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    1. The Usual Preconscious Simulacrum Evasion

      by , 11-18-2018 at 01:03 PM
      Morning of November 18, 2018. Sunday.

      Dream #: 18,962-02. Reading time: 2 min 42 sec. Readability score: 53.

      One would think that after over fifty years, the same dreaming and waking processes in the same order and with the same foundational autosymbolism would trigger more viable threads of conscious self identity and recognition beyond subliminal RAS mediation than what occurs at certain stages of the sleep cycle. In this particular case though, my subliminal recognition of the dream state resulted in me resetting it, as had often happened before. My dream was mainly from the influence of a movie, “What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?” (1969), that Zsuzsanna and I watched last night, despite it being of the typical transition through the nexus, which in this case, is a supposedly hidden room rather than, for example, a porch.

      The focus revolves around someone I had supposedly killed, a younger male, possibly accidentally. (The backstory, again based on the movie, is unclear). The urban location is unfamiliar and unknown. The person’s remains are under a commercial business building near a corner. I had somehow done this even though I was not involved in the construction of the building. The Sleeper (the “dead” person) transmutes into a cheerful emerging consciousness simulacrum in the last scene before the offset dream, without my dream self finding it unusual.

      There are many typical scenes of evading the authorities, one of them (the preconscious simulacrum) in particular. The emerging consciousness travels with me after someone finds their remains. The building is already being taken down during this time. (In the movie, the remains were under pine trees.) He (the activated Sleeper aka previously “killed” character) helps me find a secret panel in the wall of a nearby building, in a hall. I first try to phase into the wall (as with many past dreams in subliminal, liminal, and lucid manipulation of the dream state). Instead, a panel opens, and we step into a supposedly hidden area. I reason that going deeper into the area will result in us being less likely to be found as well as being farther from the entrance point (the same “logic” as in hundreds of previous dreams of the same type). (This scenario, naturally becoming the most vivid segment of my dream, replaces the typical porch-as-nexus event, in correlation with enigmatic space as the association between dreaming and waking. It includes “puzzles,” associations with detectives, ambiguity relating to where my real physical body is, and so on. Of course, it is not possible to “hide” from the natural preconscious transition.)

      However, upon walking into another area, the avatar tells me that “this is his office,” meaning the office of the police sergeant that had been after me. I notice how it looks like an ordinary office and is not hidden from public access on one side, finding it annoying that there is not much prospect for a genuinely hidden room. The police sergeant eventually comes in. I reset my dream, and it becomes a scenario where the police sergeant is the one responsible for the “death.” He is supposedly a vampire, which I tell a few people - and I have film footage to prove it.

      I then liminally reset my dream into an offset scenario of the typical vestibular system correlation process. I am helping someone, though only at times, who is in a wheelchair, as we descend an unlikely staircase built of various big stones in an outdoor rural area adjacent to a mountain. (In other cases, I am consciously aware of using this process to sustain or vivify a dream.) We have a little trouble, but we cheerfully descend several steps without incident, even though some of them are two to three feet high. He seems to find it amusing and mostly maneuvers his wheelchair on his own. There is no preconscious simulacrum at this point, only the emerging consciousness (as the otherwise typical vestibular system avatar) in the wheelchair. (This stems from both “What Ever Happened to Aunt Alice?” and the new “The Flash” television series, where characters are in wheelchairs without needing to be as a part of their “disguise.”)

    2. A Snake with Arms

      by , 03-25-2016 at 09:25 AM
      Morning of March 25, 2016. Friday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we are now, although we seem to be living in an unfamiliar house. Still, it seems associated with the Barolin Street house even though it does not look like it on the inside. The main focus in the first segment relates to looking out to what is perceived as our backyard. There are two sets of railroad tracks running parallel to the house, the first not more than ten feet out from the exterior wall. There is an implied backstory that there was a flood. Apparently, the soil had been gray and possibly gravelly, but after the flood there is now new topsoil of a bright brown which is supposedly very rich and fertile. I remark on this feature and it seems a beneficial event.

      I look out through a large window into our backyard and notice a snake slowly crawling away from the immediate area. It resembles a copperhead and I tell Zsuzsanna about it. She seems to imply it may be venomous. Eventually, it looks unrealistically large in the middle of its body. After a short time, it is coming back towards the back of our house, now upright in the manner of a cobra, but with an arm out from each side of its body, similar to a human proportion, and seeming to slowly “strut” (regarding the vertical motions) in a somewhat exaggerated manner, though I do not notice legs. I consider if it actually may be some sort of legless lizard.

      I am again talking to my wife in the kitchen after our back door, mostly all glass held by a small metal frame, seems to fall inward though I am not sure how it happened. I do not want the snake getting in and manage to prop it back up. Oddly, I soon hear someone talking and wonder what is going on. I then realize that there is a bathroom on the other side of the kitchen wall which is either for the general public or part of someone else’s rarely used ranger station that for whatever reason is connected to our house - this being the first time I was aware of it. I can see a gap under the mopboard, which seemingly makes the voice more audible. I realize that the older male is talking to me, perhaps being sarcastic, but I pretend to not know where the voice is coming from as I talk to my wife about it. “Did you hear that?” I ask her, “It seems to be coming from the other side of the wall.” I continue to pretend I do not know more about the voice. “Perhaps it is a recording,” I say, mocking the unseen man.

      Finally though, there are at least five or six seeming park rangers in our kitchen in mostly tan uniforms. I talk for a short time about the unusual snake with arms and its coloring and patterns. I then mention something about calling the police after they start to move things around in the top shelves of our cupboard for no apparent reason, which seems dusty and even with black ash (which is actually a possible feature from ash falling from the cane fires locally, and gathering in gaps inside houses). The idea of involving the police does not really go anywhere and I am not even certain I was heard. The one that had been talking reminds me vaguely of Burl Ives, at least in physical appearance. They move around what seem to be various items such as empty salt and pepper shakers and knickknacks, and there is at least one antique tall white ceramic teapot or coffeepot. They do not take anything down and can barely reach the shelves; they just shuffle things about and I hear soft glass and metal sounds.

      I eventually find myself holding a belt and seem at the ready to swing it upwards and bash someone’s hand with the buckle (and the prong) if any hand goes up towards the shelves again. However, they then just stand about looking up at the shelves from here as if slightly puzzled and I do not get the opportunity to swing my belt at anyone’s hand.

      This is not the first time that I have associated a belt with a weapon in a dream that also featured a snake or even one turning into the other. The connection seems to be the buckle and prong being analogous to a snake’s head (the belt buckle’s prong as one “fang”). It may also relate to an additional association of actually having worn real snakeskin belts.

      Railroad tracks in unfamiliar or unlikely areas have been a feature in my dreams since very young and seem to relate to the nature of the dream state itself, both induction into a dream, and the waking transition (implied conduit).

      Hidden or previously unknown rooms (of all kinds, even small libraries as well as “junk” storage) are also a fairly common dream feature for me.

      It seems obvious that this snake directly represents me in association with waking reality. Firstly, it is crawling away and seems fat in the middle. Then, it is coming back in a sort of strut and moving like a cobra (though without the “hood”) with somewhat muscular arms. This is a direct analogy to, go away I do not want to be overweight, and…come back with muscular arms from exercising and weight-lifting. This is especially relevant as it is moving next to the railroad tracks, which metaphorically represents a “train of thought” in this case.

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