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    1. The Gift of Rain and the Inexplicable Nature of RAS

      by , 02-16-2018 at 08:16 AM
      Morning of February 16, 2018. Friday.

      In my dream, the most vivid scenario of the waking transition involves my dream self (personified subconscious) being on a bus with my wife Zsuzsanna and our youngest children. I remain in a passive and thankful mood. The location is unknown. It does not seem familiar, though the bus driver is on the left side, so it seems to be implied to be in America (though I have not lived there since 1994 and Zsuzsanna has never been there).

      The bus driver is an unknown chubby female of whom reminds me of my crossing guard from when I lived at 901 Rose Street (near the intersection in a second floor apartment of a building which is no longer there).

      It seems to be late morning, though the perceived time seems to change a few times (of which is very common in my dreams, as my subconscious self has no viable sense of time or continuity). There is an intersection up ahead. I am aware that it had been raining. An interesting mood develops. I realize that rain makes human life possible and that without it, the world would have no life. I have a vague awareness that the bus driver had telepathically caused me to realize this.

      There had been a flood in one part of the street (from the rain), but the water has lowered. As we near the intersection, I have the typical focus on whether or not the bus driver is competent (this being a long-term carryover from waking life thought since childhood, though this thought does not dominate or seem problematic and I ultimately trust the driver to get us home safely).

      The bus stops, but we are apparently not at our destination yet (though my dream self has no focus on where I presently live as is often the case). The bus is on the right side of the street, its back close to the perpendicular street it just turned from. The bus driver says, “I have to find something”. I am standing in the front stairwell of the bus watching her. She puts her hands down into the murky water near the curb. Soon, she pulls out a small tennis racket that is slightly muddy (though with very light-colored tan sand). I am uncertain if this is what she had been looking for, but she gives it to my youngest son. My dream fades from here.

      Zsuzsanna, in real life, had been looking at, and thinking about, small tennis rackets made for dolls while at a Kmart store on the previous day (Our Generation dolls and accessories). There is no explicable way I could have known this or for it to influence the main event in my final dream of the sleeping period. Not only this, she said her thought processes were “stronger” than usual during this event. Additionally, after my dream, she told me of how she had won a tennis racket at age twelve by reaching into water and pulling out a toy duck (relating to a matching number for the prize at a Brisbane show). This is not unusual in my experience, as at least one dream per sleeping period is based on something Zsuzsanna had thought about (or said to someone else) of which I could not have possibly known about. This was validated to have been going on, continuously, long before we met, and additionally, Zsuzsanna is the “mystery girl” who had been in my dreams since childhood (and of whom I even saw in my dreams as an adult while she was still very young).

      The scenario of this dream, a bus approaching an intersection and stopping or bumping into a curb before turning right (sometimes in the event of water lowering waking symbolism as here), has recurred since early childhood, though always with different dynamics. This is based on neural gating. It signifies whether or not the dream state will terminate or continue. (However, there are also inexplicable dynamics of which I will describe below.) As here, the bus turns right and my dream soon ends after the RAS to emergent consciousness factor, additionally validated by the water lowering waking symbolism, which occurs in at least one dream during every sleeping period (water symbolizing sleep in autosymbolism, its dynamics relevant to the specific aspect of REM).

      RAS as the personified preconscious is a bus driver here. The biological function of RAS (Reticular Activating System) is for sleep-wake transitions (though again, there are inexplicable dynamics). This is why a dream is primarily autosymbolic of the dream state and waking transition itself, which is why “interpretation” as most commonly propagated is not a real concept despite the Barnum effect.

      There is evidence that the side the bus driver is on in a dream correlates with what side I am sleeping on, especially as buses and cars often symbolize (or are an autosymbolic extension of) the human body. (This is also true for boats, airplanes, and trains when vestibular system ambiguity is more extant in REM. In fact, there has even been a dream where a bus I was on rolled over after I rolled over to sleep on my opposite side. However, the content of a dream must be looked at closely, as autosymbolism is based on the specific level of unconsciousness and varies from state to state through the waking transition.)

