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    1. Mathematical Fireworks

      by , 05-01-2018 at 06:10 PM
      Morning of April 28, 2018. Saturday.

      I am in an unknown spacecraft in orbit around Earth, but the spacecraft is not implied to be alien.

      Fireworks are being shown far below, but eventually, it seems they are in view from the front window of the spacecraft, which is not logical as they would have to be too far up to be appreciated from ground level.

      Eventually, some of the small sparks strike the window, some seeming to create a “splash” effect, and I see they appear as glowing mathematics symbols, including pi. Each set fades as more “splash” onto the window. There is a curious sound like two sticks hitting together as well as sizzling. A few sparks come from the control panel as well, but there is no sense of threat or problematic events.

      This is autosymbolism for the usual vestibular system correlation and thinking skills correlation (which the subconscious self does not have while in the non-lucid dream state) to activate the return to consciousness, but unique as always.

    2. Sunflower Sun and Walking on Water

      by , 01-01-2018 at 07:01 AM
      Dream #NYMA54

      Morning of January 1, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 48 sec. Readability score: 63.

      The fireworks from last night have left vibrant colors remaining in the clouds at dawn, mostly orange and yellow “embers.” I am wondering how long these residual dynamics will last; perhaps another day.

      I approach the sun on the horizon. The “horizon” is suddenly in front of me. It is then not the sun. It is a big yellow sunflower. Its petals feel like the cloth of my pillowcase (lucid awareness of being asleep). (The color yellow correlates with the emerging consciousness process of the dream state. As a result, it can be deliberately used to induce or enhance lucidity.)

      I walk on water, of unknown depth, back to our bedroom to wake for the day. The surface of the water replaces the level of the ground in our backyard; there is no implication of a flood. (These two factors have occurred regularly in my dreams for over fifty years. They are a result of being in the dream state. There is no meaning other than reactive representation in the dream state.)

      It is a first-level “return to bed” dream that also includes the daybreak representation, yellow as emerging consciousness, and most of my conscious self identity with no emergent consciousness simulacrum.

    3. Yin’s Night Out

      by , 11-05-2013 at 08:16 PM
      Morning of November 5, 2013. Tuesday.

      I am in either St. Martin (relating to the Jimmy Buffet song “The Night I Painted The Sky”) or perhaps Brisbane in South Bank Parklands in another time, in the past, on Cracker Night, but which in real life no longer occurs due to health and safety issue. The first part of the Jimmy Buffet song goes, “I came from the north, Escaping convention, modern invention that won’t let me be, to the shores of St. Martin, with my fiction addiction, to restart the fire, a dreamer’s remedy”.

      The fireworks are bright but mostly hues of blue, white, and turquoise. Several times, they form a butterfly pattern, with sparks going out from the center, a pale glow forming the body, and two additional “rockets” streaking upwards near the top. This is apparently also an actual real-life event which I have not ever actually seen anywhere.

      I hear, seemingly from distant speakers, the original Bob Lind version of “Elusive Butterfly”, or at least I think I do. The song is a rare treasure in a world of mostly noise and meandering negativity. Even though it seems like a big event, only a few people seem to be in the immediate area, mostly couples. Still - there is loud yelling and cheering that seems to be coming from somewhere else.

      A man runs past me to my left, at least one larger spark falling behind him onto the ground. He seems a bit nervous. A mysterious girl, mostly of shadow, is at a fair distance, but still partially discernible. She appears to be near a refreshment stand.

      After a time, more sparks are falling, now and then, causing sizzling sounds to occur in a few locations but no impression of danger.

      The sparks that are falling are not sparks, but glowing beads. Apparently it is not true fireworks, but someone shooting small glowing beads into the air, seemingly from a boat halfway across the river. They must be magnetic, as they seem to either roll towards each other or move away from each other once they hit the ground. Other people appear and beads hit them now and then, but nothing dramatic happens. Eventually, the girl in shadow comes out and the beads start sticking to her dark blouse, forming a beautiful, glowing mosaic-like image (still of mostly blues, white, and turquoise). It makes a three-dimensional network of circulatory-like light and the wings move. Only one person (another girl in a small group) notices and says “oh, look at that”, pointing, but no one else notices, so they soon all walk off elsewhere. I am still aware of some fireworks in the sky, which is starting to make a buzzing hum rather than a crackling. One man still stands around looking a bit puzzled.

      “Oh, that’s my wife,” I say, walking to the “shadow girl”, and it is. Suddenly, a magnetic field visibly forms along the same trajectory as the falling sparks from the fireworks. However, it becomes very difficult to tell the difference between the “butterfly” and the magnetic field, even in what seems to be some sort of growing rhythmic movement that makes me feel very peaceful and comfortable. I sense youthful laughter and cheerfulness from a fair distance.
    4. Catherine Wheel (precognitive and synchronous associations)

      by , 11-03-1974 at 05:03 PM
      Morning of November 3, 1974. Sunday.

      In my dream, Susan R was sitting outside on a brickwork fence in Arcadia late at night (we were the only ones around) and I was standing and mostly facing her. She told me that something would eventually be happening to take me on a different path - away from her (implying a point of destiny and with a sense of certainty), though our “separation” had already come about in reality months before (in March). At that moment, a Catherine wheel detaches or is thrown from somewhere unknown in the distance (perhaps three or four blocks away) and actually moves up through the sky, up from the east end, moving up and to the west. I am not sure where it came from and there is no known origin point. I find it rather odd, and think of shooting stars as well (even though this one is going up instead of down). I am not sure what could have propelled it like that. Susan tells me that I will hear my name is a song relative to this event and that it will be important. It will also speak of my “imaginary dream girl” in a negative way, but only as a sense of “closure” for her.

      Though there is a sense of eeriness, it is not quite ominous. I watch the small and distant object on an arced downward curve and resembling a glowing pinwheel. (The scenario also vaguely seems associated with reel three of a “Casper the Friendly Ghost” View-Master pack, titled “The Falling Star”, shown as an anthropomorphic five-pointed star befriending Casper.)

      Michael died on March 16th, 1974 (a day after his bizarre and hateful rant against me for having an “imaginary girlfriend” - who looked exactly like Zsuzsanna and with the unlikely ethnicity and accent - at the same time as my real connections with Susan, along with his distrust and anguish of unexplainable events and unaccepted associations with me at school). I did not learn of his passing until the 19th (and had missed school on the 18th). Susan R and I had our “final break-up” on March 23rd mostly as a result of me wanting something else in my life other than people teasing us or hating us (though mostly me), and her anguish over me distancing myself from her brought guilt. Zsuzsanna first wrote a letter to me on March 16th, 1991 and I received it on March 23rd. Only a few people knew about my “dream girl” and I had never considered Michael an “enemy” in any way. His completely unexpected behavior seemed to come from “nowhere”, though at the time, I did not know his family was Catholic or even religious.

      “The firework is named after Catherine of Alexandria who, according to Christian legend, was condemned to death by ‘breaking on the wheel’. When she touched the wheel it miraculously flew to pieces.” There is also a loose association with the wagon wheel on the Roma flag, as Zsuzsanna has Roma heritage.

      Neil Finn also had minor connections with my wife (and her oldest sister) as they wrote for a brief period, and he has The Clarence Hotel connection and uses the name Claude in the song “Catherine Wheels” (1993), thus completing the precognitive associations.