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    1. Flight Over Niagara Falls

      by , 01-03-2020 at 06:46 AM
      Morning of January 3, 2020. Friday.

      Dream #: 19,373-01. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      Water and its essence remain one of the most beautiful and appealing factors of dreaming. That is because bodies of water signify the state of sleep and its dynamics and sleep is bliss (as the virtually countless commercial recordings utilizing the sound of water to induce sleep verifies). It also expresses the fluidity of the dream state’s imaginary physicality with its abandonment of defined muscularity.

      I instinctually enter a more vivid status of imaginary proprioception without drop anticipation (as a result of my vestibular cortex nuances in sleep-wake mediation). I fly slowly near Niagara Falls. The water is luminescent, and its flow is enrapturing. When I fly directly in front of the waterfall, there is a shadow that has more definition than it would in reality. It is not my body’s shape, but the longways silhouette of a helicopter. It tips to the left at about 45 degrees as I occupy myself with thoughts of diving into the refreshing water. I am not a helicopter in this scene (only my body’s shadow is), but a vehicle signifies the extension of imaginary physicality while in the dream state. A helicopter’s status in contrast to an airplane in a situation like this implies more cognizance in emergence.

      The waterfall briefly becomes a curtain of turquoise and cyan silk ribbons, some swaying out as if with a breeze from within, as wall mediation initiates.

      Looking to my right again, I see the helicopter silhouette has transformed into a hake (fish) silhouette of the same size and orientation, though briefly, ambiguity dictates that the shadow is both hake and helicopter. To oblige the illusion, I perform butterfly stroke swimming motions as I fly downward. Instead of entering the water, I become incorporeal and remain in abstract space for a time.

      A dream with similar sleep-wake mediation is “Helicopter Digger” from August 23, 1987. In that dream, a helicopter dives to the ground while a friend and I are fishing. Instead of crashing, it becomes a digging machine, the rotary blades churning the soil as if with a purpose as it enters the ground while tipped to the front at about 45 degrees. Typically, going underground indicates anticipation of returning to slow-wave sleep, whereas diving into water implies acknowledgment of REM sleep.

    2. Cheerful “Helicopter”

      by , 11-19-2018 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of November 19, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,963-04 and # 18,963-05. Reading time: 42 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Having fallen asleep briefly while sitting on our couch, there is the usual natural melatonin trope of the illusory sound of splashing water. Someone unknown had thrown a hardcover book, and it breaks the surface of a pond. This autosymbolic event is a lifelong recurring process that encodes my liminal acknowledgment that the wakefulness required for the reading of a book is usually no longer present when sleeping.

      Later, while lying in our bed, an additional melatonin trope is present, this time as an upside-down surface of a water body about three feet above me (atypical). A whirlpool (vestibular nexus) forms. At the same time, I hear the sound of a helicopter rotor, though it is very soft and pleasant. It is as if a whirlpool and a helicopter rotor (without the helicopter present in this case) are the same. A hummingbird flies down from out of the “whirlpool” and cheerfully says “hi” in a young feminine voice (water nymph as shapeshifter) but as if the formant is a band higher. I am very amused by this brief encounter.

    3. White Helicopter and Clock Tower (with comparisons)

      by , 07-30-2018 at 01:37 PM
      Reading time: 3 min 53 sec. Readability score: 57.

      Many specific patterns linked directly to the dreaming and waking process and its autosymbolism have been occurring continuously in my dreams for over fifty years, most occurring one or more times each sleep cycle.

      White Helicopter and Clock Tower.

      Morning of December 31, 2012. Monday.

      A white helicopter flies over a mostly featureless green field. It flies to the left of a clock tower that displays five minutes past ten. There is a vague apprehension of the rotor blades hitting the tower, but this does not occur.

      Vestibular system correlation of this nature is by emerging consciousness definition, represented by the clock tower which also correlates to the ultradian rhythm at the end of the waking process.

      Now I will look at other dreams (posted previously) that are a model of the same dreaming and waking process.

      In “Brother Earl’s Flying Saucer,” from November 29, 1976, this same waking process renders a spacecraft that my older brother Earl supposedly built. The spacecraft looks much like the Flying Sub from the television series “Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.” It flies to the left of a clock tower. Regardless of a couple near misses with the tops of buildings, it successfully flies away.

      In “Not Quite Paris,” from June 13, 1978, I non-lucidly choose to place my focus closer to the process of vestibular system correlation. In this specific case, it is the Eiffel Tower, not a clock tower, but it is still the reactive representation of the emerging consciousness.

      In “Helicopter Ride into the Beautiful Mountains,” from February 8, 2017, the right side of the helicopter I am flying in taps a commercial building, but surprisingly, does not result in a mishap.

      In “Failed Flight (Wing Knocking On Eaves),” from October 1, 2014, the wings of the Cessna that someone else is flying is tapping the eaves of a building I am in on the fourth floor. I see it through the windows to my right. Instead of crashing into the building’s exterior wall of which is perpendicular to the section of the building that I am in, it stops and falls.

      In “Computer Tunnel?” from September 11, 1983, a low-flying airplane crashed into one of two skyscrapers. I am in a wheat field and run through a tunnel with walls like a printed circuit.

      In “The Future Delegates,” from September 11, 1982, while hugging, my “dream girl” (Zsuzsanna) and I jump from atop an airplane as it approaches a burning city and one of two skyscrapers. (Note that this was the precognitive form of Zsuzsanna before I knew of her in waking life, before our contact in 1991 and before we met in 1994).

      In “Amusing Helicopter ‘Rescue’ (with Pierce Brosnan),” from May 19, 2016, a miniature version of Pierce Brosnan (as James Bond) in a miniature helicopter “rescues” an effigy of me from the top of a high building. I place a tiny human-shaped pillow (meant to be “me”) into a small bed in the miniature helicopter.

      In “School-Bus-Plane Over Ancient Greece,” from November 16, 1969, I am on a flying school bus. Ahead, through the front windows, I see scenes of ancient Greece; the Oracle at Delphi and the Temple of Athena Nike. We seem to be ready to land. There is a sense of looking into the distant past.

