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    1. An Unusual Nest

      by , 05-05-2018 at 06:43 AM
      Night of May 3, 2018. Thursday.

      In my dream, in full lucidity, I hover in an incorporeal form above a bird nest of mostly straw in early morning daylight. Within the bird nest are about seven gray creatures, with minimal white areas, that are all joined as one mass.

      Looking more closely, I still cannot determine if they are baby birds or kittens, although the form changes from time to time and I can sometimes make out legs or parts of wings. They seem to breathe as one. There is also an association with baby rabbits for a short time.

      Realizing that the autosymbolism is tied in to the typical vestibular system correlation of which is inherent to the dream state itself, my focus shifts very slightly.

      The creatures, still as one singular mass, rise into the air, to become a circle of only sparse fur or hair, hovering about a foot above the nest, and now of only about ten percent of the volume of the original feature. I focus on the change and I think of it as thin gray thread. It continues to hover in the air as a floating horizontally-oriented wreath made of thin thread of the color of Spanish moss.

    2. I, Carrie

      by , 09-20-2017 at 03:20 PM
      Morning of September 20, 2017. Wednesday.

      This dream is vivid from start to finish even though I deliberately change my identity twice (by way of non-lucid dream control). Instead of my most common form of dream state initiation (water, which symbolizes the real-time dynamics of sleep), it begins with another very common dream state indicator, that is, “still” being in bed. (The difference of course relates to sleeping in the waters of the womb in the first months of life in contrast to sleeping in bed, though the dream state initiation form may be incidental.) My dream self’s memory is mostly limited to not much beyond the age of twenty.

      The bed turns out to be in a new version of the Loomis Street house. It is in the living room. There is much more space on the north side of the room than there was in reality and there is also a vague association with our Gellibrand Street apartment of years ago (though I do not reflect upon this while in my dream). The bed is in the northeast corner of the room, aligned to the north wall. I am on the left side (which is atypical as I have mostly been on the right side in recent years when sleeping with Zsuzsanna, though this is probably related to subliminal reinduction). My brother-in-law Bob had been sleeping on the right side. My sister Marilyn is alive and as she was in the late 1970s (with no memory of her having died in 2014). She has not yet decided to go to sleep. I am seemingly aware my mother had recently died (though she died in 2002).

      Anita comes in through the front door and asks Marilyn if she had been in the bed sleeping, mentioning “all five people” in the bed (even though I had only been aware of Bob being in the bed). I turn more to my left, very close to the edge of the bed. It seems that Anita had picked up and kept an American quarter that had fallen out of my shirt pocket. More coins fall onto the floor from my left shirt pocket, including at least three American quarters and a few nickels and dimes, but these I retrieve and put in my right pants pocket (as I am apparently wearing blue jeans in bed).

      I then get up and start practicing telekinesis by willing objects to fly into my right hand, mostly cups, empty soda cans, and dishes. “Did you see that?” I keep asking Anita and Marilyn. There is no surprise from them.

      I go outside and it seems to be late morning (even though it had been nighttime seconds before). I fly about six feet above the ground but mostly hover and loudly screech. The unfamiliar neighbor to the south has a few children playing in his yard. I decide to go over, via the alley, and apologize for my behavior, as it may have frightened them. I explain to the man that I am “Carrie’s brother”. For a short time, I puzzle over the timeline possibly being wrong, as Carrie and I are supposedly around the same age and I perceive it may be the late 1980s. I then show him my telekinetic ability. I will small items to fly into my hand from a distance as well as an empty cardboard box that had been put out for the garbage collectors. The other male seems curious but not afraid. “I can lift a house,” I explain, “or a car”. (I have the usual false memory that a house can be lifted into the air and set back down with telekinesis without destroying the foundation, plumbing, or electrical connections.)

      There are many scenes after this where I go into a building and show my telekinetic abilities to several other unfamiliar people, mostly males of about twenty. I continuously will, over and over, mainly cups (though other items as well) to fly into my right hand. I perform such acts at least thirty times as others watch with mild interest. It seems effortless and triggered by softly imagining the feeling of already having it in my hand. I also eventually cause cups to slide across the table away from me (not nearly as common a dream event as willing them to me). The others find it amusing when I do this. For some reason, this seems more important and impressive than drawing objects to me.

