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    1. Not Lucid But Mediating Every Dreaming Process Anyway

      by , 03-19-2019 at 10:57 AM
      Morning of March 19, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,083-04. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      This incredible dream sequence is long but with the longer second part offset from a vivid foundation where I eventually mediate and viably control several common REM sleep processes understood since early childhood, atypically in the same dream, yet with no emerging awareness that I am dreaming at any time.

      Sky mediation integrated with window (liminal space division) mediation (which is a form of concurrent environmental monitoring with subliminal RAS/cortex gating):

      In the beginning, I am indulging in atypical sky mediation (from indoors rather than outdoors) without viable lucidity. I am in the lounge room of the Stadcor Street house (incorrectly recalled as my present home) and standing near the front windows. This anticipation is low-key. I do not focus on “something coming down from above” as in many past dreams, but I am subliminally manipulating the amount of light and color in the sky. At the same time, I am vaguely aware of an “invisible” video superimposed over one area on the windows, but I focus only on the sky beyond. I consider, without emotion, if the sky represents the “end of the world” (analogous to the “end of the dream state”). Many colors are present, but red and yellow dominates. I gaze at this process for several minutes.

      Identity mediation integrated with doorway mediation (as sustaining the dream state) as well as subliminal dream state awareness (the presence of the beds).

      I find myself in the King Street mansion in the second floor’s middle room of the east side. I have a false memory of the landlady having changed the way she rents rooms. She now has it so that two people have to occupy each apartment, each paying twenty dollars a week instead of one tenant paying that amount. My false recall is ambiguous, but I consider that she has done this to make up for me having lived there without paying rent for so long. Leonard is sharing the apartment with me. I walk across the hall and see a young platinum blond male in his room near the right side of his bed. He is unsure of who he wants as a flatmate. I suggest my friend Rick (saying his full name) but then consider that Rick might be too old to live with this person and state as such to him. (This does not make much sense, as I perceive Rick as being about twenty years old, even though in reality he is in his fifties as I am.)

      I have several different types of keys, one a skeleton key that I joke about with Rick, to determine which one works with the door of my room. There are little keys as well as more obvious house keys. I eventually find the correct one. Rick now seems to have taken Leonard’s place.

      From here, I go downstairs (transitional vestibular system correlation). The landlady seems cheerful. Two unknown people stand in the unlit foyer talking to her. I hear the woman say her name, and her last name is the same as mine. I comment on this as I leave the house.

      It is now daytime. It turns out that the woman, now a young girl, is my niece. I walk atop a fence (linear vestibular system correlation and mediation of liminal and enigmatic space), and she becomes the vestibular system simulacrum (personification of vestibular system adaptation). She continuously cheerfully talks to me about how I should walk atop it, regarding balance and distance of steps, which now becomes a series of fences. She is usually on one parallel to the one atop which I am walking. I now get the impression that we are walking to school (relearning emerging identity and subliminal cortex awareness).

      Two nieces and two nephews (on my father’s side) are present, though they are much younger than they should be. After becoming aware of this scenario without full current conscious self identity, I walk down the sidewalk near the front of an unknown house where two of my nephews are standing. The oldest is talking about how much fun he had surfing recently (a result of reinduction processing which does not continue). I tell him that I saw him surfing in a photograph as if to validate his experience (which seems like a false memory) and he seems puzzled by this as I consider I may be mistaken. The process fails (water not moving, melatonin flow stopping, similar to water lowering waking autosymbolism), and I then meander around the unfamiliar neighborhood until I wake.

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    2. The Last Human Settlement

      by , 09-24-2015 at 10:33 AM
      Morning of September 24, 2015. Thursday.

      Firstly in my dream, I seem to be living in the Stadcor Street house in Brisbane, but it eventually transforms into a much larger structure that seems partly embedded in a mountain, as there are rooms that are like caves later on. Prior to the shifting setting change, there is a young male that appears to have some sort of medical problem. He claims to have a toothache that is supposedly related to a headache even though the “headache” (the source being near the top of his head and related to a protruding blood vein) is somehow in his jaw. The male reminds me of a younger version of my wife’s brother George (Gyorgy). I ask him if I can help in any way, but he seems more annoyed by the present living arrangements than his continuous pain and potential nearing demise.

