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    1. Blue Carnival

      by , 08-18-2015 at 09:12 PM
      Morning of August 18, 2015. Tuesday.

      This was after my most interesting dream of this date. In this case, it seems Zsuzsanna and I are within an “invisible” geodesic dome (one of the main settings for higher levels of communication, it seems) which is quite large. It would have to be to contain an entire carnival within. The carnival is apparently “closed”. It is late at night. There are blue lights here and there that provide minimal illumination.

      My wife and I walk along, half walking, half dancing, so cheerful, not caring that no one is operating this rather odd carnival. At one point, I see a “roller coaster” moving about (though eventually actually more like a monorail) that is actually seemingly alive, glowing a sort of lighter green in contrast to the lights. A giant robotic spider “ride” walks around on its own for a short time, but is no threat in any way. (I even think I hear a human-like groan from it.) Still, there are no signs of any other people (yet).

      The fortune-teller booth (from “Batman Forever”) sits in one area. We acknowledge it humorously but minimally as we go around in a somewhat circular path. We puzzle at it as being everyman. It cannot seem to make up its mind about where it wants to “go”. It laughs eerily and artificially but cannot move out of the booth as only its fake arm sways back and forth randomly. It seems “stuck” in its one sad little “role”.

      The song “Bad Days” (by the Flaming Lips) plays over and over eventually and our dance-walk seems even more cheerful.

      “You’re sorta stuck where you are, But in your dreams you can buy expensive cars, Or live on Mars, And have it your way…”

      The watermelon scene in the music video reminds me so much of home…

      “In your dreams, Show no mercy…”

      Oh sure, it is an awful, terrible song, with awful, terrible music, but it is such a charming novelty and reminds me of the first couple of years I spent with Zsuzsanna.

      The “fortune teller” comes out of the booth, now a real man for the first time ever, somewhat chubby and gray-haired, it seems, and dressed normally, informally. He snaps his fingers, kicks his heels, and walks up an elevated path over a hill (seemingly westward). I know that we will never see him again and I never see his face, and he never turns to look back at us.

      “And all your bad days will end, You have to sleep late when you can, And all your bad days will end”…

      Someone is knocking on 104. Knocking. Knocking. Knocking on the door (just like in the music video at that part of the song). Someone is knocking on our door at 104. (In real life, same number, exact time - synchronized with my dream’s residual rhythm.) It is a parcel delivery for our oldest daughter, which she soon gets.

      I have slept later than usual as the real knocking on 104 wakes me.

      Oh, Source, you so funny.
    2. Calling the Blue Pearl (Merkaba)

      by , 07-31-2015 at 08:55 AM
      Morning of July 31, 2015. Friday.

      Notes: The included images are from one of my wife’s many journals, this one being from age fourteen. The two scans are from the same journal page, one showing a distorted Merkaba form, and the other inclusive of the line “I feel you around me even though you have not found me”.

      Dream notes:

      Yet again, many years of my life and memory “vanish” and I am probably about nineteen years old. I am apparently in La Crosse at the Post Office (though it is actually a typical muddled composite location). Several other people are around (mostly males around twenty to thirty years of age) even though it is seemingly late at night (and the post office would otherwise be closed to the public by then in reality). I do not seemingly know anyone else though there is a friendly atmosphere.

      As I am seated across from another male, a Blue Pearl event (Merkaba portal) blocks my left eye’s field of vision (though not entirely) as in real life. However, this does not activate my memory (likely as it is just a rendered dream event and the Merkaba portal only appears in full wakeful consciousness). The other male had been aware of seeing the “blue flame” around me and seems somewhat surprised. “Did you see that?” I ask him and he nods.

      A little later, I try to “call” it but nothing happens other than a light blue veil-like impression in my left eye that quickly disperses. That is, it is very subtle and does not come “closer” or briefly flash and darken before fading. I end up trying over about twenty minutes in about three locations where other people are around. A couple people think I am jesting and make jokes about other colors such as yellow. One even pushes me near the shoulder (though lightly in a friendly manner). I am somewhat frustrated I cannot call back the Source for whatever reason, though I have no focused intent on why - just the idea of the appearance and not how I would relate to it. (Although there is information about “Metatron’s Cube” I have only ever seen the star tetrahedron that forms the blue portal when the normal and inverted pyramids come together and rotate in opposite directions, although my wife had drawn variations on it in her journal during her childhood and early teen years, along with, of course, the opossum under the airplane and hundreds of other remote-viewed confirmations.)

      There is one scene where a male is kneeling on the floor and seemingly doing some sort of occult ritual against another person (which I assume is metaphorical of people connected to the Source being manipulated by “normal” people and their false views of life). I immediately mumble some Latin (though I am not sure of the phrase; part of it was something like “dimittam”) and the implied villain falls over and is unable to move and the other person goes on his way.

