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    1. Undercover Under Cover

      by , 07-26-2018 at 09:26 PM
      Morning of July 26, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 1 min 51 sec. Readability score: 71.

      My dream starts with a scenario involving what I think are people working for the EPA. I am present, though I am not originally a part of their group. Something happens to an unknown male. It involves a tree that had fallen on him.

      The background story changes. The leader (probably Andrew Wheeler) gives me the job of guarding the man who was injured (probably Scott Pruitt). I am to pretend to be a police officer during his hospital stay. I tell them that I do not have experience doing this. They say that they will give me the proper outfit. I am to stay in his hospital room until further notice. Later, I am wearing a turquoise uniform.

      I sit in a chair on the left side of his bed. He does not wake or move at any point. His head is at an odd angle, as his pillow elevates his neck but no other part of his body or head. It appears he might be uncomfortable (even though he is asleep), though I cannot be sure. An unfamiliar nurse tells me, “Well, it’s better to have indigestion than a broken neck.”

      As I sit there, I feel confident in my role. Eventually, however, an unknown male walks in, a police lieutenant of about sixty years of age. He stands across from me and talks to the nurse. Although I feel confident in my role, my non-lucid RAS mediation begins to waver. I start to realize that I might have been given an incorrect police uniform from another department. I also consider that he probably knows all of the officers in the area and eventually start to question who I am.

      Eventually, the RAS avatar responds to my silent subliminal commands and stares at me. “What are you up to here?” he says in his role as the police lieutenant. He brushes my uniform, and I notice some dust on a few areas of the jacket. I realize that he knows I am not one of his officers and not even wearing the correct uniform for this region.

      He does not tell any of the hospital staff that I am an imposter and does not even question me from here. He turns around and walks to the doorway. “You’re going to regret that,” I boldly call out after him. I start to tell him that I am “working undercover.”

      Then I realize, looking to my right, that the other man asleep in the bed is me, literally under the covers.

      It is virtually the opposite of a dream from yesterday, where transpersonal interconsciousness avatars were posing as female police officers, and I questioned them (except in that dream, “An Unwarranted Treasure Hunt,” more of my conscious self identity was present). How hilarious can it get?

    2. The Airplane Conspiracy

      by , 01-16-2017 at 07:16 AM
      Morning of January 16, 2017. Monday.

      There is some sort of conspiracy related to a hospital serving as an “airport” for certain flights, this being unknown to the passengers. Apparently, they experiment on the passengers or harvest their organs.

      There is a scene where I seem to be on an airplane, though I also see an unrealistic degree of additional details outside the airplane. The airplane lands on a boulevard near the hospital (in an unknown location), seemingly without any traffic mishaps. It even taxis into a special hangar inside the hospital.

      I somehow phase through the airplane even though I am aware that everyone else on it has gone into some sort of suspended animation (obvious autosymbolism for being asleep and dreaming). I am in the hangar and see several other people who work at the hospital approaching the airplane. They seem happy that a lot of passengers are in it. They do not even notice me at first and by the time they do, I am almost out into the hall. They start to chase me but I close the door and lock it behind me, the act of which immediately makes my dream much more vivid. (This is called “doorway reinduction”, as doors are usually autosymbolic of the implied exit point of a dream, though I have used this knowledge all my life to sustain and reinduce my dream state awareness.) The lock is a rectangular part that extends only a short way out from the face of the doorknob (by almost its full diameter), which I rotate to the left as I close the door (dream state reinduction orientation as I sleep on my left side). They cannot continue to follow me.

      Later, I notice unfamiliar patients in beds in the halls. Some of them join me as I then decide to leave the hospital rather than create any confrontations. I see doctors talking in the hall. I see at least one police officer, but I am not sure if he is corrupt and working with the hospital. Rather than going down one hall where we could get caught, I take one on the left of two choices, where there are no people who would question us or follow us. It seems to be a very simple evasion. We all get to the end of the hall and are able to escape.