      Thousands of other dreams that I have experienced and resolved since early childhood use this same basic template. Astoundingly, most people seem to ignore everything that is in plain sight (no pun intended). They prefer to pretend that the dream has “symbolism” related to waking life when such a process is typically not even viable. (Consider how difficult it is to read in dreams, or for that matter, even think at all other than in lucid states.)

      This type of dream is an extension of the flying, falling, or rising dreams, which has nothing to do with real-life factors other than in rare cases. It is a result of the vestibular system correlation of the waking process, as the reactive representation of emerging from sleep and is not symbolic in the conventional sense. A tower or other high building of the emerging consciousness becomes the focal point in some cases, though not always. It is all about correlating illusory physicality and increasing dynamics of the conscious self as in waking life. Whether or not you maintain either non-lucid or lucid dream control, such control has little to do with real life, but the extent of knowledge of the dream state and specific level of sleep.

      What does the conscious self possess that the dream self does not? There are many factors. One is the inability of the dream self to viably discern where his physical body is as he or she sleeps. That is a no-brainer, but many people do not even seem to have the slightest grasp of what it means or the nature of related reactive representation in the dream state. They go on to pretend there is a correlation, corrupting the “I am” of the dream state with the “I am” of current waking life, thereby on a path of misconception.

      Once anyone of reasonable intelligence dismisses the notion of waking life “interpretation,” or things “indicating” other things (relative to dream self to conscious self) new opportunities and clarity of mind develop. People who only pretend to understand dreams are easily recognized and dismissed. The causes and effects of the dreaming and waking process are more clearly understood, and non-lucidly or lucidly controlled. (Contrary to popular misconception, lucidity and dream control are unrelated, and in fact, many dreamers have less control when they are lucid than non-lucid. That is because of how the reticular formation functions. Many people who talk about “becoming lucid” have no understanding of what the dream state is.) “Bad” dreams become very rare and the potential for prescience increases. However, as can be seen here (with the September 11 dreams), prescience often correlates with the patterns of the dreaming and waking process.

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    4. 40 Helicopter Dreams (Part 1)

      by , 05-20-2018 at 12:46 PM
      Afternoon of May 20, 2018. Sunday.

      To save time and space, I include my age (for the first version of each dream) rather than a specific date. As I have only a tiny portion of my dreams online (about 5,000 presently), this list is very incomplete. Vestibular system correlation, inner ear dynamics, and the autosymbolic rendering of liminal physical body awareness in sleep are the cause of helicopter dreams (though spiritually represent the Merkaba), even for literal carryovers into the dream state (such as actually having been in a helicopter, elevator, escalator, and so on). This is a key factor of the dream state caused by the lack of viable discernment of the physical body in sleep (and the ambiguity of vestibular system function during REM sleep), and being as such, is unrelated to the myth of “interpretation” for waking life. (Dreams are autosymbolic, not symbolic in the conventional sense. They are rendered by way of the preconscious during RAS mediation, not the unconscious mind or so-called subconscious. The dream self is the subconscious personified, which in non-lucidity does not even have viable access to the unconscious mind or the conscious self identity, but does have more access to the transpersonal interconsciousness than the conscious self in waking life typically does, which is a key factor of prescience and other inexplicable experiences.) For some dreams, there is detail in this entry that was not included in the original post.

      This entry lists the factors of helicopter autosymbolism and is not meant to fully explain a particular dream or combined causes of a dream.

      1) The In-Store Ride (4). Combines checkout (dream exit) autosymbolism with vestibular system correlation. I am vividly aware of being upside-down in semi-darkness in a fetal position in a coin-operated (kidney-shaped) helicopter ride. (Prenatal memory influence.)

      2) Hummingbird Satellite (7). In childhood fantasy and naïvety, asteroids are perceived as giant prehistoric bones. One is approached by a “helicopter” in space, which is actually a kind of spaceship (possibly unmanned) and is caught in its orbit, whereby an “umbilical cord” (cable) connects the “helicopter” and “asteroid” (influenced by a photograph from a Time Life “Birds” book that I got for Christmas at age 7). I await news of its status.

      3) Hallicopters… (8). This series of dreams was heavily influenced by my father’s Hallicrafters radio and the “helicopter” sound it made on certain channels.

      4) The Sacred Rock of Thought (14). A helicopter only appears in the last segment to lift the rock (shaped like a brain). I have liminal dream control and “wish it away”.

      5) Rocket Science? (15). A school bus slowly flying above the horizon in the distance has helicopter rotor blades and ambiguously has an “ancient” essence. Smoke billows out from the back. This is the last scene in this dream. (My dreams often end with vestibular system correlation as the waking process.)

      6) Pterodactyl (versus my Helicopter) (16). This dream is based around liminal (non-lucid) dream control and the attempt to mediate the vestibular system ambiguity of the dream state. The pterodactyl is the RAS modulation factor.

      7) Helicopter Digger (26). In this dream the vestibular system correlation fails and my dream is sustained when the helicopter, flying overhead where Leonard and I are fishing, crashes onto the ground as it oddly transforms into a digging machine (as the rotor blades continue to dig into the ground, which is autosymbolism for a desire to sleep longer).

      8) Not by Helicopter this Time (34). I decide to get bicycles (which I am not sure are ours) to travel with Zsuzsanna rather than taking a helicopter, which is having problems, clotheslines (at least perceived as such) caught in the rotor blades and partly melted rotor blades. This has links to other dreams, such as ones where bicycles had melted and another where only a rotor blade was tied onto parts of a clothesline. Both bicycles and helicopters are a similar form of vestibular system correlation in the dreaming and waking process.

      9) Vapid Comic Strip (34). This vestibular system correlation is based more on the precursory anticipation of the waking process and remains static in the ultradian rhythm event. I am looking at unusual daily (black-and-white) comic strips but I only recall one more clearly. A woman approaches a man near an alley and asks him if he has a helicopter and he says “no”. After the woman walks away, he says, “There goes my social life”. This is a play on the dream self not interacting with people in the real physical world until the waking process (such as vestibular system correlation) is initiated.

      10) They’re After Baby Huey (35). I am watching Baby Huey (the cartoon ducking) in an unusual (fictitious) movie. Airplanes (as well as helicopters) are bombing the area. He does not even seem affected by an atomic bomb in the distance. There is a likely play on the UH-1 Huey Helicopter.