      I know that RAS mediation and modulation as a dream’s final event, when it utilizes personification as the preconscious as here, is often transpersonal (inherently unrelated to both the dream self and the conscious self by its very nature and purpose, as its purpose is to ignite enough emotion to trigger waking, including by way of dominance or perceived conflict, real or not, though some of this “conflict” is caused by muscle tension in unconsciousness as well as vestibular system ambiguity or subliminal concern over unknown environmental noise). This tells me that RAS is not simply the biological factor of the neural gating of the dream state in REM, but transpersonal neural gating that also occurs when I am conscious. However, the dynamics are puzzling. Sometimes these events have happened in real time (during my nap while Zsuzsanna was elsewhere and “sending” in real time) and sometimes based on recent thoughts that Zsuzsanna had held in her mind but which later integrates into my dream.

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    2. Fun with Unreal Flood

      by , 02-06-2018 at 08:22 AM
      Morning of February 6, 2018. Tuesday.

      In this dream, I sustain the water induction stage and create the concept of a world flood, but I am mainly focused on how many different ways the dream state can render it wrongly while remaining vivid and while I remain at least partly lucid.

      The setting seems to be a large city. I have a lot of fun walking and running on the surface of the ocean and riding the tidal waves toward the city, which is mostly already covered by floodwaters. I also go underwater at times (though my dream self can always breathe underwater, as it is just the dream state and the dream self’s “physical body” is just an illusion anyway).

      There are some obvious errors in rendering which I focus on with amusement.

      At one point, I am swimming, but the water’s surface seems solid, though soft. Still, I slide over it on my stomach, somewhat unrealistically. In the distance, I see the tops of skyscrapers, though barely visible, emerge from the water and then sink again. This is based partly on the slope of the water’s surface changing at times.

      At another point, I realize that the skyscrapers are miniature buildings. Some of them are not even as wide as my computer desk but imply a number of windows on each side. Still, I see them as normal buildings. Lesser waves, caused by my swimming, the water dynamics being far more realistic at this point, hit the buildings and I hear glass breaking, with the illogical impression that the small pieces of glass are going down to the bottom (inside) floors of the skyscrapers. I find interest and enjoyment in this situation for several minutes (mainly because it is the semi-lucid dream state and I can create and destroy whatever I want, the breaking glass sometimes sounding more like wind chimes).

      At another point, I find amusement in how there is a dry area between a number of miniature buildings (again, still implied to be a real and normal-sized city) with the water somehow kept back by an invisible wall in this particular area (at least one city block implied), though it is not perceived as an invisible wall by my dream self, only an erroneous dream rendering, which I actually start to make fun of in my dream. That is, I am making fun of the dream state and its inability to be consistent or render the setting realistically in this particular case, actually speaking aloud (my dream self’s voice that is) to the dream itself.

      I play around with the setting and various dynamics for a long time before waking. I mentally will new buildings to appear at times, and then bring the floodwaters to them. There is no evidence that the city is inhabited by miniature people. I am the only one present in my dream manipulation. There is not even any indication of RAS mediation, dominant or otherwise (though this is mainly because it is not the last dream of the sleeping period, where things like needing to wake and go to the bathroom are not yet dominant factors).

    3. In and Out of Floods and Lists

      by , 11-03-2017 at 11:17 AM
      Morning of November 3, 2017. Friday.

      This dream is the result of having thought about making entries or pairs of entries that list one event in one dream, and its main meaning, for a particular day for each year back to early childhood (which would mean that one entry for a specific date for each year would have over fifty dream events, each event being only inclusive of one dream for a particular date rather than the six to nine I typically recall). The dream event I had been thinking about as the first in the list for New Year dreams (closest one between December 31 and January 1 of each year), was “Muddy Dump Truck”.

      I had considered including the statement “Some psychologists have suggested that plunging through water or being immersed in some way is actually the mind translating a specific change in the sleep cycle” (even though I do not wade in water in this particular dream sequence) because this is one of the only true statements I have ever read elsewhere about dreams in my lifetime. Still, that would require an edit for over four hundred of my water induction dreams online so far, yet some people would probably still have no clue and approach me with the usual reprehensible “interpretation” no matter how much idiot-proof detail I include. (At least that has been my main experience on the Internet since 2004.)

      My dream starts off with typical lucid water induction (water as symbolizing sleep and its status and depth as associated with the glymphatic system). However, my dream’s theme continues through several partial awakenings where I turn over to the opposite side each time. (I mostly only sleep on my left side for health reasons as the body is designed to, but have a tendency to absentmindedly flip to my right side at times as sleeping in one position is often not feasible anyway.) Although I am aware of the essence of the nonthreatening flood at times, I start to fall into non-lucidity. This is intriguing because I feel very comfortable and satisfied in emerging back into lucidity through at least eight turn overs only to fall back into the “same” dream each time.

