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    1. The Missing Television Episode

      by , 06-06-2018 at 06:16 PM
      Morning of June 6, 2018. Wednesday.

      In my dream, I am looking at the Internet. It seems to be late morning. I find myself looking at an archive site for television series, possibly archive dot org, though it is rendered differently. A list of episodes of an unknown television series appears mainly on the left half of the screen, but I do not look at much of the right half of the screen, which seems mostly featureless. (This is logical as dream state orientation autosymbolism is most often directed to the left while waking process autosymbolism is most often on the right. This is a natural result of liminal focus on sleeping as being directed to my left side toward the bed’s surface while waking autosymbolism is oriented to my dream self’s right as it is more open to the environment in reality.)

      A dream journalist who exists in real life had made a comment on one of the episodes, saying that the episode was not there and he could not find it anywhere else, worded as “Is the true broadcast available somewhere?” The show is possibly “Frasier” (or implied to be), as I saw parts of this show prior to going to bed (though I have never seen an episode in its entirety). The episode above the one that is supposedly missing features a story about a secretary.

      I click on a link under the title of the supposedly missing episode (of which I cannot presently recall the title). I discover it goes to another page of a similar appearance. The episode is there, with the ability to play it on the web page. I look around on the two pages and realize that the episode that was claimed to be missing is actually the only one that is available while the others have only a summary and no link to view the episode. I think of writing to the poster to tell him that “the link is right there in the link”, but that sounds ambiguous and I wake before I write anything.

      This afternoon in real life, I randomly ended up on the archive website by originally looking at a Wikipedia article. I noticed one of four comments in which it was claimed that “Payment Deferred” from “Studio One” was not actually there as all the other episodes apparently were. Part of the review read “The file present is a mislabeled duplicate of the 25 November 1947 revival broadcast” ending with “Is the true Moorehead/Sloane broadcast available somewhere?”. It was written by someone called “Professional Tourist” way back on May 8, 2011. I had never looked up “Studio One” anywhere online prior to today and that was only due to a reference in Wikipedia about “The Twilight Zone”. Though it is true that many files are mislabeled or missing on websites, it is still a curious and unlikely sequence of events to always have something “repeat” on one level in waking life after the otherwise distorted dream event. Additionally, Googling the detail, two YouTube versions of the “Studio One” episode appeared first, posted in April 23, 2014 and April 24, 2018. (The real event was for a radio show, not television.)

      All my life, on a day to day basis, I experience threads of prescience while many other people refuse to accept it. Because of that, it is no longer possible for me to view mainstream society as having any credibility or intelligence where it counts the most. Still, when more is known about the nature of time and perception, the underlying causes may be known, though I have often considered the possibility that people were not meant to know in this era. Presently, I have only publicly acknowledged about 600 precognitive dreams on the dream journal website, though there are many more of which I have never included the full details online.

      On a more mundane level, this dream is likely the result of contemplating how this poster (and many others) have beliefs and experiences of which are the opposite of mine. Thus, I find the video which exists and the others do not, the opposite of the original claim.

    2. A Dream Journal Check in a Dream

      by , 05-11-2017 at 11:11 AM
      Morning of May 11, 2017. Thursday.

      I am in an unknown and unfamiliar room. This does not at all come to my attention though. I had been thinking about checking a number of my dreams to make sure the online entries are all accounted for based on a set of fifty-four dreams in a particular dream journal in notebook form. The dream journal website I am looking at is fictional and seems to not have had much activity for a few years. I think I have the patience to check the main details of all fifty-four dreams.

      I look through a few web pages at some dreams that had been posted by others over a year ago. I have my fifty-four to check even though it probably does not matter since the site seems mostly unused (although I do like to have backup copies of my work other than on hand where I live). I do not recall the titles even though I am able to match and confirm a few. Curiously, additional details, at least a set of five for each title, vanish from the paper by my will alone, leaving only the title, to validate the most complete online version for each.

