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    1. Beatles in the Barn with Tiger

      by , 10-25-2018 at 08:16 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2018. Thursday.

      Dream #: 18,938-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min. Readability score: 83.

      In late morning, I find myself in a big barn (in an unknown location) that serves as a recording studio for the Beatles. There is much sound equipment on hay bales and the barn floor, such as big amplifiers and mixing consoles, but I do not see any musical instruments. There are a few unfamiliar men present, one being a producer, another, a sound engineer.

      While a man is checking a track, there is an unusual drum fill where the snare audio reverses at least twice. The man is puzzled and asks Paul McCartney what that was, but he does not reply. A different “drum fill” is heard, but it turns out to be someone knocking on the barn door. (This scene is ambiguous for two reasons, one, a door knock would not have reverse audio and two, the sound came from the equipment.)

      A man comes in with a tiger that belongs to John Lennon’s wife (Cynthia Powell). He pets it for a short time. There is no sense of danger.

      Later, there is an unknown man with a Bainbridge livestock prod. He taps the tiger with it on the rump, and John and the man with the tiger slowly leave the barn. They seem cheerful. Next, the man uses the prod on some farm animals. He touches the rump of a horse with it to get it to move to the corner of the barn. The horse seems annoyed but goes where the man wants him to go.

      I do not see any of the Beatles at this point and decide to leave the barn. I go around to the back and see a young version of Zsuzsanna, who is about eight years old. However, my real-life identity is not extant in this dream, and so my dream self does not recall who she is. There is a cage adjacent to the back of the barn. There are at least three brown-mantled tamarins in the cage, a mother and two babies. Zsuzsanna is sitting on the ground watching them. She does not speak. I hold the paw of the mother tamarin, stroking the fur on the back of its “hand.” It seems tame.

      Later, I get up and go back into the barn, which is now empty and full of hundreds of flies that start buzzing in my face. The air is thick with them, and they are loud. I soon decide to leave the barn and slowly wake after I walk back out. As I wake, I realize that the illusion of the flies was a distortion of the sound of the fan and its air on my face (from the foot of the bed).

      Two other dreams came before this, one of sending many DVDs over time to a member of the dream journal website (a long-term male poster). The other related to capturing each instrument from the Beatles’ “Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!” to use virtual versions (mostly on keyboards) for a live cover.

    2. Drain Flies, Brother Returns

      by , 12-24-2014 at 06:24 PM
      Morning of December 24, 2014. Wednesday.

      My family and I are living in an unknown location which at one point is similar to the house on Stadcor Street but mirror-imaged, yet later seems to be more like the Loomis Street house in the next segment. There is a part where we had apparently been growing beans near the back porch. There is a concern that not all of them had been used in meals. There are seemingly only a few big pods left, but they seem a bit damaged and “too old” and weathered for usage in a proper meal. However, there is also a clearer thought of soon having a lot more bean plants (of different types) growing in the yard (as they are easy to grow).

      At one point, my brother Jim appears. I am aware that he had died (in real life, though I am not fully lucid) yet I still approach him cheerfully. At first though, there is an idea that it may be someone else walking away from our house (though I do not recall any prior scene involving him). He appears to be only in his thirties and seems happy when he turns around to see me. He has several old books on computers as well as at least one book about postage stamps (which is mostly about identifying old and rare stamps, it seems). I talk to him about how much computer technology has changed. However, I say a couple things that are not actually true. I say how hard drives are no longer formatted by the end user, but of course in reality they sometimes still are. I also say how directories (folders) are no longer used, which is also not really true. Intending to look through one of the computer books, I instead find myself looking through the book about stamps and mostly notice images of very old stamps (about three or four larger images per page) that each are of mostly one color and are Iranian in appearance - seemingly from the late 1880s and such, but there are a lot of fictional horizontally rectangular ones, including many with mostly just calligraphy art in simple patterns. The overall detail in this part of my dream is very well-rendered. I still find it interesting how the mind can create such precise imagery without distortion.

      At one point near the last section of my dream, it seems there is a medical problem present within my family. I also eventually have similar symptoms of speckles of blood in a few locations on my arms and stomach. It turns out to have been caused by a larger swarm of drain flies (a bit bigger than in reality, but not by much), which come in through an open window through the back of the house (the laundry window, in fact). One gets me on the left arm near my elbow. I am annoyed at this point, but actually feel better about the “explanation” of the earlier in-dream symptoms - which are not really related to an internal problem (or the body’s organs or systems) as was originally worriedly thought. In reality, I have rarely seen this type of fly, and they do not actually bite as far as I know (thus apparently do not cause illness at least according to some sources). Also in reality my in-dream concern likely only relates to heat rash, as this is the hottest part of the year in Australia, though it could also be a typical play on “time flies” and time “down the drain” (relative to how quickly the holidays come and go - though I do not really have present negative associations with holidays).

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