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    1. Dollhouse Retrieval and Return with Golden Airplane Charm

      by , 02-03-2018 at 11:51 AM
      Morning of October 20, 2016. Thursday.

      My dream begins with a backstory involving a task which is apparently for a reality show. There is a feeling of comfort and happiness and of being in the right place at the right time.

      The challenge involves retrieving a two-storey dollhouse from the middle of a shallow pond. The knee-deep water is very cool and refreshing. The dollhouse is in a deeper area, mostly encircled by rocks that are just under the surface. Reaching down to lift it from the bottom, my right hand brushes a rock and I get an intense electrical shock that jolts my whole body and I even feel residual buzzing for a short time. My perception vivifies after this. I realize that only the dollhouse can be touched with the hands or a shock will result, which seems to be the nature of the challenge. I grab it by the roof and an upper window with both hands and get a vague impression that it is actually a miniature boathouse made of flimsy wood. I lift it up and tip it and watch and hear all the water flow out, as if it had been full of water even though much of it had been above the surface. I carry it back to shore with a great sense of enjoyment.

      There is a later scene in a less vivid dream event where two unknown males are trying to win the hand of a tribal princess. (I am unsure of the culture as even though it seems early Native American, it also seems to be in the future where there have been celestial changes, possibly threatening, though this is not a dominant idea.) There is something about shooting an arrow between two bows that overlap front to front giving the impression of a Venn diagram truncated at each side, the central area symbolically relating to the traits of the princess that both men desire, which has obvious sexual undertones.

      In the last segment, which is more vivid, an unknown male in a business suit is boarding a passenger jet near the outer boundary of a forest. (My view of him is from behind the left side of the aircraft.) He is carrying a large golden airplane charm which he had apparently won. He seems happy as he is walking up the mobile stairs.

      About 12% of my dreams (about 12 out of 100) render water as autosymbolism that represents entry into the dream state.

      About 23% of my dreams (about 23 out of 100) render vestibular system ambiguity as a flight symbol. In this case, vestibular system symbolism (autosymbolism that signifies being unconscious and emerging from the dream state) has three layers; the passenger jet, the golden airplane charm, and the mobile stairs. Gold symbolizes the emergent consciousness as analogous to increasing daylight.

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    2. Flying to a Library as Casper the Friendly Ghost

      by , 06-21-2017 at 10:26 AM
      Morning of June 21, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am in my bedroom in Cubitis (where I have not been in real life since the summer of 1978). There is not much furniture present other than a bed. My room is full of very shiny small gold nuggets and gold dust with a few piles of gold coins. It seems to be nighttime.

      I do not consider that my bedroom being filled with gold all over the floor from wall to wall is unusual in any way. I also do not consider that it is unusual that I am Casper the Friendly Ghost, in cartoon form. Wendy the Good Little Witch is visiting. There is no direct association with humanity at all.

      Snorkledorf, the Freakies Cereal character, though not associated as such by my dream self, is approaching from the west. Wendy and I know that we are in danger. He will most certainly eat all my gold and then eat us. We decide to flee. Wendy and I fly northwest, and although I phase through the wall as I am flying because I am a ghost (though I often do this as my more conscious-self-based dream self), Wendy does as well, which puzzles me briefly. Perhaps she quickly used her magic wand. For a short time, I am thinking that she could turn Snorkledorf into something else, but that might not prove to be feasible.

      We both fly north now. The area is no longer like rural Cubitis but not like a city block, either. The houses are close together, the backs of the houses facing each other, with shared backyards (an interesting dream distortion). Somehow, the area seems familiar or at least “correct” to me (even though it is entirely unique) and I decide to fly to the library. Wendy is no longer with me. I get the idea that Snorkledorf might be able to track our direction using his sense of smell, but that concern fades.

      In the unfamiliar library, I am “myself” to some degree. That is, my dream self identity is now human but there are not many threads of my current conscious self identity, though I have no dream-self memory of having just been Casper the Friendly Ghost. I discern my fictional dream self as when I was around twenty-five (even though I had not been in Cubitis since age seventeen). I “know” that the library is north of my home in Cubitis, the other side of Highway Seventeen from where the plant nursery would have been in reality (as well as the opposite side of the highway as my home was). As usual, this is the first time this fictional layout has ever been rendered. There was no public library in Cubitis.

