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    1. Commanding a Trailer to the Enchanted Forest

      by , 06-09-2020 at 07:26 AM
      Morning of June 9, 2020. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,531-02. Reading time (optimized) 3 min.

      My dream begins with indoor-outdoor ambiguity. Although I am in an unidentifiable rural park in Wisconsin before dawn, I am first near a wall that holds the essence of a room when my dream self becomes aware. I am listening to a vinyl LP with my thoughts being that I can change the wording of the spoken audio, which seems to be a business missive. It is as if I am editing and clarifying the implied text with my mind even though it is on a 33 1/3rd rpm record. At one point, I see the individual words on small movable virtual cutouts that I can rearrange on the record’s surface.

      I go to a small teardrop camper caravan a short distance away. (It is similar to the image, but its door faces the trailer hitch, and there are two sliding windows on each side.) I want to lie down inside it to rest, but I have to move several clusters of full beer cans that are on plastic yokes. (I have hardly ever drunk beer in my lifetime.) I eventually clear an area through the middle where my body fits, my head at the back. I open a sliding window a short distance, pulling it to the left, above my left, and appreciate the coolness of the fresh air flowing through the screen.

      Eventually, the little caravan starts moving. It is daylight now. Looking through the doorway, I see my brother-in-law Bob and my sister Marilyn in the front seat of a car that is pulling the trailer. (They are both deceased, but my dream self does not remember that.) Marilyn looks at Bob (who is driving), telling him that he forgot to unhitch the trailer, and she acknowledges me by looking back. Even so, he continues to drive to the Loomis Street house. I vividly feel the movement, especially as the car goes up a ramp to an overpass. When he drives near three semi-trailer trucks (on the right) that are emitting black smoke, I unhitch the trailer with bodily movement and mentally “drive” it down a different street, now while sitting up in its center. I consider this is legal, as there is a license plate at the back. Even though the caravan only has one pair of wheels, I successfully “drive” it to the Enchanted Forest (a fictitious recurring location in my dreams since childhood, though always different).

      I follow a boy down a hallway that opens into one section of the forest that is now part of a resort. There is an enclosed area with small monkeys and an eohippus (miniature prehistoric horse) here and there. One eohippus is lying on its left side (as I am in reality). I wonder if it is alive. The monkeys are only about eight inches tall. I pet a few of them.

      I instinctually vivify and sustain my dream by walking on the fence of the enclosure (a dream enhancement routine since childhood), increasing vestibular-cerebral perceptual integration. I look down to my left at a car with its doors open, wondering if the people think I am intruding upon their privacy. After I practice balancing for a few minutes, I jump back down into the animal enclosure.

      I discuss the Enchanted Forest with Locke, Sawyer, and Jack from the “Lost” television series. I describe a false memory regarding Jack driving me through an area of the region, which took a couple of days, being that it was of a different dimension that the rest of the resort. I tell them that one section is infinite.

      I call them over to look at a beautiful lake after going into “another world” through a door. We gaze at the extraordinary beauty. Several tourists are around, also appreciating the sight. I see a few small fish below the surface of the water and try to perceive more. The vividness and detail are unfathomable.

      After several minutes of appreciation, my dream begins to transition again to an instinctual awareness of my body being horizontal in bed, as well as a need to initiate waking (for me to get up and use the bathroom). As a result, I try to open a couple of bathroom doors, but Locke yells about needing to elude someone. It is Rowena King from “Emergence.” We all rapidly crawl on our bellies as does she, though she remains about ten feet behind us. We all crawl quickly on white sand underneath the underside of an unfinished building’s floor as I wake.

    2. People Lake Canoeing, Me Bicycle Riding, MP Typewriter

      by , 09-24-2019 at 02:00 PM
      Morning of September 24, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,272-02. Reading time (optimized): 1 min 30 sec.

      Precursory: I am aware I am in bed at our present address though I do not perceive the room with coherence even though it is a vivid dream. My head is downward (though I am sleeping on my left side) though I have no perception of any other body part yet. My mouth is not against the mattress as my head seems elevated a few inches. I am aware it is morning, and although daylight is present, there is no cohesive imagery yet.