      This is a very basic “return flight” type dream with the same overall patterns as always; the subliminal anticipation of the waking shift (which sometimes includes a falling sensation and which creates precursors that include a number of different flight symbols, though which also include elevators and staircases), the liminal space of the hall, liminal awareness of being asleep (a bed as a dream state indicator), and a doorway at the end of the hall to exit my dream though after having sustained its length a little bit by locking the first door. There is no direct preconscious factor here though it is a rather sustained unusual dream just for being based on vestibular system correlation. The organ harvesting was related to a movie we saw recently (“Inhale” from 2010). Still, it seems to imply that the collective unconscious is “experimenting” on the collective conscious, the logic being that the sleeping passengers would represent conscious selves sleeping and the hospital staff being minds active within the dream state, though I suppose it could also just be a simple metaphor for lucidity and how I am often lucid in dreams while many others are not (though I myself am not viably lucid at any point in this dream other than having a degree of the typical liminal dream control, that is, control of the dream state without in-dream awareness that I am dreaming, though my second attempt to reinduce and sustain my dream instead results in slowly waking by way of doorway waking autosymbolism, which has happened in childhood even when choosing the left door).

    3. Preparedness (and “showing off” with a ladder)

      by , 12-26-2015 at 06:26 PM
      Morning of December 26, 2015. Saturday.

      Dream #: 17,904-02. Reading time: 2 min 26 sec.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna in the hospital, not due to illness or injury, but we need to fill out numerous documents before the authorities can approve our marriage. It has to do with blood type and other factors. We both have applications to complete. I am annoyed as we have already been in the hospital for at least five days. I am aware of Zsuzsanna’s extraordinary beauty and familiarity in our friendship, yet we are also impatient with hospital staff. I decide that we are going to leave without filling out the last of these papers. I had written an obnoxious response to one question, which I think was all I had written on the document. I fold it up, and we get ready to leave without saying anything to the staff. It seems our examination is partly because of our lack of integration with mainstream culture.

      Zsuzsanna (my wife-to-be in this dream) pushes through another patient’s thin curtains that somehow lead to the hospital’s main entrance. She sits down, facing away from the big front window (to the right of the entrance from the inside view). I admire her beauty while I am standing by the hospital’s entrance. She lights a cigarette. I have a false recall she has occasionally smoked before. I am uncertain I could marry a smoker.

      My awareness changes. I show off by carrying a long and heavy ladder from the hospital grounds. Many couples are sitting together at small round tables, including several athletes. I shift the ladder to carry it with one finger. Farther to my right is a river or set of railroad tracks or both. I am aware only a few people are looking at me, but I also know that no one else would be able to do what I am doing. I am not sure where I am going, but I feel very happy and assertive.

      In an earlier scene, I am at WWTI in Wisconsin. I do not think I have classes here, but I am exploring the southeast area of the building. It seems to be an auto repair class in the same area it was in real life. (Although I did not go to it in real life, my friend Rick had.) There are classes on two sides of a big (and otherwise unattended) semi-dark room. I think about going to the class on my left, whether or not I am assigned to go, and I seem to in an offset dream. However, I am eventually back in this “mysterious” room in what is likely a “reset.” At this point, I do not feel like going to any classes, assigned or not. Instead, I want to leave through the front entrance (that is somewhat like a machine shop). It seems I may have instinctually sensed my dream’s reset (without fully understanding what it was) so I want to leave the area.

      I go to the double glass doors with three black horizontal bars on each pane about halfway up, but they do not fully open. (The bars may relate to a remote or magnetic function, perhaps implying the doors cannot open manually.) There is a set of three double doors in the direction of the public sidewalk, with a space between each set with barely enough room to stand. (It seems the doors might crash into each other, especially if someone let go of the outer ones). I use telekinesis to throw all six doors open at the same time (though with slight difficulty in getting them to remain open at first as they crash into each other without breaking). I confidently walk out of the building.

    4. Lupus and Lee

      by , 06-02-1979 at 12:02 PM
      Morning of June 2, 1979. Saturday.

      This is a much longer, almost movie-like dream in some ways. The main idea is that I have two very friendly and faithful pet wolves. They are both males (perhaps twin males), I assume, and their names are Lupus and Lee. They save me from problematic events a few times, sometimes from just standing around, based on how potentially trouble-making people react to their presence. At one point, I am in the hospital, which seems like some sort of “replay” of when I had the surgery on my right hand back in 1976. They somehow end up in my room in the hospital and I eventually leave with them a bit earlier than I am supposed to, I think, but I am very healthy later on, and for some reason, apparently had recovered more quickly from being out of the hospital sooner.

      They save me from drowning when higher waves rush in when I “fall asleep” on an isolated beach. They are even allowed to be on a city bus and travel with me at one point. Their presence is very vivid and “realistic” and even though I feel like my “true self”, the unlikelihood of having two pet wolves never dawns on me.

