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    1. Tornado!

      by , 05-06-2018 at 09:52 AM
      Morning of September 13, 1970. Sunday.

      Preparatory RAS mediation begins as a result of liminal anticipation of vestibular system correlation, taking autosymbolic form as my dream. This is one of my favorite dreams from childhood.

      In my dream’s backstory, a tornado is approaching the town of Arcadia from the south. I do not perceive it as a potential threat to my home in Cubitis, which is about five miles north of Arcadia. It seems to remain late morning throughout my dream.

      An unknown dark-haired male of about thirty has a small information station set up as a public service, which mostly only features an elevated podium and a large easel to his left (my right in viewing the scene from my room’s west jalousie windows). The location is in the same area in front of Kenny and Karen’s home, at the end of their driveway, where Highway Seventeen runs perpendicularly to it. This is where we had waited for the school bus during some semesters. There are about a dozen people, all adults, standing and facing west. The man (facing my direction with his head and shoulders about three feet above the heads of the small group he is speaking to) is showing and discussing the details of a “tornado” of which the easel is displaying, but the image of which is solely a series of sparsely drawn black horizontal lines on a plain white background, each line being longer from bottom to top. I am only vaguely puzzled by how this arrangement of lines does not really look like a tornado other than as a suggestion of a tornado’s general shape. I remain in my room as this presentation continues on the other side of the highway.

      My focus eventually shifts to Brenda (schoolmate, neighbor, and close friend), and this thought creates a new setting. I am then in my primary school’s playground in morning daylight. The tornado is arriving from the southwest, somehow without any implication of wind, though still perceived as a danger to my schoolmates, yet not me. I am on the south side of the hexagonal merry-go-round and I perceive that I need to save my schoolmates.

      I take hold of a metal bar of the merry-go-round and begin running in a circle to counteract the tornado, by turning the merry-go-round in the opposite direction of which the tornado is spinning. At this point, despite my young age, I am vaguely aware of “vestibular system equilibrium”, though I am only liminally lucid.

      In knowing the cause of the autosymbolism of this dream, my dream self experienced liminal dream control and modulation over the transpersonal band of the preconscious, which as a result, softened the waking experience rather than resulting in a hypnopompic waking start such as a falling sensation, hypnopompic kick, or a more dramatic rendering of dream self cessation as is quite common and is otherwise just a biological factor of the waking transition. The main purpose of a dream is to resolve the waking stage itself and to correlate the illusory dream self with the conscious self identity.

      What are reasons for some of the other autosymbolism of which did not seem to be a result of the vestibular system correlation in the final scene? The “teacher” discussing the “anatomy” of a tornado was in a location where I usually wait for the bus to go to school. I do not go to school on Sunday, so this rendering of the personified unconscious seemed like a logical choice to establish this status, especially as the viewpoint was from my bed (bed dream state indicator). (I still ended up in my school’s playground in the last scene, though, by liminal choice.) As I was the liminal essence of the dream state itself, there was no perceived threat (against me), even by a tornado.

      On a spiritual level, I was also creating the model of a Merkaba, which I will not go into here as it would require too many additional paragraphs. Aside from the typical vestibular system correlation of the dream state itself, I additionally consider this dream as having a prescient marker due to the date (Zsuzsanna’s birthday), my rescue of her validated “stand-in” (Brenda), and the Merkaba model.

    2. Merry-go-round Fountain Carousel

      by , 05-14-2014 at 11:14 AM
      Morning of May 14, 2014. Wednesday.

      The first part of my dream was quite interesting in a personal sense and was like a “breakthrough” event which I have not had at such a deep level for some time, I think, especially as it had sort of “clever” associations with some other recent dreams. (For example, a recent dream featured the term “Kill Zone” and this one had “Send Zone” as part of the last event. For a long time, my dreams have sometimes had concepts that repeated in twos for two days in a row, or sometimes threes; for example, the patting someone on the upper back from their left, stuffed animals as a possible “threat”, and several others.) Also, it related to my wife’s dream of the same time period in a very deep and unusual way (relating to the “other” apparently and some sort of energy sent back through time).

