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    1. Not Wanting to Sell Our Rabbits in Cubitis

      by , 10-28-2014 at 04:28 PM
      Morning of October 28, 2014. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 17,480-02. Reading time: 1 min 20 sec.

      I am in Cubitis. It seems to be around 1974, and I am about thirteen years old. The chicken shed is still a rabbit shed. We are going to be moving soon. (We did not move to Wisconsin until the last days of June of 1978.) There is a backstory regarding my unwillingness to accept our rabbits being sold (which seems to imply that we cannot move until we sell the business).

      I am in our rabbit shed and see a man and woman in their thirties. They are possibly going to buy most or all of our rabbits. They are in the west area of our shed (that is bigger in my dream) as if I am on the set of a television studio news broadcast, even though I am only talking to them on the telephone.

      There is an unseen presence of which I am unsure. It seems to be an older version of me or representing a narrator of my dream. I am told to act as if I am incompetent. As I talk to the buyers, I pretend to stutter and stop in the middle of sentences. I invent false scenarios about our rabbits and our shed. Still, they do not seem to be discouraged from buying. I talk about how mice mix with our rabbits. It seems to be one of the most ridiculous and off-putting things I can say. Eventually (through the uncovered lower area of the shed, between the columns), I notice rabbits hopping around outside and decide to go to the backyard after declaring that all of them are escaping, so there will not be any for them to buy.

      I see my father, but I do not recall he died years ago. The physical orientation I feel is quite vivid at this point. From here, I enter the typical sensual stage of encountering a younger version of my wife and indulge in an embrace. In a false awakening of lesser vividness, I tell Zsuzsanna about this dream.

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    2. Red Sailboat

      by , 06-28-2014 at 12:28 PM
      Morning of June 28, 2014. Saturday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna’s younger brother George is visiting us at our present address and I am telling him of my unusual dream about a red sailboat. This event actually happens in a longer-lasting false awakening. Zsuzsanna and I are together on our bed and he is also on our bed a bit farther over, with his cellphone. I believe there is an image on his cellphone that has something to do with my other dream, or at least something about sailboats or the ocean.

      In real life however, I would not consider talking with him about dreams, as he has no interest in anything related to either dreams or spirituality (though that is moot I suppose, as most people have zero understanding of dreams and the nature of the dream state, though Zsuzsanna and I have an advanced understanding - validated of course by the fact she is my literal dream girl, and we share our dreams); so as such, even though this is a false awakening, it is one that represents a highly unlikely scenario, unlike those where you dream you have awakened and are recording your dream in a journal or notepad or are relating it to someone you might be inclined to in reality.

      The linked primary dream prior to this false awakening involves me floating over the scene where I am looking down at the ocean towards sunrise or sunset. A sailboat passes within my line of vision (seemingly moving “upwards” in my perspective and orientation). Everything in the environment is of a normal natural color except for (eventually) everything related to the sailboat, which appears to be covered in some sort of odd, fluid “paint” which I actually see cover everything relating to the sailboat fairly quickly. The sailboat and everything on it is soon red, including the sails and all the man’s body (skin and hair) and clothes. Everything is completely red all around, somehow more “solid” than just a lighting effect.

      Later, the sailboat seems to crash onto a beach (and it then seems a few hours earlier than just before rather than logically later - unless it is implied to be the next morning) with no one hurt. There are several people on the beach. The man soon gets out of the sailboat and the colors seem to go back to normal.

      Typically, red only dominates a dream when my breathing is accelerated (validated by witnesses during my virtually countless experiments with dreams in the 1980s) or when I have slept a little too long, which makes sense here, as a sailboat is both an autosymbolic extension of the physical body (subliminally perceived) and the sails are a breathing analogy as revealed in instances of hypnopompic disclosure (when the meaning of a dream’s autosymbolism surfaces upon waking).

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