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    1. Cold Funeral, Driving the Fury, and Throwing out a Toad

      by , 05-07-2014 at 11:07 AM
      Morning of May 7, 2014. Wednesday.

      Dream #: 17,306-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      I was at a funeral at the La Crosse Civil War Memorial (Campbell Cemetery) in winter during blasts of wind and snow. Two others in black 1940s formal apparel are near me. (They may be older versions of Zsuzsanna and me.) We are standing on the wayside, opposite the railroad tracks, not the woods where the funeral was. (I do not think of the unlikelihood of public graves between trees.)

      There are two cars parked along the road, the one that crashed in “Fear No Evil” (1969 TV movie) and my red 1922 Lincoln Phaeton (recurring dream car only).

      The old couple faces the woods as the wind blows snow across their backs. They do not move even after being covered in a light layer of snow. Another man approaches from our right. He acknowledges me but ignores the other two. He wants me to drive him somewhere, but not in either of the vehicles present.

      I become liminally aware I am dreaming without recall of what a dream is, only that my thoughts shape my world. I summon the red 1958 Plymouth Fury from “Christine” (1983 movie). The other man is happy with the car and our forthcoming road trip.

      I drive fast (not recklessly) over backroads in hilly areas. The car ends up on the carport of the Cubitis house. (I would have had to drive from Wisconsin to Florida in less than fifteen minutes). I am parked facing the orange grove, perpendicular to the driveway (which would be problematic as it would block both entrances to the front of the house).

      I am unsure where the man (preconscious simulacrum) is. I may have dropped him off somewhere. Looking down, I see a toad to the right of my right foot. It is about half the size of a cane toad. I pick it up and throw it out the window to my left. I consider that other toads may be in the car, but I do not worry about it and looking around, I see no evidence of others. At this point, my dream loses cohesion.


      The toad in the car may have been an association with “Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride” from “The Wind in the Willows” (both the book and the Disney attractions). It is similar, in some illustrations, to the car from “Fear No Evil”.

      My dream begins with the presence of sleep simulacrums (the old couple that becomes lightly covered with snow), the association with a cemetery as analogous to sleeping and being separated from waking life and my identity.

      The unknown man is this dream’s vestibular system simulacrum (a personification of the preconscious) as we ride in the car, which is an imaginary extension of my physical body while in the dream state. His original approach from my right stems from the waking process as I sleep on my left side with my right more exposed to my environment.

      A carport is a rendering of liminal space (the ambiguous awareness between dreaming and waking).

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    2. Casket of Yellow Candles

      by , 06-02-1998 at 12:02 PM
      Morning of June 2, 1998. Tuesday.

      Reading time: 54 sec. Readability score: 57.

      I deliberately step into an interesting street scene, but during a sequence of more quickly changing settings when the human forms have not stabilized. (Dream characters usually transform at the rate of about once per second in the first dreaming stage of the sleep cycle, until I allow them to stabilize, though they also sometimes melt into and out of each other during these stages.)

      A group of East Indian men (most from about thirty to forty years of age) approaches, some in traditional clothes, some in suits. They are carrying what I think is a casket. Moving closer, hovering in an incorporeal form while maintaining vestibular system correlation, I see the lid is now off. The “casket” contains long yellow candles (emerging consciousness color) aligned in the box lengthwise end to end. One of them alights, and I hear a male ahead of the group say, “Oh, look at that,” more in wonder and respect than surprise or alarm, and I wake softly, feeling alert and well. There is an essence of magic, though not “real” magic, only the knowledge of the dream state and how to mediate and modulate it.

      The “lighting a candle” process is a thread (both in infra-awareness and lucidity as here) that I have used since early childhood to more clearly define my conscious self’s existence, especially with incidental sleep apnea, though which is quite rare and is not a factor in this case.

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