      In the final segment of this series, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now but living in Cubitis (where they have never been). We are all in the living room and it seems to be late afternoon. I notice a flood in the backyard, though I can still see many blades of grass above the surface of the water. There is conversation about whether or not the flood will eventually be in the house and apparently the answer is yes. Although I am first concerned about books and papers getting ruined, I eventually realize that there is hardly any furniture or features in the house, though I do not become lucid at this highly illogical aspect.

      Prior to this last segment, with the detail from the “Muddy Dump Truck” dream from the night of December 31, 2016 repeating through each partial awakening and me consciously focusing on it as being the “perfect” first item in the New Year dream list, there had been a few repeating segments of being at our present address where there were higher flood waters, though not as with the potential to reach within the house (our present home is up on stumps). The comfort and “perfection” perceived through these partial awakenings and back into a water induction dream (of which I have had at least one every night for over fifty years) was very satisfying at the time. It seemed to last for about three hours (but was possibly less than an hour).

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    4. Duck Decoy Encroachment

      by , 10-01-2017 at 04:01 PM
      Morning of October 1, 1982. Friday.

      While in the northeast bedroom of the Loomis Street house, I am vaguely aware of the presence of duck hunters. Through the window, I see that the front yard is marshy. The streets are lightly flooded, which seems normal to my dream self, and related to the seasons.

      Although there had been no perceived presence of the duck hunters being in the house at any point, there are a number of duck decoys sitting about in the house which they had still somehow apparently set up. I find this annoying and intrusive. I gather a few and place them outside, though remain wary of being shot at if I move a certain way. Curiously though, I soon do not feel that much in danger. I notice there is now less water on the streets (very common waking symbolism). The duck hunters actually seem to be gone. (The hunters in this case are this dream’s preconscious element. There is no “threat” as the waking transition has already activated via RAS.)

      While trying to go back to sleep, I falsely recall that one of the wooden duck decoys was mine, having had it since very young, and being fond of it and frustrated about now possibly losing it. I am puzzled by the situation until I wake. (This is likely based on my feelings of nostalgia for the 1960s plastic model kit “The Visible Pigeon”, although I also had a duck decoy catalog as a teenager as I enjoyed collecting mail-order catalogs at that time.)

      This is typified as “failed flight waking symbolism”, a very common waking transition dream component (a perfectly natural unconscious transmutation of the biological falling start, which has nothing to do with waking life or the conscious self as some extremely unintelligent people pretend), not meant to be in a negative context but as a result of a natural transition from sleeping to waking and the temporary puzzlement of being in liminal space and not being fully aware of one’s physical body while semi-conscious. My hypnopompic waking “jolt” is subdued here, which is directly related to the fake ducks, which are neither real nor can fly away (similar to any dream where a person otherwise falls, or an airplane crashes, a meteor is seen, or many other generic analogies to returning to wakeful consciousness, including climbing or using a staircase or a “flight” of stairs). Flight symbols in dreams are typically linked to real-time inner ear dynamics (loosely related to dizziness or falling sensations when awake) and RAS (reticular activating system) in subliminal anticipation of leaving the dream state. Flight symbols as such have occurred in at least one dream per sleeping period for over fifty years, which automatically renders “interpretation” (in the common superstitious usage of the term) as an invalid concept, not however, discounting literal prescience, literal practice events, or literal willful scripting of a dream (including viable healing affirmations).

    5. Softly the Flood

      by , 09-28-2017 at 08:53 AM
      Morning of September 28, 2017. Thursday.

      I am in a state of semi-lucidity, slowly becoming aware that our bedroom is transmuting into the northeast bedroom of the Loomis Street house (a place I have not been in real life for over twenty years and unlikely to ever be again). I eventually focus upon the essence of sleep, which in the dream state, is symbolized by water and recognized as such (and has been for over fifty years on a day to day basis). Water begins to flow down Loomis Street from the north. It is a flood, but not a threatening flood. I feel very relaxed and peaceful. I vividly feel small splashes of water reaching me through the window screen, which vivifies my level of dream state awareness.

      There is some sort of unusual ambiguous imagery just outside the window. It relates to a child in pajamas holding a teddy bear, but is viewed through the screen as an undersized silhouette. Conscious self identity threads are lessened and I am no longer lucid in any way regardless of the increase in vividness. I have no major concern about flood waters flowing into the house, only that some of my dream journals might become damp.