      I then decide to be Carrie herself. I am beginning what seems like eighth grade in an unknown school. While sitting at a long table with a few others in a row, I will pencils to fly into my hand from the table in front of us. One unfamiliar boy directly to my left looks at me and the pencils flying from the other table into my hand, but does not react - as if he cannot see or understand the world around him. He looks somewhat arrogant but completely clueless. I reason that, unlike the previous witnesses, many young people have no perception or understanding of the world around them, so unusual or unexplainable events are not perceived as such at all.

      From here, I notice that the top layer of skin has come off around the base of my thumb and partly across the palm. There are clumps of dead skin here and there that I peel off. The flesh underneath is pure white and very soft and smooth. Curiously, I do not notice that my hand is reversed in orientation, that is, when my palm is up, my left thumb is on the right (instead of my left thumb being outward to the left with my palm up as it should be). It is very vivid, with an augmented sense of touch (though no pain) and I never take more notice to this impossible hand orientation despite the clarity.

      In the last scene, I fly around above Sill Street, mostly to the west. (This is a very illogical location and focus for my dreams, as it was of little significance in real life and not seen at all since 1994, and yet has peculiarly become more common over the last few years.) This seems more of the closing credits to a movie. Curiously, instead of music associated with “Carrie” (1976), I hear an altered version of the lyrics and music from “Sybil” (1976 television miniseries). However, these are the same incorrect lyrics I sang in the 1970s, even playing the music on my accordion and electronic organs. I perceive Carrie (Sissy Spacek) as singing them. Instead of “Mirror mirror in my mind”, I always sang “Mirror mirror in my heart” (so much so, the real lyrics now sound “wrong” to me). Instead of “Come as a dream, ribbons of rhymes”, I sang it as “Fashions and swirls, ribbons and curls”.

      Interestingly, Anita’s reference to supposedly five people having been in the bed may have deliberately foreshadowed me playing the two other roles before waking. Coins often relate to coalescence and the level of subliminally perceived neural activity in the dream state. Since early childhood, I have always been aware of very distinct differences between dream self modes, including passively non-lucid, non-lucid but willful, non-lucidly in control (being aware of making and controlling “my world” though with no direct recall of what a dream is), passive lucidity, willful lucidity, apex lucidity (total and sustained willful conscious creation and automatic linear control of the dream including deliberately symbolic waking transitions based on fifty years of day to day experience where certain long-term forms of conscious thought automatically integrate into unconscious states), and other distinct levels of unconsciousness, including entirely abstract where my existence seems to be as a letter of the alphabet or geometrical form, sometimes with unusual and unique mental rituals, or the repeating of a phrase to “perfectly” assume a physical position prior to waking.

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    3. Hovering Around in Leonard’s Room on King Street

      by , 09-12-2016 at 03:12 PM
      Morning of September 12, 2016. Monday.

      The most obvious dream sign in a dream is being in a bed (which is not typically a “dream symbol” at all - it is usually just a subliminal memory of having gone to sleep, just as being undressed in public is) and such is the case here. However, it is not my real bed at some points even though the orientation falsely feels exactly the same. I find myself sleeping in Leonard’s bed in the King Street boarding house; a location I have not been to in over twenty years.

      Leonard’s room is arranged so that there are three beds; two to the east wall and one from the west wall somewhat in the middle on that side. Although Leonard (born August 1945) is only present briefly, there are also two malcontent disaffected college students sharing his room. They are probably only around twenty years of age. The bed I had been sleeping in is in the northeast area of his room (head to the east windows), where a bed had not only never been in reality, but had appeared as such in previous dreams, which causes me to yet again question why dreams “get everything wrong” so consistently like this in regards to layout, locations, and settings in general (even combining settings from two different countries), more especially as my dream self never takes notice of such an overt “mistake” that seems almost intentional as a type of tertiary dream sign which has been a facet of the majority of my dreams since earliest memory.