      Induction: I am aware of at least one Naiad, but I do not see her. I can only hear her voice and breath in my ear after several short snippets of gibberish from farther behind me. She says, “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” while near my left ear. Although I try to bring about communication with expectation with liminal dream state awareness, it does not occur, though I do not possess speech capability in this mode.

      Post-induction: I watch several couples in canoes from a distance. I do not attempt to identify anyone. It seems to be late afternoon now. There are minimal ruins adjacent to the shore.

      Vestibular stage: I ride a bicycle on a hilltop, avoiding sparsely arranged rocks. My concern is minimal as the tires phase through any that are directly in front of my path. (I am aware of attempting to enhance my imaginary physicality with this activity.)

      The drop: I ride my bicycle off the edge of an embankment, and I slowly fly after it vanishes (without exit point modulation). I end up hovering near the doorway of one of the ruins, and I have a desire to look inside. I float into the room in a standing position.

      Cognitive arousal: An MP (preconscious modulator as authoritative) is sitting at a desk with a typewriter. I cannot tell if he is real and had fallen asleep or if he is a mannequin. Upon attempting to read what he had typed, I see only sequences of random letters that change each time I look again. My view seems magnified. I see the red and black ribbon, red above black.

      (As I am already in emerging awareness and cognitive arousal there is no need for the preconscious to be intrusive.)

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    3. Fishing with Zsuzsanna and a Rescue

      by , 04-27-2019 at 10:27 AM
      Morning of April 27, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,122-02. Reading time (optimized): 3 min.

      Water induction and the Naiad/Oceanid factor changes into a fishing scenario. Despite the former process beginning at least one dream each sleep cycle for over 50 years, the continuity and outcome are always unique.

      Zsuzsanna and I are sitting on the shore of a lake, though it seems to stem from associations with El Jobean, which is near the ocean and the area where I fished as a boy, close to the bridge. It seems to be afternoon.

      Two unknown men are present. One of them is cheerfully fishing. The other, the preconscious simulacrum of this dream, is sitting on our right. There is a brief, vague concern that someone might throw something from the bridge high above us, but no one does. (It is subliminal anticipation of vestibular cortex activity, which is a common dream perception.) I soon attach the hook to the end of my line, and I also put the reel on the rod. At first, I snag a sunfish carcass (on its dorsal fin) floating on its left side (as analogous to my sleeping orientation) on the lake’s surface. The preconscious is holding a pair of scissors. I am wary, as I think he intends to take them while claiming someone lost them. Looking down, I see another pair of scissors that is nearly the same and belongs with the other. There are small rust marks on the handles of each. I comment on how similar they are and pick up the pair on the ground. I take the other scissors from the simulacrum (with no protest on his part, which is atypical in RAS mediation, especially as the scissors indicate potential separation from the dream state) and put both pair in the tackle box.

      I verbalize loud, sarcastic remarks about people sitting near people who are fishing. He soon leaves (thus allowing me to sustain my dream). So does the other male, though it is getting later and is almost too dark to see. I ask Zsuzsanna if fishing at night is allowed and it seems that it is. (This process, regarding nightfall with enhanced awareness, is sometimes indicative of the return to slow-wave sleep, but I maintain my dream state awareness without direct lucidity.)

      I do not have live bait and consider digging in the ground with my hands, but I find a live worm with at least two hooks through it in a small paper bag that someone left behind. I think it is artificial before it starts moving. I attach the rig to my line.

      When I cast, I accidentally snag a cluster of plants halfway across the lake’s distance from our side. I see an unknown woman off to the left near her car on our side. She had also cast. I find the situation somewhat amusing but not that frustrating, especially when it seems I had also hooked a big fish. However, it turns out that she is reeling the line from her end, causing the little island to move toward her.

      I hook onto something big. Upon reeling it in, I see that I have snagged a seal, with the hook in its bottom lip. “It’s a seal,” I loudly say. The woman and I agree that I should take the hook out and release it, which I do.

