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    1. Strange Hauntings in Cubitis (fly ashtray minion)

      by , 11-02-1975 at 05:02 PM
      Morning of November 2, 1975. Sunday.

      Dream #: 3,240-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      There is an electrical surge in our kitchen and additional ones through all or most outlets in our house. It creates a “haunting” as well as a “portal” in the southwest bedroom.

      I am in the living room when one of the two big brass fly ashtrays my father bought at the local flea market comes to life though is still made of brass. (No one in the house smoked. They were novelty items.) It walks across the ironing board, falls to the floor, and crawls toward the hallway, but is not threatening. It is a minion of the Man-Thing (as in the Marvel comic book) that cannot leave the southwest bedroom (which is across the hallway from our bathroom.)

      The ironing board’s cover becomes like frogskin as it gains an artificial life force. It is not able to walk very well. The two human-like eyes on its narrow end, facing up, do not seem alive, making it into an “irony board.”

      A portal that has opened in the southwest bedroom (the door remaining closed) has brought forth the swamp creature known as the Man-Thing. He cannot leave the bedroom even though the door is unlocked. (He does not know how to turn a doorknob). Now and then, a small telescopic radio antenna that seems to be a part of his body emerges from the keyhole. (The feature is not in the comic book.) It is dangerous only when a person is near the end of the hallway or in the bathroom. The swamp creature can be sent through the portal back into the radio. Supposedly, the electrical event hit the comic book cover from an outlet and a radio speaker and brought him here.

      I wonder if I should use the bathroom or replace the fuse in the fuse box in the hallway. The radio antenna juts from the keyhole a few times (and back behind the closed bedroom door). I consider that if I go into the bathroom, the antenna might get me from the other side of the hallway (even though realistically, I could easily avoid it). As the Man-Thing “feeds on fear,” I do not want to show any apprehension. I sit down in the living room to watch television.