      I seem to be ostracized (by the two other males) for sleeping in Leonard’s bed due to the fact that I am not an actual tenant who pays rent at this boarding house at this time. I do not really care. Even though I am not lucid, I decide to get out of bed, allow myself to float up to the ceiling and hover there, facing downwards while very slowly turning about much like a large ceiling fan that is coming to a stop until my head faces east. The sensation and momentum feels perfect and very harmonious. Still, they do not seem amused, continuing to only glare up at me (which I find somewhat amusing), but they do not say much. I contemplate the idea of sleeping up here from now on while hovering downwards as such in the center of the room near the ceiling, slowly turning like a ceiling fan as if in an environment without gravity.

      Of the tens of thousands of dreams I have documented and closely studied (including with comparing and contrasting similar dreams), there seem to be three types of dream lucidity (not including scripted lucid dreams of which there is no point in posting online) that are nothing at all like typical lucid and semi-lucid dreams (which otherwise come into full control by spoken phrases, or including lately, the written word), and in fact, are so different from “ordinary” dreams as to be “something else”, especially apex lucidity, where full automatic control is manifest for as long as desired (or until the dream colorfully breaks up from needing to wake relative to the biological need to wake).

      Instinctual dreaming seems to be the most common type of dream for me since earliest memory (and is similar in clarity and mood to a typical non-lucid dream); that is, shaping at least part of my dream with background expectations (which is how some people create nightmares for themselves by focusing on and amplifying their own fearful expectations, without understanding that it is their conscious mind creating this, not the unconscious - which of course has no sentience or awareness) without at all having any level of actual lucidity or questioning my status or perspective in any way regardless of any wrongness or otherwise surreal nature of the setting or events. Two, pretense-based dreams, where whatever I say to another dream character or imply in a dream changes it perfectly based on my pretense even though there is no facet of lucidity at all. For example, I will say that I have valid identification to enter a secret military base (even though I “know” I do not) and it will simply manifest in my dream as such. Three, apex lucidity, something I cannot begin to understand due to its state being so utterly different than other dreams. Fully in-body, perfect clarity and sense of physical weight and momentum, solidity and incredibly realistic ambiance, and full ongoing “automatic” control based on any conscious desire (though conscious expectation is the dominating factor in most dreams anyway). The state is different from scripted lucid dreams (which often end after the last scripted event with the falling jolt waking mechanism as is to be expected) in that no practiced meditative sequence seems required and whole consciousness (though somehow shifted into liminal space) takes over completely (and the perception remaining at this level potentially indefinitely), with all the senses augmented.

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    4. Anti-Hover Brigade

      by , 12-03-2015 at 06:03 PM
      Morning of December 3, 2015. Thursday.

      This dream is of a fairly common focus where I can hover and float about vertically (as if standing though completely relaxed physically). This is sometimes a secondary awareness to other dream events (such as ones with some semblance of plot or circumstance, surreal or mundane, including shopping or just previously walking around). Interestingly, over time, it becomes known that hovering or flying is not legal (though I am not lucid at any point). I get a feeling that I am possibly in the UK (though this is not certain).

      Throughout my dream, I mostly fly vertically (upright), about a foot above the ground, though sometimes lean forward to fly in a diagonal position for shorter periods. Some people seem appreciative of me doing this even though it is not lawful. They find satisfaction in my “rebelliousness” of oppressive authority I suppose. I evade the authorities several times by flying (as they are not allowed to fly even if they have the ability, apparently). It seems odd to me that flying is illegal but then I sense that it probably relates to the prevention of getting in the way of aircraft and drones and such. In fact, I get the impression (though this is not certain) that flying may be legal in some areas if it is authorized and supervised by the government, though that does not seem a common situation.

      I am shot at, but either they always miss or I am somehow bulletproof. At one point, near an odd composite of my past middle school and a shopping mall, I am shot at and a grenade is also thrown at me. I throw it back and watch the colorful “realistic” explosion near the outer wall of the building. Eventually, I join a couple, a young male and female. The male is apparently not fully human; possibly some sort of animal (such as a lemur) and human hybrid, though he looks mostly human. The girl sings to him at one point. They are like me in that they evade authority and “do what comes naturally”.