      11) Twilight UFOs and Souls (36). A small unmanned helicopter gathers data about the souls that fly thought the sky just before sunrise.

      12) Haunted Fun and Budgie the Little Helicopter (36). Even though the main theme features “haunted places” and “ghosts” (though at an amusement park), Budgie the Helicopter flies around at one point, seeming life-sized and “real” (though which is a mechanical park attraction, I assume, rather than “alive”).

      13) White Camels (38). I fly around using a portable helicopter propeller.

      14) Angel Doctor (48). Helicopters are only mentioned in this dream, as a dream character erroneously states that I am probably flying around because of a helicopter holding me up with wires. (This dream still ties in with liminal recognition of the autosymbolism of dreams.)

      15) In Defense of the “Siren” (53). Burl Ives talks about how my wife Zsuzsanna called up the giant turtle and crashed his helicopter in a direct reference to the movie “The Bermuda Depths” (a television movie from 1978).

      16) Futile Shooting at a White Gorilla in the Enchanted Forest (53). “Twelve multicolored butterflies eventually encircled the area (horizontally) so swiftly that they created a clear impression of a helicopter rotor - in fact, a subtle sound of a rotor was vaguely discernible later on during a transitional (shift in unconsciousness) period.”

      17) Sensual Bliss, Enhanced Sense of Touch, Infinite Peace (53). Another family visits me and my family, arriving and leaving in a helicopter. I also telekinetically cause a stolen barbecue to fly back to its owner.

      18) The Helicopter Bag (53). I try to cause a medicine bag (with marbles in it, though the contents become pillow stuffing later) to fly by use of a toy helicopter’s rotor blade and rubber bands.

      19) Volcanic Events (53). In a very surreal situation, the potential of rescue by remote-controlled miniature helicopter in lifting us from a rug that is somehow floating on lava (but of which is ultimately not perceived as dangerous) is part of the scenario.

      20) Helicopter and Seagulls (54). Seagulls telekinetically guide a helicopter I am flying in (in which the pilot had disappeared) back to shore. A young mischievous version of Zsuzsanna (implied to be a seagull in her “true” form) flies up (from the surface of the ocean) into the doorway to greet me.

      21) Snake Afire (54). RAS modulation using the snake alert factor is sustained into a much longer dream scenario with Zsuzsanna. A man in a helicopter shows up and flies over the area checking for the presence and activity of snakes. He later walks up with a temporary map saying how they are mostly in the mountain belt at this time.

      22) Pterodactyl Driver (54). The white spy from Mad Magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” is driving a real car. His head turns into a pterodactyl’s, which then spins and becomes a helicopter rotor blade, and which then flies up and away.

      23) Blocked-off Buildings (54). A helicopter crashes near a building at the end of my dream, causing glass to fly, though I (and another unfamiliar dream character) am not injured.

      24) Straight-up Mining (54). In this dream, vestibular system dynamics are very skewed. Cars and trucks go straight up and down a tall mountainous structure for mining purposes. I ride in a helicopter with my wife Zsuzsanna in the first scene.

      25) Dreams Define the Path of Waking From Them (55). A helicopter rotor blade is connected to the top of monkey bars (apparently with a clothesline, as the unlikely and illogical structure was supposedly being privately used to hang clothes on). Vestibular system autosymbolism and transitional associations with waking autosymbolism is combined, as the helicopter rotor blade also implies part a bridge of sorts in this case.

      26) Helicopter Landing (55). A miniature remote-controlled helicopter somehow flies me back to our bed in our present home. Both it and my dream body phased through the ceiling in this curious waking transition autosymbolism.

      27) Amusing Helicopter “Rescue” (55). Pierce Brosnan, as James Bond, but only about five inches high, flies a miniature helicopter to come to “rescue” me from the top of a commercial building. I oblige my dream’s intent by placing a pillow-like version of myself in bed into the helicopter to wake myself.

      28) Helicopter to Spaceship to Helicopter to… (55). This dream was somewhat “dull” in its level of dream self awareness until the last segment. A helicopter flies overhead but transforms into a spaceship (unknown if alien or not) and back again each time it flies over.

      29) Lucid Priest Indeed (55). The last scene in my dream (though part of a false awakening) features an upside-down silhouette of a helicopter in a magazine I am looking at.

      30) Being Wrong in a “Nights in White Satin” Argument (55). An additional dream state indicator (as well as the unfamiliar bedroom I am in) relates to playing and hearing the “Nights in White Satin” Moody Blues song. I get into an nonthreatening argument where I mistakenly remember the song included sounds of helicopters, actually thinking of the beach scene from “Apocalypse Now”.

      31) Helicopter Not Landing Yet (56). I am in a very large room in a commercial building where at least two unknown males are looking at monitors. I am “sleeping” on blankets on the floor. This setting is ambiguously supposed to be occurring inside a helicopter that is flying over a foggy area with jagged rocks (and I feel vague movement as such), but I am never concerned about any possible danger.

      32) Return Flight Oddity (56). There are different types of vestibular system autosymbolism, though both are caused by liminal anticipation of the waking process. In this case, the association is static and an image is featured that displays, in four panels, an airplane (top panel), two helicopters (each in middle panels), and a flying man in a cape (Superman, bottom panel). All are facing to the left, indicating a liminal desire (or intent) for reinduction.

      33) Bizarre Tourist Trip into the Past (with Apollo 11) (56). From a helicopter falls the Apollo 11 spacecraft, its parachutes immediately opening, the craft seeming a bit larger than it should be. I expect that it will probably explode (liminal dream control) and it does. It explodes into a massive fireworks display, debris flying everywhere over a dense forest, though my dream continues from here into other typical forms of waking process autosymbolism.

      34) A Beautiful Beach, Cool Water, and…Almost Kicking Someone (56). I expect to get a “ride back” by helicopter, but instead, I become more self-aware and my dream is sustained by water reinduction on a beautiful beach at night.

      35) Helicopter Ride into the Beautiful Mountains (56). I ride with others to high beautiful mountains to a fictitious workplace where lamps are made from precious stones, as well as at least one transparent statue of a dolphin with human limbs.