      I wander off to the west bedroom where my mother (July 14, 1916-October 2, 2002) is sitting on her bed. In this dream, at this point, I have no memory at all of my older sister Marilyn (April 25, 1942-Februay 13, 2014) whose house it mainly was.

      “Someone left the floodgates open,” I tell my mother somewhat absentmindedly (forgetting that it was me who initiated and released this dream’s content and continuity with deliberate water induction and the original focus on release and blissful relaxation). Although it seemed late at night seconds previously, it now seems to be afternoon as I notice daylight through the window of her room. However, the area beyond the backyard and alley is completely different than in reality as there is no shed visible and no residential homes. All that is visible are some commercial buildings in the distance, about two blocks away.

      My mother makes some sort of comment about access to the store being blocked by flood waters, and there is some sort of vague association with the checkout of a store (a common end marker of the dream state for me). Upon having this semi-lucid thought, and remembering more about my present conscious self and the fact that I am married and have children, I slowly fade from the dream state with soft (semi-lucid) intent and a very soft awakening.

      Water, including non-threatening floods as a dream state induction factor, has occurred continuously all my life, long before virtually endless meditation and relaxation recordings utilized the sound of water to bring about relaxation or sleep. I will hear or otherwise perceive water as soon as I enter into a more relaxed state with less emotions present. Water as the primary symbol for sleep (and sleep dynamics in real time) is also analogous to how people spend the first months of their existence sleeping in the waters of the womb. As a result, it is probably my most common dream foundation marker.

      My mother has, in more recent dreams, become more of a dream state end marker loosely associated with my wife Zsuzsanna than more direct associations with her as in the past. This is evidenced by her mainly appearing in the last scene of a dream where she is sitting on her bed (residual recall of having fallen asleep). Although Zsuzsanna appears in many of my dreams (where more of my present conscious self identity remains at least partially intact), the association with her also being a mother has, over time, altered dream state markers in some cases. However, despite Zsuzsanna having been a mother for a number of years, this symbolic transfer and marker integration is fairly recent (probably because she is now nearer my mother’s age when I was born). Being more of an emergent consciousness precursor than a preconscious factor, there is no conflict in such dreams, especially in already subliminally acknowledging this waking mechanism. (My mother was the one who usually woke me up throughout my childhood.)

      Both watching the non-threatening flood waters flow and the silhouette of the boy in pajamas with the teddy bear represent the same thing…sleep, so this is a type of parallel symbolism that my dreams often render. (Someone being in pajamas was far less of an initiation factor even in early childhood, even being a fan of “Little Nemo”, though other dream state indicators such as beds and pillows are quite common.)

      Even though a shadow of a person or a silhouette represents the lesser presence of my conscious self identity, it is slightly puzzling here as viewed through a window screen. This is because focus on a window screen has been validated to relate to some form of transpersonal communication or shared dreaming. Ordinarily, at least in lucid dreams, I sometimes indulge in “shadow play”; that is, I “test” the shadow to verify that it is actually my conscious self identity and it always is, even in a dream where it was very far away and standing on a bridge.

    6. Gangster Fail (Blissful Flood)

      by , 04-01-2017 at 10:01 AM
      Morning of April 1, 2017. Saturday.

      I am at first floating over an early evening scene (though it is still daylight) of 1940s gangsters driving around, possibly in Chicago. Being semi-lucid, I automatically perceive the foundation of the dream state as a “blissful flood” (and have since very young), with water flowing in slowly, with beautiful vivid reflections. As water symbolizes sleep and the dream state (even as in the “Little Nemo” comic strip), I feel relaxed, even though some of the gangsters now sit on the roofs of their cars, appearing frustrated that their activities were interrupted. My semi-lucidity fades slightly and I then absentmindedly wonder if this is part of a movie where things had gone wrong with the set due to water from another set (perhaps for a Navy movie) going past a barrier.

      Having been incorporeal, I now seem corporeal. The gangsters eye me suspiciously but do not seem dangerous. I ride with Zsuzsanna in a Venetian gondola, though I do not see the oarsman. Our boat slowly moves past them as they sit on the tops of their 1940s cars to our left, the water halfway up over the windows. Zsuzsanna and I are intimate as my dream moves toward the waking transition (and waking transition symbolism in contrast to dream induction symbolism).

