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    1. Spotlight on: My John Belushi Dream (enigmatic space)

      by , 03-05-1982 at 09:05 AM
      Morning of March 5, 1982. Friday.

      Dream #: 5,555-01. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      In my dream, I enter a building in the region I live in real life that is first like a shopping mall in La Crosse. Eventually, I am at a party, though I feel out of place as I do not drink in real life. (Important note: In this instance, my dream self has this specific knowledge of my waking-life identity, but in other dreams, it does not. With that differing status, I might drink as a result. This factor disproves the existence of the subconscious.) There is also a vague awareness of being in the basement of a church or cathedral.

      The only person I recognize is John Belushi. He approaches me without invitation and casually talks about his death. He tells me death is like dreaming at first before moving on. As he talks, my dream becomes vivified, but not to the point where I am consciously aware I am dreaming at a higher level. He is wearing a dark suit that changes at times, from a shimmery material to duller and back again. He is drinking a pinkish drink from a small cocktail glass.

      I am aware the people at this party are either in the casual process of dying or are living people sleeping, all in the same dreaming location (enigmatic space). A couple of times, John Belushi walks away to talk to someone else, but they ignore him, so he walks back to me. I start thinking that maybe it is not me he is talking to, but someone whom he sees as someone else, perhaps a friend, and I am somehow in the same location but unseen.

      After leaving the building, I look back and notice a big white bat above it, flying in a circle. The structure now looks like a foreign mausoleum, though also like a miniature cathedral. The motions of the bat remind me of stop-motion animation as in “Jason and the Argonauts” from 1963 (a recurring dream distortion since childhood). I vaguely perceive the white bat only represents death in this dream because I had read about it in a so-called dream dictionary. (I do not believe in dream interpretation in the way others propagate this misconception.)

      Many people might call this dream precognitive (so I have included the label), but the content indicates it was telepathic, as John Belushi’s death occurred about the same time as my dream. I was not a fan and had not seen his movies. I had no way of knowing his status and held no recent thoughts of him. This dream is the only one in which he ever appeared.

      My dream is principally literal co-occurrence with an event I could not have known about consciously.

      Humanity has no viable explanations for experiences of this nature. Their typical response is with ignorance, denial, derision, and deceit no matter how much evidence is to the contrary. That sums it up for humanity’s ultimate failure to understand either the nature of enigmatic space or what dreams are.

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