      36) The Wrong Dodo (56). I am viewing the scene as if incorporeal. A dark-haired girl (probably a young version of Zsuzsanna) is piloting a helicopter. A large dodo (bird) with a blue ribbon around its neck jumps into the helicopter from some sort of door or opening on top. (This is not logical, as the helicopter’s rotor would otherwise prevent an event such as this.)

      37) Fixing a Bridge (featuring Dean Norris) (56). A helicopter drops off a young version of Zsuzsanna in a bridge-fixing scenario with Dean Norris.

      38) Usual Induction; Atypical “Snowmocopter” Waking Transition (56). A composite vehicle of snowmobile and helicopter occurs in this dream.

      39) No Toy Soldier Rescue (57). A helicopter is apparently on a “rescue” mission to recover toy soldiers from the backyard of our present address.

      40) Helicopter Vestibular Autosymbolism in Education Report (57). With the Department of Education report I am working on, I also have papers related to my own ongoing education. I see an A4 paper with my sketch of a helicopter on it and consider if the parts should be labeled.

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    5. Helicopter Vestibular Autosymbolism in Education Report

      by , 05-10-2018 at 11:10 AM
      Morning of May 10, 2018. Thursday.

      I am in an unknown location that has somewhat of the essence of the middle room of the east side of the King Street boarding house (where I have not been since 1990). I am putting together this year’s education report.

      Curiously, a young female from the Brisbane Department of Education is present (though is a fictitious character or at least unfamiliar). I am showing her the documents that have been correlated thus far. One section is based on a calorie intake study relating to cereal. In going through the papers, I recall that half of the documents relate to my own education and are also due.

      I notice a sheet of A4 paper that I had apparently sketched a helicopter on, lengthwise on the paper. I am wondering if it is complete or needs labeling.

      Helicopters in my dreams are a common form of vestibular system correlation in anticipation of the drop.

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    6. Usual Induction; Atypical “Snowmocopter” Waking Transition

      by , 10-31-2017 at 01:40 PM
      Morning of October 31, 2017. Tuesday.

      The dream state induction symbolism here is water flowing in (most common). The waking transition symbolism here is water lowering over time and “return flight” waking symbolism (most common; over twenty percent of regular dreams and about ninety percent of all dreams). Dream state induction symbolism and waking transition symbolism are inherent to the dream state itself based on the real-time dynamics of going to sleep, being unconscious, and waking, and is unrelated to real life or the inventive untruthfulness of “interpretation”. These forms of induction and waking transition factors have occurred at least once per day for over fifty years. The water induction and reduction is biologically based on the glymphatic system and the flight-related symbolism is based on the reticular activating system (RAS) and inner ear dynamics during sleep (especially as a factor relating to the fictitious dream body as being upright while the real physical body is lying down, which is what causes most falling dreams and is unrelated to the deception of “interpretation” or cruelly fabricated “meaning” to negate someone’s livelihood under the oppression of disinformation - in fact, if you watch a baby sleeping and a noise occurs in some cases when they are in the dream state or when air blows on them, especially their face, they will throw up their arms and automatically briefly maintain a falling position - not to mention the common term “falling asleep” - how could people miss this?).

      Stepping into a beach scene in late afternoon (a very common lucid entry simply because I like the beauty of the ocean and the liminal space of the beach, which symbolizes the state between dreaming and waking), a young version of Zsuzsanna in black lingerie approaches on a black horse. The essence of beauty increases and is appreciated. Zsuzsanna is with me in an extended love-making scene. My lucidity decreases to semi-lucidity though my conscious self identity remains intact. Sexuality symbolizes…wait for it…sexuality (oh snap), at least in lucid and semi-lucid dreams, because, well, that is what I unconsciously will via conscious self identity (it is not rocket science).

      Over time, after indulging in sensuality for seemingly a long time, the usual water lowering event as a waking precursor “timer” (common since around age four) commences. (Among other analogies, this directly represents the tidal analogy of the glymphatic system.)

      We have somehow teleported, while on our sides, to a field of knee-high grass adjacent to the beach we had just been on. In the distance, I see a red combine harvester approaching, but not that close to our location. “Oh-oh,” I say, but with somewhat of a comedic mocking of the semi-lucid dream content.

      A change occurs where some of the ocean water nearest the beach is topped with ice. I see what I think is a helicopter and I assume it is the flight symbolism (end marker) out of my dream. Instead, my dream does not decay but transitions to being slightly more vivid again. “It’s a snowmocopter,” I say, noticing that it is actually a snowmobile (though was a helicopter that changed into the snowmobile).

      I sit down on the snowmobile and do some sort of kick start maneuver with my left foot as if I was on a motorcycle. As I am doing this, the preconscious (as an unfamiliar young male) sneaks up from behind me. Some sort of strange teleportation occurs again, and I am standing and watching the preconscious on the snowmobile (as I am standing on the left of the snowmobile), and he is now trying to start it. “Well, that thing ain’t gonna fly,” I say, as he looks amused, as I laugh myself awake.

    7. Fixing a Bridge (featuring Dean Norris)

      by , 08-24-2017 at 10:24 AM
      Morning of August 24, 2017. Thursday.

      My dream begins with the most common form of dream state induction; the presence of water, in this case, an unknown river. (This is based on circadian biology and the glymphatic system, whereby at least one dream per night for over fifty years has featured water, not including the numerous water-based hypnagogic dream sequences, which number in the hundreds each sleeping period.)

      I am standing and looking out over this unfamiliar river in seemingly late morning. There is a wooden bridge present, but it does not go all the way across the river. A helicopter flies in from my right and drops off a young version of my wife Zsuzsanna. My dream self is not fully aware of her identity, though I am uncertain of my dream self’s implied age. Zsuzsanna is on the outside of the two-tiered wooden railing, on my right and facing to the left in profile, appearing to do some work on it by tightening the bolts. I think about helping, but I am unsure how to get to where she presently is, as the walkway now seems fully underwater. This seems somewhat unusual, as I vaguely puzzle over why a railing would be fixed when the walkway itself is underwater. Another section of the bridge, which includes a ladder, is also submerged.

      Time passes, and Dean Norris, the actor, appears. I do not see him as a celebrity but as a bystander, though possibly associated with the repair of the bridge.