      From here, I mostly just play around, not causing any fatalities even though I cause explosions and do not like being pursued (though the pursuit has mostly stopped by this point). I watch a “large” silver bus, which seems to be a Greyhound from the 1950s. It moves through an underpass though oddly (based on my full-body presence and perspective) seems only half the size of a real one (though is still fully three-dimensional and with “realistic” movement and momentum otherwise). This is actually typical of my dreams since childhood, where vehicles often seem miniature even though it is otherwise perceived as “normal” (and without me presumed as being a giant). I throw some grenades, which are somewhat like (toy) jacks and are supposedly harmless even though they cause a lot of noise and fire. The bus squeaks to a stop. I am aware that no one is injured but they are probably baffled.

      After this, a similar bus approaches, though this one is about three-quarters the size of a real one. I throw more “grenades”, which make more popping noises and fire, but not as large in contrast to the other smaller bus. The three-quarter-sized people do not seem as much in awe as the other (half-sized people) group. (Jacks as small grenades is somewhat of an unusual idea.)

    5. Eye Liner

      by , 08-05-2015 at 02:05 PM
      Night of August 5, 2015. Wednesday.

      I offer my humble apologizes for the title as it is a rather groan-worthy pun.

      I am hovering out over the ocean in late afternoon it seems near what I assume is a four stacker liner. It is quite vivid and I am lucid but decide to just see what is going on and remain passive. Looking more closely, I see a series of portholes on the side of the ship. However, each round porthole is filled with one large human eye in a long perfect series as if either the ship is miniature or the people aboard are giants. Still, this would not be possible due to the fact that human heads could not be in that cramped a space or that close together as implied. I start thinking about what this means to me and remember the pair of large exotic green eyes that moved about on the wall when I was five (in my Rose Street apartment) and how it represented my dream girl before I met her in real life. I tie it in with the liner dreams and reflect on how lucky I have been since early childhood. I relax and feel a sense of peace regardless of the surreal imagery.

      I am later walking around noticing there are no people in the immediate setting. I am at first thinking I am aboard the liner, unrealistically rendered as featureless (other than the floor and the portholes) to some extent, noting a series of circular portholes to my right as I am walking by them. However, I notice that the series of what I thought were portholes have somehow smoothly transformed into a series of front-loader washing machines without that much of a change in overall appearance. I am not aboard a ship now. I must be at a laundromat somewhere. I find myself amused at the concurrent transitions around me though wonder if the “giant beings” in the implied ship were some sort of spiritual manifestation related to purity of thought.
    6. Some Kind of Magic (Living in the Sky)

      by , 02-16-2015 at 08:16 AM
      Morning of February 16, 2015. Monday.

      My dream has two main sections and is very long. It begins at a different version of our older home on Stadcor Street in Wavell Heights. However, our house is built directly over the ground (instead of up on stumps) and has a dirt floor, which does not trigger the fact that I am dreaming. I notice a large garden in our living room growing directly from the “floor”. They are large-leafed vine-like plants; possibly cantaloupes. Over time, however, I want to make our house more like a modern home and have our garden outside. It seems somewhat frustrating to me though I do notice sheets of vinyl and carpet over some areas of the dirt floor in different rooms, but only covering about half the area. This combination of vinyl or carpet over a dirt floor seems more aggravating than just having a dirt floor throughout.

      Zsuzsanna comes in and tells me that she is going to visit an older lady that she knew when she was younger. Before visiting her, she decides to become fifteen years old again so there will not be any confusion as to who she is, as the older lady will recognize her more easily. This does not at all seem unusual to me but I start to worry about her as she leaves on her bicycle - the one she apparently had at that time when she knew this person - and “calls it into existence” as such again. Instead of this scene triggering lucidity, I instead eventually decide that I will catch up to her to make sure she stays safe. Of course, to do this, I take to the air to fly (still not becoming lucid).

      I fly over what seems like a resort near a beach, but there is also an urban area. Flying down and around the people does not surprise them that much. In fact, one shirtless chubby male in swimming trunks waves at me from a lawn chair. I do have to dodge a few power lines. I also briefly see Zsa Zsa Gabor (very old) who regards me without emotion.

