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    1. Our Mansion with Amazing Amalgamations

      by , 08-10-2019 at 01:12 PM
      Morning of August 10, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,227-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      This online dream journal entry describes and explains chronological segments from instinctual dreaming, that is, dream exploration and control without so-called lucidity. Such dreams share the same processes, often in the same order towards the waking process. Their content mainly stems from modulatory factors of both (precursory) liminal space and enigmatic space with the usual dream state indicators, vestibular system adaptation, and wall mediation.

      My dream is atypical as it provides two porch settings, one for co-occurrence with liminal space, one for enigmatic space. (Usually, one porch serves as both in an amalgam. Because of that, I mostly only use the typification “porch as liminal space” as enigmatic space is tricky to confirm without reasonable evidence.)

      My ongoing dream vivifies with the process of exploring instinctual realization that I am asleep as has occurred every sleep cycle since I was a toddler. I find myself in the Cubitis house (irrelevant since 1978) without my conscious identity. Earl (half-brother on my mother’s side; deceased) is sleeping on the floor in my old bedroom with his head oriented toward the door. It is just light enough to see some detail. I have no recall he had died or any recall of ever having lived in Wisconsin at this point (only this Florida setting). There are stacks of books on the floor. Earl’s head is close to one small pile of about four books as he is on his left side (as I am in reality as sleep simulacra in dreams typically match my sleeping position). I tell him to be careful about one possibly falling on his head. (This is my subliminal directive to remain asleep, as books require wakefulness to read.) I see the moonlight through the south window and consider the beauty of my room.

      Dream processes progress toward liminal space emergence. There is a vague backstory of having human remains in a small sack (a play on being in bed). They represent the essence of my dream self being ephemeral illusory “remains” of my waking life identity. It is still nighttime. Regardless of just having been in the house in Cubitis, Florida, I am now on the front porch of the Barolin Street house in Australia. I recall I had placed the remains in the basement but in the open. I also consider I should check to see if there is enough food in the house. I wonder if Earl will need something to eat or drink soon. I soon see bright light shining up through the floorboards. I consider the basement light is on. Eventually, that area of the porch floor (south side) is missing, and I can look down to see one section of the basement. (Note that there was no basement in any house I have lived in, in Australia.) I realize I need to turn the light off, so the public does not see into our basement or start intruding upon that area.

      I go outside and walk around to the back of the Barolin Street house. Nevertheless, I soon reach the front of the Loomis Street house without a second thought. The porch door is erroneously at the south side instead of the front (east). At this point, enigmatic space emerges to a lesser degree. With ambiguity, I consider there may be people active on the street at the front of the house (even though it was the back of the house seconds ago). After I am on the porch, my perception of physicality intensifies. I vividly feel the hook as I fit it perfectly into the eye latch, oriented on the right. (This act is the most vivid part of my dream.)

      I wander around in the basement. I see various packages of food and consider how much effort was needed to place it in different areas. I see many boxes of cereal and packets of potato chips that are almost empty.

      My focus changes. I start thinking that there are two access points at the front of the house, my illusory thoughts again erroneously contemplating the front of the Barolin Street house. However, to the left would be the outside area of the Stadcor Street house. Instead of a basement wall directly in front of me, it is a garage door that opens into the front yard. I falsely recall this is how someone carried the groceries in.

      From here, I step into the lounge room of our present home (W Street). Zsuzsanna says something to me about needing a flashlight (consciousness).

    2. Chopping up the Preconscious

      by , 11-12-2016 at 05:12 PM
      Morning of November 12, 2016. Saturday.

      I find myself in what seems to be our old apartment on Gellibrand Street in Clayfield, yet which also has the feeling of the northeast bedroom of the Loomis Street house (yet another new composite I have never experienced before). The Loomis Street living room is mixed into the Gellibrand Street hall. However, even though it looks more like the Gellibrand Street apartment I feel younger and as if it is mainly the small Loomis Street bedroom.

      At one point, I hear an unknown male talking outside my door. Eventually, it seems he is mocking me, yet somehow without being directly sarcastic in his vocal tone. I am annoyed and go out to the front yard but do not yet see him. I notice that instead of the front steps there is a round boulder to have to walk up onto, which is difficult. The unknown male is now standing at the open hall entrance. He reminds me vaguely of Don K (who I had not seen since around 1982) and seems about twenty-five years old. He makes a couple comments about my difficulty in walking up and over the bolder and I feel a bit annoyed as my legs do not seem to work correctly.

      He mocks me with a few more comments, a couple relating to phrases my mother used to use (such as “my old bones” and “this nutty old world”). I agree with a couple comments he makes relating to my apparently lame legs.

      Still, I become more annoyed by his presence. He makes comments about details in my dream journals that I had written way back when I was only eight or nine years old (the original phrasing and writing style). I am surprised he knows all this. I get the impression he had somehow been reading my dream journals way back to 1966. I wonder if he stole any of them or any of the pages.

      Eventually, I punch him out. He ends up lying on his side in an unknown area, as the setting now transforms into an unfamiliar location. When he moves, I decide to chop him up so that he cannot be an annoyance anymore. Another male appears (likely the emergent consciousness personification as it seems more passive and “closer” than a personified basic conscious self identity) and we seem to be working in a mission together. There is an advanced computer that speaks as I am trying to work out where to send the body parts.

      I give the computer vocal instructions and it answers me in a loud clear voice. I give it various longitude and latitude directions though at first, what I say is distorted and meaningless. The computer keeps correcting what I say so I can repeat certain details.

      “Thirty-six degrees latitude north,” I eventually say. “One hundred fifteen degrees latitude west…”

      “You mean longitude,” says the computer loudly. I agree with all the corrections the computer makes, but I have no idea where I am sending the body parts as it feels I am just saying random values. I get the impression that a team will come in, take them away, and place them wherever.