      Somehow, though this would certainly not be possible in real life (or even consciously resolvable in method), I lift a large section of the walkway up from the water, the farthest edge towards me, while I am still standing on the riverbank, though squatting slightly at one point. It seems more like a square platform constructed of small logs, the orientation of the logs parallel to the river bank.

      An alligator, its head oriented opposite from the riverbank, surprises me by swimming out from under where the section was (yet there is a vague awareness of instinctual dream control suggesting that I created the alligator, and this is further evidenced by the alligator not being perceived as a danger or being the coalescence-based waking prompt). I am wary at first, but it does not attack or show much aggression. Instead, it swims back down under the surface. I tell Dean that there are other alligators in the river, though farther away from where we are. He does not comment.

      “My father built this bridge,” I say to him, somewhat absentmindedly.

      “Your dad built this bridge?” he replies without emotion.

      “…and he built a lot of utility buildings,” I add.

      I rethink what I had just said. Although I know that my father built a lot of park utility buildings, bathrooms, and rest stop shelters, I am unsure if he was involved in the building of this bridge as it was first constructed and that he may have only worked on it years after it was built. I consider that he may have been a part of a team of builders, but I then consider if the bridge had first been built in the 1800s (though I really have no knowledge of when it was built). If so, I consider if Dean was puzzled by my comment, but we do not talk much after this. I consider if Dean will bring in men in speedboats to cull the alligators, but this is not certain.

      Ordinarily, a bridge symbolizes the progression from dreaming to waking (as well as possibly representing the biological construction of a new memory or neural pathway) though sometimes seemingly represents a potentially prescient timeline. There seem to be two preconscious factors here (Dean and the alligator), both atypically passive (though this may be due to instinctual dream control). However, the dynamics are a bit curious, as Dean may be coalesced into the interconsciousness.

      Submerged walkways are otherwise common in my dreams (and have been since early childhood) as a natural result of circadian biology and water symbolizing the dynamics of sleep in real time. A helicopter is a common symbol in my dreams that is linked to Merkaba energies and gamma brain waves in a similar way as a tornado often is, though it typically relates to “return flight” waking symbolism (though here it may relate to Zsuzsanna being in the waking stage while I remain asleep, seemingly validated by her arriving by helicopter, being on the outside of the railing and tightening it - becoming more aware in her emergent consciousness and outside of my ephemeral dream self incarnation).

      I am not certain as to why the preconscious so often appears as a celebrity (sometimes recognized as themselves, sometimes recognized only as a fictional character they have played, sometimes as an ordinary person with no celebrity association as in this dream - there seems to be no determining factor as to why this is other than concurrent threads of available memory). It may be due to the transpersonal element or how the preconscious is completely different from the conscious self identity (though this seems deliberate to subliminally begin to initiate dream state realization in how neither the dream self nor conscious self is anything at all like the preconscious - which often creates conflict or emotional augmentation of enough energy to trigger waking).

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    8. Helicopter Ride into the Beautiful Mountains

      by , 02-08-2017 at 08:08 AM
      Morning of February 8, 2017. Wednesday.

      I am at an unknown location in an unfamiliar business building. It may be in Montana when considering the overall landscape. There is work to be done; a new job for me. It is a company I am not familiar with but relates to digging for precious stones and certain valuable minerals. I am to be a part of a team of three (four counting the foreman) to do work in the mountains. I am not yet focused on the concept of how I will feel about being higher up.

      I go out to the parking lot with my two coworkers and the foreman, who is also the helicopter pilot. It seems to be late morning. We will be riding in the helicopter to our workplace. Curiously, even though the helicopter is under a large tree, where the branches extend over the rotor blades, there is no problem in taking off. The helicopter is of an unusual layout inside. Each of us sits at a corner of the large and spacious interior, including the pilot.

      I vividly feel the movement of the helicopter as it rises from the parking lot. We go very close to a building, close enough to touch it slightly, yet I sense no danger. I feel very cheerful and optimistic. (An aircraft “tapping” the side of a building at this stage and precise point in time in a dream has occurred before. Evidence shows it is a mechanism that increases conscious self awareness without activating a more dominant waking thread.)

      We fly up through a few different vertical tunnels, which are somewhat like volcano vents (though not implied to be). I notice men on ropes and with pickaxes digging at the sides. I watch one group of men atop a mountain. They are dragging a large jagged jewel-like stone. As I look around, I notice other scenes like this. There are beautiful colors and a positive sense of activity and progress. Still, I consider that this job may not be suitable for me due to being wary about being so high up and close to cliffs and ravines. The overall beauty of this part of my dream is utterly amazing (the second recent dream where the beauty was breathtaking, the other being the beach dream).

      Eventually, I am in a large room with a number of other (unknown) people. An unfamiliar young girl (though who may be a younger version of Zsuzsanna) has been working on carving a semitransparent statue from one of the gems that were found. It looks like a dolphin but seems to have human arms and legs. I find it curious that people are involved in this level of mining as well as making unique salable products in the mountaintop building.

      The helicopter pilot is very jovial. In a smaller room we go into, I see a small rectangular lamp on the wall. The lamp was somehow made from a precious stone. It has an engraved human face in profile (looking to the right) on it. Bright light is emitting from the top. There are a number of other items on picnic tables. There is a mystical beauty to most of the items.

      Even though this is a return flight scenario (over one in five dreams utilize this component and waking transition as a transmutation of the biological falling start), there is a sustained transition similar to my recent beautiful beach dream (though in that dream there was no return flight mechanism - the helicopter never arrived). The difference is that this dream ended on a very positive note and sustained focus on beauty and well-being. Even the personified preconscious did not act as a direct waking precursor (which is quite rare).

    9. Helicopter Not Landing Yet

      by , 12-25-2016 at 06:25 PM
      Morning of December 25, 2016. Sunday.

      I seem to be in a very large unfamiliar room with a high ceiling that seems to be in a large commercial building. However, it is meant to be the inside of a helicopter (though the fact it looks nothing like the inside of a helicopter in any way does not trigger any level of doubt or any type of realization). I am apparently flying in this “helicopter” as a passenger. There are two unfamiliar male pilots (in black pants and white shirts) who mostly remain seated on the opposite side of the room from me. They face toward a wall looking at a number of monitors. At times, they seem to be typing flight instructions on keyboards as they look at the monitors. There is also some communication now and then with air traffic controllers or at least some people on the ground.