      I fly in a semicircular path and land in an industrial area near a fence and see my wife approaching on her bicycle (which for a short time seems to be a three-wheeled rickshaw with packages on the seat to her right - however it is soon a bicycle again). She seems cheerful and okay as she soon hears me calling out her name (“Suzi”) rather loudly. Three unknown people are there and I start randomly talking to them about others in the area as my wife approaches on bicycle. One unknown male claims they are my relatives and that the person I thought was Zsa Zsa Gabor may actually be an elderly lady I visited as a child whose surname (real-life as well) was Love. I am not sure if the surname he gives for himself is Toms or Thomas (though I do hear “Toms” at first, it seems).

      My wife is happy to see me and seems about twenty years old now. We decide to fly off together, but first, I must hide her bicycle so that no one steals it. I use telekinesis (still not lucid) and move it to near the sidewalk. From here, I transform the bicycle now lying on its side into a red fire hydrant which rises slowly from the ground as it forms and becomes harder and more uniform. My apparently fictional relatives gaze at the fire hydrant quite oddly as if they know I am deliberately being obnoxious to them by manifesting a metaphorical erection so boldly (albeit with supposed witchcraft).

      My wife and I fly around while holding each other close, though there are several annoying younger chubby males who seem to not like us being there and suspect us of being witches intent on destroying their town. We fly near a higher hill overlooking the town where there are other people entering a cave above a cliff. These people seem more intelligent and spiritual than the people below in the adjacent town but we do not converse with them.

      A few of the other males in the resort area soon somehow develop the ability to fly. This annoys me because they are now a threat. My wife and I move apart and run about in the air, about ten feet from the ground, to distract them from going in just one direction. Soon, the palm of my right hand grows a mouth with sharp shark-like teeth and my arm stretches several times its normal length to become an octopus tentacle reaching all the way to the ground. Any male that flies near either of us is grabbed and either “eaten” or thrown down hard enough to disintegrate them.

      I flip backwards in midair, my body arcing back as I hover above the town and I then mentally force a newly declared “truth” that no other person from this town will ever be able to fly. This works (in this particular dream) and I feel strongly that no one else will ever fly or be a threat at least when we are flying. “Let’s get away from this looney bin,” I say to my wife.

      My wife and I again hold each other in flight and we converse about how timeless and ageless our love has been and even make subtle in-jokes about our years of romance and bizarre experiences with humanity and their typically strange and limiting beliefs. It dawns on me yet again that I knew of her existence just before I was born (and even longer before she was born).

      In the back of my mind, I vaguely contemplate the earthquake that rattled our house in a sweeping wave a few hours before in real life. It seemed to move from the front room where I was, under my feet, continuing in a vibrating wave almost as if a large animal was moving underground northeast to southwest with moderate speed. I could actually feel the floorboards vibrating in sequence from the front to the back of the house as I heard it move through my oldest son’s room in the same way - my first real earthquake. I was not aware they occurred like this; that is, as if traveling from one area to another like a wave, as I had always thought the ground shook in the same place for a time as in movies.

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    7. "End of the World" yet again…

      by , 07-07-2013 at 01:07 PM
      Morning of July 7, 2013. Sunday.

      Like many (if not most) people, I have had numerous “end of the world” dreams throughout my life since birth (one of the first ever involving an elephant shooting lava from its trunk). I would not call them all nightmares, though, as they are often filled with good feelings and only minor negative emotions in some parts.

      This dream was much the same in some parts to my wife’s dream - with no “cues” or prior expectations of any kind. This has happened to us many times even before we were married, for about twenty years now, on a regular basis.

