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    1. Cheerful “Helicopter”

      by , 11-19-2018 at 07:31 AM
      Morning of November 19, 2018. Monday.

      Dream #: 18,963-04 and # 18,963-05. Reading time: 42 sec. Readability score: 52.

      Having fallen asleep briefly while sitting on our couch, there is the usual natural melatonin trope of the illusory sound of splashing water. Someone unknown had thrown a hardcover book, and it breaks the surface of a pond. This autosymbolic event is a lifelong recurring process that encodes my liminal acknowledgment that the wakefulness required for the reading of a book is usually no longer present when sleeping.

      Later, while lying in our bed, an additional melatonin trope is present, this time as an upside-down surface of a water body about three feet above me (atypical). A whirlpool (vestibular nexus) forms. At the same time, I hear the sound of a helicopter rotor, though it is very soft and pleasant. It is as if a whirlpool and a helicopter rotor (without the helicopter present in this case) are the same. A hummingbird flies down from out of the “whirlpool” and cheerfully says “hi” in a young feminine voice (water nymph as shapeshifter) but as if the formant is a band higher. I am very amused by this brief encounter.

    2. The Hummingbird Power

      by , 01-02-2007 at 07:02 AM
      Morning of January 2, 2007. Tuesday.

      My family and I are living in our present home on Barolin Street and the whole nature of my dream is extraordinarily vivid with regard to all my senses. There are differences from real life as there often is, such as two couches (perpendicular to each other) being in the north and west areas of our living room. I am aware of my wife and children being in the room.

      A hummingbird has somehow gotten into our house and I want to make sure it gets back outside, as I do not want it to be injured in any way. I manage to hold it in my hands several times, but the sense of weight is so intense that it is almost like a heavy magnetic force of augmented gravity, with an intense “buzzing” in my hands. Thus, the overall sense of weight, awareness of forces, and my sense of touch is greatly enhanced. It is almost like the powerful force of creation, the heaviness and energy of “everything that exists” compressed into a tiny space. At one point when I close the front door, thinking the hummingbird had gotten out, I fear I crushed it in the top edge of the doorway, but it seems, over time, to be invulnerable, and from this point flies back into our house for a time. Again, the presence of this force is amazingly vivid, yet I do not attain lucidity (even though it becomes as vivid as a typical lucid dream). After a time, it seems to have left our house, yet its presence also seemed very special and even rewarding, emotionally and spiritually.

      After this, even though we are in Australia, it now seems that when I walk out the front door of our house, that I am in fact walking out the back door of my older sister’s (Marilyn’s) house on Loomis Street. The area seems much different, however, with many smaller random buildings which are half-built. There are larger clusters of taller buildings mostly to the southwest that seem a bit too close for any privacy, comfortable living, or viable personal space. Over time, I realize that the city is still being built, most of the region to the west being unfinished. A few older males dressed as janitors are seemingly working out how to continue with the building. I offer to help but I get the idea that I am the supervisor and they tell me they will be able to do the work on their own and that I am the one in control.

      Prior to my waking, I am seemingly in our older house on Stadcor Street in Brisbane, near the old shed (which in real life had collapsed and missed falling on me by seconds). A few unknown younger males approach me, seeming to want to closely relate to me - and trying to make me understand - how I am the origin and creator of my dreams - which seemingly relates to a number of the unusual half-finished buildings as if I am trying to recreate the collapsed shed, perhaps, and resolve the world as “complete” and nonthreatening. It is curious being told how you are all-powerful concerning your dream settings and dream scenarios by unfamiliar dream characters, though this has happened before, this time being more vivid than usual. Perhaps on one level, I was “visited” by the essence of Huitzilopochtli. At any rate, my dream was an extraordinarily enriching experience.

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    3. Hummingbird vs. Mockingbird

      by , 06-07-1981 at 08:46 PM
      Morning of June 7, 1981. Sunday.

      There is a great battle between a hummingbird and a mockingbird near a fence on the “edge of time” or near where nothing else exists, as if it means the fate of mankind. I hear a voice say “the hummingbird rivals the mockingbird”. It also appears in print like some sort of important adage.

      This dream combines a couple unusual associations related to the “song” of both birds. There is an old joke about the hummingbird “humming” - “because it doesn’t know the words” and a mockingbird “mocks” the songs of other birds, apparently.

      Additionally, there may be a play on “hummock” - a general geological term referring to a small knoll or mound above ground as a subtle link to a grave - or to human mortality.
    4. Hummingbird Satellite

      by , 12-29-1977 at 06:29 PM
      Night of December 29, 1967. Friday.

      Dream #: 375-12. Reading time: 48 sec.

      There is a big, mostly featureless gray asteroid close to Earth, though it does not seem to pose a threat. It is eventually seen to be the giant bone of an extinct creature, one of the only bones left after a battle with another huge monster in outer space “millions of years ago.”

      A satellite (though more like an unusual spacecraft deemed as a satellite in-dream) from Earth, which at first looks somewhat like a helicopter, later like a set of metal “bones” with one metal “bone” whirling around the top like a helicopter rotor, is sent to investigate. I am aware that the satellite, which I am unsure has astronauts aboard or not, is caught in the orbit of the asteroid. I am later sure that astronauts will be looking into this situation and I am preparing to hear about it on the news on the radio.

      This experience is my second vivid dream (the other of being rescued by an owl from a snake late at night near a cornfield) that had flawless visual influence from the Time-Life “Birds” book that I got for Christmas (from my mother) at age seven when living at North Monroe Street in Arcadia.

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