      The water seems more shallow as we go through a tunnel. At first, I am wary of going into a tunnel. It appears that some sawhorse traffic barricades fall over from water coming in from “over itself” at the end of one part of the tunnel (which makes no sense - as if the water was halfway up but somehow solid or remaining in place even at the opening (perhaps somehow jellified), with some “normal” water moving over the original level somewhat like a small waterfall).

      There is light ahead and I get a very vague memory of when Pinocchio was inside a whale, though I do not think that is the case with us. “That’s it, over there,” I say as I point. There is a loose association with the television show in April of 1986 about Al Capone’s vaults (“The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vaults”).

      A young Geraldo Rivera sits on straw on a slightly damp surface inside a larger hollow area. He has a bottle of wine (possibly meant to represent the sole bottle of bathtub gin originally found in the vault). I look very closely at the bottle of wine because there is writing on it. I need to read it and understand its meaning. The brand name of the wine seems to be “Cortex”.

      Even though the preconscious (when it is personified) is almost always a different character, it is easily recognizable by additional clues (often either direct or subliminal identification as the waking prompt and the particular level of consciousness just prior to waking, as the role of the preconscious is to make the dreamer more aware of the fallacy of his temporarily skewed dream self identity and bringing the dreamer out of the dream state) as well as mood, shift in the clarity of a dream, and dominance in many cases. In this case, the common water induction transmutes to the waking symbolism. “Cortex” is a direct clue; “the outer layer of the cerebrum, composed of folded grey matter and playing an important role in consciousness”.

    7. Slightly Different Water Induction; Palm Tree Made of Water

      by , 01-08-2017 at 07:08 AM
      Morning of January 8, 2017. Sunday.

      I shift into the clarity of the opening scene of my first dream of the cycle. It is the typical water induction. I find myself driving down a street in an unfamiliar location. There is firstly a sense that it may be near the ocean though this association changes after a short time. It seems to be early afternoon.

      The street is lightly flooded and it is raining, but the rain stops eventually. I look to my left wondering if Zsuzsanna will appear for a blissful connection. After a time, there are small geyser-like formations that rise from the surface of the water. Eventually, I even see what appears to be a palm tree made of upwards flowing water to my left, on or near the boulevard.

      Even though I have at least one dream of this nature every night, I am only documenting this one due to it having an atypical feature of the palm tree made of flowing water.

      Water symbolizes sleep and the real-time dynamics of sleep and has always been my most common form of dream state induction. In fact, I often hear the (hypnagogic) sound of water flowing when not even fully asleep yet (sometimes natural settings, sometimes related to bathrooms or showers). (Not only that, if I am listening to a recording while falling asleep, I hear a hypnagogic “gloop” sound at various pitches and distances, which sounds much like a pebble breaking the surface of a body of water. This has been the case for over fifty years and directly translates as sleep induction being slightly disrupted by real-life audio.) It stems from the fact that a person spends the first ninth months of their existence sleeping within “water” (perceived as such) and is also related to circadian rhythms and tidal factors (or at least the analogy of tidal factors - as water getting lower over time is a common waking transition for me). Clear water would relate to being more within the natural sleep cycle. Muddy water relates to outer ranges of the sleep cycle, as I discovered as a child. It is probably the most consistent and “reliable” dream feature I have ever experienced.

    8. Lightly Flooded Streets (with Zsuzsanna and Toby)

      by , 11-19-2016 at 05:19 PM
      Morning of November 19, 2016. Saturday.

      The roads are lightly flooded, though not to an extent that makes Toby’s driving problematic. Toby cheerfully talks of continuing to drive straight on the present road to where we may be arriving at a shopping mall, though he turns left instead after giving information to a traffic cam that he will not be turning. This puzzles me and I am not sure of his motive. I consider that he may not like the idea of being tracked by GPS and may believe that what he said will somehow fool the cam despite the GPS.

      We go up a gradient after turning left and of which is somehow more flooded than the main road and turn off, which of course is not possible as the water would flow downward. The sense of motion in going through the shallow water is very relaxing and peaceful.

      Soon, Toby is suddenly near a building in the distance, as if he had teleported from his car. There are a few times after this scene when the car seems to be driving itself. It is my task each time to bring the car to Toby. The very lightly flooded streets bring a sense of calmness to the location, though there is a slight annoyance at times over Toby teleporting from the car while driving and then us having to find him to take his car to him. At one point, he even seems slightly annoyed when he teleports to the end of a street and has to wait for us to bring his car to him.