      I am not sure of the location or address (it seems to change several times, actually) but I am with my family. There is some mail that is piled on the bed for some reason, both opened and unopened. Some of it is old junk mail, I think, which has supposedly remained unopened for quite some time. I pick one larger envelope up and feel something hard inside that is thicker than paper would be. When I open it, I discover that it is a plaquette similar to the one in some ways that I have had from a very young age in Arcadia (and still have on the wall now; it had been left behind in the post office as unopened “junk mail” by a member of the “other’s” family). Instead of the tan/pale brown, though, it is pale blue. The motif is a bit different, the surface is smoother, and the message is different and somewhat shorter. Unfortunately, I do not remember exactly what it was, though it might have been “Count your blessings, not your sorrows”, I think - and at one point the plaquette is oriented perpendicular to the other one in that the message is longways (what you would call “landscape” as opposed to “portrait” in graphics terms). Still, it seems the finding is great - being very important, and seems like some sort of deep immersion into the Source, almost like finding a personal treasure that you had all along.

      Near the end of my dream, which I will write before the middle of it, there is some sort of blog on the Internet that talks about different religions and “fabrications” - similar to the theme of fabricating dreams in some ways. (Although it was published on February 24, 2012, I had never seen it before, so this turned out to be precognitive for me relative to the usage of the word “zone” and some of its associations in the actual article - as well as my wife’s experience relating to someone being her friend only if she gave them snacks - and it included the picture of the exact same plaquette I found as a child, which I found intriguing but of the usual “precognitive energy” and familiar validation feelings I have experienced day to day since early childhood.)

      In my dream there is also talk about the “Send Zone” as related to the Source (although the real-life blog was similar to the one in my dream, it was not exactly the same throughout - it was a bit more “generic” as well as slightly political regarding world affairs), which is implied to be like an egg-shaped (or teardrop-shaped) realm of bright blue light. I am trying to work out the liminal area or “threshold”, but it seems sort of ambiguous in concept - as if I am always “already there” - somewhat like trying to work out from a map how to get to a certain location when you already are in that location and there are no boundaries or individual aspects - hard to explain - or like holding “a glass of water” under the surface of a lake. It is difficult to relate because I feel such an understanding of “oneness” that there does not seem to be any sort of “division” (or separation of any kind) and it almost seems as futile as someone trying to find the “border” of where a light in a room slightly changes in midair - or, “everything inside the circle is the same as everything outside the circle”. The blog seems to represent some sort of confirmation. I feel quite “giddy” and blissful, filled with positive energy. Then again, I did do about six hours of intense imagery projection and affirmative meditation prior and reached a point of clarity that actually seemed stronger than at any prior time in my life.

      The middle part of my dream was quite bizarre and went through several changes. Firstly, I seem to be in the front yard (northeast corner) of the King Street boarding house. There is some sort of very large three-tiered anthill which seems more like a man-made structure. It also seems like some sort of composite flower-petal-themed circular water fountain structure (without the water) and like a merry-go-round or carousel (but not turning). To my right is a bookcase-like structure (with three vertical divisions and at least four horizontal “shelves”) that the ants somehow created or utilized in a special way. There is one compartment where the ants are keeping their eggs. Another compartment holds at least six dead mice (of different random colors including white, brown, and black) lying mostly on their sides on top of each other and are being stored for food. At this point, the ants might have spider-like attributes, because I sense the mice were captured and stored by some sort of webbing. I notice a few ants come up from the ground and I somehow “pet” them without incident.

      Then, I am suddenly aware that this place is actually “also” a large “mouse nest”. Several mice playfully come near me from the center of the “fountain” structure and I pet them as they scurry about. They are of several different colors including browns and grays. Some of them seem more tame than others. This is quite vivid and pleasing.

      Later, the construct is now some sort of three-dimensional clothing catalog, primarily featuring beachwear and sunglasses and such. There are images of dark-haired girls (on three different tiers of this holographic “catalog” or supposed commercial display) in very unusual multicolored bikinis that seem to implement various complex tiki pole designs over the front of their body. For example, the top part (or bra) might represent the “eyes” of the tiki pole, with strings coming down and crisscrossing - with additional cloth forming a complex colorful “nose” and then the bikini bottom completing the “tiki pole” with the mouth area of the tiki shown or the hands going across or both in the print. This seems like an entirely new concept and a modern fashion statement and each design is quite different.

      Finally, in the last part of the middle section, the construct changes into some sort of different store display, yet belongs to us - and we now seem to be at our present home. It seems almost like a giant three-tiered buffet display or cake stand, while still seeming like a water fountain or merry-go-round structure. There are several slight depressions in the “petal” structures (one in each “petal”) all around, that hold various items in each, most of which I find to be older View-Master reels, some in sets of three (most separated from the old-style packets) and some singular “demo” reels of the kind that used to come with the View-Master itself. I ask my youngest son if he had seen some of them, but he apparently has not. There seems to be something about not mixing them with the others until they have been ordered and viewed the first time.

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