      “The Deuce-Berry Hoover Dam,” announces the computer. I am somewhat surprised and am not certain it is a good idea to put the remains there (as I consider the remains sitting atop the wall near a spillway, right out in the open), but I do not say anything. The other male looks on passively as I visualize the espionage team getting ready.

      A dam is a potential waking prompt as water symbolizes sleep and a dam stops water from flowing; deuce is sometimes a term for the preconscious (secondary to a more defined emergent consciousness in the final scene of a dream), berry being a play on “bury” and “Hoover” also being associated with vacuum cleaners (both a mortality symbol and dreaming conduit and waking transition symbol that has been recurring more over the last ten years); the talking computer is the personified whole conscious self (not that common a feature as here) due to only the whole conscious self having viable thinking skills.

    3. Human remains inside couch (recurring dream theme)

      by , 06-19-2013 at 12:19 PM
      Morning of June 19, 2013. Wednesday.

      This dream uses a fairly recurring idea of human remains being inside a couch (sometimes inside the cushions).

      In my dream, I am sharing a place with the actor from the television series “Lost”, Josh Holloway, that I vaguely dreamt of only once before as his Sawyer character (in a representation of Tom Sawyer in that particular dream). In this dream he is also his Sawyer character, but instead, named Sylvester (even after waking, “Sylvester” seemed to be his “real” name or “identify”). The apartment seems to be one I had in real life at King Street when I was in my late teens, the one where I also had a noisy refrigerator in one of two larger closets and which was an “expensive” $25.00 a week. (I had, in total, three different apartments in that large historical house during those years; the smaller L-shaped one in back, the one in front with the rocket-like cupola on the east side, and a larger one near the middle of the building as in this dream.)

      He is sleeping on the couch in our apartment, but wakes up because the couch seems to be moving inside. A large nail is sort of moving out from its position along the top area of the frame of the seat area in front, near the middle, but closer to the west end. This is very mysterious as if from some sort of ghostly activity. The nail slowly moves out as if representing some sort of approaching eerie revelation. Sylvester seems a bit nervous. I mostly find it curious and not really frightening in any way.

      Eventually, there are bluish-green fingers visible, of a sort of ghostly nature that continue to work in moving the nail. The fingers are the only thing that is visible at the time, seeming to come out of the surface of the wood around the nail. (Some sort of odd play on “fingernail”?)

      A little later, the east arm of the couch opens up from the front (I think we both may have pulled the upholstery off) - on my left when facing the couch - showing it to be somewhat like a two-level shelf. The bottom area holds a human skull, the second “shelf” or part of the internal couch frame holds a bowl of old human eyes and hair, and a skeletal hand is also inside the arm.

      Sylvester is rather alarmed and of course, people must be told. There is no idea at all of whom it may have been or what happened. I am thinking that the bluish-green hand may be part of an arm that was kept in another part of the couch and acting somewhat like ghostly “remains”.

      It is easy to determine here that the “ghost” inside the couch (a dream sign, as one can sleep on a couch) is a subliminal distorted perception of my sleeping body. But why Josh and why is he called Sylvester? He played a character that was on an island (dream state within sleep as water represents sleep). I associate the name Sylvester with the cartoon character Sylvester the Cat. A cat is a circadian rhythms feature (as well as a liminal space element) typically based on nighttime activities (such as dreaming). (Even though a cat seems to sleep a lot, they are of course active in the daytime.) The skull on the shelf represents lesser critical thinking skills (such as reading books) while in the dream state.

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    4. Human Remains on Hillside, But Not

      by , 04-21-2013 at 10:21 AM
      Morning of April 21, 2013. Sunday.

      It seems my non-lucid dreams recently are in a trend where they play out like a “cry wolf” scenario. My volcano dream reported last is a good example (which utilized transformations of one feature into another) and there was even an additional humorous implied “cry wolf” plot twist where the actual (potentially dangerous) mudslide could have been the rock tumbler breaking, but no one responded (although there was no negativity or fear).

      In this new dream, I am with friends from different time periods, including school days (possibly because I now interact with them somewhat in a limited way on Facebook).

      We are climbing a fairly steep hill, but I do not have any difficulty in doing so. However, I do have concern about how high I am relative to stable standing areas (wondering about the nature of their solidity and possible eroded areas). I also feel that I am getting into better shape (and losing a bit of weight to increase my life span) by doing this.

      As we climb fairly high (with no equipment) near a lesser-used park area, I notice a human hand and partial arm sticking out from the ground near some tree roots about ten feet above us, on the diagonal slant to the north. Even though it has probably been there at least several years, it is neither bony nor decayed in any way.

      I rapidly descend the steep hill with little effort and go off to a park station to call out about “human remains” (in almost the same way I waved and shouted “volcano”, followed later by “mudslide”, in one of my last dreams). They had not been found for some time, I guess, because that is an area that is not used as much by the public.

      When I get back (via easier access from another area to the east, where there is a steep road that can be reached by jeep), my friends had uncovered the rest of the “human remains”, which turn out to be a mannequin in fairly new condition. (However, in my dream, the park ranger refers to it as a “doll-man” instead of a mannequin.)

      Taking a closer look at this one again, and the elevated hillside setting (meaning closer to conscious self identity), the “human remains” which turned out to be a mannequin could be a distorted subliminal conscious awareness of my real physical body (as dolls and mannequins typically represent the inactive conscious self in real time).

      The usual precognitive element was to a lesser degree in this dream. I had today noted that my oldest daughter’s newer report included the artist John Dollman (late 1800s), and there was also a doll in the reviewed painting. It was about the unknown dangers and concerns of immigration and travel.

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