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    1. The Strange Case of the Fonz and Mr. Hyde

      by , 10-14-1977 at 04:14 PM
      Morning of October 14, 1977. Friday.

      Dream #: 3,952-02. Reading time: 40 sec.

      The Fonz from “Happy Days” (the television series) has found the Jekyll and Hyde formula.

      It seems to be morning. The Fonz is visible to me through a fictitious window on the east side of our Cubitis home, more to the north end where the chimney area otherwise is in real life. I am watching him from the backyard, from about ten feet away from the back of the house.

      He growls, waves his arms, and snaps his fingers angrily, trying to get attention. All the girls outside near the carport run and scream, and soon, none remain. He eventually returns to normal and has a cheerful expression.

      I cheerfully say to him, “Hey Fonzie, you snapped your fingers, and all the girls disappeared.“

      He giggles childishly, replying “Ain’t that a switch?” (He is implying that girls usually come to him when he snaps his fingers.) The sound of his voice is vivid.

      The key process here is wall mediation. (See "wall mediation explained” in my online dream journal.)

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