      There are two other people in the house who may be younger versions of two of our children (oldest son and daughter). At one point, I teach some Russian, but it is mainly only two rows of audio-based prompts on a computer screen and primarily relates to pronouns, including variations of “I” and “me”; “ya”, “menya”, and “mne”. Over time, I become aware of there being more people around.

      There is seemingly a nuclear explosion in the distance, but very loud in my dream’s immediate setting. When I look out, however, it looks quite odd, like narrow clustered columns of pink and orange smoke rising high into the sky in the distance, right on the horizon (from an unknown city). This seems to mean that modern society, for the most part, no longer exists. I notice our home seems to be isolated and within a composite of desert and meadow, with no signs of any other buildings. However, I still hear several dogs barking at the distant explosion, which almost seems to be a good sign.

      We now live in an unusual composite of large cave and house, though with a layout somewhat like a shopping mall, with a public court and an additional adjoining building or group of buildings. Someone (unknown) says that the monster can now leave - which relates to the nuclear event somehow or the fact that there are not many people left in the world for it to terrorize. A door is opened somewhere in the cave-building that had kept the monster trapped, and the front door to outside is also opened. The “monster” leaves on its own accord after randomly wandering through various rooms to find its way out. It looks like an ordinary warthog as it passively walks out the main entrance. There is no threat or drama or concern of any kind at all at this point.

      Later, I go to another building (part of the same settlement) and wander through the halls. I warily notice an unusual lump and weight pulling down the skin of my left forearm as well as minor burns and scabs. I realize I have something inside my arm. I carefully shuffle the hard object forward and out through the scar on my wrist (from my accident as a toddler) and it is a rectangular piece of thin metal, almost as wide as my wrist. Another similar object comes out after, which is like partly reflective glass of a similar size and shape (possibly part of a small mirror). The sensations and progressive movement are extraordinary “realistic” (though possibly more like pushing something under a shirt sleeve out through the cuff as I do not feel much pain). I feel my arm to make sure no other objects are in it. I “realize” that this probably happened when I was sleeping on a bed full of junk and the objects somehow got into my arm without me noticing until now (which is of course, a false memory as I do not sleep on a bed full of metallic junk, sharp objects, and wires as implied).

      I go back and give the objects (and a few other bits of junk I found in the building) to the leader of the settlement (who seems to be actor Clancy Brown). At this point I tell him how the objects perhaps grew inside me somehow with regard to chemicals in the air, perhaps. He seems only mildly interested in the event but still wants everything I have. As we walk through a doorway back into the building (no longer with cave features) I had been staying in, I see two fancy car keys lying on the floor just inside the doorway with some apparently discarded documents. They have an atypical appearance; other than somewhat floral regarding the shape on one end, very slightly paperclip-like in part of the form only. I consider that if I pick them up and keep them for myself, the leader might not like it when he finds out, so I point them out saying, “look at those keys”. The leader says, rather egotistically, “I’ll just take these keys”. His behavior brings mild amusement. He then asks me what year they are from as if that is important and I say “1961” but then consider that “1961” might actually be a serial number unrelated to the date (though do not mention this). (The imagery is curious, as the number looks the same right-side-up as it does upside-down.)

      In the final scene, I am sitting in a hall with several others of various ages. One (unknown) teenage girl in the opposite corner (opposite an implied perpendicular continuation of the hall) starts complaining about everything in a pessimistic and defeatist rant, and, even though there are only about a hundred people left on the planet, I tell her that I do not want to listen to her “f–ked up fantasies” (in the sense that they are negative and of no use, including trivial gossip and pointless opinions of others in the hall). From here, I feel cheerful and completely optimistic and ignore her otherwise depressing prattle, especially as I get the impression there will be a self-sustaining community expanding soon.

    3. Two Keys

      by , 09-08-2014 at 11:42 AM
      Morning of September 8, 2014. Monday.

