakes, as such bookmarks are narrow and red as well as forked on the outside end.)

      In an offset segment, a literal bed space strand occurs. I see myself as sleeping in the southwest bedroom (my parents’ bedroom that my father later used for music). The head of the bed was against the west wall, where there was a row of three big jalousie windows in reality. In my dream, however, there was only one sash window in the middle of the west wall. It has twelve small panes. The top three are missing.

      End of Part Two. There will be one more main part.

    2. War between "Demons" and "Fairies"

      by , 05-06-1995 at 05:36 AM
      Morning of May 5, 1995. Friday.

      I am in my older sister Marilyn’s house on Loomis Street in the dining room area. My sister Marilyn, brother-in-law Bob, Anita P, older brother Dennis, CS, and my mother are present.

      There is apparently a “forced battle” underway (uncertain of reason - may be just me messing around to see what happens, sort of like a chemistry experiment I suppose) between “demons” and “fairies”. There are miniature mechanical people yet at the same time they seem to be alive (fairy cyborgs?). I put a smaller “demon” (a “possessed” cocktail umbrella - watch out for those demonic cocktail umbrellas) and “fairy” together and they explode, leaving a blast pattern that seems mostly of salt grains, but there is no major damage.

      I have a small disc in my hand, somewhat like a Frisbee, with lights flashing within it (as if through a gel of some sort). It is a small Japanese umbrella demon/creature and is expanding almost balloon-like. Soon, it is somehow crawling on the ceiling and there is the idea that it will swallow many people. I feel that it is my task to stop it. I hold up a small metallic object or rock in the form of a somewhat squarish dark brown or bronze and black carved cat’s head - which possibly serves as a lid for the container where the demon is kept in its “baby” form. It says “Damn!” in a male voice and with a distinct “powering down” pitch in the audio (as the word trails off) - with a sense of authority, yet also beaten - and I happily sense and accept its defeat (the audio is extremely vivid at this point). It becomes more and more wrinkled as it seems “stuck” on the ceiling like a sort of “giant amoeba” and I guess goes into a state of inactivity. This entire scene actually seems quite vivid (though not lucid) regardless of how odd it is. There is also something (fairly vague) about the wall clock in the northwest corner of the dining room moving in reverse or jumping back a couple times (recurring at that time).

      There is later something about moving boxes and other things from another room. My brother-in-law’s younger female relative Anita P is there to help my sister at times. I dial 0700 and a man’s voice is loudly heard all around the room but it is a recording, coming through some sort of smaller intercoms along the walls and corners. Finally, realizing other people are probably tired of hearing it (even though they do not seem to notice - my brother-in-law spends mostly the whole time watching television in a daze as in real life), I hang up. I am not sure what any of the actual words were (if any) or what it related to.

      The first thing I saw (on television) after waking was an umbrella of the same appearance as from my dream (at one point, prior to an additional transformation) which happens all the time - that is - certain dream imagery unfolding fairly precisely right after waking. I even get this with some forms of meditation.

      Moral of the story: If you go into a Japanese restaurant and you receive a metallic cat-shaped container and open it to find small cocktail umbrellas, time to leave, I guess.

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