      Understanding the real reasons for dream features and events:

      My dream state initiation autosymbolism for this dream is water induction, my most common form, at least one dream per sleep cycle for over fifty years, as water is autosymbolism (as well as an auto-scripting factor from an understanding of the dream state) for the essence of sleep, muscular release, and the absence of emotion in unconsciousness.

      Toby is the driver and in this case is my personified unconscious (which is not as common as the personified preconscious for biological reasons, as most people naturally fall asleep but in contrast require RAS mediation or RAS modulation to wake), and as we are moving through water, it is autosymbolism for my physical body requiring more sleep, as it is not fully a boat. Toby being the driver has no waking life significance in this case and is rendered as a deeper induction thread, as I have not seen him in real life since we were teenagers. (In fact, Toby is rendered as such because he does not represent a factor of waking life, to prevent flawed neural gating and false memory association.)

      Is turning left and going up a gradient significant? Yes, as typically autosymbolism being oriented to the left is reinduction (when I sleep on my left side). However, going up implies an emergent consciousness factor. As a result, the traffic cam can only represent RAS mediation itself, and the water being illogically deeper higher up is based on a subliminal attempt to suppress the emergent consciousness factor. My dream plays out a skewed reinduction loop, somewhat like the opposite of a false awakening. My body wants to sleep more deeply, but there are subliminal environmental or biological distractions. That is basically all this dream signifies. Thank you for reading. Anything that you feel needs additional explaining, feel free to ask.

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    9. Tearing Up a Catwoman Photograph

      by , 12-17-2015 at 06:17 PM
      Morning of December 17, 2015. Thursday.

      In my dream, I am aware of our family as they are now, though our house seems somewhat different, with typically rotated or mirrored features in relationship to other rooms (not rotated or mirrored as a whole). The back story seems to imply that we had been to some sort of carnival earlier in the afternoon or similar type of event related to television shows or movies. There were a few celebrities there. (The event took place a few blocks south of our house.)

      Meanwhile, there is a leak in a small pipe in our bathroom, seemingly from one corner of the room and from the water main - with only clean water (no awful plumbing mishaps as some dreams dictate). At different times, there is more water on the floor than at other times, but it does not seem that problematic or have a potential for a greater degree of flooding throughout other rooms.

      I have a black-and-white photograph of Catwoman (though I am not sure of which actress; possibly any one of several, including at least three from the 1960s). It is mostly a head and shoulders shot, mostly facing forward. It seems autographed on the lower right but I do not attempt to check the name for whatever reason (it may read “Catwoman” in part rather than the actress name). It may in fact be a “new” fictional version of Catwoman (with an unknown or unfamiliar actress), since we apparently had met her and a few other characters at the showgrounds about an hour or so before (though I do not directly recall the event even in my dream).

      After interacting with my family for a short time in our house, I notice that the photograph has a few drops of water near the right side, about halfway down. Carefully wiping it off with my right shirt sleeve, it leaves blank white circular spots on the photograph in a triangular arrangement over the otherwise black Catwoman outfit. This makes me so angry that I slowly but deliberately tear the photograph in half from the side, soon followed by tearing it up completely, saying that it was ruined. I then say how it was a waste of time going to the showgrounds (which is not all that logical, as a photograph does not have to account for time spent, especially if the day was enjoyable during a family outing). Around this time, I notice more water coming out of the pipe and a few puddles on the floor, but there is never a problematic flooding. (The toilet itself is mirrored in the bathroom from south to north in respect to the otherwise seemingly correct orientation to other rooms.)

      If a cat (when it does not represent an actual pet) sometimes symbolizes curiosity, then what would Catwoman represent? Since Zsuzsanna often dressed up as Catwoman when she was young, the act of tearing up the photograph may relate to my awareness that everyman honestly does not have the capacity to either believe or understand our lifelong unexplainable mystery (and there is no indication that humanity will be more aware or intelligent as such in my lifetime to utilize their own connection to the Source), though could also mean that, as my lifelong “mystery girl” was validated, she is no longer a fictional character on paper but my real soulmate.

      Water is the nature of consciousness, sleep, and memory (and ever-flowing “fluid” thought even in sleep), the main metaphorical essence of the dreaming mechanism itself. A leaking pipe may imply the dream state becoming stronger or clearer on some levels (even implying a closeness to Universal Mind) - though when utilizing a negative connotation, could imply problematic memory (as one supposedly has when they get older). However, I tear up the photograph (again, a static image) and so this incarnation of my dream self does not go further into the dream state in a more imaginative or surreal sense as it might have when more clearly focusing on the mystery (in this case, an “exotic” photograph) of the dream state. It stops, in fact, in a familiar environment (and accepts the setting as “real” and present - with only a vague implied back story of the previous showgrounds) where only some energies of deeper levels of the mind are present at some points. Water as memory begins to dissolve (or “whiten”) the static image, which is also a static “memory” at some levels - a balancing or phasing, perhaps - or simply an indication of the dream state itself.