      When I cast again, the hook ends up near the woman’s car. She decides to leave but ends up falling in the lake almost up to her neck. She swims out, gets into her car, and it accidentally backs up into the lake, sinking completely.

      I dive into the lake. I swim to the end of the lake to the right of my original location, underwater (being able to breathe underwater as in all my dreams since early childhood). The woman is sleeping in a small dry cave underwater, as the water remains as an impossible “wall” at its entrance. I maneuver into the cave through the “wall,” without disrupting the impossible vertical water barrier. I ask the woman if she needs me to rescue her. She shakes her head and shivers slightly, with her eyes moving as if in REM sleep. I ask her again, and she nods.

      My feet push against the water “wall,” and water starts to flood the cave, but I wake around this time. I see that Zsuzsanna is sleeping in the same position as the woman had been.

      This dream renders the same processes as usual, but also unique as always and very vivid and enjoyable.

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    4. Dangerous Lake

      by , 09-10-2018 at 11:36 AM
      Morning of September 10, 2018. Monday.

      Reading time: 1 min. Readability score: 63.

      Natural melatonin is still present during my last dream of the sleep cycle, and I am still recovering from residual flu, so water induction is rendered as a lake with problematic associations.

      I am locked in an undesirable scenario that features villains trying to recover weapons and explosives from the lake. (This likely relates to my immune system and natural melatonin as associated with being an antioxidant and probably the glymphatic system, which operates as such during sleep.) I get the impression they will take over an entire town or state soon if they succeed.

      I stop most of them with a rifle. One man seems to have a bulletproof vest, as he is not affected by being shot. However, a sea serpent gets him from behind. I attach a naval mine to one villain, which pulls him down to the center of the lake. I push some villains back into the lake, and they do not resurface.

      In the last scene, there is one villain left who climbs down a big hill. There is a smaller naval mine on shore. He blows himself up as soon as he tries to move it.

      On one level, I can sense my anticipation as related to my subliminal awareness of being in the dream state (as is often the case) and the ability to manipulate my dream’s outcome. It is not the same as lucidity as I am not viably aware I am dreaming. (Lucidity and dream control are independent of each other, despite popular misconception.)

    5. Stump in the Center

      by , 09-02-2018 at 01:04 PM
      Night of August 30, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 57 sec. Readability score: 53.

      Water induction brings about an association with fishing. However, in semi-lucidity, I focus on something else, and the potential fishing backstory fades along with my rod and tackle. It is a tree stump arising from the center of a lake. (It is the only feature above the surface.)

      I start to conceptualize it as something important, but I am not sure of what relevance it is. I think it possibly represents old age. After a time, the water becomes lower.

      Over time, I think about the tree becoming whole again, but I do not deliberately try to force the event. The water lowers to where the lake is gone. I become distracted by a shifting of awareness where I now see a bicycle rack as if a feature in an urban public park. The landscape slowly rotates around me.

      Despite the implication of the stump being in the ground at the lake’s bottom, it stems from the Old Man of the Lake, a Crater Lake feature, which vertically floats. The bicycle rack blends the typical association of the liminal space barrier as a fence (otherwise dividing dream self and conscious self presence) with a more linear vestibular system correlation anticipated (in contrast to flight, rising, or falling), though no bicycle is present. Instead, I wake with the entire landscape slowly rotating around me (clockwise) like a bicycle wheel, in addition to water lowering waking symbolism (ultradian rhythm and decrease of melatonin).

    6. Great White Winter

      by , 05-04-2016 at 11:04 AM
      Morning of May 4, 2016. Wednesday.

      There are warnings about the “great white wolf” but over time, it is understood that the term relates more (in a very unlikely sense) to aggressive man-eating sea creatures in icy water, including dolphins, penguins, and seals, which supposedly become more aggressive during the more extreme winter.

