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    1. Ninja with a Crowbar

      by , 10-07-2019 at 07:13 AM
      Morning of October 6, 2019. Sunday.

      Dream #: 19,284-04. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      Induction: I am sitting in an armchair wearing headphones in an unknown residence. The room is not well-lit. I listen to various vocal sounds on a tape playing in a cassette deck to my left, some that are partial affirmations related to dreaming, though there is the usual gibberish. I do not maintain full dream state awareness (though my perception remains instinctual, as the processes are the same, lucid or not).

      I see many maidenhair ferns in small plant pots. It is a beautiful tranquil sight. I feel I am where I should be. I notice it now seems to be late morning.

      Wall mediation with a vestibular precursor: I see a shadow at the glass-paneled door. It seems to be an uninvited ninja who has a crowbar that soon emerges between the door and door frame. I suspect this may relate to the cassette I am listening to, so I pull the jack from the cassette deck and remove my headphones. As I do, the door makes a light shutting sound, and there is no ninja. (Pulling a jack from a stereo is the opposite of what I typically do in dreams to vivify and sustain cortical arousal. In addition to a typical preconscious personification, the ninja is a vestibular simulacrum, which transitions into flight autosymbolism in the next scene.)

      More wall mediation and vestibular processing: I turn about to see a winter forest setting beyond an open wall. I enjoy the beauty of the scene as the snowflakes strike my face. The time has changed again, and it now seems early evening. A jet flies overhead (unrealistically slow). I see its shadow rise on the trunk of a tree, and I lift my arms to mimic the shape. I am unsure if they are searching for the ninja or me. I decide to take to the sky and become one with the jet to gain control of the whole region. (I fly vertically straight up.)

      The tree with the rising shadow of the jet is a process whereby the tree is a representation of how my physical body does not move while I am sleeping. The flight association is the precursor to vestibular arousal. Rather than the drop, I fly up and out of my dream as I have many times since childhood. Vehicles of any kind (including aircraft) are typically a result of the imaginary physicality of the dream state, each having specific nuances and associations with different levels of muscularity and anticipation of the drop.

    2. The UFO and its Leave-taking

      by , 05-23-2018 at 07:17 AM
      Morning of May 23, 2018. Wednesday.

      My dream’s setting is unfamiliar and unique (not correlating with any previous dream), yet it is accepted by my dream self as our present home as is usually the case. It seems to be late morning. The sky is bright blue and has an essence of beauty and peace. I focus on what I eventually realize is a silver 1960s style “flying saucer”. I consider that it is that of aliens of whom just happen to be in the area, yet the implication of this presence does not even create the full realization with what the word “alien” is associated. Instead, I see it as something rare and beautiful, with even a cheerful shiny newness, with no sense of threat. The “flying saucer” hovers in one location for several minutes. There is a curious sort of soft humming sound, which creates a sense of amusement and somehow, perfection. I tell Zsuzsanna that I will have to get our oldest son to see it and I go off to get him. (My dream self’s memory is incomplete as usual, as we have five children, but, other than Zsuzsanna, there is only an awareness and focus on our oldest son here. This subconscious self’s lack of viable memory and intelligence is unique from dream to dream, never being the same error in more than one dream. For example, in other dreams I would be aware of my youngest son and not Zsuzsanna, aware of Zsuzsanna but not our youngest son, having a ficticious daughter or son, and so on, always as the simple result of the subconscious self not having viable access to either the unconscious mind or the curent conscious self identity as in waking life.)

      When he comes out to see it, I notice a jet approaching the “flying saucer” from the right (though it is moving too slowly to be a real jet, but my dream self does not regard this). Suddenly, the flying saucer is gone. I am somewhat annoyed, but not very emotional about it.

      The scene shifts into the waking space, which is mostly undefined, though I am aware of our son on my left. We are looking at an A4-size photograph that shows the movement of the UFO. It looks somewhat like a linear series of cirrus clouds. The flight of the UFO is implied to be from the top to the bottom of the photograph even though it is also implied that it had been in the center before the image was captured, so the implications are ambiguous. I consider that the path of the jet may also be defined in this image by a different sequence of fuzzy narrow cloud-like strokes that curve down to the bottom right (now implied to be going in a different direction than the UFO even though it had originally been flying slowly towards it). Looking more closely, I am unable to work out the three trails of patterns (as the trail going to the top might be implied to be additional to the one going to the bottom from the center). I consider that there had been two “flying saucers” in the same location (though I only saw the one, so this is a change from what had actually been rendered earlier in my dream), which flew off very quickly. I feel slightly puzzled in missing out on the opportunity to have actually seen what had happened.

      This dream is an autosymbolic form of vestibular system correlation, which is a result of being in the dream state and of which has been present in at least one dream per sleep cycle (often more) for over fifty years. It also includes the factor of looking at a two-dimensional image in the autosymbolic waking space (in this case, a semi-dark featureless room with one other dream character while I am liminally attempting to sustain and vivify my dream, an event I have experienced thousands of times since childhood). Another example is a dream where I was studying an upside-down silhouette of a helicopter in the sky in a magazine photograph. Another is where I was in an unfamiliar motel room and standing in front of the foot of a bed and I gaze at news footage on television, which shows a “flying saucer” in flight, but more resembles a dynamic sideways x-ray of a pocket watch, with all the gears moving (ultradian rhythm factor mixed with the usual vestibular system correlation).

    3. “Frozen” Jet

      by , 09-17-1978 at 03:17 PM
      Morning of September 17, 1978. Sunday.

      Dream #: 4,290-02. Reading time: 55 sec.

      It seems to be late at night or very early in the morning before sunrise. I see the front of my Cubitis home (though I am living in La Crosse at the time in real life) from near the highway. My father is near the southwest corner of the house. After a short time, I see a navy jet (possibly an A-5 Vigilante, though only about half the size or smaller) has somehow stopped in midair so it appears “frozen” at about a forty-five degree (diagonal) angle about eight feet from the ground, close to where my father is standing, though to his left by a few feet. The unfamiliar male pilot starts talking to my father, and they cheerfully converse. The jet hanging in midair does not cause incredulity, but there is a vague, indirect thought of whether there is something wrong about the scene. There is a vague wariness about the jet dropping a bomb, but not in our immediate vicinity. Overall, the scene maintains a positive essence. I get the impression the pilot is asking my father for directions (as people sometimes do from a car) so he may continue his mission. I do not consider how it is going to move from its compromising position near the ground. (I wake while it is still motionless though I get the impression it will return to its usual flight path.)

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