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    1. Wayward Pet Penguin

      by , 12-12-2015 at 06:12 PM
      Morning of December 12, 2015. Saturday.

      In this dream, we have a pet penguin. The setting is our present home on W Street mostly as it is in real life. We are in our bed which seemingly has correct orientation regarding the overall layout.

      Nothing much happens over time other than the penguin rolling around and standing up near me a few times, mostly on my right (my wife Zsuzsanna being in bed at one point though on my left). It is not really that annoying. The detail seems fairly realistic. There seems to be no stronger concern regarding the idea of being nibbled or pecked even though that potential is vaguely in the back of my mind.

      A penguin has wings but cannot fly, so on one level, it is a “failed flight” feature relating to the waking transition, especially when not in its natural environment or swimming. This is validated by my “Penguin in a Jar” dream (1975) where the penguin takes on the symbolism of a fish and swims in a downward spiral deeper within the aquarium and my dream becomes more vivid, because on another level it relates to the dream state itself. The penguin being in our bed and not swimming (and lacking the ability to fly even though it has wings), it is metaphorical for my final stage of waking.

      One of my last dreams relating to a penguin was a distortion of the waking mechanism as well, when the alarm clock’s radio came on and I remained in my dream for a time and the announcer appeared in my dream as a chattering (and cartoon-like) penguin, wandering crazily through a random maze seemingly on the surface on a pinball playfield.

      Edited for clarity on Friday, 8 April 2016.
    2. Hidden Rooms Below and Black Robot (with meaning)

      by , 09-18-2014 at 03:18 PM
      Morning of September 18, 2014. Thursday.

      A dream situation that has been somewhat recurring for a few months (but with different locations or features in each) involves looking into areas of our house that have openings to hidden rooms underground or under our floor (which of course represents exploration of my unconscious domain or even access to the whole of human consciousness). In this particular dream, one of the doors is like a lighter horizontally-hinged swinging type of perhaps fiberboard. It reminds me somewhat of an incomplete dumbwaiter setup. I push it inward for a short time and discover a large cellar-like room below the floor (but by which the higher area is inside the wall) where two hallways on the far end go in both directions. In the area near the hallways, it appears to have a dirt floor. It looks like something had been stored there but I do not contemplate if it is ours or not. It seems it likely is in conscious afterthought.

      At a later point, I am in our kitchen and I hear some sort of strange voice (which is somewhat authoritative yet also a bit artificial) speak from our second-youngest son’s room. It may be some sort of dangerous “invader” that is not fully human. I tell it to come out and show itself. Out of the room comes some sort of vague energy, briefly seeming like a large transparent black robot. It speaks again (somewhat menacingly) but by that time I realize that it is my own dream self’s instigation in trying to bring it into a higher clarity and it will not materialize due to my own concept of self-preservation (even though it represents the waking transition). This has happened in dreams all my life, where I (as my unconscious mind) often could not create what could become a more ominous or even disturbing dream. As I have noted before, even my dreams relating to a so-called devil ended up being mostly cartoon-like and comedic.

      In another dream immediately offset from this one (as the waking transition “failed” in my first), which has a very cheerful atmosphere and is somewhat lucid but passive, an Asian male and his young son are in a room testing old battery-operated robots of the type I got for Christmas in 1969 though it seems they are or are like completely new toys. The sounds and flashing lights are “perfect” and enjoyable over time. This leads me to ponder on why I had the life-size somewhat menacing (but transparent) black robot in the other dream for a very short time. Still, the flashing lights of the robots represent dawning conscious awareness and eventual waking.

      In hopes to augment understanding of this dream, black is the representation in this case, because it is of an anthropomorphic form, of the conscious mind in liminal space. This is evident by the common light of day projection, in this case, from the opening chest of the robot as with my actual toy in reality. The robot opens the doors of its chest as it shuffles about to emit light as toy laser guns. Anything that emits light as such is the conscious self seeking the unconscious perspective to instigate waking through coalescence, the main purpose of final dream segments when they are completed. I realize that my unconscious self is more in control of my transitory waking self here and thus my dream shifts to an offset waking scenario that is far more cheerful but still has the “light of day” (downsized robots, no longer menacing or hidden in any way). At this point, the Asian man is my conscious self nurturing my diminishing unconscious dream self into the waking state, showing me that the light of day (and conscious awareness) is not so bad or mysterious after all.

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    3. UFO and Robot Girls on “Lost” (full meaning given)

      by , 09-20-2007 at 03:20 PM
      Morning of September 20, 2007. Thursday.