      There are areas where parts of the ocean are frozen over near shore. It seems unusual that people use the word “wolf” to refer to winter as well as animals that are not wolves or even wolf-like (no actual wolves are ever present). I am aware of a thick cluster of sea creatures, so close together that it seems they cannot move around much but still somehow are a danger for people who swim. (This makes little sense as who would swim in icy water in the first place?)

      I seem to be a member of a team making a documentary or special news report. I am in an unfamiliar town that may be in or near Alaska or Canada.

      An unknown male is throwing numerous cardboard boxes of various sizes into his open convertible (an odd choice for such cold weather). These boxes are supposedly filled with extra supplies to help get him through the winter. Not only does the idea of driving around in a convertible during a harsh winter seem illogical, the cardboard boxes fill the entire vehicle including the driver’s seat area. Still, I do not question how he is going to drive home as such.

      I get the strong inclination to ask him more questions as a “real” reporter would, even things which would be very obvious. I ask him if he is going to stuff blankets or at least cloth around the doors and windows to keep out the cold air. His response is “yes”. I ask him what sort of material he uses for blankets and to stuff around the windows and doors and he replies “hessian”. “Really? Hessian?” I say, for the benefit of anyone watching the broadcast. The idea of using hessian for blankets (which I would think to be very uncomfortable and possibly not very warm) during a harsh winter seems so odd and unlikely to me that it causes me to shift consciousness and wake up.

      Dream state indicators (in this case blankets and bedding) appearing near the end of a dream is a common event. It is not symbolic, but a literal factor of subliminal memory of having fallen asleep. Cars in a scenario such as this often symbolize the physical body and its status (or sometimes the dynamics of a bed in relationship to the body depending on the stage of sleep and other dream content). A convertible with the top down suggests I do not have or want blankets over my body, as this has been validated regarding a few other dreams. This was the case with this dream as well. The RAS mediation at the beginning, still linked to dream state induction (water), though with aggressive animals (though not a direct threat), inherently to prevent me from going back deeper into sleep, did not work so well, thus the preconscious makes a more passive appearance signifying his eventual leave-taking of the dream state, trying to bring my focus on blankets to remind me I am actually asleep and to realize my body is too warm.

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    7. Scanning the Bottom of Loch Ness and Finding Beauty

      by , 02-16-2016 at 08:16 AM
      Morning of February 16, 2016. Tuesday.

      I am watching, while incorporeal, the adventures of two young males riding in a small boat in Loch Ness. There are other people around, but not as integrated into the events I am viewing. As the men travel over the lake, there is some sort of special imaging they are able to see which is related to a new kind of advanced technology. Other unseen characters are making this possible for them and they do not seem to be part of the research themselves. There is a sense of beauty as the bottom of Loch Ness is rendered in perfect detail, though all in one brighter color yet which seems to be different over time.

      Soon, the flat fossilized remains of a huge pterodactyl are seen on the large screen. However, it seems as if I am moving over this rendered area (of the bottom of Loch Ness) in a bird’s eye view as well as with no implication of water, only the imagery of the lake bottom as I (or the imagery) slowly move ahead, somewhat like horizontal scrolling though with the seemingly correct size orientation (as if my incorporeal form is integrated into the technology itself or at least the end result of it). There is a vague awareness of the possibility of seeing the Loch Ness monster if it exists, but this does not occur. Over time, only unrealistically huge fossils are seen, mostly all of flying creatures. It seems amazing that mankind is now able to see everything at the bottom of Loch Ness and the two males are thrilled and grateful to the others who are making this possible (as, again, they seem like random members of the public who just happen to be in the right place at the right time).

      A huge archaeopteryx fossil is also seen (possibly about a hundred times bigger than it would be in reality), and the focus probably remains on this section for the longest period. There are also a lot of similar fossils, one which is possibly the fossil of a giant (fictional) prehistoric flying snake. Curiously, again, there do not seem to be any fossils of swimming creatures anywhere on the lake bottom, or extinct lake denizens, mostly only the giant prehistoric birds and flying reptiles, some fossil sections touching mostly at wingtips. The mood remains very cheerful and satisfying even during the waking transition.