      There is a seemingly unrelated scene with my best friend making a response of why he supposedly does not have to listen to the teacher. This is the ninth grade class we actually went to (northwest corner of the main high school building), and my last full year of public school. His reply to her is “Because my father is Lucas Taylor, that’s why”. (This was actually not his father’s name in real life.)

      This is a time period where I had first begun to find it curious that dogs had usually been more threatening in dreams than wolves and coyotes. In this particular dream, it seems that Lupus and Lee will be my companions and helpers for life - the idea seems very clear and almost like a long-term false memory (even for a brief time after waking).
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Cobra in the Mist

      by , 08-24-1976 at 02:24 PM
      Night of August 24, 1976. Tuesday. (Though more correctly in regards to dreaming, very early “morning” of the 25th, and being the beginning of Wednesday).

      I am somewhat uneasy and restless. In real life, I had been in the hospital for the operation on my right hand to commence the next day - to remove the bizarre and unexplainable same-sized cysts (of which there were four “complete” and more growing) perfectly lined up on the left side of my thumb and partly down my wrist, which appeared to have fetal-like design of all things, like one of those “twins” you hear about in some ways, but not usually later in life (and there was a later rather ridiculous rumor in school that it was from a snake, as in snake “babies” - a story that I was not the originator of in any way). I was fifteen at the time and ready to enter tenth grade within a short time. After midnight, in real life, my mother being allowed to stay at my bedside as I was falling asleep (though she finally went home for rest the night after my operation), the young black nurse came in (someone I knew when much younger), shined a flashlight on my face, and asked if I wanted sleeping pills (though I was actually almost asleep at that point). She then directed the flashlight up at the television (which was quite high up on the wall) where “Night of the Lepus” was showing. “Watchin’ TEE vee,” she says with a hint of disapproval and left the room for the night (her flashlight oddly “enhancing” the scene of a seeming spotlight of the “herd” of giant rabbits).

      In the eventual dream, there is a cobra under the operating table which does not really get to me, though I have to remember to keep my arm up and on the table (though there is a concern of what will happen when the large dose of anesthesia takes effect). Nothing eventful happens other than the “return” of a common dream element when I was much younger, this being an unusual “mist” (very cloud-like) that rolls along from about six to twelve inches from any implied floor or ground. There are also various distorted and apparently angry faces of unusual colors (with mostly passive responses on my part, as I seem mostly disembodied) and flashbacks to earlier childhood dreams. There are other cobra dreams related to this, the earliest being “Cobra in the Hayloft” from August 18, 1966, seemingly my first deliberate attempt to create a so-called tulpa (but fully in-dream). On September 9th (when I was supposed to be starting school by then but did not due to overwhelming pain as the feeling was eventually coming back in that area of my hand), I had the “Hello Harry” dream where the mist seemed to be engulfing a very large portion of my subconscious mind. This dream centered around a man who had died, but sang “Happy Birthday” to himself in answer to the one friend near his coffin in a basement and one-man party scenario. (This is not really that significant as my birthday is actually on December 20). Prior to the fall into the mist, I had been bitten on the thumb by a cobra in an extremely vivid dream of being in my backyard. The only good thing about this time was the “mystery girl” comforting me, which somehow reminded me of a scenario from the movie “Cat Ballou” (last seen on September 13, 1974, prior to the last time I saw “Night of the Lepus” shortly after - the other two movies airing being “Dark Passage” on another channel and “The Strange Door” on another).

      This real-life event of my first ever longer hospital stay directly and precisely confirmed several precognitive dreams from early childhood, including one recurring one with both the enlarged right thumb and even the detail of a giant rabbit (relative to “Night of the Lepus” on television). This confirms the idea of physical precognition or foreshadowing of one’s own internal nature being somehow available (at least subconsciously) several years prior (though that certainly does not explain how I knew of the movie before it was even made, which happened fairly often when young).

      Amusingly, the night before, the movie title shown at the same time at night (11:30) and same network (CBS) was “Doctor, You’ve Got to Be Kidding”. If that were not amusing enough, again, the previous time I had actually watched “Night of the Lepus” was on Friday the 13th in September of 1974. My wife’s birthday was Friday the 13th in September of 1968. This was long before I knew she was a real person (which came in 1991).

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