      The “helicopter” is supposed to be landing somewhere soon, but it is not safe to land anywhere in the area due to a mist that remains at least six feet above the ground and is covering unseen large rocks everywhere in the landscape. Some parts of some rocks protrude upward from the mist. It seems to be part of a canyon or possibly a series of canyons, all with mist and rocks. This puzzles me somewhat but nothing about the situation seems wrong or threatening to me.

      One of the pilots, while standing near the desk-like extension from the wall, seems to relate to the other that he could land without hitting a rock though no attempts at landing occur, at least any of which I become directly aware. There is a sense of movement at one point where the room seems to slowly turn in a circle but there is no disorientation or perceived danger on my part. I seem to be lying on my left side at one point though not directly aware of being on a bed. I start to think about the “helicopter” landing on the flat ground between large jagged rocks. I do not feel concerned about anything. The pilots do not address me at any point.

      This dream’s autosymbolic meaning is based on the biological nature of the dream state itself and obviously has nothing to do with waking life, especially as the autosymbolism’s phrasing in hypnopompic disclosure is known. A helicopter (which has been a recurring emergent consciousness factor in my dreams since early childhood), as with vehicles in general, is an autosymbolic extension of my physical body in REM sleep, though with a more defined subliminal discernment of the vestibular system ambiguity that occurs naturally in unconsciousness, than with similar autosymbolic extensions such as a motorcycle. This dream’s autosymbolism was based on a typical unconscious phrasing, “Although I am now sleeping, I am becoming more aware of my real environment and of my physical body, which is operating smoothly”. The jagged rocks are autosymbolic of a vague anticipation of a waking start (hypnopompic kick or other involuntary muscle event), though of which does not occur, and the mist of course is autosymbolism for the dream state itself. This dream has a curious ambiguity of taking the subliminal awareness of being in our bedroom and sustaining it with the typical return flight waking symbolism, a type of RAS mediation which has occurred in at least one dream per regular sleeping period for over fifty years. As I am already in the more defined liminal space of conscious self recognition in passive waking transition, there is no dominant RAS modulation and the pilots of course are RAS personification and the emergence of thinking skills, which typically do not exist in the dream state.

    10. Lucid Priest Indeed

      by , 09-22-2016 at 09:22 AM
      Morning of September 22, 2016. Thursday.

      It seems to be late at night and I am walking with Zsuzsanna in an unfamiliar small town. Somehow I get distracted and find myself on my own in an area vaguely similar in some ways to an area near a church in Bundaberg (though I do not consider my location or have any concern about being in an unknown place). Even though I am not lucid I try to focus on a large stone water fountain as if I am subliminally aware of the nature of water induction to increase the depth and clarity of the dream state.

      An unfamiliar priest approaches and seems to want me to move on or is there to tell me what to do as perhaps he does not like me being here so late at night. He tries to impress me by causing a moonbeam to create a glowing circle on the surface of the water. In a way, it seems rather eerie to me, though I vaguely recall it as a circadian rhythms factor (again, even though I am not lucid) and relative to moon or moonlight induction.

      “So what,” I say. “I can make the sun come out in the middle of the night.” (I say this without realizing that the sun represents consciousness or the conscious identity within the dream state and thus I am actually talking about lucid dreaming without being lucid.) The area that the priest and I are standing now seems to be a storefront. I move my hands with a level of mental certainty and expectation that the sun will rise at my command, though again not being lucid at this point. Instead, a small sunbeam reaches my feet. At least I accomplished something based on my claim.

      I decide to turn around and use whatever sunlight there is to mock the priest by making various shadow forms on the outer wall of the store. A circle of light (almost like a spotlight on a stage) of about a foot and a half in diameter appears on the concrete block outer wall. I lift my left hand up and make an incredibly realistic monkey shadow (after a few false starts with rabbit and dog heads), complete with legs, arms, and a tail, and moving about like a real monkey, almost as if suspended on its own. “Chee-chee-chee-chee,” I utter, happily making my version of a monkey sound. The priest seems to feel insulted as well as outdone by my miraculous abilities and thus he walks off. Even though I am still not at the lucid stage, shadow play is fairly common in certain vivid lucid dream types. Typically, the shadow symbolizes the dream self as “casting” conscious self identity into the dream state (at least when it is a human “duplicate” of the dream self though here, my dawning consciousness is apparently very playful), though this situation does not yet trigger my lucidity.

      As I walk, the sun finally rises fully at my subtle command and with no “glitches”. As a result, my consciousness becomes more fully integrated into the dream state in a lucid sense, though not quite apex lucidity (full automatic control with enhanced senses and full body awareness even with full weight and momentum discernment). Just as I turn left around a corner I am at full conscious clarity, which I immediately find very thrilling. I notice a young version of Zsuzsanna (probably as she was a few years before we first wrote) standing on a garden wall of about four feet high, though I do not question this oddity. Several others (all unfamiliar) are standing around, possibly waiting for a bus. Zsuzsanna may also be waiting for the bus even being up on this wall. I hover and move up to stand on the wall with her. She does not seem to recognize me yet and takes on the essence of the preconscious personification.

      “This is my dream, so we will get together and have some fun,” I boldly state. “I don’t care about these other people standing around.” She seems to slowly agree or at least lets me hug and kiss her passionately for a long time. Becoming more and more stimulated I indulge in various sensual events (the sense of touch augmented), though meanwhile, three times, for no particular reason, I decide to shoot large masses of spiderweb out of my right hand. One car becomes fully covered in my web, the imagery of which I find amusing when I look back. A couple people are swept back and stuck onto buildings but are not harmed.