      Of course, this dream represents looking into the deepest recesses of memory at the deepest levels of mind to see things that were not as visible or detailed as before. The fact that they were only gigantic flying creatures relates to the “higher” ideas and memories (and with greater perspective) I think, which had originally “taken more in” from a more detailed “bird’s eye view” before becoming a part of my memories and dreams. This also fits in with my increased research of date-specific layers in dreams over time. On February 16, 1970, there was a dream of a living archaeopteryx (only about the size of a chicken in this case and remaining on the south side of my room) in my bedroom in Cubitis, which was influenced by an image in an old book (which my mother bought second-hand) on prehistoric animals.
    8. Refreshing

      by , 06-05-2015 at 03:30 PM
      Morning of June 5, 2015. Friday.

      I am near a small lake in a rural area in an unknown unfamiliar region, possibly in America, in the north. Although I am not lucid in any way, I am still aware that I have control over certain features of the environment, probably a sort of subtle telekinetic awareness that often occurs in dreams. Either that, or I have the nature of associations in being refreshed somewhat distorted as some sort of unlikely composite sequence (such as related to pouring water over your head when overheated mixed with the idea of swimming in a lake). Instead of (more logically) jumping into the lake to cool off, I raise my hands slightly to cause about two gallons of water from the surface of the lake to rise up and then fall onto me, which is quite refreshing. I do this a few times, with some sort of comedic dream within a dream awareness of having too much weight falling on me and thus falling over (though not in a problematic sense - being more like a silly stunt) - though again, this is only like a daydream within the “real” dream. Having control over water or the movement of it (such as even with tidal waves) has occurred at other times in my life.
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    9. The Tower Big Ben

      by , 12-20-2010 at 06:20 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2010. Monday.

      Feeling relaxed, as I step through green grass of about knee length (apparently being barefoot and wearing shorts as I can feel the velvety grass against my legs and feet), into an area closer to the shore of a pristine lake, I feel very peaceful. There is no one else present. It seems to be late morning or afternoon.

      Eventually, evening seems to be approaching. I am not surprised (at least at first) when I turn my head to my right and see the tower Big Ben. I even consider that it may be a feature of the building I live in (though without a thread of memory of what country I live in). However, I do start to become puzzled by the nature of time and how it seemed to be afternoon only a short time ago. Still, I do not have any negative thoughts or worries. I continue to sit by the shore of the lake, feeling content.

      My dream self does not seem aware of it being my 50th birthday. The clock tower as an emergent consciousness symbol is rendered via circadian rhythms factors (and the later stages of the sleep cycle) but additionally in this case, may also represent mortality. It is also qualified as being this dream’s waking space prompt and is additionally associated with the puzzle of being between dreaming and waking. This is because my older sister Marilyn often bought Milton Bradley Big Ben jigsaw puzzles. The lake symbolizes being in a specific stage of the sleep cycle, while the clock mainly represents the waking precursor.

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    10. The Haunted Lake

      by , 11-15-1975 at 05:15 PM
      Morning of November 15, 1975. Saturday.

      In my dream, there is a small lake near an isolated cabin or as part of some sort of special tourist resort. At times, it is somewhat like a ski resort on the side of a high hill, even though it does not seem to be winter or with any snow around. When I am by myself each time, I see a plesiosaurus swimming about in the lake, watching this from a second-floor window from the south. It is not there when other people are around (and I do not go down the hill or go near the lake at any point) and so I am the only witness.

      Eventually, after other people report seeing a caveman (a possible influence from the movie “Dinosaurus” from 1960) in the area (and yes, I know that cavemen and dinosaurs never coexisted - and in fact, most dinosaurs shown together in movies never coexisted either) it is decided that there will be a full investigation, including a “draining” of the lake (as if it were a large swimming pool). The lake is very old and it seems rather sad that they will drain it. When all the water is gone, it is seen that there is a skeleton (not really a fossil but a recent skeleton of one) of a plesiosaurus - as well as the skull of a caveman, so it then turns out that the lake was somehow haunted.

