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    1. Don’t Forget the Donkey inside our Mattress

      by , 12-25-2016 at 06:25 PM
      Afternoon of December 25, 2016. Sunday. (Last clarified and resupplemented on Sunday, 10 September 2017.)

      In my dream, as I am lying in our bed as it is located and oriented now in our present home on W Street, and possibly in late morning, there are concerns expressed by others (seemingly unfamiliar people) of whom I am unsure are present in our bedroom or speaking via telepathy from another location (though I do not perceive them as imposers). I falsely remember that we have a pet donkey that lives inside our mattress. I am unsure if he has eaten recently, perhaps not for weeks. The area he is within is possibly locked, and I hear someone asking if the lock is locked. I do not think the donkey is ill, though I am unsure. I get the impression of a cage being inside our mattress (almost as big as our mattress), and within that cage, the supposedly full-sized donkey. Regardless of how absurd and impossible this situation is, it seems logical and serious to my dream self. (This is vaguely similar to my recurring forgotten pet dreams, where I become aware of a pet in my bedroom, usually on the opposite side from the foot of my bed, that I may not have fed in weeks or longer, yet perceiving it may still be alive. The pet is often a guinea pig or rabbit in a cardboard box that is open at the top.)

      In an unrelated scene in a more vivid but less detailed setting, an unknown female approaches me in a white martial arts outfit. She kicks me in my stomach (without any discernible motive other than practicing her martial arts) as I am standing (facing south), seemingly in the room where my computer desk is, and I simultaneously wake with the stomach jolt (which mostly only happens when I am sleeping on my side and is not as intense as my hypnopompic back spasm which can happen in any position). It does not hurt and is not even unpleasant, just a spontaneous movement of the abdominal muscles upon waking.

      The meaning of this dream is very obvious to me. It is completely unrelated to waking life regarding any symbolic significance, being primarily rendered around the waking transition as many dreams are. It is yet another incidental rendering of subliminally anticipating the hypnopompic kick though it was a lesser abdominal jolt in this case. Both the donkey and the female practicing martial arts (of whom probably represents Zsuzsanna being in bed with me, though she really does not kick me with a hypnopompic kick when we are sleeping) represent the same potential waking prompt. Incidental associations relate to our son doing martial arts in real life and possibly the “Little Donkey” Christmas carol (though my dream self does not typically have a viable memory of what year it is let alone the date of December 25th in this case).

    2. Displaced Martial Arts Class

      by , 01-01-2015 at 07:01 AM
      Morning of January 1, 2015. Thursday.

      Dream #: 17,545-02. Reading time: 1 min 40 sec.

      I am in the Cubitis house in the morning. The living room is about four times bigger. The bedroom my father built into the carport is also about four times larger.

      I am aware of noise and music from an unknown source (from the northwest). After about twenty minutes, our oldest son’s martial arts class, as it was when he was younger, enters the house through the front door. It is disco music I do not recognize at first. The intrusion and noise annoy me. (I do not question why my son is younger or why the martial arts class will be in the new north bedroom. It does not occur to me that my son had never been to America). I am standing near what would be the eastern wall, near the windows, looking west into the expanse of the living room. It has a slightly shiny and partly reflective floor. (In reality, the house had brown floor tiles in every room, speckled with different colorful patterns on each tile).

      The real-life instructor asks me if I mind the music they are using today, some of which is The Village People. Even though I find it irritating, I say, “I can take it or leave it this morning,” so as not to cause an argument (especially as he seems very cheerful and kind). He seems to appreciate my honesty and willingness to allow the class to continue, and they go into the carport addition, all dressed in white martial arts uniforms.

      Question and answers:

      Why the martial arts teacher? He is this dream’s vestibular modulation personification, an association with the emerging (preconscious) awareness required to wake and become active with discernible physicality and coordination.

      Why the martial arts class in the bedroom? It is because I am sleeping in a bedroom at the time. This dream is nothing more than a typical wake-up call precursory to correlating with real physicality upon waking. I consider the martial arts class (and music) as “intrusive” only because I desire (liminally) to sleep a little longer.

      Why is it in the wrong bedroom? It is so I do not mistake my dream for real life. My son is younger for the same reason. I remain in the living room without the process of wall mediation (entering the bedroom).

      This type of dream is not much different from a bathroom wake-up call dream, when a bathroom is inaccessible or “wrong” to eventually produce the realization of the need to wake and answer nature’s call.

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    3. Slower Motion Within Slow Motion

      by , 12-09-2013 at 10:06 AM
      Morning of December 9, 2013. Monday.

      My dream, mostly with lucid focus, begins as a sort of practice in martial arts in a building that has a long hallway (south to north). It seems to be on the second floor and seems vaguely modeled after the King Street boarding house though with partial layouts reminiscent of my high school in Florida. Over time, I deliberately do all of my movements in slow motion, which seems kind of hilarious. I run down the hallway (in a sort of leaping run) and it feels very “real” in the sense of the slow motion aspects.