      This entry contains two of several dreams of this date.

      My most recent “Lost” dream has something to do with robots, mostly all female scientist robots. There is one scene where one is working in a lab, but does not have a human face, only a curved sheet of metal. Others do not even have that, but do have a “head” of sorts. There are some unusual encounters where I mostly interact with a couple female robots at a time, mostly touching “hands”, perhaps testing the sensors, yet they do not have any skin, either; all the working parts are mostly showing and turning about, similar to a skeleton with bits of wire and small gears here and there - yet somehow, there actually seems to be some sort of potential for these robots to have human feelings (both emotional and tactile).

      Another dream involved an idea of an ancient spacecraft being buried somewhere and a man hunting for it in relation to a symbol. The appearance of the spacecraft supposedly has something to do with the apocalypse (which primarily foreshadows the end of the dream and little else). He had seen it before and had drawn a picture of it. Another man joins him in looking for it in the area which it has been determined to be. This is a hill (common emergent consciousness feature) near a small town. The spaceship rises from the ground while the men are standing in an area nearby. It is very similar in design to an old-style orange juicer. It glows a brilliant white and makes a loud but somehow musical roaring sound. This dream is very vivid and seems to mean something even after I wake for a short time (and of course it does have meaning - that I am waking up). I cannot be sure if it is being flown by beings inside or is some sort of glowing energy that shifts slightly. There is a very intense feeling as it roars off.

      My first dream above is simply a rendering of robots in connection to the “artificial” nature of the dream state, that is, as different from reality. It is similar to a glitched-out apex lucidity dream but this dream is entirely non-lucid.

      My second dream here (which is similar to, and with the same meaning as, “Spaceship Stratum” from 1978) is simply an extended waking transition metaphor as most dreams are on one level. A UFO is typically the conscious mind, rendered as a UFO for several reasons; one, the unconscious mind as the dream self is not seeing directly through the conscious self’s eyes so renders it as potentially “alien”, and two, a UFO is usually “above” the unconscious self and so represents “rising” (waking up) conscious awareness (though cleverly here is rendered as being within the unconscious self’s “territory”, that is, buried in the ground at first, which implies cooperation between the dream self and conscious self with no liminal space inherent), and three, emits light and represents waking from the dream state (light of day as metaphorical for waking consciousness), and four, is a flight symbol (main dream state metaphor as dreaming itself is “flying”) leaving the dream.

      I can add a three-layered fifth validation here with this particular dream. This UFO looks like an orange juicer. An orange can represent the conscious mind (in reference to associations with the sun - which represents light of day and the conscious mind and wakeful awareness, most especially the “Sunkist” label). Also, when people wake up to have breakfast, they often have orange juice. Since the potential with an orange juicer is to watch liquid getting lower and going down into a glass or other container, we also even have the “water getting lower over time” as the waking mechanism (except that here, it is orange juice).

      Or, I could go on and list many other layers and metaphors that validate the above meanings; for example the play on “Sunkist” as in “kissed” relating to Sleeping Beauty being awakened. Or, I could stop here.

    4. The Beam

      by , 07-15-1977 at 01:15 PM
      Morning of July 15, 1977. Friday.

      This dream was on the morning after drinking a small amount of beer from my brother-in-law Mel who was visiting from Wisconsin. It was titled “The Beam” in my original dream journal as well.

      I am walking out to the highway (Highway Seventeen - the original route before the name was changed to NE Cubitis Avenue) with my father very late at night (or very early in the morning before dawn). I notice a partly melted bicycle just off the highway (about half on the wayside) that a very thin beam (like a laser beam) was shining onto, going into the handlebars. I also notice that a small part of the highway itself is like liquid as it is beginning to melt, sizzle, and bubble. I am aware that this beam is eventually going to melt everything in its path and is potentially very dangerous for some of the world and will likely continue to be problematic for a long time. There is no real sense of danger regarding my own safety though, or that of our home, at least for the time being. Its path at this point seems to be mostly down the highway to the north. I am not certain of its origin and not exactly sure if the bicycle is implied to be mine or my father’s.

      The meaning of this dream is basically the same as thousands of others I have documented, studied, and decoded and is anticipatory autosymbolism for waking into the light of day, more specifically via the emergent consciousness, seeking out the dream self for coalescence and to “save” the experience and perspective of the dream state. The same template and components, with the same meaning, are easily seen and recognized in dreams like “The Tadpole’s Ghost”, “Laser-Eyed Alligator”, and many others, though are more passive in dreams like “The Day There Was No Sun” where the role and active threads of the dream self and conscious self are slightly different, which probably depends on circadian rhythms and the time (and the date) of the dream.