      I look westerly at a tall wooden magazine rack and see a variety of magazines and comic books. I think I might buy a book I see in about the center of the rack, which is a graphic novel of perhaps sixty-four pages, though it feels thicker when I stroke the slightly irregular spine with my right thumb and index finger. Even though I am not familiar with its content and it does not seem all that interesting, I decide I will buy it as I read the price on it as $1.13; a dollar and thirteen cents. My dream self does not consider that, being in a library and probably not part of an ongoing book sale (though there are book sales at our local library in real life), that I could not buy it even though I plan to.

      I turn around and lean down upon a heavy wooden table to read the book more closely. There are a few other people seated at it, including a very chubby short-haired unfamiliar male on my right (south) of about twenty. As I lean upon the table while turning a couple pages of the graphic novel, the heavy table begins to tip to the point where its top is almost diagonal to the floor.

      “I’m sorry,” I say to the small group of people, as I catch and pull the table back upright before it is fully on its side.

      “If you could harvest that energy, you could solve the global energy crisis,” the chubby male says formally but cheerfully. I wake.

      • The gold in my Cubitis bedroom uniquely symbolizes all my dreams that I had documented and decoded in my youth.
      • Snorkledorf in this case symbolizes so-called dream interpreters. They “eat” (read) someone else’s dream without knowing what a dream is (what gold is for). They “trumpet” (as does Snorkledorf) an irritating out-of-tune fallacious “interpretation” with no understanding of personal value or experience or true meaning.
      • Being Casper and flying is a waking symbolism precursor. Flying is the main anticipatory form of waking from a dream. Some “experts” believe this evolved from our ancestors falling out of trees while sleeping, but other “experts” have other theories, such as unconscious confusion of the physical body being horizontal in sleep while residual threads of the conscious self identity are rendered as upright in the dream state. I am more inclined to believe the second theory.
      • $1.13, the cover price of the graphic novel, relates to how long I had been sleeping, an hour and thirteen minutes, a format I picked up from watching the timer on our DVD player so many times over the years. The graphic novel itself symbolizes being in the dream state.
      • It is curious that the personified preconscious (though already coalescing into my emergent consciousness) said “harvest” instead of “harness”. (“Harvest” would imply getting electricity from plants, thus I suspect it means on one level that I should eat more green vegetables for more energy.)
      • Thinking that Wendy could transform Snorkledorf with her magic relates to a conversation Zsuzsanna and I had prior to my dream. Neither of us have any answers for what is really wrong with much of humanity, regardless of how many times we had discussed it. This also relates to a recent analogy I came up with. Being an Internet dream journalist with over fifty years of experience is like being a heart surgeon with a detailed personal diary and additional book on anatomy. In the night, a person comes in through the window and scribbles in the margins “explaining” how the human body is run on hamster wheels…

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    3. The Tiny Man and the Apocalypse (with Gregory Hines)

      by , 04-12-2017 at 10:12 AM
      Morning of April 12, 2017. Wednesday.

      In the first part of my dream, I have the ability to “do anything” and I am clearly aware of this (even though I am not lucid at any point), of which becomes a focus on an unfamiliar Solntsevskaya Bratva boss (reminiscent of an older Mikhail Baryshnikov though more like Semion Mogilevich in the last moments of the scene, though Mikhail is possibly the man at the teacher’s desk and near the tree in later scenes) and his younger associate wanting me to find gold. Semion is at a desk in the last scene of the first segment. I explain that I will only find the gold that is not in a secured location or kept by others. I tell him that there is at least one large gold nugget twenty-five miles away. (This indicated that my dream would last twenty-five more minutes as gold typically represents emerging consciousness as well as sunrise). To me, this seems like too long of a drive, but he seems to be interested in getting it. I explain that I could find gold coins that had been lost (symbolic of subliminally seeking conscious self identity), but the focus remains on the gold nugget. No events related to this scenario occur after this.