      From here, I hear people talking about how the bus is late. I go out and see (on the other side of the street from the post office) two different buses, though there is another one on the post office side. The bus I have to get, second one across the street (facing southward) does not have a driver, as he seems to be involved in a fight - not a violent or physical fight but chasing someone from the area for some reason. The area north of the post office (on the side of the street I am on) is modeled fairly accurately after the bus stop area of the Chermside Shopping Center that was several blocks away when we lived on Stadcor Street, but this does not dawn on me. (Thus, once again, Australian and American settings join in an in-dream composite rendering.)

      I am feeling inside my right pocket for change and can clearly feel the coins (of which there are about seven of various denominations) and try to determine what they are by feeling the size - and reflect that there is at least about a dollar, though I am somewhat concerned if I have enough money for the bus (though I am not sure what the fee is), though I do not even reflect on what my destination is. My dream fades from around this point (before I get to the bus). It is possible, though not certain, that “trying to determine the denomination of a coin by feeling it” has something to do with a focus on trying to relate (blindly) to other people’s religions without really knowing at all what they mean, as “denomination” can also be defined as “a recognized autonomous branch of the Christian Church”.

      Although I do not typically document it online as it is almost continuous (and is sometimes so precise, it would almost make my dream extraneous by description - and who wants an extraneous dream journal), yet again a dream utilizes something my wife had been thinking (without her saying anything to me) or a detailed subject of something she and our oldest daughter had talked about (without any way of me knowing about it - unless there is some sort of invisible intercom on my computer desk that relays the information - a bit of dry humor). She and our daughter were talking about the “blue moon” last night (of which I did not know anything about otherwise).

      At the same time, it is also precognitive of something I see immediately after waking (also typical from day to day). In this case, it was a rather idiotic local article called “‘Blue moon’ doesn’t mean the moon is actually blue” and seemed almost like a humorous “continuation” of a couple in-dream concepts (from others in the post office).
    3. Tornado Encounter

      by , 11-24-2014 at 05:24 PM
      Morning of November 24, 2014. Monday.

      My dream starts with some sort of prior memory of being recently angry at a grocery store or other business in a more commercial part of a city (as an implied in-dream back story, I think). I am not entirely sure of what had transpired or what the location is. There is one (unknown) male I seem to be annoyed with and he comes out to shake his fist at me. This does not matter all that much, as I can simply fly away and relax, which I do. I rise slowly, gaining more speed as I fly above the streets. Such an event seems very similar to swimming except that you rise up and “into” instead of going down and into.

      I then seem to be on the north-side of La Crosse, within a few blocks of where my sister had lived and where my parents and I had lived when last moving from Florida (where I have not been for over twenty years). Apparently, there is a tornado approaching from the north or northwest. I move into a narrow alleyway where taller buildings line each side (it is not as such in real life in this area). The tornado seems almost intelligent as it turns to go near where I am seemingly on purpose, but nothing happens. The tornado cannot come through the alleyway as it is too narrow. The wind is quite strong, but it does not threaten me - I just stand near the end of the alleyway feeling the wind for a time. The tornado eventually “decides” to leave and goes west down the street (and at this point I am vaguely aware that I am making and controlling the tornado, not aware enough to trigger lucidity, though, and in fact, my perspective becomes much “duller” in-dream after this).

      I then decide to check up on my relatives who had lived in this area (not remembering they had all passed away except for one older half-brother). The street is not a street but some sort of raised bridge (about ten feet high) which I walk across. Looking at the neighborhood, the ground is covered with giant cooked spaghetti strands everywhere (just the pasta and nothing else, for example, no sauce or meatballs). I am uncertain of the nature of this scene in conscious afterthought. It may be a link to the idea of youth and jump ropes, though the strands are bigger in circumference than a garden hose.

      In the back of my mind is a (possibly false) memory. I recall something about an old comic book story (possibly “Spooky The Tuff Little Ghost”) where there was a tornado made of spaghetti (However, in my dream, the tornado seemed normal for the most part.) There is also the movie title “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs” from 2009 but I had only known of the title in the back of my mind.

      There is an impression that the “spaghetti” is actually the “damage” caused by the tornado (where normally you would perceive debris, such as pieces of wood and glass over the ground).

      Update on August 4, 2015: Thanks to finally fully confirming what tornadoes represent as well as pasta; including macaroni and spaghetti; which I will be writing about in an upcoming entry, I understand that this dream is about using intelligence in a balance of reception and projection and using care relative to the direction of mental energies or how thoughts coalesce with certain perspectives (probably mostly of the more distant past). The tornado is the bottom half of the Merkaba and I have finally solved the concept of macaroni relating to mental energy, as I now fully get that macaroni and cooked spaghetti in some ways resemble the folds of the human brain. One of the reasons I did not decode this in the past was that I have had very few pasta-related dreams. In this case the tornado destroys an area I used to spend much time in, probably relative to being focused on the area “too much” while in some dream states (this only being a habit of practiced lucid dreams years ago) - thus the area becomes more like raw (unshaped) mental energies but still with lucid potential - simple. And yes, I am very serious about this and feel satisfied in solving some previously enigmatic dream features.

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