      Eventually, I notice a large unusual-looking airplane flying in the sky (from right to left). Its wings are up and back almost like a butterfly form and I feel a sense of beauty. Curiously, I do not mentally register it as the “return flight” waking transition symbol even though I have experienced the same metaphor thousands of times in various dream types (though not in the majority of lucid dreams). I notice a very unusual bookshelf-like structure on the other side of town and which seems to be atop a mountain. I focus on this. Although it vaguely reminds me of “Hollywood Squares”, the platforms (or seating areas) are at different levels. There are at least nine demigods in yellow Tibetan monk robes sitting and standing within the structure. I assume they are perhaps thirty feet tall or more. The visible forward edges of the skewed “Hollywood Squares” structure are mostly cream-colored, orange, and yellow. The demigods begin singing to Zsuzsanna and me very loudly and with love and happiness. The music is very clear and rhythmic and very enjoyable (though of an unfamiliar melody which I may record at a future date). They are singing something about tilling and gardening, something like, “In the morning when you wake up, till the soil with love…” and another phrase with “tilling” in it and something about “the next morning you will find”. It goes on for several minutes and as I hold Zsuzsanna, I slip into a less vivid and non-lucid false awakening as the airplane reaches the midpoint of my perspective, over the seemingly divine structure. (Of course, this structure symbolizes the sunrise and waking as non-lucid dreams typically do in the last segment - even though I am still semi-lucid - and a cheerful conscious coloring of my day ensues.)

      In the false awakening I am with Zsuzsanna sitting on the floor of our present home. Our youngest son is present. He seems to have gathered seven unusual creatures (there are seven in our family). They seem to be some sort of unlikely composite of seashell, caterpillar, beetle, and chrysalis. For some reason, I point out to Zsuzsanna that they are “brains”, although I add to their number (starting with three, I think) as I notice more and more of them (though still a total of seven). Their shells are very complex in coloring, with mostly thin bands and paisley-like patterns of browns, yellows, and cream colors. There are two different shapes, the two largest being somewhat cylindrical and the others like trapezoidal prisms.

      I look at a magazine page that Zsuzsanna is looking at. At first, I see the same airplane as from my previous dream, though as a silhouette in a full page sky photograph. As I tell Zsuzsanna about the dream I just had (the most common false awakening scenario for me other than actually attempting to write it out and soon seeing that my writing changes or that I had written nothing), I tell her how this looks just like the airplane from my dream. I find that unusual but when I look again, I see that it is an upside-down helicopter silhouette (a second “return flight” transition that actually represents my false awakening and how one of the first things I ever heard Zsuzsanna say on her first cassette which she mailed to me being “so if it sounds a bit upside-down, it’s from down-under), which I find rather curious - and from here I actually wake.

    11. Amusing Helicopter “Rescue” (with Pierce Brosnan)

      by , 05-19-2016 at 11:19 AM
      Morning of May 19, 2016. Thursday.

      Just when I go on about how many different variations non-lucid dreams use to render the same basic meaning throughout a lifetime (that is, as a thought process for waking from sleep rendered in metaphor), along comes a dream with much of the same theme as one from April 6th’s “Helicopter Landing (resolved flight waking transition)”.

      There had been previous focus on one of my favorite Bob Marley songs, “So Much Trouble in the World”: “Don’t leave another cornerstone, standing there behind, we’ve got to face the day, come what may”.

      I am checking a cornerstone of a building to make sure it is in place. However, I soon end up atop that same building apparently “trapped” with several (unknown) others. There is the idea of gang activity below, about five or more stories down. I see a possible gang member running off to the left and around the building. Although the others seem somewhat fearful I am not at all bothered. There is talk of rescue but when seems uncertain.

      After time passes, a small helicopter approaches from my left. James Bond is the pilot; that is, actor Pierce Brosnan. The only problem is that he is only about five inches high and the helicopter is way too small to even think about getting into. (My hand would barely fit into it.)

      The other people do not seem to notice that the helicopter is miniature but it seems I am the first to be rescued. James Bond indicates cheerfully for me to get into the helicopter and I am not sure what to do. I cannot grab onto it to hang from it, so something else comes to mind.

      I take out a small very thin pillow shaped like a human body and place it to his right, barely able to get my hands through the opening. The “pillow” is so thin that it easily bends into sitting position and for a moment is more like a thin piece of light blue material cut from a blanket. From here, I wake, recognizing I am seeing a “little me” as somewhat of a model of me sleeping in my bed - though the waking transition has already begun and I do not jump into greater lucidity. (Again, I really have to buy new pillows. My present ones are just too thin and it is almost as if I am being sarcastic to myself in my acknowledgment at the waking point.)

      The cornerstone symbol occurred as far back as age four and relates to the “corner” concept in general and was a main focus of very early childhood dreams (and I may make a compilation entry on this on a later date). It relates to both hide-and-seek as well as much earlier “peekaboo” games with toddlers (and the deep memories from childhood). A cornerstone unites walls going in two different directions, one relating to the liminal space farther into the dream state, the other the liminal space farther out of the dream state.

      Being atop a higher building means being closer to full consciousness and as such is often the clearest part of a dream. The middleman in this case is obviously James Bond. However, there is a very odd ambiguity here where my dream self also has the essence of the middleman as I am the one who “puts myself” into the “return flight symbol” (natural consciousness displacement of the dream state) to be “rescued” (and of course being rescued means finding your way out of the dream state back into whole consciousness).

      I explain this dream type further in “Dreams of Type PRECONAV-VSCPCEL, 01-15”.

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    12. Helicopter Landing (resolved flight waking transition)

      by , 04-06-2016 at 10:06 AM

      Morning of April 6, 2016. Wednesday.

      In my dream, there is a vague awareness of something in our ceiling where we presently live on W Street; perhaps two bicycles, or perhaps (eventually, relating to a shift) only two bicycle wheels. It is almost abstract and hard for me to discern in my shifting levels of awareness.

      Soon, I am carried “back” to my bed by a very small helicopter that is gray and almost transparent. It actually is not even big enough to have carried me if this had been implied to be a real event. I am slightly puzzled as it flies off through the ceiling (as if passing through it like a “ghost”) without causing any damage either coming in or going out. The word “phasing” comes to mind as I am aware that is what happened.

      Even after recording and decoding dream after dream for about fifty years, I still continue to be intrigued by the seemingly countless ways the waking transition is rendered in metaphor, this being a component of “resolved flight” (as in contrast to “failed flight” or simply “falling”). The most natural transition from a dream is simply the falling experience (and coalescence is probably second). Over time, because of the development of so-called civilization, dreams became more and more complex. What used to be just falling has now developed into thousands of variations, using flight symbols of various types and other associations, even the altered perspective of watching something else flying or falling near the waking stage, from airplanes to kites to penguins out of their environment (a hybrid symbol of the “failed flight” component) to meteors to even flying snakes and flying saucers. In addition, other forms of “displacement” and waking are often rendered, from going up or down staircases or in elevators, skiing, climbing, and so on, and sometimes with very unusual combinations.