      In another scene (which seems to be the same unfamiliar room as in the first scene), I get two chocolate Easter eggs from my mother (having no memory that she had died years ago). They are like Kinder Surprise eggs (and with the same wrapper imagery) but about twice the size. When I go to eat one as I am lying on the floor (on my side), there seems to be one inside the other, as I end up eating at least half the foil from the one on the inside (but I do not spit it out). My mother is present and I mention this. She says that she had forgotten to unwrap it (and the second egg is probably like this as well). This does not really make sense, as how would one unwrap a chocolate egg that is fully inside another one? The toy inside the plastic “egg” (of which there is only one inside the second wrapped layer) is hard to discern. It may be some sort of tiny plastic outrigger model, the pieces attached in one frame (and I see the small strip of paper with instructions as well).

      There is a tiny man, only about three inches high, who I talk to several different times throughout the rest of my dream. There is interest in where he may have come from. I ask him where he lives, naming about three locations, finally asking him if he lives under tree roots and he seems offended. He talks to another male (of normal height) at a desk.

      The other male asks me something about receiving a check. The layout of the room now reminds me somewhat of one of my high school basement classrooms, with a square column on each side of his desk. I notice that I am in pajamas and as it is the middle of the day I feel slightly embarrassed. (I do not wear anything when sleeping in real life, though this is just a first-level dream sign, that is, a subliminal non-lucid awareness of being asleep and dreaming.) I take them off and put a shirt on, but then I see that I already had a shirt on (even though I had not actually put the first one on) so I am now wearing two shirts and notice that they are different colors (blue and pale orange I think, the blue on the outside). I think about whether I should just button up the second one but consider that it may be too warm.

      Eventually, it is seen that the tiny man actually had been living in a small cave under a large tree (just as I had first thought and asked him about though which seemingly offended him), accessible via a tiny doorway between the tree roots. I see two tiny women dressed as fishwives standing just outside the door. They seem to be wondering where the tiny man went. I want to talk to them, but they are wary of human beings of normal height. A group of other people, some of them relatives, curiously approach the tree (including Tina, which is possibly the first dream she has ever appeared in - I see her full name on a small piece of paper near the tree with a couple other names I do not discern). They seem to question whether or not tiny people really exist. One unknown male (Mikhail? - though vaguely like my brother Leonard) places about six or seven odd plastic animal figures near the door as “bait”. They are not to scale and include a frog, cow, horse, dragon, owl, and other animals, all about two inches tall. The tiny women somehow get the figures inside and the figures come to life. The frog tries to eat the cow but fails. Other figures try to eat each other in a chaotic scene but the scene changes. (I am viewing this as if the scene is magnified and I am perceiving from within the tiny cave, though this viewpoint changes in the next scene.)

      The tiny man returns and goes inside the cave under the tree. I had wanted to talk to him more. Soon, a young Gregory Hines (February 14, 1946-August 9, 2003) is present. Apparently, he is the ruler of the kingdom of the little people even though he is of normal height. He now plans on eliminating everyone but the little people (and himself). As such, he calls another copy of himself to aid in the end of the world.

      A sketch of Gregory Hines “slides” down a miniature skyscraper (though which is still about ten feet tall) that has the external surface of a flat disco ball. I watch as it nears ground level, each square shifting as the parts of the drawing “slide” down the side of the building. The drawing becomes three-dimensional and soon becomes the second “real” Gregory Hines but he is dressed differently than the first - in an unusual vertically pinstriped (dark gray and white) dance costume. I pick him up and throw him over my right shoulder (his head in back of me) and he kicks his legs. The first Gregory Hines looks on with annoyance. I am not sure what to do. I do not want everyone to be killed but I do not feel like carrying the second Gregory around or hurting him.

      This is the first time that my preconscious and emergent consciousness (not fully coalesced but still physically touching me and over my right shoulder) were both Gregory Hines. The two shirts event seems redundant of the concentric chocolate eggs event. It may relate to layers of consciousness within the sleep cycle or an unusual waking transition metaphor that requires a second prompt for coalescence (as I was in the dream state much longer than usual). The personified unconscious was the tiny man (validated by the fact he lived underground under a tree, a tree being analogous to the human brain only in some cases). This dream is atypical with regard to the miniature people factor. Most such dreams trigger lucidity and extreme vividness but not in this case. The high school basement classroom is a factor of the unconscious. The fall (or “slide”) down the outer wall of the disco ball building (also a “moon cessation” factor symbolizing the change in circadian rhythms) seems to be the otherwise common precursor to the “fall” of the emergent consciousness and vestibular system correlation.