      Curiously, the highway begins to take on properties of another typical dream conduit, the river, though I have no perception of bilocation in this dream. The highway in this case seems to be “melting”. It is almost as if the “light of day” beam of the emergent consciousness is changing the dream setting for a “smoother” flow into the waking state by transforming it into the river conduit but this potential does not complete. The melted bicycle has been validated as a symbol for alcohol intake. As little alcohol as I have had in my life (even at my present age) it always triggered the appearance of a bicycle in a dream, almost always partly melted as here. This can be understood to mean that alcohol alters both balance and direction of thoughts and also alters the linear and more stable nature of decision-making.

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    5. The Jeep

      by , 01-27-1974 at 07:27 AM
      Morning of January 27, 1974. Sunday.

      I am at my middle school in Arcadia. For some reason, my GI Joe jeep is a lot bigger than in reality, but not quite big enough to really drive around in, it seems; perhaps about the size of a child’s pedal-car toy. However, over time, it moves around seemingly on its own through various areas of the large school’s halls or as if by remote control (though I do not think I have the remote).

      My good friend Johnny C is in the middle school cafeteria with me. We are seated near the end of a table. The jeep is there, but there is some sort of electrical problem near the dashboard. An area near the front seat starts to spark and sizzle (which I can clearly hear) and melt a bit (though in reality my GI Joe Jeep neither has the electrical features nor can it be controlled by remote). At this point, I am not sure if the jeep is mine or belongs to an unknown group doing some sort of test drives or experiments in our school. I watch and see it very clearly when it stops in a more open area between tables and see small embers and fire emerging from around the gas pedal and parts of the dashboard.

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    6. Where’s Lucy? (meaning given)

      by , 09-21-1970 at 03:21 PM
      Night of September 21, 1970. Monday.

      This is a long repetitive dream relating to a search (by unknown people, mostly) for Lucille Ball from the “Here’s Lucy” television show. This is the episode where she is skydiving and there is ambiguity in my dream of whether she is still in the air somewhere somehow (not logical of course) or had crashed through a roof.

      Lucy herself does not even appear at any point in my dream. Instead, there are several scenes where I am on the roofs of buildings, somehow floating over roofs, and one scene where I am hanging from the ceiling after apparently crashing through the roof in a parachute, though this also seems like some sort of odd pretense (solely using some sort of mental power instead of by physical effort to suddenly establish the scene and setup and my placement, though without lucidity) in attempting to show others what might have happened to Lucy.

      In a few segments of my dream, I am only seeing the eaves of roofs and there is also something about television antennas that do not seem to be working correctly (and a few people are even using their televisions to help to find Lucy as if a television had built-in “radar” or a way of scanning the sky). Most of the imagery of the roofs becomes a bit convoluted (almost like a flight of steps in a couple areas) but there is eventually mist and oversimplified (unrealistic) buildings as the main form of the setting.

      Update Saturday, 26 March 2016: I can now look at this dream and decode it fully, as I see that it has the same basic metaphorical meanings of the dream state itself that is found in hundreds if not thousands of other dreams.

      Included in this dream are:

      The “failed flight” metaphor (or “something coming down from the sky”) that is not a negative implication at all but which simply represents the end of the dream (since flying itself - or in fact, contemplating or being aware of anything that flies or floats or is in the air - represents the dream state).

      The mist has been a common feature in my dreams though mostly when I was younger. A mist or fog relates to the dream state itself which seems metaphorical for a dream being “not as clear as reality”.

      The roofs that have somewhat of a staircase appearance in silhouette are a double play on “coming down”, as a staircase also relates to waking from a dream and whether or not you are closer to waking by going up or down depends on the dream self placement and perspective.

      Breaking through a roof (or even parts of a roof being blown away as in a few other dreams) is also related to the waking stage as is breaking through a wall (more so a window) or even coming through a door (which usually creates a shift in awareness for me, though not always related to waking - but is sometimes a transition within the dream as it continues, making a dream much more vivid in many cases).

      Antennas also relate to the dream state and the communication of dream self from threads of the conscious self, almost implying a dream being built in the manner of a television broadcast from the conscious self. A television is also a downsizing of the dream itself to distance the dreamer from direct involvement in a scene for whatever reason (and focus on a television seems to serve as both induction and waking preparation).