      Here, there is also the implied liminal space of something above the ceiling (between sleeping and waking); a bicycle, which is also a type of flight symbol as clearly explained in other entries. A helicopter is an obvious flight symbol and has particular associations as do all flight symbols including symbols that have wings but do not fly. A helicopter’s rotor is analogous to a tornado (essence of the Source and higher consciousness) due to its spinning motion and as a result, can be linked to the Merkaba as a “vehicle” to higher levels of awareness. Here though, the helicopter is greatly downsized, gray, and almost transparent (and even a bit sketchy). My dream was not very vivid. Still, I did not “fall”, but was “returned” to my bed by this curious little vehicle, the “middleman” in this case.
    13. Straight-up Mining

      by , 11-08-2015 at 09:39 AM
      Morning of November 8, 2015. Sunday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am riding in a helicopter (with an unknown male pilot) with my wife Zsuzsanna, seemingly late at night. The view is peaceful.

      Later, I am in a very unusual setting that is seemingly bilocated with my Cubitis backyard (where I have not been since July of 1978), implied to be where the back part of the shed would have been, though with a very different perspective. I am mainly only aware of a singular huge monolith. There are several roads going straight up the monolith and it looks like some sort of mining operation where perhaps they are mining the top of the monolith.

      Fairly heavy traffic occurs on a few sides, going both straight up and straight down, all the vehicles defying gravity.

      From here, the vividness intensifies, although I now seem like an immense giant (nearly as tall as the monolith) with the cars, trucks, and utility vehicles only about half the length of a finger (by my perspective only - they are still “real” vehicles and people implied to be at a normal size other than only suggested as miniature relative to the scale of my backyard), though I can still see all the intriguing clear detail, including the beams of the headlights and such. It all looks amazing. The depth perception is also enhanced and the awareness of distance at a very large scale seems quite “realistic”.

      I watch the activity and seem to float around for several minutes. In the last segment, I decide to play around with the scene (even though I am not lucid in any way). I focus on one silvery-gray pickup truck going straight up the side of the monolith and nearing the top and I mentally make it “come off the wall”, so that it then just falls backwards from off the vertical road. I anticipate a fiery explosion on the ground below as I watch it fall (about three feet away from my giant’s perspective), but that does not happen. It just hits the ground upside-down with a metallic crunch. This is disappointing but my dream starts to fade from here.
    14. Pterodactyl Driver

      by , 07-19-2015 at 01:59 PM
      Morning of July 19, 2015. Sunday.

      After smoothly moving into blissful sleep paralysis after love-making, the “portal” begins to form, the thin short glowing lines (some moving as if racing with others in pairs) and asterisk-like sparks coming together into forming the usually generic city streets setting, by far the most common rendering of origin in the last ten years or so. I am too integrated to be pulled back by a hypnic jerk (as is often the case where my first very short lucid dream of many nights is of walking on a sidewalk and eventually tripping somehow and falling forward, with an intense body-wide sensation before I begin to integrate back towards the flow of a new dream creation) and am soon in my dream’s incomplete setting and where parts of the street are not yet rendered. I also had not scripted a dream concept the previous evening so I relax my focus as in a semi-lucid dream.

      Shortly, letting my thoughts wander, I begin to remember a brief previous focus on an old dream titled “Yakety Yak” (August 11, 1974) which featured Mad Magazine’s “Spy vs. Spy” character heads and which I had posted on tumblr earlier. As I have learned, it does not take much for a dream to form out of a very short time period (even with full lucidity) involving the focus on even a very old dream or a brief glance at an insignificant and impersonal article in a old newspaper (as with another recent dream).

      A white 1974 Cadillac Coupe DeVille convertible comes into the scene from my left side, seemingly driving north relative to my dream’s implied orientation, but south based on my conscious afterthought concerning my house’s orientation, based primarily on the transition of direction from living here as opposed to living in Wisconsin in America (as it seems a bit like a La Crosse setting), something that is fairly common in dreams that utilize La Crosse settings, and which also make some composites a bit ambiguous in directional orientation (assuming a particular dream does not rotate house layouts and features ninety degrees, or sometimes also symmetrically mirror them).

      There is some sort of confusion with names; “Coupe DeVille” warping into “Cruella de Vil” and I briefly falsely recall that this character is Cruella de Vil in a pointless “aha” moment. I soon realize that this is not the case and that, regardless of my lucidity, it is typical invalid word association gibberish, as the Spy driver is male.

      Soon, however, Spy is not Spy at all, but is now my Revell SnapTite Pteranodon Model from around this same time period (age 13), though there is some transient ambiguity during my focus on the eerie similarity of the heads. As I focus on the memory of how the model’s head swiveled about in reality, its head begins spinning as it is driving (although there is a brief period where the Spy/Pteranodon seems to be shaking his head “no”). Eventually, in spinning so fast, it becomes a helicopter rotary propeller, spinning faster and faster, creating a slight sense of in-dream vertigo as the car and the head smoothly transform into a helicopter, which rises in the air and flies away, leaving a sense of awe but soon decaying into abstract hypnopompic forms.
    15. Missed Military Helicopter Flight

      by , 01-01-2015 at 07:01 AM
      Morning of January 1, 2015. Thursday.

      Reading time: 35 sec. Readability score: 48.

      I am supposed to get on a military helicopter under non-threatening conditions, approaching from its right side. It features a camouflage design. It is in a mostly featureless field with overgrown weeds. While walking, my foot catches on a piece of uprooted root or snagged plant stem, and I trip with the usual hypnopompic kick.

      Usually, this stage of dreaming occurs as walking in a city and tripping or falling off the curb (though that is too common to bother to document, as is the beginning of this dream, as most begin with sightings of lakes and rivers as this one did), typically only as the first dream of a sleep cycle. Helicopters are a common form of vestibular system correlation and a projection of illusory physicality when there is more mental energy present, though on a spiritual level they have an association with the Merkaba as tornadoes do.

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