      I am in some sort of underground chamber with a group of people. We had somehow gotten to the area in a van (going down an inclined road inside a cave or some such). At some points I seem disembodied but at other points I am more integrated with the flow of my dream. The main character, a younger male of perhaps about thirty, has found a large skeleton key of nearly two feet long. It has a texture (very slightly bumpy) and color similar to an old-fashioned black skillet and has a few patches of rust, the patches primarily of somewhat of an elongated diamond shape. It apparently leads to treasure and an ancient city where one may still be able to live and thrive.

      He manages to open a secret wall by using the key. The opened wall leads to the abandoned underground city and there is likely to be valuable treasure and even special foods to sustain anyone who travels into the region. However, some sort of geological events (including at least one geyser) are beginning, making it difficult to continue. Some sort of gas and ash, possibly volcanic, begins to be present in the area. The others are concerned about leaving the idea of exploration for later. The male seems to vanish after he goes into what may be an unstable area, possibly killed by falling rocks.

      It is then known that the key he found was possibly some sort of “decoy” and was not of the most valuable potential. I walk over to a rectangular rock that is somewhat diagonal and on a larger rock. I sort of absentmindedly tap the rock (as if entering a code on invisible buttons), expecting something to happen (not sure what) and a smaller rectangular groove appears and turns into a small “door” that slides back to reveal an oversize shiny gold key, also about two feet long as the first was (as if some sort of advanced technology was involved and built into the rock to reveal the hidden key with the right focus). The door is then gone and the rock is again seamless but with the key on the outside. This is the right key, so I take it.

      The cavernous area is filling with supposedly poisonous ash and one male seems to be slightly ill from the increasing toxic particulates (being more affected than the others for some reason - perhaps in having asthma), but we are able to leave in the van, deciding what to do about the artifact. Apparently, the key opens the door to paradise or even “Heaven” (in a different area of the cavern), but one person suggests it should be put in a museum instead and that seems to become the present choice (though by people not really in charge - I seem to be in charge now) even though it will lead to treasure and healing. My dream loses cohesion from that point though I get the sense of a room full of light being available to explore now.
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    4. Locks and Keys (non-lucid dream self interpreting dream)

      by , 06-29-1975 at 12:29 PM
      Morning of June 29, 1975. Sunday.

      This dream started by finding myself walking through the parking lot and to the front entrance of my middle school in Florida. As is sometimes the case, I am clearly aware of the real-world time and day. This is in the morning. A classmate, Wayne H, is also on the premises and wandering around.

      I “know” that I have to get my textbooks - but this is not a legitimate idea as I am moving on to high school and do not really need these other books. In my dream, I have the false memory of having left them in my locker (recurring), so I am presently prepared to go into the school on a Sunday morning to get them.

      Unfortunately, the front doors are locked. After a time, I cause a key to float in the air and enter the lock. At the same time, though not lucid, I am aware that this is supposedly a symbolic metaphor for sexual intercourse. However, after a time, I question if this is because I have been reading dream dictionaries and that the lock is just a lock and the key is just a key and that dream symbols are often not symbols at all (as with literal precognition I have experienced all my life) even though, again, I am not directly aware that I am dreaming. I move the key into the lock after willing it out again and then “explode” the imagery into a fully detailed and labeled diagram that is sort of holographic. The different parts of the lock in the exploded view are labeled.

      So here I am, spending a bit too much time on trying to work out which parts of the lock are equivalent to which parts of the female’s genitals. (This was during a time when a lot of other boys my age did not seem to know much about female anatomy, and thus there were “dirty jokes” I heard that made no sense including the “baby as submarine” one.) I look at it for awhile and decide the layout is not compatible with real female anatomy at all.

      I go into the building and walk around in the empty maze-like halls and end up in a recurring and annoying dream scenario of trying to find my locker (I had a few different ones in reality and the middle school building was huge). I find a few with stacks of mangled books at the bottom, but they are not mine. This recurring scenario was precognitive when I was a maintenance worker at the college and had the job of cleaning out all the lockers and sometimes finding mangled books and men’s magazines in a very similar fashion as in these older dreams.

      Eventually, I find a couple dream dictionaries in a locker, with missing sections (but more like a telephone book in overall appearance), with a picture of an ugly clown and balloons on the cover of one. Annoyed, I throw them at the concrete wall and slowly wake instead of instigating a more lucid dream level, which I then mentally “kick myself” over at the “lost opportunity”.

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