      This dream has four main sections (and a few minor ones). In one, the first, there is a big thunderstorm late at night. I seem to be living near the White House (which is to the north about three blocks away), but it seemingly is actually a large observatory (or somehow became one - the basic domed design not changing at all). The lightning is strange and thick in the sky and mostly horizontal between clouds instead of striking the ground and sometimes has an unusual reddish tint. It seems in part to be caused by the Earth going out of orbit. When I go outside, I do notice that what had supposedly been the White House all that time was “now” an astronomical observatory or had for some reason been changed into one for “emergency” purposes. The main large telescope (primarily pointing to my left - to the west - at about a forty-five degree angle at first) seems to be under control by either a supernatural force or by the Earth going out of orbit while being somehow manipulated by very strong magnetic patterns around the region, as it is moving about uncontrollably in a strange way, which eventually causes damage to the building and later on, the entire region - and I become aware that many people near the area are killed by earthquake-like activity. I take note of the many strange clouds moving about, almost like a tornado, but not quite. Soon, though, there are no clouds, which, for some reason, means “the end” (which is rather odd, since I have often seen little or no cloud cover on certain nights - but in this case, they seem to sweep through the sky all at once in an “unnatural” way and vanish). The Earth is out of orbit, and not many days are left for humanity.

      There are also two sections (seemingly between or during the times of the main storms) which also seem to be a different day for the garden one at least. I own or at least “control” a very large amount of land in Australia, acres and acres into the distance. I have this huge area of land divided up into various rectangular plots for thousands of different plants, primarily fruits and vegetables. Some of the ones closest to where I am standing are strawberries, carrots, and celery, but there are also many plots devoted to very rare kinds of mostly edible plants. Each plot somehow has an underground computer keeping each individual garden at its optimum temperature, light, and moisture for the plant to grow as correctly and healthily as possible. (I am not sure how the “light” aspect is monitored, as it mostly seems to be under open blue sky as far as the eye can see.)

      In another part of my dream, my wife and I are going west, to live near the ocean or at least visit the (unknown and unfamiliar) area and enjoy its beauty in a very remote region while there is still time. I look out over the incredibly beautiful ocean’s surface at the many multicolored reflections. After about what seems like ten minutes or so, I mentally try to create a dinosaur-like creature, and a glassy, transparent plesiosaurus head begins to rise and form, but stays crystal-like and slightly translucent and never shows more than its head only - about ten feet away from us. Of all the “chased by dinosaur” dreams I have had in my life, I was somehow aware that I had created them at one level at the beginning foundation of my dream, even though they sometimes got a bit out of control and “too real”. In this dream, though, I seem to be doing it mostly for nostalgic purposes as I know the creature will be friendly, but due to the Earth being out of orbit, the magnetic tulpa energies are chaotic and with no sustainability, even with a six-by-four (or eight-by-six?) matrix with Moore–Penrose pseudoinverse implications. I feel a bit sad though the head does not vanish, but the creature will only exist in a "what if” state until the Earth’s very last hour, having a head only “floating” on the water (or seeming to) and not even a neck or body - or perhaps its body is there and under the ocean’s surface in an invisible form.

      The last section has to do with the final “out of orbit” conditions. I am with an unknown man and feel myself begin to rise in the air, as Earth is losing its gravity, of which I make a verbal note to the man and shout this to some other people as they are also rising up into the air. It is not at all like the common flying or even hovering dreams for me; I am simply floating up with a sense of there really being no gravity in the building and there is also an uncommon sense of weight associated with my movements that I cannot seem to control - I am about halfway up to the high ceiling. The man and I notice a woman of about thirty. She has at least six children of all the same age with her (about six or seven years). At first they all seem to have ice skates on (but remove them) - but then they are all dancing and singing and enjoying the growing loss of gravity (we are all inside some sort of larger building, seemingly a hotel lobby or something but somehow connected to a sports arena and large casino or some such). The man seems very angry and yells at her, regarding the idea of her dancing when “it is the end of the world” as very “wrong”, perhaps even insane. He announces “The 9.8 meter per second squared constant is flying the coop as quickly as we are!” It soon dawns on me that it is the man who is crazy, because why would it matter if you were dancing as it was the end of the world anyway as at least you would “go out” happily in a sense.

      Oddly, though, the women and her children are then back on the ground as if gravity is then normal for them (but they seem mildly dejected), and then they prepare to go shopping and on to living normal lives again, as perhaps the Earth is “back in orbit” after all.