      Another person comes up to me, but I just punch him in the jaw. It seems that he also has the ability to move in slow motion on his own and it is also hilarious as he starts to fall backwards in slow motion but is able to stabilize himself and stay standing somehow - which is good, as he was smaller and weaker and I did not want to actually hurt him. (I actually wait for seemingly a long time to see if he recovers as such as he is falling - or seems to be falling - in slow motion.) Another person decides to make an annoying comment (I can tell this by some sort of telepathic awareness), but (just as he approaches and before he opens his mouth to speak) I deliberately place them into a much slower slow motion than the present ongoing slow motion speed. I figure that by the time others and I leave the martial arts school, he will only just then start to form his mouth into the first word of what he was originally going to say and no one will be there to hear him. That also seems hilarious.

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    4. Martial Arts Flying and Very Strange Lizard

      by , 11-09-2007 at 03:48 PM
      Morning of November 9, 2007. Friday.

      I am at our “home”, but the building is completely unfamiliar except for some furniture that we have in real life. I am taking a nap in one room when about five or six people come in. Most of them are strangers, but one is someone I have known in real life who is a bit of a bully (and rather strong) but who literally has some sort of congenital disorder and is unable to read or learn much.

      This man shouts at me - something about me moving the furniture instead of him and the other people who are visiting - because only I am strong enough to do anything like this and am somehow supposedly shirking my responsibility in this case - everyone else should not have to do anything because I am apparently able to do everything more efficiently. There is some remark about me having “paranormal powers” (and that the older man is angry because of this - of which it is implied that it is the only real reason he is yelling after all) which is not something I would consider viable in real life, as it is not an “ability” in my opinion, just something that naturally happens.

      Anyhow, there is a very heavy large bookcase near one wall. I put the tip of one of my fingers under one of the higher shelves and effortlessly lift it fairly high as if it was weightless. After that, I yell back at the bully and notice that he is only about two feet high. I say something like, “What happened to you? You used to be a few inches taller than me, and now you are way down there, only about two feet high…” The man kind of looks around like he is not quite sure what had happened, but seems only mildly annoyed.

      I then hover in the air and swiftly fly to an area in another part of the building where there are many library shelves. In order to get past one area that is like a miniature hallway, I have to move sideways and do some kind of fancy martial arts while flying at the same time.

      There are three Japanese girls (teachers?) that need my help in building something. It is like a school desk with larger visible screws set in a five-spot pattern (as on a die) on the tabletop (a pattern that seems to have had significance in past dreams, it seems). There seems to be another tabletop they want to put over (or replace with?) the original. The Japanese girls seemingly do not know how to use the drill (or perhaps it is too heavy for them), so I take it and drill part of the center of the tabletop near the center screw. I move it around and the tabletop turns into old garden soil and becomes hollow farther down. There is what looks like some sort of (Japanese) green grass lizard or Miyako grass lizard (except that it has two pair of “swept back” horns on its head at one point and a narrower “American flag” red-and-white stripe pattern on its back - and becomes or is already some sort of distorted horned toad). It jumps on my shoulder near my ear. In my dream, it is supposedly the most dangerous creature that exists (false memory), but I have no fear whatsoever. Also in the dirt is a “giant” lesser siren of a black color which then also seems to be on me in some way (which does not make sense, as it would otherwise be too large to sit on my shoulder or arm). I say something calmly like, “could you please get this off of me so I can finish my work” and wake up somewhat annoyed.

      UPDATE (as in original journal): Precognitive (or remote-viewed) - when I went out to the living room after my wife was back from shopping - there was a toy lizard that my four-year-old son had picked to buy - no indication this would happen whatsoever and I had never seen one like it before. It really puzzled me for a few minutes as to how it “came from my dream” and then I finally asked what it was. (I thought perhaps it was an older toy, but again - it had just been purchased). It was identical to the one in my dream. I have noticed that the strongest precognitive (or possibly remote viewing in this case - however you want to label this very common yet unexplainable type of event) aspects of dreams often happen as the last portion, especially when seemingly unrelated to the main plot of the dream (such as with my “Silver Manta” dream, with the “graffitied” telephone pole in the wrong location).

      I find it amusing (yet it is also sad and unfortunate) that people try to come up with “explanations” for something that is far too complex and layered to be coincidental and can only be attributed to something most people cannot truly relate to - or explain at all through scientific means (supposedly) - at this time in history. However, I do have the unfortunate task of living in a world with the “cop-out” mentality vs. the “occult” mentality, neither of which seem right to me even though I did marry the lifelong girl of my dreams with the revelations of my dreams.