      I notice that my notebook has two odd “pages” before the main area with dream documentation. The first page is apparently a sample of corduroy that supposedly represents clothes I have worn. It is folded around a thin piece of cardboard and flat against it. The second page, upon looking at it closely, is an actual shirt of mine, also attached to a cardboard page. I do not question why I would have this at the beginning of a dream journal. Over time, I become annoyed by the shirt, which is made of normal thin cloth but seeming to be more and more bulky, even preventing the binder from closing fully. I consider that I eventually might take out the sections.

      This is a very odd variation of being annoyed by wearing clothes in some dreams, likely related to a subliminal realization that I am asleep in bed and actually wearing a shirt (due to being slightly cool) which I hardly ever do. The number fifty-four may be related to my age (as it is close to my real age), though is not correct (though normal dreams rarely contain correct information of any kind anyway). I also find it amusing after I wake that I would have to look through over 3,500 online dream journal entries rather than just 54.

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    3. Hidden Tab

      by , 10-15-2015 at 04:15 PM
      Morning of October 19, 2015. Monday.

      In my dream, there is a hidden tab in my Internet browser. The hidden tab is behind another tab near the center of the sequence of tabs across the top. I wonder if there have always been hidden tabs as such. What could they be?

      I barely see the left edge of the previously undiscovered tab, but there is enough there to sort of “pull” it out to the left (using the mouse) from the visible tab (which is for the dream journal website).

      I see enough of the tab to see that the title is “ambiance”. It opens to an image only (rather than an implied website). It is a view from the sky, though from a distance, of a radio tower. The contrast is so light, it is fairly pale.

      For some reason, I think of Godzilla as approaching (from my perspective in the foreground). I do not see Godzilla but I do ponder his eventual appearance on other pages, though this never actually happens.

      A lot of VSTs for music production have settings related to ambient music, which is what at least partly influenced the appearance of the word.

      This dream is autosymbolic of the typical thinking skills correlation with the radio tower being the emergent consciousness factor (as autosymbolism for communication between the isolated fictitious ephemeral dream self and the real conscious self identity as in waking life). The association with Godzilla is liminal awareness of the RAS modulation factor, but which is not initiated (likely due to my liminal awareness and my advanced knowledge of the dream state). The view from the sky is a static association with the otherwise usual vestibular system correlation. In many past dreams that were a result of liminal dream control, Godzilla had featured, typically in a faux chase scenario for entertainment purposes.

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    4. Paper Links

      by , 08-03-2015 at 08:50 PM
      Morning of August 3, 2015. Monday.

      This is a recurring concept though always different, that is, my dream rendering the Internet as being on paper and in various notebooks rather than on a computer or visible computer network. This concept has been more prevalent over the past six years or so.

      In this dream, I am with a group of people of whom I do not know, though my wife Zsuzsanna is also in the room. I am not sure if it is in an implied residence of ours or a business.

      There seems to be some sort of political atmosphere though I suspect it may also relate to finding information to validate certain aspects (such as possible previously unrealized influences) of my childhood dream journals. Somehow, I go to a website by holding a pencil down over the URL that is printed on paper and the “website” appears on another document in the room. This works for about fifteen minutes or so, but the information becomes a bit sparse over time.

      Soon, all evidence of the particular “website” seems to vanish as if a portion of the Internet simply disconnected all public servers solely due to someone using it after a presumed long public hiatus. I get a very vague impression that it was a website used to store hidden information related to politicians, and someone noticed it was in use and did not want the information to be used publicly. I get a vague impression of a young blonde female, somehow “seeing” her, though more just being aware that she is the only one left watching the server activity, and she seems annoyed and realizes that she must shut the network down.

      Of course, this is all metaphorical, as there are no actual computers anywhere, only various documents that apparently teleport from one place to another, or more likely, copy themselves to another location, somewhat like a FAX without the FAX machine, I suppose.

      There are a few points of frustration when pressing on a printed URL on a sheet of paper does not seem to work as well as at other times. Also, the resulting paper or documents appear in a hard-to-find location at times (such as behind several files in a filing cabinet), though still in the same room. Sometimes there are only a few lines on them.