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    4. Golden Latch

      by , 08-17-2015 at 02:17 PM
      Morning of August 17, 2015. Monday.

      In my dream, I find myself going through some sort of structure, somewhat church-like and fairly large. I do not recognize it as a real setting or composite. For some reason, I focus on the nature of “ordinary” people and puzzle over the functions of their minds, almost as if I am stumped by their potential of understanding something as simple as a half-black and half-white wall. I am trying to work out if typical human beings would understand that half the wall was black and half of it was white, and thus each being fifty percent of the wall. Somehow, I seem to think that this basic, simple realization would not even be accessed by most people and the majority of people would never even begin to understand. I get the impression that hardly anyone would see the wall as half black and half white even though it is, not even in any complex pattern (such as perfectly proportional static), but again a solid half on the left and a solid half on the right. No one would see it as it was.

      I move through the environment and encounter a larger room that seems to be the realm of some sort of demonic entity, though not in any serious context. I have hardly ever dreamt of demons or devils in my life, and even when I have, it was always eventually comic-strip-like. (This does not mean I do not believe in the malevolent essences of certain types of people. Some people’s life purpose seems to be to solely cause trouble for others for whatever reason and to lie as much as possible about everyone else.)

      No human being on Earth could even begin to “explain” one iota of how I have lived for over fifty years as I have. Certainly a “demonic” form would have no clue, either. At any rate, this “demon” I see from his left as he faces perpendicularly from me towards some sort of implied portal. I barely make out a sketched pattern on the white marble floor (which I think has light blue skewed teardrop patterns) that may be some sort of wagon wheel design (I do not think it is a hexagram or anything of that nature).

      There is some sort of distorted plot that I can only basically describe. This more-human essence of what may be jealously and covetousness (and perhaps even static contempt - whereas a person might just as well be white noise in the scheme of things) does not really concern me that much. I had indulged in a long romantic interlude in real life prior to my dream after some “pretend to be human” playing around with my wife, and here this hopeless “demon” is - standing in a very large room, not even facing me, but looking at basically nothing and is actually what he has been apparently doing for centuries. How…boring. Demons, after all, are probably the most boring things in existence (no offense to Hot Stuff the Little Devil, whose dream-like adventures in Harvey comics I greatly enjoyed in my childhood).

      I am puzzled.

      The demon only halfheartedly acknowledges me. “You,” he raspingly says and does not even turn about. He does not seem very assertive and certainly is not threatening.

      I lift my right hand and see a glowing golden latch I am holding for an unknown reason. Oddly, it reminds me somewhat of the piece of the bottom door in my tall metal cupboard from my room in Cubitis (though the difference being it was matte metallic, not golden). I play with the latch for a short time, that is, I move the mechanism about and find it interesting.

      “Even if you take this from me, I will just create another one,” I say, which seems to be an “understanding” at the very core of my being. The “demon” seems only mildly annoyed. I deliberately cause the latch to vanish (even though I am not lucid) and cause an identical one to appear in my right hand almost immediately. (I am not sure where the other one went - possibly onto a door somewhere.) I see that the “demon” (who reminds me somewhat of a shabbily dressed homeless person at this point) also has a latch, but it is rusty and frozen (nonworking).

      The demon reminds me somewhat of those fake screw heads that have appeared on everything from cassette tape cases to radios and children’s toys. What is the point? One can only gawk in bafflement at the audacity of the inherent falseness where no screwdriver on Earth (even a fake one) would hope to “turn” the fake screw head, a hilarious example of mankind’s silliness. Some people are like that. That is, like the fake screw heads on an otherwise feasible cassette, where they look like an impressive screw head on the outside yet do not function at all.

      No drama. My thoughts coalesce into abstract forms.
    5. The Practice Effect Mist and the Golden Bicycle

      by , 05-28-2014 at 11:28 AM
      Morning of May 28, 2014. Wednesday.

      There is a long first section to my dream where my wife Zsuzsanna and I are living in my older sister Marilyn’s house on Loomis Street. (She died this year in February.) It seems unusual that we now apparently own her house, especially as this was a rented house in real life and my sister had lived in a different house for some time after I came to Australia (though this erroneous factor occurs continuously in my dreams, as I never saw the house she had moved to after my move to Australia). I am aware of Marilyn at one point but when I look up she moves swiftly “in reverse” back to the kitchen (as if I were rewinding and resetting my dream). I notice a pile of clothes in one bedroom that belong to my brother-in-law (still alive) and my sister.