      Thoughts about the failure of product longevity were a previous focus in real life just prior to sleep. For example, my very expensive monitoring headphones that are only about two years old are disintegrating around the headband into what resembles very thin larger ashes. However, more relevant to my dream’s situation, there is also a reflection on how printer ink now vanishes from commercial receipts after a short time, so that now you cannot even keep a receipt as proof of purchase. This seems to at least partly be a vague focus of my dream self at one point.
    10. The Apocalyptic Floods

      by , 08-03-2014 at 09:06 AM
      Morning of August 3, 2014. Sunday.

      This dream was the same morning as “The Right Student” (posted only on a couple sites) and was quite long and vivid (more vivid than the other dream). It also has a couple of the “same” scenes and overall theme as from my wife’s dream of the same period of time.

      At the beginning, I am aware of an approaching time of tsunamis and floods that will basically destroy much of the world. This is different than other flood dreams, in that the “tidal waves” are unnaturally large (even as high as the atmosphere itself) and widespread, going up and over entire regions. I am not sure of my dream’s location. It may be Brazil.

      There is a point near the beginning where my wife and I seem to have about twenty children (as well as our own real ones being in-dream) or more (all around the same age of about four to ten) - yet they also seem to just appear out of nowhere somewhat like in-dream tulpas, or possibly orphans from previous flooding elsewhere. Still, they all refer to me as their father over time as if this is the “reality” as such. I carry a few here and there. This is before the larger waves approach. It seems to be in a large park just outside the big (unknown) city.

      Later on, I and a few others plan to save a small group of people, to be the only ones left alive on the planet. This seems fairly effortless even when my mental focus is less “precise” (this is not a lucid dream - I take it all as “reality” at the time). When the tsunamis come, they are extremely high and destroy many buildings. However, I have some sort of detailed and “automatic” (survival-oriented) telekinetic nature and am able to cause the water to flow around aspects of the sky and land - there are several points at which the tsunami moves around from what seems to be a huge “invisible dome” created by my telekinetic will, though it is a force and not of any material.

      At various points, we are in buildings that are eventually destroyed. One scene involves an elevator shaft (much the same scenario as my wife’s dream) and another, going out a window of a second or third floor where the water is up to. It is interesting how no one in my localized group is injured or easily washed away as others are.

      In one scene, two cars are going down a road towards where my group and I are. A huge wave slams into one car, carrying it from the road and into the trees while the other car, only a short distance in front of the other, is saved by the forces that block the water under my will. People are glad to be safe in what is technically “the end of the world” - as the waves are worldwide and covering most of the planet. This implies that we will have to live on a makeshift raft-like structure at some future point, I think, although I am able to mentally rebuild a building here and there - even in a scene where water has destroyed a part of a building and where the water is “frozen” in position (though still moving and “cycling” in that isolated position) and bricks float about within the “held spray” before realigning. I save a few people from drowning by mentally lifting them from the water as well as creating an invisible “wall” in some scenes.

      Again, I am not lucid, yet find it interesting that my telekinetic ability is so “automatic” and effortless throughout (and I am not worried that I will perish), although I sense that others are adding to this overall force at times with their own focus and survival instinct. There is also the nature of the water itself, which often seems more reflective than water in real life as well as having its own light-making properties. In some dreams, water and light seem to be some sort of hybrid composite that is not possible in reality.

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    11. Sentient Flood (Explained)

      by , 01-07-1990 at 07:07 AM
      Morning of January 7, 1990. Sunday. (This is a new online concise and clarified version Monday, 7 December 2015.)

      In my dream, I am in La Crosse, Wisconsin, but the area seems different, even seemingly near the ocean at one point - or at least the Mississippi seems bigger and more dominant a feature of the region. Water is rising over a long bridge in one clearer event. It seems the whole region is threatened by rising flood waters that are somewhat “relentless” in that the forces almost seem “intelligent” (in a human or near-human sense) or possibly controlled by a malevolent force of some kind. There is an eerie mood in my dream and I and several others are always moving away from areas that become flooded, almost as if the waters are somehow deliberately “in pursuit” of us. It mostly seems nighttime throughout my dream.