      Water in a lake getting shallower over time represents rising consciousness (with less dream self consciousness or “immersion”) and the dream ending. This dream state metaphor appeared in my dreams way back at age four. However, in some cases, there were precognitive revelations associated with the event. This one even has the implied draining, as the bathtub draining when a relaxing bath has finished (which may actually be the original childhood prototype for this metaphor).

      The ski resort is a setting that represents the dream self’s acknowledged potential to quickly return to “ground zero” (or the waking state) though in this case, the focus was more on the lake as the indicator of possible control (or direction of thoughts within the dream, though I do not become lucid, only more focused). My dream seemed extended relating to the “haunting” (vague conscious awareness in the dream state). Ski resorts are quite rare in my dreams but always represent the same thing - a way to slide to “ground zero” (almost like an “escape route”) rather than just “falling” into the real self (though in lucid dreams I often deliberately jump from a cliff to increase awareness in lucid flight). It is similar to “skiing” quickly down a flight of steps to shift consciousness rather than walking down.

      The plesiosaurus represents potential conscious imagination being active in the dream state (or even “above” the dream state) without being “lost” in the dream (or below the water’s surface). I mostly see this creature swimming at the lake’s surface level. The long neck above the lake’s surface is a hint here.

      A skull is often an incomplete conscious thought or subtle focus. The nature of the conscious self is only vaguely perceived - not enough for the dream self to see as “reachable” for integration.

      “Haunting” says it all. The very nature of this particular “haunting” with all the other elements seems like a sincere attempt to focus on both dream self and conscious self in the dream state at the same time and an interest in how dreams themselves “work” from a third perspective. Even with the different features, it seems very basic. (The cavemen represents the beginning of potential consciousness but does not complete its emergence in the dream.)
    11. Sea Serpent Interruptus [dual narrative form]

      by , 07-08-1973 at 01:08 PM
      Morning of July 8, 1973. Sunday.

      [I willfully enter into what I consider may be my last dream of the morning. I maintain my lucidity, perhaps only losing a thread or two of my conscious self identity. The essence of my neural activity becomes the more tangible form of water, as it most often does, and the water expands to form a lake. I welcome the presence of female genitalia, and it is rendered as a canoe, which floats on the shimmering lake in mid-afternoon].

      I look upon Lake Katherine. The area seems more rural than it is in reality. I gaze upon the beauty of the reflected trees, downwardly mirrored in the lake’s surface around its perimeter.

      [I desire female company and physical pleasure, so I choose to become fully integrated within my dream self’s imaginary body.]

      I am sitting in the canoe facing my dark-haired green-eyed gypsy dream girl. We begin to become intimate. My sense of touch is augmented. We mostly kiss for several minutes.

      [I am enjoying my dream very much. My dream girl is passive and welcoming. I begin to become distracted by some sort of ambiance that extends beyond my will. It sounds somewhat like hissing.]

      A large green sea serpent rises up out of the water on my left in somewhat of an “S” shape, hissing at us. It is not that close to the canoe but displaying at least ten feet of its body from the lake’s surface to the top of its head.

      [The preconscious is warning me that I need to leave my dream even though I do not want to. Still, the preconscious’s lake denizen is rather silly-looking, modeled after the one in the Carl Barks “No Such Varmint” Donald Duck comic book story, though slightly more realistic and menacing, though I do not feel that threatened because I am lucid.]

      I want to be more intimate with my dream girl but upon touching her, the tangibility of her forearm seems to dissipate. My dream world starts to dissolve.

      [I float horizontally and upwards, my back downwards, in the higher mental realm of dissipating liminal space, annoyed by my dream being over. I can still hear the hissing to my left. The hissing turns out to be the real sound of the garden hose as my mother is watering the front flower box in real life at this time, some of the water spraying onto my closed jalousie windows.]

      My spoiled dream is of no consequence. I married my dark-haired green-eyed gypsy dream girl on April 9, 1994.

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