      Later, I am at the front of the house. I have an old bicycle that I will be riding east down Gillette Street. At this point, I feel very good, though I am somewhat concerned about the traffic. However, there are not many cars after a time. I am able to ride the bicycle without incident. After going east down Gillette Street about two blocks, there is a (fictional) bicycle shop to my right. I still feel very good, but I think the bicycle needs to be fixed up a bit. I go into the store and have the bicycle set up near the center of the main large room so that I can work on it. The owner is behind the counter and does not even seem to notice me (until later).

      I have a special bottle that resembles a small cylindrical spray-cologne bottle with a light blue tint. The liquid inside it that sprays out as a mist is virtually infinite. This has something to do with “the practice effect” in that the more I use, the more will be available and the more effective. In this case, it is a mist filled with nanobots that automatically clean, repair, and build even as they continue to improve themselves with a more and more efficient design. I spray the mist on rusty spots on the bicycle and over time, more and more of the rust is gone to be replaced by the original chrome surfaces. I spray it on the seat and the black seat takes on a copper sheen and transforms into a different shape.

      The bicycle shop owner comes over with an unknown male customer and I say how the seat will now be more comfortable when riding. At this point, a bicycle seat falls onto the floor from a high shelf behind me. I point at it and say, “What a coincidence. I had just mentioned ‘bicycle seat’ and one fell from the shelf”. The other two males appear to be perplexed.

      I continue to spray the mist over the bicycle and it becomes more and more newer-looking. I decide to add a headlight. I spray over the front of the bicycle and the invisible nanobots build a very nice-looking chrome headlight. There is a larger rectangular area on the bottom for a brighter light and two small eye-like squares near the top for signal lights. I also create better brakes and go back over the surface. Eventually, the bicycle, though with chrome aspects, also has copper and gold sections. I study the difference between the copper and gold nuances and I am satisfied. I notice several other features of the shop turning copper and gold over time, including parts of the shelves, checkout counter, and so on.

      Eventually, the owner seems puzzled by a section of his bicycle shop, which seems to have partially expanded into a clothing store with craft store aspects more to the east. A few sections of elongated clover-shaped copper and gold felt pieces have ended up on the floor. A few other customers are walking around. It is not quite clear what he is looking at. At one point, it looks like two pieces of golden-colored felt sewn partly together with a bit of stuffing coming out. It seems like a propeller for a large stuffed toy airplane.

      This dream borrows from the science-fiction novel “The Practice Effect” by David Brin and additionally uses the typical dream ability of cleaning and improving dream features.

      For new readers or inexperienced dreamers: Something falling off a shelf is precursory symbolism representing getting out of bed, especially as it is a pillow with composite autosymbolism relating to flight. A shelf is autosymbolism that signifies being unconscious, analogous to being in bed. This dream is autosymbolic of the natural vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep, biologically resulting in associations with falling, flight, or both. Therefore, it has no relationship with waking life or interpretable factors. An airplane is often only an autosymbolic extension of the physical body during the vestibular system ambiguity of REM sleep. Therefore, it is usually unrelated to waking life. In this case, only the propeller as a pillow is present. A pillow is a dream state indicator that represents increased awareness of one’s real environment while still in the dream state and is sometimes precursory of “The Periphery of Lucidity” as in many childhood dreams, and although my dream becomes more and more vivid, apex lucidity does not initiate. Preconscious RAS mediation remains passive here, as a checkout character being autosymbolism for exiting the dream state, likely due to my (subliminal) willingness to wake and harmonious attitude about RAS factors. In my childhood, I typified this common type of dream event as “failed flight waking symbolism”. Use of the word “failed” does not imply a negative connotation as it is a biological dynamic of waking from REM sleep. Therefore, attributing conscious self meaning or waking life meaning is unintelligent. A bicycle is also relevant to vestibular system dynamics, not as dominant as a fully featured airplane. Gold symbolizes a more viable closeness to the conscious self identity while sleeping.

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