      We end up going down into a basement-like area that also serves as a post office, the layout seeming like a composite of Arcadia’s post office and the main one in La Crosse. The flood waters are raging and come down the steps (vaguely reminiscent of a scene from “The Blob” from 1958) with a human-like vengeance. At this point, I am becoming more frustrated than afraid. I stop and make my stand and boldly ask the raging flood waters that threaten to fill the post-office/basement area “What about the children?”

      The stream of raging water moves up and back almost like a hand (as if about to slap someone, but also in a sort of odd “puzzlement” at my audacity) and then moves back up the steps literally in reverse (as if playing a film clip of water cascading down the stairs in reverse). A little later, I and the others exit the building and look around, noting that the flood waters have receded, leaving only a few puddles here and there in the mostly featureless landscape. More light and detail is coming in at this point, as the sun also seems to be rising.

      The silhouette of a religious statue, which seems to be Jesus Christ, can be seen to the south. A dark-haired female (my lifelong green-eyed “mystery girl”) approaches it and it begins to glow (with a bluish tinge) and come to life as I wake, with several other people then encircling it. I hear clearer music in my dream that I did not hear in reality until my wife sent it on a cassette tape (the same melody and overall sound as Enya’s “Shepard Moons”, which was not even released until November 4, 1991 in the UK).

      Familiar meanings:

      This dream curiously contains five different waking process mechanisms during the same time period:

      1. A bridge being blocked (disallowing the dream self to move further into the dream state or incidentally explore another region of thought).

      2. Flood waters getting lower (waking process metaphor to indicate less of the Source is present and available as the conscious self is reintegrated). Flood waters are energies of both the Source and lower levels of human collective consciousness (including other dreamers during the same time period), even more obvious here, as I eventually became aware that the flood waters were an aspect of the energies of seemingly human consciousness as well as an aspect of the Source, though seemingly angry.

      3. A threat to run from (to more efficiently instigate the dissolution of the dream and annihilate the particular incarnation of the dream self).

      4. A statue coming to life (metaphorical for the conscious self waking up from the dream, or in some cases, coming into clearer awareness within the dream). The fact that it was Jesus Christ (though I am not a Christian) was more information on my lifelong dark-haired mystery girl being closer to my path in the sense of a spiritual awakening.

      5. The sun rising and light coming in (metaphorical for the conscious self waking up from the dream as well as conscious logic and analytical skills becoming more prominent during this stage)

      Precognitive links and additional notes:

      This dream demonstrates typical “pre-anniversary” precognition (my oldest son being born on January 7, 1995). It also (“against all odds“) prepared me for what was to come.

      The post office has been an important setting throughout my life (and represents communication with the Source, especially as a basement also represents being closer to the Source as well as collective consciousness - including the implication of being deeper in the dream state), especially relating to how I would come into contact with my predestined (for lack of a better term) dream girl. This goes all the way back to dreaming as a child of the PAIA having a meeting in the Arcadia Post Office while seated in a circle on the floor near the main counter (this in turn relative to the newspaper where my wife’s mother placed the advertisement that captured my attention as I had dreamt of the situation just previously in opening the gate to my dream girl) before the group even existed in real life. Even so, “I hug PO Virgo” is implied as a pattern (next vowel, next consonant continuity) in my full name, PO standing for Post Office (though Virgo being only one of thousands of “clues” from the Source, not relevant to astrology, which has no meaning for me).

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    12. Flash Flood and a Fish

      by , 01-08-1983 at 01:20 PM
      Morning of January 8, 1983. Saturday.

      I am in a mostly unfamiliar area seemingly in La Crosse. I may be near the place called Bonanza (which is a restaurant, I believe) where people fish. Over time, there is threat of a flash flood. A lot of people are struck and carried away by the rushing water and I end up hanging onto some sort of wooden debris (part of a house, I assume), quickly floating directly north. I suddenly notice a large, healthy, silvery fish next to me as if it was just tossed from the water somehow, or more like riding the waves at the same pace I am, remaining uninjured. It seems somewhat important, like a significant event for me. I am not sure what species it is; it may be a large herring. I feel a sense of vividness at that point, the most vivid part of my dream. It seems almost mystical. I have found that other people have had very similar dreams, one mentioned in a lecture about it relating to the gift of abundance.